The Oil Rig Report of Flight 370 “fire in sky” Makes Sense – (We Plot and Compare All Coordinates)

oil rig Songa Mercur(Image Via G Captain) A crew member on board Songa Offshore’s drilling rig, the Songa Mercur, drilling offshore Vietnam, notes in an email he may have witnessed the missing Malaysian plane on fire at a high altitude. He writes:

Gentlemen. I believe I saw the Malaysian Airlines flight come down. The timing is right.

I tried to contact Malaysian and Vietnamese officials days ago. But I do not know if the message has been received.

I am on the oil ring Songa-Mercur off the coast of Vung Tau.

‘The surface location of the observation is

Lat 08 deg 22′ 30.20″ N
Long 108 deg 42 ‘ 22.26″ E

I observed (the plane?) burning at high altitude at a compass bearing of 265 to 275.    It is very difficult to judge the distance but I would say 50 to 70 kms along the compass bearing 260-277.

While I observed (the plane) it appeared to be in one piece.

The sea surface current at our location is 2-2.3 knots in the direction of 225-230.

The wind direction has been E-ENE averaging 15-20 knots.

From when I first saw the burning (plane?) until the flames went out (at high altitude) was 10-15 seconds. There was no lateral movement so it was either coming toward our position, stationary (falling) or going away. The general position of the observation was perpendicular / south west of the normal flight paths.

(We see the con trails every day) and at a lower altitude than the normal flight paths or on the compass bearing 265 to 275 intersecting the normal flight paths at normal altitude but further away.

Good Luck

Michael Jerome McKay

Plugging in the known Lat/Long coordinates from the oil rig, the last known location of flight 370, and the China Satellite image of possible debris Mr. McKay’s report makes sense.   Here’s what all three positions look like in relation to each other:

flight 370 grid

click image to enlarge

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39 Responses to The Oil Rig Report of Flight 370 “fire in sky” Makes Sense – (We Plot and Compare All Coordinates)

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I am no judge, but it seemed that he tried to be very clear about what he saw and the location.


  2. Abagail says:

    If this turns out to be the plane, then terrorism is a possibility. This report is interesting:

    Was missing flight MH370 jet brought down by a shoe bomber? British terrorist convicted of plotting similar attack says he gave explosive to Malaysian terror cell which included a pilot


  3. Partyzant says:

    Maybe the issue is not who was on board, but WHAT. Any cargo manifest?
    Examples in aviation history are the oxygen generators on ValuJet
    Or Arrow Air in 1985… (Try the 2nd posting down)

    Now, WHY divert everyone’s attention so far away from the most likely?


    • Abagail says:

      Maybe China really, REALLY wants the technology those 20 engineers possessed either in their persons or chips they may be carrying.


  4. TFred says:

    If this report pans out, how can the Malaysian military be SO WRONG in the data they reported putting the plane hundreds of miles to the west?

    Tin hat time? Did the Malaysian military, either officially or via some rogue within, take down the plane, leading them to misdirect searches in the hopes of never being found out? Does the Malaysian military even have the ability to do this?



  5. Abagail says:

    Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 ‘crash site found’ by Chinese satellite

    “VIETNAMESE search and rescue investigators found no wreckage where Chinese satellite showed possible plane debris, it was reported this afternoon.
    The investigators had already searched the site in the South China Sea where Chinese satellite pictures allegedly showed the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.”


    • ctdar says:

      Jeez, see my post yesterday, I wondered aloud why China had sat on the images supposedly taken Sunday morning & they better not be screwing with everyone.


    • czarowniczy says:

      China is a big key here. There were a lot of Chinese on that flight and the Chinese government acts as if there were none and it happened some place far away. The Chinese have the entire area well covered with satellites, amongst other things, as the Straits of Malacca, Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea are very VERY important to them. The pix that China released of the floating wreckage China’s now saying were released by accident – oh yeah, they don’t want us to know how well that have the area covered. They purposelessly pixilated the pix to make it seems as if they didn’t have the resolution to show debris fro m space but what it did show was that hey had the capabilities to find pick out, rather quickly, small floating crap in the area from space. The need to pixilate the product showed they have a definitional capability that is quite good – note they blurred WHAT the debris was so that we couldn’t reverse-engineer their resolution. I’m betting they have 6-inch to one-foot (or better) capabilities at sea and whoever spilled the beans is now serving Ramen noodles in the Laogai.
      China’s reticence to open up and be an active, proactive part in the search shows how poor they are in foreign press relations and a lack of ability to use disinformation, they know a lot more than they are letting on but are keeping it under wraps to protect their capabilities in the area.


  6. jordan2222 says:

    This is truly bizarre to me and it looks like it is to the “experts” too. So far, my original UFO kidnapping theory ain’t looking any more far fetched than some of the others I have read.

    It’s anybody’s guess now but why on earth are we are only able to guess?


    • Abagail says:

      Nope, and I’m sticking to my crazy sounding theories, too.

      Abagail on March 12, 2014 at 5:05 pm
      I’m back to my original gut feeling that the plane was stolen. Training for this exercise was done utilizing the pilots home Boeing 777 simulator.

      Until evidence to contradict my theory is presented, I’m sticking with it.

      Abagail on March 13, 2014 at 12:12 am

      Partial response to Partyzant:

      My thoughts were running towards the plane being stolen and flown to an Islamic state for future use as a means of transporting a weapon. I know it sounds crazy…..


      • auscitizenmom says:

        I am beginning to think you are right. I wish we had a real Patriotic American President who would do the right thing.


        • Abagail says:

          If the plane has been stolen by Islamists, Israel is probably the ultimate target. Repaint it and fly into Israel on a commercial schedule.

          If the Chinese stole it, the engineers or chips they may be carrying may be the reason.


          • ctdar says:

            Israel would shoot any plane that does not respond to communications or a legitimate transponder tracker (probably has an original serial #?) out of the sky.
            That US chip company that had the 20 employees on plane has bugged (hah made a funny) me from day 1…because of their expertise.


            • Abagail says:

              If Israel is the intended target, no country is better equipped to deal with terrorists threat. But, anything is possible.

              If China has the plane, it’s for the technology value of engineers and/or chips, and America better be on alert. China will not stand idly by and watch it’s investments in America handed over to an Islamic caliphate.


              • czarowniczy says:

                The US has been buying chops for many of its top/first-line defense items from China for a long time. China also managed to ‘slip’ Chinese-made chips and subassemblies into the US defense supply stream. They like the idea of getting US expertise to see if it matches their own and how to copy ours for their own purposes but stealing/whacking a group US engineers is a bit much even for them. The Chinese, thanks to a prior unnamed Administration, gained access to the US defense industry by setting up companies to manufacture US subassemblies, thereby giving them access to the designs of the entire assembly their unique piece is designed for. The US was a bit embarrassed to find that critical chips used to control AAMs were made and programmed in Chine – G*d only knows what strings of code the Chinese may have buried in the systems. There was the incident of the Chinese making servers in our highly classified intel transmission system – whoopsies. If the Chinese had anything to do with this it would have more likely , in my opinion, to do with the area the plane was flying – or they feared it was going to fly – over.


  7. hoonan says:

    It gets weirder….apparently Rolls-Royce who made the engines on the planes has a monitoring program on the engines that sends data like speed and altitude every 30 min or so and according to the WSJ it received info that show the plane flying for another 4 hrs after it disappeared….

    Which could explain some of the mystery of info not being put out…if plane was hijacked and landed elsewhere might not want to tip hat to hijackers of data sources…kinda like the phone thing….


  8. Abagail says:

    ‘No wreckage, no cracks in the fuselage and no secret engine data’: Clueless airline officials rule out EVERY new crash theory – so when are they going to come up with some REAL information?


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  10. CoffeeBreak says:

    Putting multiple employees on the same flight was lame. Who does that. Is that really a thing, anymore. Many families take separate flights just to avoid leaving behind young children or wiping out the entire bunch. I realize words can appear harsher than speaking face to face but this has been eating at me since I heard about it. Was it complacency? Was it a one off where they were told to all get on this flight this one time due to an administrative error? It doesn’t make any sense. We, personally, schedule our own mode of travel, make the purchase ourselves and get reimbursed. No one takes a flight together- there’s no reason for it. The Mexican drug cartels have been kidnapping engineers and, not held as hostages, but forced to work under extreme duress. If this flight was diverted and landed somewhere, I am very concerned.This company has a facility in Israel. Isrealis work for this company. How many Israelis were on that plane. How is everyone being treated. Is anyone being tortured. What about the youngsters? How does this theory line up with the flaming plane sighting in that vicinity?


  11. crossthread42 says:

    I watched ALOT of videos concerning RR Engine(s)…. AND Trent engines.. (I was board)
    >–< Tin Foil Hat..
    A senior Malaysia Airlines official told Reuters that no such data existed, while a second official said he was unaware of it. A spokeswoman for engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce had no immediate comment.

    Malaysia Airlines has said previously that the Rolls-Royce Trent engines stopped transmitting monitoring signals when contact with the plane was lost.

    Read more:


  12. IFoundMyVoice says:

    After 9/11 it was proposed that real time information be continuously fed to a database from not only the instruments and function of aircraft but video of the cabin. It was vetoed as an invasion of privacy.

    Unless the TSA is filming me taking a tinkle in one of those itty bitty bathrooms I sure wouldn’t mind a filmed record of me dozing or reading on a plane. How much would that video mean to investigators and pilots and the next of kin to those lost?


  13. IFoundMyVoice says:

    I also didn’t know until now that no responsibility was claimed for Lockerbie. What would it behoove a terror group to allow an event to be possibly dismissed as an accident? It has also been suggested that in the case of a terror group NOT claiming responsibility it may well be because it is the first of more acts. God forbid.


  14. radish says:

    Knowing in advance the bumbling Malaysian aviation authorities who have a witch doctor on stand by was definitely not an impediment towards planning this hijack of the coasts of the archipelegos. The false reports by the oil rig and other photos being produced (why only one person saw the burning plane?) fit too nicely with the vertical falling plane narrative. I question why the guy states there was no lateral movement of the plane. Too much leading information. Why not just state it appeared to be falling vertically to him? Commentors have already stated that a vertical crash would not absorb the plane like a sink hole but would cause it the shatter upon impact.


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