Obama Administration Threatens Benghazi Whistleblowers…..


WASHINGTON DC – At least four career officials at the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have retained lawyers or are in the process of doing so, as they prepare to provide sensitive information about the Benghazi attacks to Congress, Fox News has learned.

Victoria Toensing, a former Justice Department official and Republican counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, is now representing one of the State Department employees. She told Fox News her client and some of the others, who consider themselves whistle-blowers, have been threatened by unnamed Obama administration officials.

“I’m not talking generally, I’m talking specifically about Benghazi – that people have been threatened,” Toensing said in an interview Monday. “And not just the State Department. People have been threatened at the CIA.”

Benghazi bathroomToensing declined to name her client. She also refused to say whether the individual was on the ground in Benghazi on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, when terrorist attacks on two U.S. installations in the Libyan city killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.

However, Toensing disclosed that her client has pertinent information on all three time periods investigators consider relevant to the attacks: the months that led up to the attack, when pleas by the ambassador and his staff for enhanced security in Benghazi were mostly rejected by senior officers at the State Department; the eight-hour time frame in which the attacks unfolded, and the eight-day period that followed the attacks, when Obama administration officials incorrectly described them as the result of a spontaneous protest over a video.

“It’s frightening, and they’re doing some very despicable threats to people,” she said. “Not ‘we’re going to kill you,’ or not ‘we’re going to prosecute you tomorrow,’ but they’re taking career people and making them well aware that their careers will be over [if they cooperate with congressional investigators].”  (READ MORE)

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22 Responses to Obama Administration Threatens Benghazi Whistleblowers…..

  1. ctdar says:

    I pray for all the Murdered, the Victims, and the Whistleblowers of September 11, 2012 that the treason train continues to pick up steam and breaks through the Obama administration to indict anyone in its path that had one hand in the Benghazi attack or the coverup before, during, or after that terrible day.


  2. doodahdaze says:

    Sounds like they are Area 51 types.


  3. Bijou says:

    Not surprising, whatsoever.
    These are Chicago thugs, and that’s how they roll.


  4. jwoop66 says:

    Well, I hope they all testify. I have no sympathy for someone who will sell out their country or violate their oaths to the Constitution because they fear for their careers. These people, I’m sure, all have very nice resumes. They can find new careers if need be.


    • Menagerie says:

      The need for testimony is clear. However, your casual, cruel dismissal of careers important to these people and to our country, careers sacrificed for, is not the way I view them or the choice before them. A computer will sit there and let you type those brazen words and perhaps you think them simple and patriotic. Life’s choices for someone else with so much to lose are not so easy and should not be dismissed so simply.


    • texan59 says:

      It is a bit different when you fear for your life. While I am not saying the current administration has or would do this, if you look around, there are a number of people who have purportedly “known things” that have ended up taking a dirt nap. 👿


    • ramsfaninstl says:

      If they are whistle blowers they have special protection under our laws. If this is proven out we have a Presidential administration that is doing a coverup exactly like Richard Nixon’s admin did, that eventually forced him out of office. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. Conveniently the VP is implicated as well. Under the rules of the constitution the next in line would be the John Boehner.


      • texan59 says:

        You certainly don’t think that a group of political thugs are gonna give a rat’s rear about that “special protection”. They have a pResident to protect and some will do anything to do so. Just go back to the Clinton’s and notice how many people mysteriously ended up being quiet – permanently.
        The difference between Nixon and today is that the press buried Nixon for arguably a 3rd-rate burglary. They protect the turd in that office today. 👿


      • WeeWeed says:

        I beg to differ – there were no bodies nor “accidents” with Nixon’s admin. With THIS admin, there IS and WILL be.


  5. Chip Bennett says:

    Name names, and throw the bastards in jail for obstructing justice.


  6. ctdar says:

    I wonder if there were more murdered that day than Stevens, Smith, Doherty & Woods…maybe Congress should look into Benghazi hospital morgue records, plane’s inventory, and obituaries.


  7. Saltwater says:

    You nailed it Chip!! If they all stand together, I think it can be pulled off. Then throw all the bastards in jail!!!


  8. RMNEWT says:

    Don’t you find it interesting the media are calling the folks who simply want to present their firsthand accounts of the events whistle blowers? So far they’ve not been heard from even in the halls of congress in closed session. They are victims along with the American people.
    And what about the “tapes.” Where is the demand for the video tapes of the compound and any overhead assets? Instead we get some youtubed cell phone video from the attackers. We appear to be witnessing a new level security classification abuses along with a complicit media. We must not give up in getting to the truth. I can think of at least 4 patriots we owe it to.


  9. czarowniczy says:

    Watching his press conference this AM the 2nd question asked was about the Administration/State blocking Benghazi whistleblowers from testifying. In his best dissembling manner he said he personally knew nothing about anyone being blocked from testifying and he’ll personally look into it. I can see the headlines now: “State Department Employees Depressed Over Allegations of Wrongdoing in Benghazi Incident Commit Mass Suicide in Ft Marcy Park.”


  10. Bongo says:

    Exactly what choice do these State Department and CIA officials have so far as cooperating with investigators? Once they’re put under oath, they have to tell the truth or face perjury charges.


  11. triage says:

    I’m not a conspiracy kook but did you all see the video of the guy (no motive) from Arkansas who killed the Arkansas democratic party chairman (best friend of the Clintons). The police chased him down and shot him in his car when they stopped him instead of taking him alive for questioning. This happened when Bill Clinton still was still not cooperating with Obama’s reelection campaign. Bill never said another negative thing about Obama after his friend was murdered.

    I don’t think the Benghazi witnesses are safe if it means they can take down the administration.


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