4,000 Pages Of Clinton White House Communication Released

Hillary+Clinton+Hillary+Clinton+Hosts+Global+AmP5h95QQkwlWASHINGTON DC – Archivists released thousands of records from the Bill Clinton presidency on Friday, including documents on activities by former first lady — and prospective 2016 presidential candidate — Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The more than 4,000 pages of documents include records on the health care task force Mrs. Clinton chaired in 1993, as well as her efforts on children’s issues, women’s rights, and micro-credit for developing countries.

The Friday release is the first in a series of document dumps from the Clinton era over the next several weeks that are expected to total more than 30,000 pages.

Most of the focus will be on records related to Hillary Clinton, the former senator, secretary of State and unsuccessful presidential candidate in 2008 who may make another bid in 2016.

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library posted documents on its website, and made paper copies available at the library’s research room in Little Rock, Ark.

The publication came just days after Politico reported that about 33,000 pages of records from the Clinton presidency have remained unavailable to the public, even though the legal restriction period expired in January 2013 (a dozen years after Clinton left office). (continue reading)

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47 Responses to 4,000 Pages Of Clinton White House Communication Released

  1. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

    “If we can’t get her person, we should have her killed.”
    Totally believable!


  2. Edward Teach says:

    No what wouldn’t surprise anybody is if somebody tracked her down and discovered she died in a one car crash, hot tub accident, or committed suicide by shooting herself six times in the back of her head.


    • Edward Teach says:

      When I first read it I thought she was referring to the media person. Now that I have reread it I see she was referring to Diana who actually did die in a one car accident. Oh SNAP!


  3. Eric says:

    If that is a real e-mail..libs will go splodey when repubs mention it.


  4. radish says:

    Her excuse for having this person killed, is what exactly, too? This is a person who has nothing to do with HRC, and yet she WILLS her to die at the hands of her comrades.


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  6. sundance says:

    Don’t forget when the Clintons’ left the White House – they destroyed it. Literally.

    Not many people are aware the Clinton staff and team spray painted the walls, cut up couch and seat cushions, wrote on office furniture, moved all of the phones, cut wires, switched fax machines around the building, removed the letter “W” from all computer and typewriter keyboards, and generally destroyed the place.

    Not many people know about it, because the media barely told the story. But you’ll find a few reports available which describe the mindset of the Clinton White House.


  7. ytz4mee says:

    I am surprised that HRH Clinton hasn’t declared “everything” privileged. I am sure that is how the Obamas will roll, and unless we take back our own country, they’ll get away with it.

    The timing of this is not incidental. Someone clearly either wants to get out in front of the Clinton dirt, so it can be stage-managed, massaged and then memory-holed in advance of the 2016 election, or, it is being released to kneecap her before she gets to the starting line. Given the track record of the Clintons, I’m voting for (a).


    • ctdar says:

      I read somewhere these papers were due to be released last year…but Clinton library sat on them until forced out now.
      I’m pleasantly amused that after Hillary getting pushed out of the 2008 presidential race the Clintons are getting another takedown.
      Chicago politics.


  8. radish says:

    I pray that the Clintons and the Obamas mark the end of the prog universe.


  9. aliashubbatch says:

    Just how ****** up is this woman? 😐


  10. Aslan's Girl says:

    Out of all the conspiracies surrounding Princess Diana’s death, the Clinton never entered my mind πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, who says something like this? My God, what a horrific thing to just joke about (esp. when HRC was already rumored to have done in Foster).
    My mom was shocked by it and also shocked HRC would be so careless as to write this since she knew it would one day be released (most POTUS papers get released eventually).
    Dear Lord. Such a murderous heart she has.


  11. Menagerie says:

    Princess Diana gets such good press. Might it have something to do with the subject? Gotta have the raw material. Pig. Lipstick.


  12. Chewbarkah says:

    I eagerly await gems from Hillary’s Health Care Task Force (perhaps, “If anyone opposes us, well, that’s why we have a mental health benefit.”) Even if Hillary didn’t carry it to term, she conceived and nurtured ObamaCare, and promoted the “mandate” (back when President Vanilli pretended to oppose it.) Hillary’s Task Force was the farm team for the Clinton cronies who finalized the PP & ACA. Her name might not be on it, but we should never let the public forget that her fingerprints are all over it.


  13. scaretactics says:

    Actually, the American media was pretty civil to the Clintons compared to what the media put GW through.

    Diana was adored by the British because she was polite, she visited sick children in hospitals, she was a good mom to her 2 boys, and because she was a *real* person…approachable and human, not born into royalty. I think the Brits also felt a bit sorry for her, married to an old fuddy duddy. After breaking out of her shell, she just blossomed before our eyes.

    Hillary is not a real person, she has evil in her very soul, she isn’t polite to anyone unless that person is of use to her, she wears the most horrid outfits to cover up an even more horrid body, and she isn’t attracive…inside or out.

    Of course, Hillary can’t blame herself for her shortcomings….it’s much easier to just kill someone off if you’re jealous of them./s


  14. doodahdaze says:

    She is a Witch.


  15. taqiyyologist says:

    This is pretty explosive, but you know what?

    Obama got elected twice. And the second time via fraud.

    At some point, we can do nothing but live, love, pray.


    • taqiyyologist says:

      I mean, we didn’t really know jack about Obama, right? As a nation?

      Yet, we elected him, twice (once by fraud).

      This nation actually does have memory of Clintons.

      If it elects Hilary, it is a sure sign that we are absolutely finished as a free people.


  16. ctdar says:

    By legally sitting on Presidential records for 12 years via “The Presidential Records Act” not only was the public deprived of where the idea of Β healthcare as a tax (& time to prepare a defense)may have first arisen(hillarycare)Β 
    Β ‘This is a tax, a hefty tax,’ wrote one White House strategist
    these papers may have been where obamas people pulled out the stops to find blackmail material on the Clinton’s & why she got pushed aside 2008 Election.


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