The Epicenter Of Benghazi – Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor in 2012 and White House “Fixer”….

….. and we’re not JUST talking about the 12 version “talking points”, but the epicenter of the actual White House response – or, lack thereof.

Perhaps now the media has accepted the fact that the “talking points” were highly manipulated, they will turn their investigative eye onto the origin, and subsequently on to something we outlined earlier:


Back in January  we posted a discussion around a newly released photo from the White House. The picture was taken in the oval office on Sept 11th 2012, the date of the Benghazi attack.

At the time we thought the picture was worth a thousand words.  After research, and with the hindsight of the latest revelations, it appears we were correct. Yet again, it provides more sunlight into the events surrounding the Benghazi, Libya events and who made the critical decisions in those moments of crisis.

At 5pm, according to the White House and media reports, President Obama was set for a prior scheduled meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey.   It was just prior to this meeting that White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon tells President Obama of the attack and the fire at the main villa…

… long the meeting took is unknown, but we do know by 6:30pm President Obama and Joe Biden were on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

White House 9-11-12

(Sept. 11, 2012)”Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor, left, updates the President and Vice President on the situation in the Middle East and North Africa. National Security Advisor Tom Donilon and Chief of Staff Jack Lew are at right.” (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

The picture above was taken at exactly 7:28:16pm DC time. It was dusk outside, and President Obama had just completed a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Why is this important? Because we know the conversation lasted an hour.

Sept 11, 2012 President Obama spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu for an hour tonight as a part of their ongoing consultations. The two leaders discussed the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program, and our close cooperation on Iran and other security issues. (link)

So we know the phone call began at around 6:30pm and ended just before 7:28pm.

What is equally important is what was taking place in Libya (Benghazi) during the time the Netanyahu phone call took place.

The attack against the CIA/State Dept. Consulate began at 3:40pm D.C. time. So this phone call between Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama started three hours after the attack began.

What is also revealing about this photograph is who was where, why, and what decisions were being made.

It might seem odd that both President Obama and Vice-President Biden would simultaneously be tied up, indeed it is a breach of previously established security protocols for this exact “crisis” and “leadership need” reason.

But, they are used to doing it all the time – and besides, what are the odds of something actually being urgent while they are both engaged, and needing one of them immediately.

Indeed the odds are slim. Slim, but this was one of those moments when it actually existed; and had massive consequences.

You can see the phone notes in the hands of Joe Biden. Actually if you enhance the picture and zoom in on the notes you can see they are notes, in Biden’s handwriting, of the phone call discussion contents between Netanyahu and Obama. Whether or not BiBi knew Biden was also on the call is unknown, but he was indeed taking copious notes.

biden hands

(on the left you see the notes from Biden 9/11/12 – on the right you see notes from Biden taken during the Vice-Presidential debate)

Context of Netanyahu Phone Call:    It is important to remember how much flack President/Candidate Obama was getting from the opposition about his previously ignoring Netanyahu around the BiBi United Nations speech.

This call was perceived as important by both the Obama Campaign and White House advisors to a defensive pro-Israel narrative. It could not be skipped by a candidate needing to assure the Jewish electorate of his Israel-Cred. So from 6:30pm to 7:26 pm both Vice-President, Joe Biden, and President Obama, were “indisposed”.

This phone call took place between 12:30pm and 1:26am Benghazi time. Again, three hours after the attack began at 9:40pm.  By the time the picture was taken at 7:26pm (DC) Ambassador Stevens was widely known to be missing – perhaps killed.

According to numerous reports, in Benghazi, around the same time, CIA operatives and former SEAL’s Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty were returning from the Consulate complex to the CIA annex with the body of State Dept. Aide to Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith. Ambassador Stevens was missing.

Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith

Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith

In Libya, during this Oval Office call, Woods and Doherty were setting up defensive positions on the roof of the CIA annex building and maintaining a defensive perimeter while calling for more support.

Annex w-backgate

So we know POTUS and VPOTUS were out-of-the-decision-loop. Who was making the decisions on behalf of the Commander and Chief?

Back to the timeline – and remember, this is the TIMED VERSION initially released to the media:

(5 p.m. D.C.): Just ahead of the weekly meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey, White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon tells President Obama of the attack and the fire at the main villa….

(6:07 p.m. D.C): An alert from the State Dept. Operations Center states that the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli reports the Islamic military group “Ansar al-Sharia Claims responsibility for Benghazi Attack”… “on Facebook and Twitter and has called for an attack on Embassy Tripoli.”

(6:30 p.m. D.C.) : The Pentagon issues an order to a special operations team in Europe to move to Sigonella, Sicily – less than one hour’s flight away from Benghazi…. [Obama and Biden are now on the phone with Netanyahu] Who is in charge?

(7 p.m. D.C.): The first of two unmanned U.S. Predator drones, which already had been flying over eastern Libya, is diverted to Benghazi, as reported by CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson and David Martin on Oct. 15. [Obama and Biden are still on the phone with Netanyahu] Who is in charge?

(7:30 p.m. D.C.): A U.S. security team from Embassy Tripoli lands in Benghazi and learn that the ambassador is missing. They try to arrange for transportation into town, with the goal of locating Stevens. [Phone call over – Obama and Biden are being updated by Denis McDonough as per the picture]

White House 9-11-12 Donilon - McDonough

But who was representing the Commander In Chief ? During that critical hour?

(From 2011) With little to no experience guiding them, everything becomes a first-impression type situation to Obama’s inner crew. To the point, Henry Kissinger reportedly, refers to Obama’s group of advisers as, “kids.” […]

One of Obama’s closest advisers is his Deputy National Security Adviser. The person acting the part of Deputy National Security Adviser is one Denis McDonough. While McDonough enjoys the credentials of a well-educated 41-year-old, he has sparse work experience. Working on the hill as a legislative aide before transferring to a liberal think tank before campaigning for Obama before becoming Deputy National Security Adviser, is good for McDonough but embarrassing to the position which he holds. […]

McDonough has a reputation around D.C. – as a rabid mind-fixer in his mission to ‘set the record straight’ with democratic politicians and mainstream media types, who dare veer off the political reservation. It’s rather humorous in a way to see a glorified political functionary like McDonough act the part of a seasoned and experienced political heavyweight. McDonough was promoted out of ideological loyalty over convention. Try telling McDonough that and he’ll likely piss ideological vinegar all over you. But the thing with McDonough’s verbal piss, it doesn’t stain things, it can’t… it’s too inexperienced.

Above said, guess who is guiding Obama on the crisis in Egypt and the pending melt-down in the Middle East? If you guessed the low cal aperitivo named Denis McDonough, you would be correct. The United States’ official response to the crisis in Egypt has so far been one big massive embarrassment. President Obama is getting bad advice; advice that is fueling his ideological ego; advice that is clearly immature in nature and devoid of geopolitical experience. (link)

Perhaps this insight from Newt Gingrich , after he spoke to a “key senator” provides some clarity to the “fog”:

“There is a rumor — I want to be clear, it’s a rumor — that at least two networks have emails from the National Security Adviser’s office [Denis McDonough? or Tom Donilon?] telling a counterterrorism group to stand down,” [Newt] Gingrich said.” (link)

Newt Gingrich was specifically talking about his knowledge of a communication known by at least one Senator, and given to two media outlets – who did not use it. It makes sense:

Did Denis McDonough tell people to “stand down” while POTUS and VPOTUS were on the phone with BiBi and unable to be interrupted ?

At 7:26pm (DC) 1:30am (Benghazi) -when this picture was taken – Ty Woods and Glen Doherty were fighting for their lives.

While Denis McDonough was bringing POTUS up to speed, at that exact moment, events in Benghazi had spiraled. What took place next, and why they did not reverse the “stand down call” is unknown.

Perhaps, as they later espoused ad infinitum,  they considered it too late, after all, this 7:26pm update probably revealed the status of Ambassador Stevens as “Missing presumed Dead”.

Damage control time…..   Here comes the origin of the talking points…..

Denis McDonough jumped into action and provided the good cover story.

The cover story already existed because earlier in the same day the State Dept was getting questioned about the attack in Cairo, Egypt. Again, at another embassy – and a story had already begun about a U-Tube video.

McDonough just needed to continue the same narrative story.

Which he did, effectively, the following day: [McDonough on Sept 12th]

“This work takes on added urgency given the truly abhorrent video that has offended so many people–Muslims, and non-Muslims alike—in our country and around the world.” (link)

There you have McDonough, the next day, attaching the little known U-Tube video from the Cairo Embassy explanation, directly to the Benghazi, Libya attack.

What followed in the days, weeks, and even months ahead, was just a continuance of the same manufactured explanation during the “peak” of the 2012 election cycle.

After all, it was this same 41-year-old “kid”, McDonough, who was the key deflector between POTUS and the crisis that was “Fast and Furious“:

“Investigative journalists have provided details on McDonough’s background and work history in politics, but the information that makes McDonough relevant to the continually breaking news on the Fast and Furious scandal is his role in silencing complaints from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)…” (link)

What’s more likely?  Flawed intelligence, or having already succeeded in stemming the investigative crisis that became “Fast and Furious, McDonough just applied the same mindset and skillset to the Benghazi crisis.  Creating a firewall between the absence of executive leadership during the critical crisis hours, and the State Dept/DoD failed response.

If the media would set their mind to it they might find this picture is worth “A Thousand Words” indeed:

White House 9-11-12 Donilon - McDonough


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59 Responses to The Epicenter Of Benghazi – Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor in 2012 and White House “Fixer”….

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Whom do you think knew about the attack on the Benghazi compound first, the POtuS or Netanyahu and how much difference in their notifications was there? I have a hard time believing that the PotuS didn’t have someone briefing him about aircraft response times or that Netanyahu didn’t offer help. The POtuS knows less about military operations than my dog, Netanyahu was a commander in the Sayeret Matkal – it strains every bit of what credulity I have left for me to think he didn’t offer assistance to PotuS. We most likely won’t know the truth until the documents are declassified from the Obama Presidential LIE-BURY but by then we’ll all probably be speaking Spanish or Chinese and it won’t make a difference. Still no response from my Senators or Rep on my question to them of ‘did Israel offer any help’ – I’ll call tomorrow to see if they’re still in the meetings.


    • maryfrommarin says:


      If Netanyahu was on the phone during this critical time, is it possible that he didn’t know about the attack? Like, maybe that was one reason FOR the phone call?


      • waltherppk says:

        Mossad probably knew more about what was going on in Benghazi than did the CIA


      • doodahdaze says:

        He may have been upset about Obama sending weapons to Syria? I do not know. But I am wondering what weapons were looted from Benghazi. Did it include SAM’S? Was Obama buying weapons from Libyan’s and then sending them to Syria? If there was a stash of heavy weapons there, then it was a raid to get gun’s and money.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Yeah, I tippy-toed around that, especially with the Senators/Rep, as if they were going find a way to dismiss my question they’d most likely center on ‘how could I know or even speculate on a phone call I was not privy to?’. They try to find some ancillary point to attack in order to dispel the greater. In my mind I’m 100% sure he mentioned it as nothing happens in that area Israel doesn’t know about, it’s a matter of national survival.


        • charlotta says:

          I think you’re right. WHY would Biden AND Obama choose to call Bibi or take Bibi’s call(whichever way it was-I think they called Bibi) AFTER they were informed of the attack and knew it was ongoing? They MUST have been briefed with updates during the call.What was so URGENT that they HAD to take the call and not delay it till the next day? Unless Israel knew and was going to send help to Benghazi and O and B didn’t want Israel involved and they were talking him out of it? I’m sure Israel knew about the attacks probably way before Barry & co knew and Israel may even have alerted them. I cannot believe Israel was about to attack Iran. They simply were not prepared at that very moment for a massive Middle Eastern war.(Unless Iran was trying to lure them into a war there and then using Benghazi as a proxy) Apparently there were Iranians in Benghazi running the show pretending to be Red Crescent Workers(read that at Canada Free Press-told to Hagmann by a Military/DHS insider). Iran may have had warships off the coast of Libya and maybe was threatening to attack Libya and US assets if the US (and Israel) retaliated. Something really really serious was going down there and to this day, Obama doesn’t want anyone to know what it is. Sad that he couldn’t man up and retaliate (with Israel’s help), but it may have started WW3-remember how the protests over the so called video spread all over the Arab world within 12 hours? .The video release was deliberate and was made by terrorists. (Read Walid Shoebat’s account about that) Nakoula has ties to an Arab who pretends to be a Christian but is a terrorist. It was a setup, I think-by the Egyptians, the Iranians and coordinated protests all over the Middle East which could have lit the fuse for another war.


          • czarowniczy says:

            No major head of state refuses a call from another, especially the US and Israel where both, of late, delight in doing things that cause heartburn to the other. One of the major worries is that if Israel attacks Iran they are going all-out, they cannot afford to do a US-style poke-in-the-eye warning kind of attack. Israel has current US bunker-buster conventional bombs but she has to be sure that not only Iran’s nuke facilities are taken out bet Iran’s biological (yes, we don’t talk about those much) and chemical warfare research, manufacturing and storage facilities are taken out too. To do that with conventional weapons would be really difficult, even for the US, as they are scattered, well-built- and protected by some good Russian AA systems. The requirements for a devastating first-strike attack that would incapacitate Iran’s WMD program, especially with the distances involved, would generally mean Israel would most likely invoke the Samson-option and use their ALLEGED strategic missiles and save their ALLEGED air and submarine-delivered nukes for any follow-ups anywhere in the offensive Muslim world. You betcha the White House is gonna take their calls.

            My personal SWAG is that Iran keeps some of its ships off of the various coasts in the Med, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden as a power projection and for security. I’m betting that the Russians have provided their Iranian shower buds with advanced sea-borne anti-sub gear to locate those ALLEGEDLY nuke-armed Dolphin-class subs Israel uses as part of their ALLEGED nuke triad. During a crisis one would suspect that Israel would deploy them to positions where, if needed, they could turn large swaths of Iran into glass-lined self-igniting ashtrays. I don’t think Putin’s forgotten that at one time in the past Israel targeted parts of Russia with their ALLEGED nuke missiles and it’s prudent to keep an eye on any mobile launch platforms a potential enemy might have; Russia had some interesting ships off Libya and Syria last March. Also, Syria and Libya have had a lot of interested countries moving ships into the areas as it’s the easiest way to gather immediate intel and base quick reaction teams to exploit any national needs. I’m betting the US had ships of the intel gathering type around too and the Pentagon hasn’t forgotten the Liberty incident – another reason to answer the phone.

            The Iranians have had people in the area for a long time. It’s generally accepted that the IRG trains, equips, feeds, bathes and virtually owns the Hezbollah. Hezz is the IRG’s surrogate, the Hezz can go out a blow up something in a country outside of Iran that Iran wants blown up and Iran gets a free walk. As Hezz is an equal opportunity employer trained IRG operative man positions in Hezz and, if identified, can shrug their shoulders and just say they were volunteers. There’s no doubt they are in Libya and Syria as these areas are also vital to Iran’s plans and Iran wants feet-on-ground, that’s a gimme. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those who attacked the embassy were trained by Iranians ands maybe even included Iranians. One of these days we may even get a count on how many Iranian ‘volunteers’ the US has killed in Iran and Afghanistan.

            As badly as Obama’s PO’d Israel he’s going to take every call, even wrong numbers, from Israel. I personally believe that if pressed far enough Israel will say לכול הרוחות! and push the big red button.


      • Trust me, Bibi KNEW what was going on. Mossad knows just about everything in the Middle East.


  2. Sundance–

    You have mail.


  3. bydesign001 says:

    Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:
    You simply cannot make this stuff up.


  4. John Straw says:

    Same fellow who appears to loom large in the famous still-shot of O cringing anxiously in the White House ‘situation’ room, said to have been taken during the UBL raid in Pakistan.


  5. Lhlaredo says:

    Has anyone consider what the content or urgency of the call from Netanyahu would be, considering he had both POTUS and the VPOTUS on the line (was he considering an attack on Iran) for an hour that early and was it intentional on his part?


  6. Sharon says:

    Barack Obama’s “Tower of Fabrications,” as Peter Wehner describes the Benghazi scandal, is beginning to crack. And that crack will soon reveal a central figure behind the cover-up, a man close to Barack Obama for years but generally unknown to the public: Ben Rhodes.

    Rhodes has risen from being an obscure and failed fiction writer to formulating foreign and national security policy for Obama precisely because he is willing to his superiors’ bidding regardless of facts. He has a history of using whatever talents he has with the pen to do so.


    Furthermore, Ben Rhodes is married to Ann Norris, senior foreign and defense advisor to Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California). One might with some justification expect Sen. Boxer to run interference for Ben Rhodes should investigations begin to focus on his role in the Benghazi scandal.

    Congress, or rather the Republican-held House since Harry Reid would never permit any truth-finding by the Democrat Senate, needs to step up the pace of their investigations, issue subpoenas, and call witnesses.


    • stella says:

      Hi, Sharon! Are you still up, or just up early?


      • Sharon says:

        Up early! Didn’t mean to be, but was in bed early! Remember that old saying, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise”? I never understood whether that applied to women? It would be nice if it did–so far I’m not noticing anything to suggest that it does. 😉


    • doodahdaze says:

      The Democrats are scared. If they lose the Senate next year investigations will destroy them. Unless the GOP is in the tank. If there was a Republican Senate and House for the last two years of Obama, there might not be a last two years of Obama.


      • Sharon says:

        …unless the GOP is in the tank. How much do they have to hide? Which might explain why they’ve been ok with everything obama’s done so far?


        • doodahdaze says:

          If they are in the tank, not much can be done about it.


          • Sharon says:

            That’s right.


            • czarowniczy says:

              I’m thinking Obama has himself in a pickle here. If the hearings drag out until the 2014 midterms they’ll add fuel to the fire but Netanyahu may be the big winner here. Remember Obama’s brazen attacks on Israel’s rights to settlement in the Palestinian 3rd world quarter (gotta watch me folks, I’m a bit subjective here)? If he wants to drag concessions out of the POtuS I do believe he could have the hint dropped by 3rd parties that if the POtuS pees on his parade again he’ll have a press conference where he might accidentally suggest that he’d offered help that might have saved the embassy staff but was rebuffed. This is politics here and Israel plays dirty hardball to win, not to mention they have no great love for the schwartze goy.


  7. ctdar says:

    Expect Petraeus to reappear now that CIA is being put on front burner of blame:


  8. woohoowee says:

    Sundance – You have mail.


    • woohoowee says:

      It’s the second email sent this morning, Sundance. Malfunctioins on this end. Need more coffee 🙂
      Email received! Admin


  9. ctdar says:

    Fox really pushing conversation of where Tom Donilon, National Security Advisor, was during that night; Tom Donilon previously top executive with Fannie Mae & Fannie Mac.


    • Sharon says:

      Don’t have Fox…..he was at the White House?? (per picture above)….. what is Fox’s angle? What do they mean “where was he”? I’m missing the context of their discussion…if you can fill it in. 😉 Thanks…


      • ctdar says:

        Fox news was linking Donilon to Freddie Mae/Mac & that outcome with the fact that at time of Benghazi he was NSA to WH basically saying he was not the wisest choice or had the experience for the job. They noted how he was front & center during the bin laden capture in situation room but MIA during Benghazi?
        So my interpretation is to that was Donilon calling the shots since the most questionable absences of both Obama & Biden? Did Donilon give order to stand down because he was in way over his head and should never have been elected to such a position because Obama does not know what he is doing and without a doubt the most inexperienced US President ever.


  10. Sharon says:

    This is a great summary piece, listing the names of individuals whose blood is on POTUS’ hands. It’s about time.


  11. Bijou says:

    That group photo has been cropped.
    ValJar was clearly visible, reflected in one of the French doors.
    I don’t think that, in itself, has any significance. Just an observation.


  12. Minor correction to the photo by Souza. First, thanks for the image information extractor utility. Added it to my bookmarks. Very useful. The photo, according to the site you linked, was snapped at 19:26:28. As I said, a minor correction, but might as well get right everything we can.


  13. pspinach says:

    This is fascinating detail, and shows what a bumbling administration it is. What a mess! Joey Biden looks a wide eyed fool. Both Potus and VP unavailable and in an extended phone call when it could have been delayed is mind boggling. This fact alone demonstrates ineptitude and could damage Barry.

    Not the least of which, Barry from the start of his reign showed a propensity toward holding back assistance for US military overseas in trouble. Remember the USS Cole where somalian pirates had hijacked a sub, and Barry refused to give the order to fire, even though the rescue team had the somalians in their sight? The marine disobeyed and fired shots at the hijackers. The captain later related the harrowing wait for the rescue to start knowing the marines had already arrived.

    It’s a pattern of Barry’s. His habit of telling US combat troops not to fire at Afganistans even when in jeopardy. I still suspect the Benghazi stand down order has Barry’s own fingerprints. Dennis McD is like the blind leading the blind. It’s interesting that the stand down order to reinforcements at Tripoli came at 7:30, 4 minutes after Barry and Joey were seen talking to Dennis in the photo.

    According to the timeline:

    Midnight (6 p.m. ET) Agents arrive at the annex, which receives sporadic small-arms fire and RPG rounds over a roughly 90-minute period. The security team returns fire and the attackers disperse.

    Over the next two hours, Sec. Panetta holds a series of meetings and issues several orders: Two Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST) platoons stationed in Rota, Spain prepare to deploy – one to Benghazi and the other to the Embassy in Tripoli; A special operations team in Europe is ordered to move to Sigonella, Sicily – less than one hour’s flight away from Benghazi; An additional special operations team based in the U.S. is ordered to deploy to Sigonella.

    Around 12:30 a.m. (6:30 p.m. ET): A six-man security team, including two Defense Dept. personnel, leave Embassy Tripoli for Benghazi.

    1:30 a.m. (7:30 p.m. ET): The U.S. security team from Embassy Tripoli lands in Benghazi and learn that the ambassador is missing. They try to arrange for transportation into town, with the goal of locating Stevens.


    • partyzant says:

      PSpinach, the U.S.S. Cole was inthe port of Aden,Yemen, circa 2000.

      To save some time, go to page 8 of 112. It starts the “executive summary” (EXSUM) for the event. This is offical U.S. Navy History, posted to the web at:

      There is some redaction, but the content details what happened to a very fine degree of granularity.


      • pspinach says:

        My apologies, I mistook the name of USS Cole and my memory was challenged over the hostage taking back in April 2008. Here are some details of the event although NY Times did sugar coat Barry’s involvement. He refused action for 5 days until it was reported that a Navy Seal shot a hostage taker. It was “stated” that the Captain’s life was directly at risk. It’s questionable as to whether Barry gave orders to rescue at all. It seems to be Barry’s manner to put rescue of Americans in a HOLD AND WAIT pattern. Americans had to disobey and proceed at risk of punishment in order to save the victims. Seems clear to me that Barry gave orders for agencies to be at the ready, but to HOLD AND WAIT until he gave final orders to attack. He went into an hour long telephone call with Bibi while everything was hold and wait for most destruction possible. Glen Doherty at Benghazi airport disobeyed and went full speed on his own $ (?) to assist the remaining consulate. No one disobeyed and came to his help though. It ended in tragedy.

        Aboard the Maersk Alabama, a 17,000-ton cargo ship, Captain Phillips’s crew erupted in cheers, waved American flags and fired off flares. When four pirates attacked the ship on Wednesday, the crew escaped harm after the captain offered himself as a hostage. He told his crewmen to lock themselves in cabins, and allowed himself to be taken at gunpoint into the lifeboat in which the pirates fled.

        The Defense Department twice sought Mr. Obama’s permission to use force to rescue Captain Phillips, most recently on Friday night, senior defense officials said. On Saturday morning, the president agreed, they said, if it appeared that the captain’s life was in imminent danger.

        By Friday, with several warships within easy reach of the lifeboat, the negotiations had gone nowhere. Captain Phillips jumped into the sea, but was quickly recaptured. On Saturday, the pirates fired several shots at a small boat that had approached from the Bainbridge.

        By the weekend, however, the pirates had begun to run out of food, water and fuel. That apparently provided the opening officials were hoping for. In briefings, senior officers who spoke anonymously because they had not been authorized to disclose information said that the pirates agreed to accept food and water. A small craft was used to deliver them and it apparently made several trips between the Bainbridge and the lifeboat.

        On one trip, one of the four pirates — whose hand had been gashed during the capture of Captain Phillips — asked for medical treatment and, in effect surrendering, was taken in the small boat to the Bainbridge. Justice Department officials were studying options for his case, including criminal charges in the United States or turning him over to Kenya, where dozens of pirates have faced prosecution. Three pirates were left on board with Captain Phillips.

        Meanwhile, members of the Navy Seals were flown in by fixed-wing aircraft. They parachuted into the sea with inflatable boats and were picked up by the Bainbridge. On Sunday, the pirates, their fuel gone, were drifting toward the Somali coast. They agreed to accept a tow from the Bainbridge, the senior officials said. At first, the towline was 200 feet long, but as darkness gathered and seas became rough, the towline was shortened to 100 feet, the officials said. It was unclear if this was done with the pirates’ knowledge.

        At dusk, a single tracer bullet was seen fired from the lifeboat. The intent was unclear, but it ratcheted up the tension and Seal snipers at the stern rail of the Bainbridge fixed night-vision scopes to their high-powered rifles, getting ready for action.

        What they saw was the head and shoulders of two of the pirates emerging from the rear hatch of the lifeboat. Through the window of the front hatch they saw the third pirate, pointing his AK-47 at the back of Captain Phillips, who was seen to be tied up.

        That was it: the provocation that fulfilled the president’s order to act only if the captain’s life was in imminent danger, and the opportunity of having clear shots at each captor. The order was given. Senior defense officials, themselves marveling at the skill of the snipers, said each took a target and fired one shot.

        “This was an incredible team effort,” Admiral Gortney said when it was over. “And I am extremely proud of the tireless efforts of all the men and women who made this rescue possible.”


    • czarowniczy says:

      Did I miss something here: …USS Cole where somalian pirates had hijacked a sub, and Barry refused to give the order to fire, even though the rescue team had the somalians in their sight? The marine disobeyed and fired shots at the hijackers…?

      The Cole was holed in October of 2000 in Yemen, and was operating under pre-911 rules of engagement. There was no proof of hostile intent by the boat; some thought it was part of the tender crews servicing the ship and, to the best of my recollection, no shots were fired by anyone on the Cole. Pray tell when and where the Somalis would have captured a sub? More to the point, HOW? They did try to capture four US Navy combat ships, two in 2006 and two in 2010 – all attempts were miserable failures. The decision to try and capture US ships of the line must have come from a really bad – or really good – Qat day.


  14. pspinach says:

    If so, other questions that come to mind: We are told that Barry issued directive to do everything possible to assist Benghazi. He was briefed by Donilon at 5 pm prior to Bibi’s telephone conversation. Apparently it was already known to be terrorist attack? Why did Barry issue a stand down order and reverse his initial directive? Valerie Jarrett?


    • ctdar says:

      Obama & Clinton did not want the phrase “terrorist attack” to counter their claim that al qaeda was on its heels and mess up his re election & her chance at Presidency 2016.
      Commander in Chief is the only one that can give the directive to retaliate during a terrorist attack(act of war) or stand down.


      • pspinach says:

        Barry sent arms to Arab Spring, the very same rebels strutting about with illegally armed man pads not approved by Congress. The traitor supported the tyrannical Muslim Brotherhood’s uprising against the government of Libya. In Benghazi, why would it be any different? This time it would be US diplomats who paid the price. At every turn, Barry has betrayed US alliances and gone on tours to recklessly blame the US. He tries to have the UN arrest one of the states, Arizona. Treason is both action and words together. Barry doesn’t think words can be interpreted as treason. He was reported by an Egyptian diplomat to have confided to him that is is a moslem like all his fathers and step fathers before him. Barry’s objective is for “his people” to take over the entire world, as the Koran instructs. He’s targetting Mexico and Canada next. Where oh where will Barry run to for exile? Kenya? Indonesia? Seeing the outrage over the IRS targetting Jews and Conservative groups, he’d better prepare for an exit strategy. The whole Obama administration is corrupt and should go with him. Time for the states to abandon ship and refuse to follow any Obama admin orders. Barry so keen and pro-active encouraging countries to oust their leadership, ha! Karma, indeed!


        • RMNEWT says:

          Can you say Iran-Contra. … Oops, better keep this classified. Lets see if the media digs. OK we know they wont.


  15. 22tula says:

    Maybe Obama ordered the stand down because he knew who ordered the hit, and he didn’t want to escalate the conflict. He was warned on September 6, 2012

    With regard to the crisis in Syria, Putin warned Western countries that their “risky” stance on the crisis could backfire and they need rethinking.
    Putin said, by funding extremists in a bid to topple the Syrian government, some Western countries could hurt themselves in the end without realizing their selfish goals.
    “Today, some want to use militants from Al-Qaida or some other organizations with equally radical views to accomplish their goals in Syria,” Putin said, adding such a policy was short-sighted and would lead to dire consequences.

    Yet he continues to arm the rebels – Boston


  16. RMNEWT says:

    Poor advisors and advice is no excuse for our Pres to do whats necessary and expected. The claims that they didnt know what was happening with a couple Predators overhead is amazing. When will people (and Congress) demand the Predator tapes we’ll have profound insoights that make the Nixon tapes look trivial.
    And by the way, most Preds carry weapons so how do you think its small show of force, say a Hellfire onto the mortor implacement would affect the outcome that night. At least two of our guys would be available to testify (Woods & Doherty).
    For the longer term, how do you think the potetial enemies and attackers would feel knowing their attack our our people wont be a simple walk in the park and that we’ll actually send appreciable force to repell and protect our people?


  17. Josh says:

    Darrell Issa is up for reelection
    Let us reach deep for this patriot!

    Darrell Issa: David Petraeus Carried Obama’s Water On Benghazi


  18. boudicabpi says:

    Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:
    The Epicenter Of Benghazi – Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor in 2012 and White House “Fixer”….


  19. ctdar says:

    McCain makes me sick, he has been in the shadows for so long about Benghazi (especially after he had been thru the POW ordeal he had) and now just comes out to jump on Benghazi bandwagon after it is in full swing. So transparent in his selfishness and what he no doubt terms is GOOD FOR ME.


  20. kinthenorthwest says:

    We have 4 things going now and it don’t include Fast and Furious Obama is a busy guy!!
    1. Benghazi talking points
    2. IRS targeting conservative groups
    3. Sebelius shakedown of insurance companies
    4. DOJ wire tapping of AP reporters phone calls, including personal calls
    That don’t include “fast and furious”

    Might as well talk about the media connections since ABC just pointed the finger at Ben Rhodes for changing the Talking points…Wonder why FOX didn’t hit on these connections.

    CBS–Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Director just happens to be the brother of CBS president David Rhodes.

    CNN president Virgina Mosley is married to Hillary’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides

    ABCs president Ben Sherwood’s sister Elizabeth Sherwood is Obama’s special adviser.


    • canadacan says:

      Obama is not even 6 months into his second term and All his screw ups remind me of the movie the producers. When the two nutty producers decide to put on a musical that will bomb So they can have a tax write off. They called it springtime for Hitler. Well it’s springtime for Obama. Anything that can go wrong is going wrong for him right now. Good the more the merrier.


      • kinthenorthwest says:

        was just turned onto another to put on my list that I had forgotten about..
        Press conference last Thursday by the families of the Seals lost on Extortion 17. (Check out the video on with this


  21. Ace says:

    What you refer to as the “media” is not the media. I can’t believe you don’t know that by now. You’re literally asking the enemy to help you. Until you understand that basic fact, you’re just spinning your wheels.


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