MSNBC Martin Bashir Apologizes To Sarah Palin For Being Martin Bashir

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20 Responses to MSNBC Martin Bashir Apologizes To Sarah Palin For Being Martin Bashir

  1. No.

    Look, I’m as human as the next person, I’ve said and done things I regret. And knowing me, I will continue to do so. When I apologize, it’s because I truly feel bad about what I’ve done. I don’t even really think about what the person I’ve wronged is feeling…I’m just reacting to that brick in the gut you have when you know you did wrong. I think it’s called a moral compass?

    This guy? I don’t think he has that feeling. He’s just been floating along in his little bubble, and I get the sense he was caught up short by the reaction to his remarks. While I do give him props for his wording (at least it wasn’t the “to the extent” BS), you have to have some serious hate in your heart to say what he said. You’re ON TV, dude. You think we don’t know you had to sit down and plan those remarks out?


  2. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    It was pen to paper, then he said them on national tv. I don’t believe he is sorry one bit.


  3. CoffeeBreak says:

    Color me crusty, but what I saw was a less than contrite man reading words that he, himself, has not the capacity to write. The only thing he might’ve learned is that when the bugles are blowing, you don’t continue to mill about at the base of the wall- it’s coming down and your idiot friends are already a speck on the horizon.


  4. rashomon says:

    What he said was not fit for a locker room, much less a public television program. He should be fired.


  5. elvischupacabra says:

    He had me until he said that he brought shame and embarrassment upon his friends and colleagues at MSNBC! Shame? MSNBC? You really had me going Marty…

    Either that, or Todd Palin caught him and threatened to take him fishing in the Bering Sea. That’s it. Just fishing. IN the Bering Sea. 😆


  6. talkaftercarefulthought says:

    Other than the lack of any sort of morals I don’t understand why this “man” is in a position to be in the public eye in the first place. To me he revealed how psychotic he was back when he did his “interveiw” with Michael Jackson. It was like watching a mean kid kick a puppy after they licked your face, or pulling the wings off a fly, or convincing a mentally challenged child to eat their own feces. When I his name or Matt Gutman’s I instantly change the channel, while I comment to the TV “no thank you I’ve had my fill of Govt sponsored propaganda for the day”.


  7. Libby says:

    I am so sorry I got caught


  8. Masterstroke says:

    now if ed shultz will apologize too


  9. Sorry Bashir, as a ‘substandard’ National Enquirer level ‘reporter’ and cool-aid drinking lib, you not only don’t fool anyone with your rehearsed and scripted so-called apology, you’ve become even more offensive (if that’s possible) by no having the balls to stand by your irrational, unsupportable, feeble pathetic rant.


  10. labrat says:

    What did he say? I missed it.


  11. joshua says:

    “oh, and by the way, if you like your healthcare insurance and doctor…you can keep then too.” M. Brassier.


  12. maggiemoowho says:

    This guy is a sick sick thing(sorry, can’t call him a man and didn’t want to insult animals or monsters) How does he still have a job. I have to wonder just what sick and disgusting things he has done to women.


  13. peachteachr says:

    That was not a heartfelt apology, it was a cry to keep his job. He made those statements with forethought and malice and with the approval of his producer who had to know it was on the teleprompter. As my mother would have said, “That is very unbecoming.” One never wanted to be unbecoming. Just try to imagine that Rush Limbaugh said those same words about Hilliary Clinton or even Sandra Fluke.


  14. sc341 says:

    Martin Bashir should drop dead after what he did to Michael Jackson….. he destroyed him. At least SP has the conservative media on her side. MJ had no one….


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