Biden: “I sit with Obama 4 to 6 hours a day, every day….. (video)

Joe Biden says he sits with President Obama every day for four to six hours. Granted they are probably not sitting, but the fact Biden could state he is “with” the President for four to 6 hours a day is profoundly disconcerting.

Last year I read the Reagan Diaries, which, by the way, I highly recommend. One of the key takeaways I noted was how important it was to Ronald Reagan, and his Vice-President George Bush, to coordinate a two-hour lunch together every Thursday no matter what.

Both Reagan and Bush’s schedules were so busy with executive management challenges they rarely were able to see one another and discuss events, policy, and strategy. They made their Thursday lunches a central component of their cohesion. It was their time to catch up, plan, coordinate and organize their approach to challenges.

Other than those Thursday lunches they were rarely together. Bush was always leading the foreign diplomatic missions and representing Reagan personally in other nations; and Reagan had high standards and expectations for that representation. It was important to Reagan that America should always be represented by the best, the very finest professional standards. Hence his trust only extended to his closest representative.

Remember it was Vice-President Bush who, by design, first met Soviet Prime Minister Gorbachev, and that relationship was profoundly critical for the world not just the United States and Soviet Union.  Bush represented the front, or set up man, for the masterful Reagan.  It was Bush who told Reagan “we’ve got a different outlook” with this man.

Reagan used Bush to carry personal hand written letters to leaders all around the world.  Reagan was a prolific writer and believed in the impact of personal letters.

By the time Gorbachev showed up for the first meeting with Reagan the mental imagery upon Gorbie was staggering – President Reagan loomed like a giant in the mind of the Russian people and indeed inside Gorbachev’s mind himself.   The psychology of their strategy had worked brilliantly, and over time a wonderful relationship was forged in the oft dangerous furnace of trust.

When I listen to Joe Biden say he “sits with the President Obama four to six hours a day”… the imagery contrast is astounding. Obama/Biden seriously appear to be diminishing our executive offices.

Based on how they are conducting themselves I don’t believe that same lack of professionalism, or representative concern, exists for a Romney/Ryan ticket.

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13 Responses to Biden: “I sit with Obama 4 to 6 hours a day, every day….. (video)

  1. stellap says:

    Joe is a liar. I can’t imagine interacting with anyone 4-6 hours a day, every day, for almost 4 years. Does Joe have an annex to the Oval office?


  2. loopyloo305 says:

    LOL, is he babysitting?


  3. Michelle Hart says:

    Actually I believe him….. Consider this….

    The entire fiasco around Obamacare, Fast & Furious, Bengazi, and the debt/spending negotiations. He never met with Pelosi, Reid, Ryan, Bohner or anyone else and when he did it was very brief or in between his vacations and parties. Think about how many photographs exist of Clinton, Carter, Reagan, Kennedy, Jonson, Nixon, Truman, Ike, or Bush etc. being in the oval office working and how few their are of obama and those just show him goofing off.

    Think about how often we saw Bush or Clinton on the White house grounds, the ONLY time you see obama is at fundraisers, some parties, or again goofing around. Every memorable picture of Reagan or Eisenhower, even going back to Truman is of a prolific world event… Something that made the world better or worse…. With obama its always at some party or shoving food in his face.

    I have no doubt these two clowns spend all day together.. They sure dont do anything else!


    • I too believe him. I mean, why not? Why should we not take his own word as fact.

      We consistently keep trying to reconcile the words, actions and itentions of the Obama/Biden ticket based on our own internal cognition of “common sense”. We must stop this internal cognitive reconciliation and accept their words at face value.

      Yes, Obama/Biden probably do spend the majority of their time together, with a very select group of White House people – Their echo-chamber. That’s why things are all screwed up. Period.


  4. Dey be sittin. Dats whut da mane sayyed.


  5. czarowniczy says:

    If I had a dog that p*ssed on the carpet as often as Biden screws up I’d want to keep him with newspaper-swatting distance too.


  6. lovemygirl says:

    Joe Biden meant to say he golfs with President Obama every day for four to six hours.


  7. Sharon says:

    So Little Bo Peep can’t manage a whole day by himself in the big Oval Office?? Joe has to “sit with him” every day?

    If Joe’s speaking the truth here, it makes Bo Peep look even more like a little kid who needs constant supervision, never can be left alone.


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