BENGHAZI – Sharyl Attkisson Continues To Hit Roadblocks and Administration Refusals To Release Information – There’s Danger In The White House Timeline She Seeks…..

We know of only two certainties within the White House timeline during the night of 9/11/12:

1. That both Obama and Biden were on the phone with Benjamin Netanyahu between 6:30 and 7:28pm DC time.
2. That President Obama and Hillary Clinton talked around 10:00pm DC time about the event.

That’s it. The time between the call with Netanyahu ending at 7:30pm (1:30am Benghazi) and Hillary at 10:00pm (4am Benghazi), is a void. What happens after 10:00pm DC time is also a void.

Sharyl Attkisson, the only journalist with any intellectual credibility on the issue, has been trying to use FOIA requests to find out the rest:

Back in January we posted a discussion around a newly released photo from the White House. The picture was taken in the oval office on Sept 11th 2012, the date of the Benghazi attack.

At the time we thought the picture was worth a thousand words. After research, and with the hindsight of the latest revelations, it appears we were correct. Yet again, it provides more sunlight into the events surrounding the Benghazi, Libya events and who made the critical decisions in those moments of crisis.

At 5pm, according to the White House and media reports, President Obama was set for a prior scheduled meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey. It was just prior to this meeting that White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon tells President Obama of the attack and the fire at the main villa…

… long the meeting took is unknown, but we do know by 6:30pm President Obama and Joe Biden were on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

White House 9-11-12

(Sept. 11, 2012)”Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor, left, updates the President and Vice President on the situation in the Middle East and North Africa. National Security Advisor Tom Donilon and Chief of Staff Jack Lew are at right.” (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

The picture above was taken at exactly 7:28:16pm DC time. It was dusk outside, and President Obama had just completed a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Why is this important? Because we know the conversation lasted an hour.

Sept 11, 2012 President Obama spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu for an hour tonight as a part of their ongoing consultations. The two leaders discussed the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program, and our close cooperation on Iran and other security issues. (link)

So we know the phone call began at around 6:30pm and ended just before 7:28pm.

What is equally important is what was taking place in Libya (Benghazi) during the time the Netanyahu phone call took place.

The attack against the CIA/State Dept. Consulate began at 3:40pm D.C. time. So this phone call between Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama started three hours after the attack began.

What is also revealing about this photograph is who was where, why, and what decisions were being made.

It might seem odd that both President Obama and Vice-President Biden would simultaneously be tied up, indeed it is a breach of previously established security protocols for this exact “crisis” and “leadership need” reason.

But, they are used to doing it all the time – and besides, what are the odds of something actually being urgent while they are both engaged, and needing one of them immediately.

Indeed the odds are slim. Slim, but this was one of those moments when it actually existed; and had massive consequences.

You can see the phone notes in the hands of Joe Biden. Actually if you enhance the picture and zoom in on the notes you can see they are notes, in Biden’s handwriting, of the phone call discussion contents between Netanyahu and Obama. Whether or not BiBi knew Biden was also on the call is unknown, but he was indeed taking copious notes.

biden hands

(on the left you see the notes from Biden 9/11/12 – on the right you see notes from Biden taken during the Vice-Presidential debate)

Context of Netanyahu Phone Call: It is important to remember how much flack President/Candidate Obama was getting from the opposition about his previously ignoring Netanyahu around the BiBi United Nations speech.

This call was perceived as important by both the Obama Campaign and White House advisors to a defensive pro-Israel narrative. It could not be skipped by a candidate needing to assure the Jewish electorate of his Israel-Cred. So from 6:30pm to 7:26 pm both Vice-President, Joe Biden, and President Obama, were “indisposed”.

This phone call took place between 12:30pm and 1:26am Benghazi time. Again, three hours after the attack began at 9:40pm. By the time the picture was taken at 7:26pm (DC) Ambassador Stevens was widely known to be missing – perhaps killed.

According to numerous reports, in Benghazi, around the same time, CIA operatives and former SEAL’s Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty were returning from the Consulate complex to the CIA annex with the body of State Dept. Aide to Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith. Ambassador Stevens was missing.

Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith

Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith

In Libya, during this Oval Office call, Woods and Doherty were setting up defensive positions on the roof of the CIA annex building and maintaining a defensive perimeter while calling for more support.

Annex w-backgate

So we know POTUS and VPOTUS were out-of-the-decision-loop. Who was making the decisions on behalf of the Commander and Chief?

Back to the timeline – and remember, this is the TIMED VERSION initially released to the media:

(5 p.m. D.C.): Just ahead of the weekly meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey, White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon tells President Obama of the attack and the fire at the main villa….

(6:07 p.m. D.C): An alert from the State Dept. Operations Center states that the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli reports the Islamic military group “Ansar al-Sharia Claims responsibility for Benghazi Attack”… “on Facebook and Twitter and has called for an attack on Embassy Tripoli.”

(6:30 p.m. D.C.) : The Pentagon issues an order to a special operations team in Europe to move to Sigonella, Sicily – less than one hour’s flight away from Benghazi…. [Obama and Biden are now on the phone with Netanyahu] Who is in charge?

(7 p.m. D.C.): The first of two unmanned U.S. Predator drones, which already had been flying over eastern Libya, is diverted to Benghazi, as reported by CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson and David Martin on Oct. 15. [Obama and Biden are still on the phone with Netanyahu] Who is in charge?

(7:30 p.m. D.C.): A U.S. security team from Embassy Tripoli lands in Benghazi and learn that the ambassador is missing. They try to arrange for transportation into town, with the goal of locating Stevens. [Phone call over – Obama and Biden are being updated by Denis McDonough as per the picture]

White House 9-11-12 Donilon - McDonough

But who was representing the Commander In Chief ? During that critical hour?

(From 2011) With little to no experience guiding them, everything becomes a first-impression type situation to Obama’s inner crew. To the point, Henry Kissinger reportedly, refers to Obama’s group of advisers as, “kids.” […]

One of Obama’s closest advisers is his Deputy National Security Adviser. The person acting the part of Deputy National Security Adviser is one Denis McDonough. While McDonough enjoys the credentials of a well-educated 41-year-old, he has sparse work experience. Working on the hill as a legislative aide before transferring to a liberal think tank before campaigning for Obama before becoming Deputy National Security Adviser, is good for McDonough but embarrassing to the position which he holds. […]

McDonough has a reputation around D.C. – as a rabid mind-fixer in his mission to ‘set the record straight’ with democratic politicians and mainstream media types, who dare veer off the political reservation. It’s rather humorous in a way to see a glorified political functionary like McDonough act the part of a seasoned and experienced political heavyweight. McDonough was promoted out of ideological loyalty over convention. Try telling McDonough that and he’ll likely piss ideological vinegar all over you. But the thing with McDonough’s verbal piss, it doesn’t stain things, it can’t… it’s too inexperienced.

Above said, guess who is guiding Obama on the crisis in Egypt and the pending melt-down in the Middle East? If you guessed the low cal aperitivo named Denis McDonough, you would be correct. The United States’ official response to the crisis in Egypt has so far been one big massive embarrassment. President Obama is getting bad advice; advice that is fueling his ideological ego; advice that is clearly immature in nature and devoid of geopolitical experience. (link)

Perhaps this insight from Newt Gingrich , after he spoke to a “key senator” provides some clarity to the “fog”:

“There is a rumor — I want to be clear, it’s a rumor — that at least two networks have emails from the National Security Adviser’s office [Denis McDonough? or Tom Donilon?] telling a counterterrorism group to stand down,” [Newt] Gingrich said.” (link)

Newt Gingrich was specifically talking about his knowledge of a communication known by at least one Senator, and given to two media outlets – who did not use it. It makes sense:

Did Denis McDonough tell people to “stand down” while POTUS and VPOTUS were on the phone with BiBi and unable to be interrupted ?

At 7:26pm (DC) 1:30am (Benghazi) -when this picture was taken – Ty Woods and Glen Doherty were fighting for their lives.

While Denis McDonough was bringing POTUS up to speed, at that exact moment, events in Benghazi had spiraled. What took place next, and why they did not reverse the “stand down call” is unknown.

Perhaps, as they later espoused ad infinitum, they considered it too late, after all, this 7:26pm update probably revealed the status of Ambassador Stevens as “Missing presumed Dead”.

Damage control time….. Here comes the origin of the talking points…..

Denis McDonough jumped into action and provided the good cover story.

The cover story already existed because earlier in the same day the State Dept was getting questioned about the attack in Cairo, Egypt. Again, at another embassy – and a story had already begun about a U-Tube video.

McDonough just needed to continue the same narrative story.

Which he did, effectively, the following day: [McDonough on Sept 12th]

“This work takes on added urgency given the truly abhorrent video that has offended so many people–Muslims, and non-Muslims alike—in our country and around the world.” (link)

There you have McDonough, the next day, attaching the little known U-Tube video from the Cairo Embassy explanation, directly to the Benghazi, Libya attack.

What followed in the days, weeks, and even months ahead, was just a continuance of the same manufactured explanation during the “peak” of the 2012 election cycle.

After all, it was this same 41-year-old “kid”, McDonough, who was the key deflector between POTUS and the crisis that was “Fast and Furious“:

“Investigative journalists have provided details on McDonough’s background and work history in politics, but the information that makes McDonough relevant to the continually breaking news on the Fast and Furious scandal is his role in silencing complaints from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)…” (link)

What’s more likely? Flawed intelligence, or having already succeeded in stemming the investigative crisis that became “Fast and Furious, McDonough just applied the same mindset and skillset to the Benghazi crisis. Creating a firewall between the absence of executive leadership during the critical crisis hours, and the State Dept/DoD failed response.

If the media would set their mind to it they might find this picture is worth “A Thousand Words” indeed:

White House 9-11-12 Donilon - McDonough


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26 Responses to BENGHAZI – Sharyl Attkisson Continues To Hit Roadblocks and Administration Refusals To Release Information – There’s Danger In The White House Timeline She Seeks…..

  1. justfactsplz says:

    I think the reason Biden was in on the call with Benjamin N. is because the POTUS didn’t know how to or really want to talk to him, but it was necessary to look good for his re-election. Same thing with the Benghazi coverup. He couldn’t let it be known it was really an act of terrorism on his watch right when he was concentrating on his re-election. What difference does it make? Ask the family members of those four that were killed and the surviving victims. Ask honest patriot Americans. It makes the world of difference. We The People want the truth Mr. President.


    • LittleLaughter says:

      We want the truth JFP, but this president and his admisnitration, are strangers to the truth.


      • justfactsplz says:

        Yes, they all lie, it is their way of life, lie, lies, and more lies.


      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        It’s really not fair to expect to get the Truth from people who have no idea of what it even looks like. They’re just victims of a society. Sweet, lost children wandering in the forest of evil. Lord knows, they mean us no harm, right? LOL


    • Anton says:

      Key fact not vetted…A SCHEDULED CALL to Netanyahu at 3AM Israeli time??????

      Obama had only spoken to Netanyahu by phone ONCE before in 12/09…..

      So why a scheduled call for Netanyahu to have him on the phone at 3AM? There was no emergency for Netanyahu…why couldn’t a Commander in Chief simply say ill have to call you back…Those nots are purposefully in the pic…Why? Because Aobama knew what was coming down…and it begins to look like the kidnap scenario is not all smoke…Was it a kidnap for rescue or exchange of the Blind Sheik gone bad…Or was it always to get rid of Stevens who had started to balk about moving Stinger Missiles across the Middle East…

      Did Obama plan these attacks with his Muslim Brotherhood friends…Because he planned the phone call to Netanyahu at 3AM Israeli time…knowing it would be publicised to his Jewish voters…because Obama knew in advance what was coming ..

      He has spoke to Netanyahu 4 times

      Appears to two subsequent calls were to make the oddity of the 9/11 call less obvious


      • justfactsplz says:

        You raise some very good points.


      • Sam says:

        I was an early kidnap theory proponent, but I am thinking that multiple things were going on in Benghazi that night involving different Islamic terrorist groups. You raise some interesting questions. There’s also the unresolved issue of the protocol to be followed when an ambassador is in deadly danger. It goes to the president and it is logged at each step. We’ve never seen that log.


      • Vindicator says:

        That is as perfect an explanation as I could have said myself….and will lay odds is exactly how it went down with the liar Obummer AND his phony a$$ administration.Thank you…


  2. ctdar says:

    Where Who is Pete Souza? He was photographer for Obama during his Senate rise and oddly enough also part of the Regan years. I don’t get in the group shot above, Bidens private notes of conversation boldly on display with another world leader got past Souza
    (veteran Presidential photographer)or by the security filter of secret service, CIA or FBI.
    Strange that the public would be allowed to see such sensitive information.


  3. We may get to the truth of all of this at some point, but it will not come with the help of this Administration. The above scenario sounds right on the money and, certainly, Obama can’t admit that, on matters as grave as whether to render aid to Americans under terrorist attack was called off by a security adviser, presumable without any input from the POTUS (he was tied up on a call at the time) would not be good – particularly when that call resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans on American soil by a terrorist group that was “on the run” and “decimated” by the O Administration just ahead of his re-election bid. O had stuffed his cabinet with “loyalists” willing to line up behind “the cause” without regard to real-world experience and the results have led to one debacle after another. And yet, O seems to emerge unscathed. It’s like we have a lot of pseudo-intellectuals, professional “students” of social engineering, who have no real-life experience and lots of visions of utopia (according to them) playing dress-up in Washington. It’s damn scary to think our lives in the hands of these clowns and we’re not likely to get rid of them because whatever it is they’re selling to the masses, the masses are buying it up.


  4. Rutesperanza says:

    That’s a excellent point. Most of the photographs showing security briefings seem very staged. After seeing the situation room during the Bin Laden raid, where it looks like Obama came in and just sat to the side and posed before returning to his game of spades, it made me wonder. Also didn’t Reggie Love mention he was playing cards with the photographer and Obama? In order to appear disconnected from decisions with bad outcomes Obama played his favorite evasion tactic and was “busy” while someone else could make the decisions. I’ve never seen a president get away with what he has, instead of accepting his constant deflection of blame and excuses of being in the dark about things, why isn’t anyone saying “YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT! YOU ARE IN CHARGE”? I am sick of this jerk and his lying scumbag, disconnected, elitist team of amateurs. How can so many Americans be so blind? They know every stat to every sports game, every ridiculous Hollywood rumor, but when it comes to our laws, our freedoms and our country, they don’t want the “responsibility” that comes with the knowledge.


  5. Polk8dot says:

    I find it deeply insulting to my intelligence that the WH is trying to deflect blame for the action/inaction on Benghazi by claiming both Barrack Hussein Ovomit and little senile Joe Biden were ‘inaccessible’.
    Lets not even discuss the notion that BOTH top executives would be TOGETHER for an extended period of time, busy with the same thing. That clearly shows two things – that Ovomit is so bloody clueless about international relations, and so afraid of actually coming across to BiBi as his true self – dumb, incoherent pseudo-intellectual – that he needed Biden as a buffer; and that Biden needed to be there to later use all such instances to build his cred as a ‘seasoned international relations guy’ for his own presidential campaign. But yeah, lets not even look at that.

    What really chops my hide is that they want us to believe that even though the two most top ‘leaders’ (yeah, as if!) were together busy with something, they were TOO BUSY for anyone to interrupt them to request a decision or at least a direction. They were SOOOOO FRICKING BUSY talking on the phone, that NOBODY dared to knock on the door, or slip a note to the SecServ guy to pass to them with an update, and asking for help? They were both SOOOO IMPORTANTLY OTHERWISE DETAINED that nothing was allowed to break their concentration and/or shooting sh!t with BiBi, or else they’d lose their place on the cheat sheet?
    A PRESIDENT is NEVER TOO BUSY – NO MATTER WHAT he’s engaged in – to deal with matters of national security. Especially when they involve an active and ongoing TERRORIST ATTACK on our outpost in a hostile country, and our representatives missing, dead, or in any other way endangered.
    For the White House to have the gall to actually claim that both POTUS and VeeP were too busy to participate in decision making on what action to take, or rather NOT TO TAKE, is pathetic, ridiculous, asinine and disgusting all at once.
    Whatever happened to knocking on the door and passing a note? Whatever happened to excusing yourself from the call because ‘there is a pressing international matter at hand’? Whatever happened to the dignity of the office, and to common human decency, to make the country’s top executives shirk responsibility? And what makes it even worse, they not only shirked the responsibility, they made sure to look good for future inquiries, ‘we were just TOOO busy with Israel issues’, while all along just looking to reassign blame and accountability to someone else, whom they can then point to and say ‘HE did not break into our phone call, HE is the GUILTY one’.

    Never mind, I know full well what happened – campaigning, and fighting for their political futures, which overrode somebody else’s fight for their lives.

    This whole bunch in the White House, the weasels, the liars, the cowards, the blame shifters and empty-souled sycophants, they make me sick.


    • sdarlene says:

      They all need to go.


    • west1890 says:

      There are millions of us that feel the same way-we see clearly what is going on but feel powerless to do anything to stop it. Elections are no longer a viable option. How can we expect to be able to vote them out when the ‘system’ is so corrupted that precincts show 150% turnout-with ALL votes for Obama- and nobody raises holy hell over it? I’m convinced that the 2008 and 2012 elections were a sham and 2016 will be no different. Will Congress do something to stop the corruption and fraud? My guess is no. The ones that aren’t in sync with ‘the program’ have either been threatened with harm to them and their families or they are being blackmailed- or they are total idiots- going along to get along. Based on the actions of Justice Roberts I’d have to say recourse through the Supreme Court is also a non-starter. I’ve never been so disgusted and disappointed with so many of my fellow Americans- jumping on the “gimmee some of that free sh_t” train and scamming the system any way they can while worshipping the criminal fraudster they call “President. Wish I could see a light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t the headlight of the train of destruction.


  6. Anton says:

    Talk to some on that committee Sheryl..they will tell you Stevens was not only raped but relieved of his gentalia


  7. DANSHANTEAL says:

    Very enlightening. Old reliable Jack Lew is standing there in the photo like he was waiting for the bus. But we know who got thrown under the bus. I never believed Leon and Dempsey when they testified. The whole bunch in the photo are shrewd manipulators as are Hillary and Rice. Is this the character of persons we want leading our nation? I don’t think so. Look at Egypt and you’ll see a failure of leadership without precedence.


  8. triage says:

    The dirty little secret about all this white house lawlessness is the lack of concern by most Republicans. They could get at the truth if they wanted to. John McCain just recently called Hillary
    Clinton a “rock star” during an interview. Half of the republicans are in cahoots with these criminals.

    We can expect nothing from the democrats as far as disclosure but we should be able to expect the republicans to inform us of information that puts us and our country at risk. Ted Cruz spoke about meetings where all the other republicans where yelling at he and Ron Paul about not going along with the democrats on immigration etc.. People like John McCain are the real enemy as they are betraying us while acting as our friend. Republicans like him have one primary job in dealing with us conservatives and that is to do anger management on us so we don’t get out the pitchforks.


    • Coast says:

      Anyone who is a Republican needs to purge each and every RINO from office. We need to have strong honest conservative choices…God willing.


  9. Chewbarkah says:

    Were either Obama or Biden capable of making a positive contribution to the US response (as opposed to the coverup)? Obama is a teleprompter-reading figurehead, incapable of taking decisive action, who knows he has nothing to contribute in a crisis. Obama handed off responsibility to indifferently prepared political subordinates, adopted an air of being above it all, and covered himself by pretending the call with Netanyahu was soooo important. Biden arrogantly but falsely believes he is competent to handle things, and is thus dangerous. Flattering Biden that he is needed on the call with B.N. sounds like a plan to keep him busy, lest he propose a decisive response for Benghazi, spoiling the O-Team’s plan to do nothing.

    Reportedly, only the President can order US military forces to cross borders. Some argue that a lack of such an order prevented special forces from coming in. Don’t know the facts on either point. But the notion that Obama could not break away from a phone call with the Israeli PM to order defense against Islamic terrorists is preposterous. Netanyahu of all people would understand. (And Obama could have used the situation to huge advantage — how better to publicize that he had healed the rift with B.N. and defended the US at the same time?). Nor is it plausible that an American President could not “convince” the Libyan PM to “invite” us in (would that have taken 2 minutes?) Obama’s handlers did not want to act.


    • Sam says:

      The Libyan president was quite ready to invite the US into Libya. Obama’s team squandered that goodwill by contradicting him on the terror attack/video “demonstration” point and he retaliated by blocking visas for the FBI to investigate for a few weeks. Don’t have a reference but it was doubtless referred to by Sundance at some point in the Benghazi mess.


  10. sangell says:

    Trying to get up to speed here. If the attack BEGAN at 9:40 PM Benghazi time ( 3:40 PM Washington Time) being on the phone with Bibi is almost irrelevant unless Obama and Biden are asking for Israeli help and if so why did they wait so long? Benghazi is about 700 miles from an Israeli Air Force base. If Obama couldn’t find any American strike aircraft closer calling Bibi and asking for Israeli F-15’s ( which have a 1000 mile strike radius) to help us out might make sense. I assume Israel has a couple of jets on standby 24/7 so they could have been over Benghazi in a little over an hour. That could account for calling Bibi in the wee hours ( Israeli time) and I suppose ex Seals would know how and have gear capable of designating targets for Israeli F-15’s. Might not look good for the US to ask Israel to bomb an Arab nation for us but under the circumstances if you need an airstrike ASAP you go to the air force than can be their first. In fact, if that is what needed to be done by 6:30 PM Obama COULD’VE been calling Bibi to thank him for saving our people if this was what we needed from Bibi.


    • Lulu says:

      The reason for and subject of the phone call to Netanyahu has been well covered and is addressed in the posted article.


    • Sam says:

      No, that wasn’t it. The US has quick reaction forces across the world at various bases and they train for situations exactly like Benghazi. The nearest was just a few hours away and could easily have been deployed. In fact, the Pentagon transferred responsibility for that team to the Africom command that evening as Gen. Dempsey let slip to a committee. The only reason to do that was so the team could be deployed to Libya. The WH deliberately chose not to deploy our military to help an ambassador and CIA team in mortal danger. That’s the thing to remember: The White House deliberately chose to let those people be attacked and they were murdered. No matter the motive, it was a monstrous decision.


  11. ctdar says:

    Watch the Bill Whittle video @1/2 thru he talks about Benghazi and what he would have done if he was President at the time of the attack. Made me cry as what he said is what SHOULD have been done.


  12. John Steele says:

    This just show how Heartless the Obama Administration is


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