Chattanooga Police Bust 32 “Worst of The Worst” Criminals, Drug Dealers, Violent Offenders, Illegal Gun Distributors, During Sweep – Immediately Cries of Racism Ring Out Because All of Those Arrested Are Black…

Chattanooga Police arrest 32 violent criminals, drug dealers, and illegal gun sellers in a comprehensive multi-year sweep of criminals. The 32 people arrested in the crack down are all black. Immediately the regional discussion focuses on why all the arrests were black. Instead of addressing why the black community is killing itself, and others, with the drug dealing, drug culture use, violence etc. the community becomes more concerned with the race of the criminals against the backdrop of the arrests.


The Black Grievance Industry focuses on the perception of it being unfair to arrest unlawful members of society – because most, in this case all, of the unlawful members participating in the activity are black.

(News Channel 9) — Passions boil over at a community forum Thursday night where residents say a racial divide is splitting the city of Chattanooga. The forum was aimed at cutting down crime in the city.

It quickly turned from a discussion about fighting crime to an outburst of frustrations.

What kind of help can we do to change their lives? Were supposed to be trying to change their lives and in order to do that, we’ve got to come up with solutions so they don’t be out here doing what they’re doing,” says a concerned resident.

Some residents say there’s truly a racial divide between blacks and the police. Many voiced their concerns after police called 32 black men the ‘worst of the worst’ in last month’s drug sweep.

We’ve got them 32 young men who they say is the worst of the worst. They can’t be the worst of the worst because we got people killing each other every day, and that’s the worst of the worst. Innocent kids are passing away in the streets every day,” say a concerned resident.

You mean to tell me there are no white drug dealers; there are no Mexican drug dealers. I’ve got a problem with that,” says a concerned resident.

Urban league president Warren Logan weighed in Friday.

We obviously have a responsibility to make sure that when you do the crime, you’ve got to do the time,” says Urban League President Warren Logan.

On the other hand, he understands many of the resident’s frustrations.

A number of people who are basically law-abiding citizens are often times profiled who are basically going down the streets, minding their own business, and they also have basically been victimized,” says Logan. (link)  <– video at link


Who are they?

[…] Some of the men have violent criminal pasts and are suspected of orchestrating numerous shootings. Together, two-thirds of them have committed violent crimes locally. Out of the 32, at least 18 are convicted felons.

Police have kept a watchful eye on Jerry Wayne Alexander Jr. for years. Alexander, 41, has 30 convictions in Hamilton County ranging from theft to attempted first-degree murder. In 1996, he shot at police with an assault rifle during a traffic stop. Last year, he fought police, choking one officer, according to court records.

He told police, “you better get more boys, and I’ll kill you like I tried to kill another officer.”   (read full article)

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52 Responses to Chattanooga Police Bust 32 “Worst of The Worst” Criminals, Drug Dealers, Violent Offenders, Illegal Gun Distributors, During Sweep – Immediately Cries of Racism Ring Out Because All of Those Arrested Are Black…

  1. aprilyn43 says:

    Yeah, complain that the police called these 32 black men the worst of the worst. It couldn’t be because they actually are committing crimes of the worst of the worst. I mean the police, didn’t say they was no other criminals running around, did they?? May be the police die the whole community a favor, no its has to be racism. Police aren’t to be trusted. Maybe we should put these 32 men right next to the complainers.


  2. Be Ge says:

    yeah, 95% are making a bad name for 5% — what do the uninvolved do?


  3. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    If the cops pulled off 36 white criminals off the streets where I live I would be happy. For the life of me I don’t understand why so many in the black community tolerates living amongst criminals. Also if the concerned resident in this story knows of any white or hispanic drug dealers that need to be taken off the street they should speak up. If they know of ANY drug dealers they should speak up. But I am guessing if this person hasn’t reported any crimes and has no intention of doing so.


    • equinelover says:

      They are sub human feral scum. Buy their citizenship with a sail-phone, a pair of sneakers and some crack and ship them back to where they belong. They are incapable of living like civilized humans.


      • scaretactics says:

        Adukelaxobserver, you are right on. If they too 32 White criminals off the street, that would be 32 less criminals for everyday civilians to deal with. Especially the worst of the worst.

        They are criminals *first*. Black, white, hispanic, purple -polka dotted…doesn’t matter.

        I hope these “worst of the worst” get the worst attornies, the worst judges, the worst cell mates, the worst food in prison… then they might get a glimpse of what life is like having them around to destroy society.

        might get a glimpse of how life with them


  4. Here’s a philosophical question that’ll keep you up at night: what was so bad about slavery? What were the crime stats pre / post Civil War and what were the crime stats pre / post Johnson’s Great Society?


    • texan59 says:

      Say what????????


      • So, what was the murder rate by race pre / post Civil War and Johnson’s Great Society?
        Did you see the pictures that came along with this article?
        “32 “Worst of The Worst” Criminals, Drug Dealers, Violent Offenders, Illegal Gun Distributors, During Sweep”.

        There’s one distinguishing feature every single last one of the 32 has. Can you guess what it is?


    • Be Ge says:

      Well, the problem with slavery, all moral and religious stuff set aside, is that it is not viable economically, as is any system with forced labor or forced “equal result” with heterogeneous input.


    • sundance says:

      Sheeesh. Seriously?

      What part of “FREEDOM” are you fuzzy on ?


    • rovatek says:

      Since a significant portion of crime prior to the Civil War was related to runaway slaves, it seems reasonable that crime would have decreased upon the end of slavery.


      • IFoundMyVoice says:

        Where’d you get that statistic? Cereal box?


        • rovatek says:

          No, history. I suggest reading about the Fugitive Slave Acts and the Underground Railroad. Then you will realize that runaway slaves and those who aided them were treated as criminals. But once slavery came to an end that could no longer be the case.


          • IFoundMyVoice says:

            We aren’t in slave days anymore in the USA and therefore do not have either runaway slaves or the abolitionists who helped them. Comparing street crime today to 19th century atrocities becomes the progressives’ argument–“How do you learn not to stick up liquor stores when slavery is your legacy?”


    • John Denney says:

      Slavery would not give us a Dr. Ben Carson, or a Thomas Sowell, or a Walter Williams, or a Bill Cosby, or a Colonel Allen West, or a Condileezza Rice, or a George Washington Carver, or a Larry Elder.


    • John Denney says:

      The “Great Society” destroyed the black family by penalizing marriage, since it gave money to unwed mothers, but cut them off if they got married. Like Bill Cosby says, the problem is too many unwed fathers.
      Our prisons are filled with Fatherless boys.
      This ministry reaches out to Fatherless boys:


  5. MAB says:

    Masters’ Crimes against the slaves would be under-reported. As, indeed, they were.


  6. talkaftercarefulthought says:

    I believe the saying is “do the crime, do the time” unless there was one of obama’s “period”s at the end of the statement it’s pretty self explanitory. Why does the “racism” pendulem only swing one way? Wouldn’t it be racist to arrest some and let some by BECAUSE of skin color?


    • libby says:

      Ah, but we have bad kind of racism we seek to discourage (white racism) in contrast with the good kind of racism we seek to encourage (black racism).
      As long as you view it in the right lense, you wont be blinded by the hypocrisy of it all


  7. Lou says:

    what is Sybrina doing in Chattanooga? I saw her wearing a red scarf in that video.


  8. IFoundMyVoice says:

    Well the problem is that ALL of these folks were arrested for singing too loudly in church. I know we have noise ordinances, but give a brother a break. You law and order types ever heard of tone deafness? It’s a real thing. Google it.

    (Shouldn’t –I don’t know–the community reaction be THANK YOU for removing these bad seeds from our neighborhoods? Our kids want to play outside, our grandparents want to sit safely on the porch, our mothers want to get to and from the store without being attacked. In the old days honest blacks got hassled, today we see only predators being hauled away. Thank you, officers!)


  9. IFoundMyVoice says:

    By the way, do they want to talk about the black cops, black LE officials, black city officials, black crime victims, or just the bad guys?


  10. myopiafree says:

    Obama’s son – Trayvon Martin.
    News Item, Washington Post, 12/30/13

    “Trayvon Martin in Nativity Scene”

    The Nativity scene on the lawn of the Claremont United Methodist Church
    was created by congregant and artis, John Zachary.

    Martin is shown in a hoodie, slumped over and bleeding.

    The secned will remain until Jan 5.

    Critics on Facebook called the depiction a sacrilege.

    Here I thought that Mr. Martin “cold cocked” George, and after he was down TM jumped on George and was attempting to kill George by bashing his head into the cement. I thought that George realized he was going to be killed, and in desperation shot the attacker – to save his life.

    I wonder if we have a picture of all these “Obama’s sons in a manger now.


  11. auscitizenmom says:



  12. czarowniczy says:

    Ah yes, if only the Feds would take a short trip to the west of Chattanooga, to a smallish town in northern Mississippi that is well know to ATF and others as the source of many of the guns used in crimes in Chicago and other northern cities. There appears to be a pipeline (‘appears’, yeah, an inconvenient truth) from families in this town to illegal dealers in these major northern cities, a trail that goes back to certain folk leaving the South for jobs in the urban, more industrialized, north. But then the same issue of racist enforcement would be used there too.
    Maybe what we need is for the ATF to issue ‘gun stamps’ to those who have been historically denied the ability to buy guns for ‘business purposes’. Worked in Fast & Furious, should work in major DemocRATic voting areas.


  13. scaretactics says:

    Why are all these 32 “worst of the worst ” black? Because they’re the ones who committed the crimes. Alot of them are repeat offenders. Keep them in prison this time until they die,

    For the complainers who are screaming “racism,” here are a few tried and true suggestions :

    1. Finish high school
    2. Find good role models (teachers, etc if your parents aren’t)
    3. Stay away from drugs
    4. Don’t have babies until you’re an adult and married. If you get pregnant before this time, have your baby adopted out to parents who will take care of him. Don’t make your child pay for your mistake.
    5. Get an honest job. Work hard at it. Refuse to be on welfare.

    These are common sense recommendations that would help stop the irresponsible, entitled, victim status and in turn result in better future generations.


    • michellc says:

      I would agree with all except #4, I’ve known young girls who got pregnant, had their baby and became very good parents and gave their children a good life.


      • elvischupacabra says:

        Those are the exception rather than the rule, though. The single greatest and most prevalent cause of poverty in America is young, single mothers, largely uneducated with with few skills. Sadly, too, that being a “baby momma” is a career choice, with the annualized social welfare benefits adding up to between 18-dollars an hour in places like Cali and Massachusetts down to 7-8 bucks an hour in most other places. Yeah, living off your kid’s benefits beats working. I see it every day.


  14. dekare says:

    When I was a police officer, I was assigned to a beat where 90% of the population was black. I was later accused of being racist when my stats showed that 90% of my arrests were or black people. Really? It appeared to me that my stats were very well in line with the statistical population of the area. What these race baiting morons need to ask is why 13% of the population make up 70% of the violent crimes and prison population. Of course, if you ask them, every single cop, every lawyer, every judge, and the entire justice and prison system is racist. This has nothing to do with the fact that black males are pre-disposed to commit crimes at a much much greater proportion than whites. They need to turn their finger pointing around and ask what it is blacks are doing wrong…not whites.

    But then again, that would require taking responsiblity for their own actions. They do not want that. Much better to blame whitey and everybody else, than blame the criminals.


  15. elvischupacabra says:

    Yeah, they can also say that they were profiled on the basis of attire, in that they all no-doubt wore pants. Also, most of them have short hair, additionally, a near total percentage have facial hair, every one of them has two eyes and probably an opposable thumb.

    Rather than being outraged, the African American community needs to be shocked and appalled at what has become a lost generation of thugs and miscreants.


  16. I could not help but notice a certain tendency in the remarks posted so far regarding this story.

    Granted, a cursory look at the mugshot collection might possibly suggest an element of commonality among the accused, but we must be careful not to jump to unwarranted conclusions, of course.

    Personally, I believe it’s entirely possible that all the individuals depicted above were deprived of a fully-nurturing childhood, and may also have been the victims of societal neglect in the form of inadequate financial and living assistance. Further, I will posit that this may not have been a random neglect, but rather, a subtle form of possibly inadvertent discrimination.

    So, in a manner of speaking, these gentlemen may be more victim than criminal, and at least a share of the fault for their shortcomings may lie with the society at large.


  17. Sentient says:

    What kind of a man gets up in the morning (or, more likely for those 32, the afternoon) and shaves part of his face? Shave or don’t shave, but it ain’t worth spending 20 minutes trying to trim your beard like an English hedge. Judging by the fact that all but one of those criminals have facial hair, I’d go with the clean-cut look.


  18. justfactsplz says:

    These are 32 criminals that just happen to be black. Yes they are the worst of the worst but in my opinion we need to be careful not to overplay the race aspect. This site has some readership who are responsible, successful, conservatives who do happen to be black. To make comments like shipping them back to Africa and drag the civil war into it does not make us look good. Wolverines are better than that.


  19. jeff B. says:

    America has become a toilet bowl since good ole’ Barry got elected….


  20. jeff B. says:

    If 32 of the worst criminal were taken off the streets and they were all White every white person would be rejoicing for the fact that 32 less people to worry about… blacks on the other hand have ;the mentality to protect their own regardless if they are 32 of the worst criminals around. Blacks mentality is that we must protect our rapists, drug dealers, murderers because they are black.


  21. jeff B. says:

    If the blacks in chattanooga have a problem with the arrests then just let all the black criminals go and relocate them to the neighborhoods of the blacks that are complaining.


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