Iran Needed Two Things – President Obama Gave Them Both….

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

Obama - KaboomNo-one wants war.   If you look throughout modern history you will find a seemingly consistent view of conflict from the peaceful nations who often are forced to bear witness to regional conflicts driven by evil regimes.

The evil nations, who hold an ideological hatred, use the reflexive nature of conflict avoidance, held by most civilized nations, to advance their goals.    It has always been thus.

In 1938 Czechoslovakia suffered from the avoidance principle espoused by the British and the French; the Czechs became victim to Germany.

In 2013 while the globe is indeed smaller and more closely attached, the same mindset carries toward a league of nations watching Israel play the role of Czechoslovakia, and Iran taking the place of Germany.

What Germany needed in 1937/1938 was time and a British/French unwillingness.   What Iran needs in 2013 is time, and a U.S. unwillingness.    The key difference is this: in 1938 Czech could not defend herself…. In 2013, Israel can.

So Iran needs something else.

Something which President Obama just gave them.

In Germany 1937/1938 the military buildup was in full swing;  factories turning out metric tonnes of war material; all in preparation.

In Iran 2012/2013 the nuclear weapons buildup is in full swing;  bunkered centrifuges turning out increasingly potent nuclear material;  all in preparation.

In September of 2012, Benjamin Netanyahu famously gave his U.N. “red line” speech outlining the three stages of nuclear weapons development, and the point at which Israel would have no other course but to attack Iran.   Experts put that at the point that Iran has amassed enough uranium, purified to a level of 20 percent, that could quickly be enriched further and be used to produce an atomic bomb.

At this late hour, there is only one way to peacefully prevent Iran from getting atomic bombs. That’s by placing a clear red line on Iran’s nuclear program,” Netanyahu said.

Iran, Netanyahu said, was well into what he defined as the second stage of enrichment – 20 percent purification – and predicted it would complete it by “next spring, at most by next summer, at current enrichment rates.”

That time Netanyahu outlined is NOW.

According to an August 2012 report by the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in June 2012 Iran had stockpiled 91.4 kg (201.5 pounds) of the 20 percent material.

Most experts said in 2012 that Iran need 200 to 250 kg (440 to 550 pounds) of such material for a weapon.  A few experts suggest less might do it.  Iran was projected to reach that threshold by September 2013 at a rate of 15 kg (33 pounds) a month,  this rate could also have increased if it activated new enrichment centrifuges.

According to the U.N. nuclear watchdog, around 25 kg (55.1 pounds) of uranium enriched to a 90 percent purity level would be needed for a single nuclear weapon.

Is it a coincidence that a New Iranian Diplomacy jumps to the forefront of international political discussions at precisely the same moment they were predicted to have reached Netanyahu’s RED LINE?

Despite the White House obfuscations, and the media avoidance of the central timing, the intellectually honest observer would say this is not coincidental.

Iran is in the “Red Line Zone” right now.

Israel said they would strike if Iran reached the Red Line Zone.

So how does Iran avoid the strike?

Simple, engage President Obama in “direct” nuclear discussions.

By Direct,  I mean “first person”, as in President Obama speaking directly to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Israel cannot possibly, in the diplomatic mind of an international community, attack Iran while President Obama and President Rouhani are in direct one-on-one negotiations over the Iranian nuclear weapons development.

That is PRECISELY what Iran intended.

Many people just don’t want to accept the ulterior motives of evil regimes. I can understand that; it is civilized human nature to avoid conflict. But we cannot be blind to the existence of the evil itself;  if we are, we are doomed to suffer the same historical consequences.

Failure to recognize the existence of evil intention does not protect you from it !

I want you to closely look at this following statement from a famously evil regime, and replace the term “Germans in Czechoslovakia” with “Palestinians”.

“I am asking neither that Germany be allowed to oppress three and a half million Frenchmen, nor am I asking that three and a half million Englishmen be placed at our mercy. Rather I am simply demanding that the oppression of three and a half million Germans in Czechoslovakia cease and that the inalienable right to self-determination take its place.” – Adolf Hitler’s speech at the NSDAP Congress 1938

After the allies liberated Europe the Czechoslovakians in Sudeten were forced by allied forces, primarily the Americans and British,  to walk past the Jewish/Czech bodies and bear witness.

Volary dead Jews

I challenge you to look back on history, and then look closely at today’s headlines, and listen to the arguments on all sides, and find a difference.

Go ahead, but time is running out…..

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66 Responses to Iran Needed Two Things – President Obama Gave Them Both….

  1. auscitizenmom says:



  2. no agenda says:

    The MSM is hyping these talks-up as if President Obama is some great diplomat. Hilarious and scary at the same time.


    • Coast says:

      Mainly scary. Not only do I not trust Obama, he is clearly anti-American who knows what deals he’s making. His actions could be clearly dangerous to us and to Israel.


  3. yankeeintx says:

    I understand, it is scary. He sits there wanting all the lofo’s to think he is displaying perfect diplomacy. The rest of us sit back and notice just what an idiot he is being. One can only think that he is a complete fool, letting himself be played, or he is just playing by the rules he has been given.


  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Seeing to much of it being repeated, with some of the really evil stuff being repeated in our own country of American—Scary…


  5. Spar Harmon says:

    And we who watch, have been watching since 1979, and, Yes, the parallel is well drawn: the whistle on the teapot screaming and no one is at home….Nuclear blackmail next? or worse.


  6. Sharon says:

    Even though we can’t know exactly what to do with what we see, it’s important that we believe what we see. Let’s at least do that. Choosing courage to internalize what is so today will have us in better shape to deal with what is so two weeks from now and two months from now.

    There are only a tiny handful of individuals in the entire world who are in a position to actually “do something” about what’s happening. When all h*ll breaks loose, as it will, those who have set us up to be destroyed will become irrelevant to our day to day choices. They, as the useful tools they have been, may pass off the scene fairly quickly.

    Those who are implementing this inferno will have absolutely no use for the puppet obama when it blows up.


    • tessa50 says:

      I am not able to comment unless as a reply, so Sharon this comment isn’t directed towards you, just me talking.

      I think the difference here is that Israel will not be told what to do. They never have been, even when world opinion was against them. Now, what the world will do once they act? IDK, but neither Obama nor Russia nor anyone else will stop them. Seems to me when they draw a red line, they mean it.


  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    Paul Harvey’s Warning to America

    The Americans: A Canadian’s Opinion By Gordon Sinclair


    • canadacan says:

      As a small child, in his very last year’s ,I remember hearing this man on the radio.
      Those Canadian Sinclairs can be very insightful, in my opinion. slight bias. Gordon Sinclair’s only problem was that he was an atheist, caused by the untimely death of his daughter Mary at a very young age.


    • raskog says:

      What a thankless lot those Europeans are. America won’t be able to come to their assist today because of the Corpse-in-Chief, and see what ruination is arriving for them. You have to be thankful and give thanks or God will take it all away out of *ire* for the degenerate thankless amorality.


  8. Sharon says:

    The content of this article could reference some of the unknowns that would be fitted in around the documented scenario Sundance has laid out in the post above.


    To be clear, I asked about their end-game objective.

    “The takedown of America as a viable global power, economically and militarily….no one is looking beyond the stage act and if they are, very few are understanding what they are seeing. They are thinking too small and are still clinging to the right-left paradigm of political theater,” he stated.

    The objective is to create a new global economic and power structure by removing the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. By making the U.S. subservient to a global power structure. Why isn’t anyone in the media talking about this? Because they are complicit. Why aren’t the majority of those in the ‘alternative media’ talking about this? Because they are not looking at the bigger picture. The lie is bigger than they realize.”

    and this….

    …. I asked what we might expect next from Syria and the Russia-China pushback against U.S. and Saudi hegemony in the Middle East. “We can expect to get hit,…. They, the powerbrokers, the international bankers, the globalists will implement their agenda by whatever means fits the conditions that exist at the time. We’ve been saying that World War III will start in Syria, but … I don’t think they counted on the ‘alternative media’ to be as effective in exposing the real deal behind Benghazi, which was a weapons running operation to Syria, to slow them down. But it did. Now, they are switching to plan B, C or even plan Q,” he stated


    • I’ll add the article’s bottom line: “Prepare. Pray.”

      Activities which readers in your neck of the woods, Sharon, have been doing all along. 😉


    • texan59 says:

      Another reason you won’t read any of this in the lamestream media – it’s way over their heads as well. 99% of reporters out there are too lazy to contemplate, let alone, figure out how to try and explain something this radical. 👿


    • This is NOT going down well with my morning coffee. It’s not that it is “unknown”, but having it all laid out like this is damn scary to contemplate. I fear for my children and all I can do is pray. My daughter, who is almost 22, has already told me that she will NOT be having any children – ever. She does not want to bring a child into this messed up world and, as sad as that makes me for a whole lot of reasons, I can’t blame her. I have a 6 year old son who could by a poster child for the Aryan Nation – he is fair skinned, blonde and blue-eyed. We adopted him when he was 8 months old and he is the love of my life – what is in store for this innocent child? He already receives looks of pure hatred from some in the community when we’re out in public. He is an absolute joy – full of innocent enthusiasm and has a kind heart. He has been very sheltered and is being home-schooled and does not understand when an adult “scowls” at him. It is heartbreaking. How much worse is this all going to get, I wonder?

      Prepare. Pray. Both are essential. People think those of us who are “preparing” by stockpiling certain survival essentials are whack-a-doodles, but we’ll see who’s laughing when the day comes that we only have ourselves to depend on. Our plan, in the very near future, is to move (or at least buy in preparation of moving) land in a very secluded area far from any city limits in Texas.

      I hate this. I really hate this. God help us.


    • Bijou says:

      Sharon, I was just going to post that myself.
      People are asleep…all this stuff and nonsense about what’s going on re the gummint shutdown, hellcare, etc. is just a distraction, and will look like a day at the beach compared to what’s to come!


    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Many have suspected what this article is talking about…However I think that all the Entitlement American people have been blinded by their Entitlement Greed…
      We have the rich Entitlement people who are getting Billions upon Billions for their companies due to their unquestioning support for the Liberal mantra.
      Then there is the ever growing Social Welfare Entitlement people who are being literally totally supported by the government …
      Will any or enough of them wake up soon enough !!!!


      • raskog says:

        The entitlement creed is a barrier to belief in God, because these same people think He should shower rainbows and candies on them for doing absolutely nothing to help themselves. Life is a struggle, and it’s freedom of choice to make of it what you can. God helps you to help yourself, but not if you make demands.


    • Josh says:

      “Why isn’t anyone in the media talking about this? Because they are complicit.”
      They are part of it.


      • kinthenorthwest says:

        The untruths and scandals in our country is past shocking anymore….
        We used to be the nation that had an open and responsive press.
        We used to be the nation that was shocked at what other nations suppressed from their citizens…

        H3LL just take a look at the whole story on the Kenya Mall and what was done to most of the victims. A Decade ago we would have been one of the few nations knowing these truths ….No we are one of the last but have to look to media outside of our country for the truth.


  9. bob e says:

    beautiful video mate..


  10. elvischupacabra says:

    Beautifully written piece, sir…


  11. Obama would love to see Israel subjugated or wiped out completely. He isn’t as stupid as he appears. There is no mystery in his domestic stance v. international stance. He is intentionally weakening the U.S. for the good of the coming global regime. I just wonder what he’s been promised in return? I realize many people have taken a lot of flak for saying this, but he may very well be the anti-Christ, the destroyer of the world. If not, he’s an uncle or older cousin to the anti-Christ.


    • Sibyl S. says:

      1 John 2:22 – “Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist—denying the Father and the Son.”
      2 John 1:7
      “I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist.”

      Islam is the direct opposite of Christianity, producing the opposite of the character of God and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. Islam personifies, institutionalizes and carries out the agenda of the enemy of Christ.

      Obama is a friend of Islam and of counterfeit, apostate Christianity and both are of the devil.


      • Sibyl S. says:

        I forgot this one:
        1 John 4:3
        “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.”

        It may be that the rise of Islam is the signal of the coming of the individual mentioned in Scripture as the Anti-Christ or it may be a movement so permeated with satan’s evil that it is called the Anti-Christ.

        The description of the deeds of Boko Haram in the mall in Nigeria are certainly the works of satan…not of God (Father, Son or Holy Spirit.)


  12. canadacan says:

    Bijou, People are indeed asleep all over the world- Reminds me of a line from Casablanca.
    Welcome to the fight. Too many people amongst the Republicans In office are like Rick was at the beginning of the movie.
    They don’t stick Out their neck for anybody. Only the risk takers will make a difference.
    Ted Cruz and Bibi Netanyahu stick out their necks everyday.



  13. czarowniczy says:

    Go back on my posts for this month – Iran HAS the 1000 of the new IR-2M centrifuges. It’s facility is set for 3000 and that will give it the capability to crank out a bomb a week, providing it has adequate materials to purify – it produce fewer with the 1000 and it’s testing them now. What Obama did was give them time, kicking his pansy-pink line down the calendar an undetermined period of time. Israel’s already attacked storage facilities in Syria that allegedly held Russian advances AAM and ASM missiles and support equipment – not all that successfully either. I’m betting the Iranians have Russian S-300s in place already and if Israel is going to attack – since Obama won’t – it’s going to be a mess. If past presages present then the Russian operators will be inside of the S-300 control systems, though that won’t stop the Israelis from attacking them. Unless Russia or NK’s given Iran, or Iran’s developed by itself, the capabilities to make IRBM-sized warheads their nukes are going to be a bit on the large side but easily carried on a suicide mission attack aircraft. I’m betting Obama’s going to put Israel into a position where she has no other alternative than to attack and then blame Israel for attacking while he was using the diplomatic approach.


  14. Don G says:

    Tell me again why I should be concerned about Israel protecting itself. It has way more nukes than anybody in the region.
    Do people honestly think Iran would be foolish enough to deploy a nuke and risk being removed from the face of the earth for even attempting such a folly.
    Since the murder by Israel of our sailors on USS Liberty I could care less about coddling Israel. They are well capable of protecting themselves.
    And the US needs to quit being drug into fights by theyre powerful lobbies that drag us around by the nose.


    • stella says:

      Iran would most definitely deploy a nuke. Theirs is a religious crusade, not a matter of war. Think about that. It’s interesting also that you are so sure about the number of nukes that Israel has, since they don’t admit to having even one.

      Do you really want to take the chance that Iran would aim a missile at U.S. facilities, or those of one of our allies, just because you have a dislike for Israel? They could just as easily target a European country, or perhaps the Suez Canal.

      Being pacific is not a guarantee that the U.S. won’t be a target; in fact, it probably increases that possibility.

      P.S.: Google ‘Iranian Caliphate’


  15. steve says:

    Why should republicans be concerned about Iran getting nukes? Sure it would be bad, but it would be worse for a lot of countries that are closer to Iran than the US is. I think republicans make a big mistake by being advocates for the projection of US power.


    • stella says:

      I’ll say to you the same thing I said to Don G (see above):

      Google ‘Iranian Caliphate’

      And it isn’t only Republicans who are concerned about Iran getting nukes. I’m a conservative, not a Republican.


      • steve says:

        I don’t see the point Stella. If the US withdrew from the ME, got the troops out of Afg, stopped sailing its Navy all over the world, why would Iran bother with us? They would have their hands full fighting the Sunnis and Israel.


        • stella says:

          Because we are the Great Satan. It is their goal to make all of the world a Muslim caliphate, including the United States. Our withdrawal would be seen as weakness, and a target ready to be attacked.

          With nuclear weapons, their first goal will be to take over the countries of the Middle East, but if you think we will be “safe” from Iran, you are just fooling yourself, in my opinion.


          • steve says:

            “… It is their goal to make all of the world a Muslim caliphate, including the United States. …”

            Where in the world have the Muslims gained territory? Yes, in muslim majority countries the Christians are on the run. Which is awful. And who knows what is going on in Africa. In the US the threat to republican society is immigration. The immigrants are democrats.


            • stella says:

              Why do you think they want nuclear weapons? The Muslim majority countries are the first targets. Egypt is fighting back. As I said above, the countries of the Middle East are the first targets.

              Read the post again, and think about the comparison of Iran to Germany under Hitler. Very few people believed that Hitler could take over as many countries as he did. Did you know that he formed alliances with Muslim leaders during WWII?


            • Josh says:

              The Muslims HAVE gained territory in the United States. Too soon, you will see.

              “Prepare. Pray.”


              • Don G says:

                I still contend Iran would never deploy a nuke. It would literally be national suicide for them.
                I am no Iran lover, but this is all about scare tactics and oil, nothing more or less.
                And I hope the above poster isn’t honestly argueing that Israel doesn’t have nukes. That’s an apologistabsurd statementt.


                • stella says:

                  As “above poster”, I was simply calling you on sloppy claims of “way more nukes” than anyone in the region. You know this how? I didn’t argue that Israel doesn’t have nukes, I said that they don’t admit it, and they have never used or tested nukes.

                  You can contend all you want that Iran would never deploy a nuke. That’s your opinion. I wouldn’t judge Iran by what we would do, or Germany would do, or Israel would do. Iran is primarily a religious government, and what they do is guided by their religious beliefs.

                  Ask yourself – Why do they want nuclear weapons?


                • kinthenorthwest says:

                  H3LL ask them why they would blow themselves up in the name of their religion…So nuking a slew of Christians or Americans wouldn’t be such a far fetch..


                • auscitizenmom says:

                  Hmm. Iran is full of Muslims. Aren’t they the ones who blow themselves up?


    • sundance says:

      Steve, think about the illogical nature of what you are saying.

      If Iran would *never* use Nuclear Weapons, then why would they want them?


    • sundance says:

      steve, please think of the illogical nature of your presentations:

      You ask – “Where in the world have the Muslims gained territory”?

      Eastern Benghazi, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Yemen, Mali, Chad, Kenya, Malasia just to name a few. Then you get Russia, France, England, Spain, Cyprus, and all the affected nations from the open gates of Tunis and Libya into Europe.

      Need I go on?…..


      • kinthenorthwest says:

        H3LL 3 to 6 of the terrorists in the mall shooting were recruited from America.. H3LL they were even born in America in families that have more than one generation here in America…..
        They have been recruiting for many years now(probably a few decades)
        That is one of the reasons I get ticked when people scream about the types of people they search for Airlines….(Sadly I would not put it past the Muslims to use the aged, children or even women who are really pregnant…H3LL, remember all the stories of pregnant suicide bombers at the beginning of the Afghanistan war??)


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  17. Josh says:

    (Some?) Moo-Slums practice Kitman and Taqiyya -both forms of altering or concealing information. References to Kitman and Taqiyya can be found in both the Quran and hadith. We can never trust the words that leave their lips 😦


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