Former DHS Officer and Whistleblower labelled a “Domestic Terrorist”

Julia Davis is a former DHS officer/supervisor for Customs and Border Protection turned “Whistleblower” who, in an effort to suppress her story and discredit her, was labelled a “domestic terrorist” and persecuted to a breathtaking extent.

1.  Isolate

2.  Ridicule

3.  Marginalize

Her crime?  She had evidence about potential terrorists entering the country on July 4, 2004 and her attempts to report her concerns “up the chain” were ignored because the intelligence department was having a unit social event barbeque – so she reported her concerns to the FBI instead about border crossers that fit the profile outlined in an alert to the Border Patrol.  Her report to the FBI was viewed by DHS as a disloyal “whistleblower”.

In court documents, the government stated that they considered her a “domestic terrorist” because of her “derogatory” statements about the Department of Homeland Security.

Let that sink in.  Speak the Truth rooted in deep love of country and be labelled a “domestic terrorist”.

She has also produced and released a movie called Top Priority: The Terror Within

“This is an outstanding movie – one that exceeds every other modern documentary I’ve seen.”
-Lt. Col.. Anthony Shaffer

CBS “60 Minutes”  interviewed Julia Davis at length – and then cancelled the scheduled airing – because of political pressure.


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21 Responses to Former DHS Officer and Whistleblower labelled a “Domestic Terrorist”

  1. doodahdaze says:

    Another Par for theObama admin.


    • Coast says:

      What Administration was in power in 2004? Oh, that right, the same one that helped push the unpatriotic “Patriot Act” through Congress and signed it as fast as possible.

      According to Wikipedia… “Under pressure from widespread panic felt among Americans”…yea, that how it always works with harmful legislation.


  2. Sharon says:

    Their mantra of “See Something/Say Something” is apparently being used to identify and hush Americans who are willing to speak up,


  3. Josh says:

    Saw a parked DHS truck yesterday. The occupants appeared to be sleeping. I took a picture but it didn’t come out well. Just our tax dollars at work.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Army had loaned me, in October of 2001, to one of the agencies that was folded in under DHS. I was there when they became DHS and watched as they bough a small fleet of black Suburbans that had to have their windows deeply tinted out for spy reasons. The secret agents in charge of that vehicle would take it to the government-approved tint shop which, coincidentally, was located RIGHT NEXT to a Hooters. We’d leave to get the Batmobile blacked out at around 10-ish (when the Hooters opened) and sit on the Hooters patio scrupulously observing the tinting process to ensure that Evil Forces didn’t secretly insert some sort of nefarious device(s) into the vehicle. Of course they were told to take their time – we didn’t want to bother their real paying customers, and besides, we were Federal employees and had lots and lots of time. He may not have been sleeping, he may have been using his Secret Agent powers to lull the forces of evil into thinking he was asleep as he used his ninja powers to observe them through his closed eyelids. Queue Get Smart theme.


  4. jordan2222 says:

    Thanks for posting this. BTW, where is your website?


  5. kateyleigh says:

    And we should be concerned that Tea Party member’s and conservatives ate anarchists. That whistleblowers are now domestic terrorists. That anyone in opposition to them, that question them, are now reclassified as enemies of the state. What is the ramification of this? I don’t think this is being taken seriously enough. In the next few years, I’m afraid we’ll find out.


  6. saltwater says:

    Always be careful folks!!! If something is there to be said, if it is detrimental, (to them, that is) the administration will retaliate, IE the domestic terrorism thing. When are the representatives and the senators of this country going to do something about this man??? I think that not a one has the guts!!!


  7. Sentenza says:

    I can believe that happened. And DHS isn’t, propaganda to the contrary.

    A couple weeks ago, a border patrol agent near me was shot at. He…didn’t return fire.


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  11. Jeffrey Luse says:

    I know how she feels. Former DHS Commander


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