U.K Hospitals: Muslim Surgical Nurses, Actually All Muslim Nurses, No Longer Required To Wash Their Hands….

… Yes, for England-istan, it actually has come to this.

ENGLAND – The UK Department of Health recently announced that it would loosen hygiene rules for Muslim doctors and nurses.

From now on, Muslim female staff will not need to wash their hands before procedures as it compromises their modesty. Instead, they will have the admittedly less sanitary option of wearing disposable plastic over-sleeves.

Acknowledging the danger of microbes and death, a Department of Health spokesman said, “The guidance is intended to . . . balance infection control measures with cultural beliefs.” But, believe it or not, from a culturist perspective, the death of some patients is not the main cause for concern that this policy elicits.

The most dangerous problem is that this policy encodes multiculturalism not culturism. Whereas culturism acknowledges that England has a majority culture to protect and promote, this multiculturalist policy implicitly says that England has no core culture. It says that the nation can be whatever pressure groups decide it is. It, therefore, officially ends the dominance of English culture in England.


If you think this is hyperbole, consider the decision’s potential impact on schools. If we are going to implement policies that recognize and give legal standing to balkanize our culture, we must think it through to such a broader societal impact. This legal precedent may require us to set up schools in which Islamic teachings are taught. If that seems extreme, keep in mind that multiculturalism has currently made it nearly a firing offense to criticize Islam in our schools.

When we encode multiculturalist school policy, we have a recursive loop of disaster. When we cannot criticize Islam, we cannot teach that much of Western history has been about fighting Islam. We must erase the concept that our defending Europe against Islamic invasion led the way to the Enlightenment and, ultimately, to our political freedoms. And when our school children are taught not to value our Western culture, they will not feel any sense of pride, have reasons to defend the civic virtues that make England strong, or possess a desire to protect their homeland.

Islam has been at war with the West nearly continuously since its inception. Wherever it takes over it imposes a ruthless theocracy that smothers the freedoms we hold dear. We cannot protect the West with policies that say Islam is equal to our civilization. Culture is not metaphysical. It exists in space and people. Everywhere Islam has legal standing and is practiced is a space where English culture does not exist and is not practiced. It means the territory of defending Western values has shrunk and that believing in Islamic values has grown. The hospitals are now becoming Islamic.  (continue reading)

Islam Demonstration

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46 Responses to U.K Hospitals: Muslim Surgical Nurses, Actually All Muslim Nurses, No Longer Required To Wash Their Hands….

  1. John McLachlan says:

    Ironically, in muslim countries, muslim doctors and nurses, of both sexes, are required to wash their hands.


    • waltherppk says:

      Why don’t people stop mincing words and equivocating about muslim terrorism and simply call it islam because that it what it is. It is absolutely authentic islam not “radical islam” or similar nonsensical euphemisms when the savage halfwits are doing exactly what their “handbook” teaches. There are more than a hundred verses in the Quran that instruct them to kill the “unbelievers” …….so when they actually follow what their cult teaches then why should anybody be surprised or try to call it anything else but what it is, which is being true to their “code” ….being faithful to their EVIL ideology and belief and just being the evil savages that they are. Call islam what it is, a cult, an ignorance, a savagery, and an evil. Tolerate islam and all it is doing is tolerating evil. People who fail to understand that and who are trying to effectively fight muslim terrorism are chasing their tails. This is not about a clash of civilizations, it is about a clash between civilization and brute savagery.



      • Bijou says:

        I agree 100%, waltherppk.
        What is frustrating is that so many people are ignorant…they honestly believe that ‘islam’ is just another religion, and therefore believe its followers should be unrestricted in carrying out its practices.
        I call it what Pamela Geller calls it…”jihad”.


        • waltherppk says:

          Every time muslims burn a church, ten mosques should burn. See how the arithmetic works out over a period of time and apply the same mathematical formula to other things. After awhile in math class there won’t be any more trouble with muslims, or there won’t be any more muslims…….whichever one comes first.


  2. Jimmy says:

    Muslims are just doing things to too see how much they can get away with. I guarantee you they wash their hands when helping a Muslim. England needs to hang their leaders. They’re clearly traitors and need to be hung from lamp posts before they import enough 3ed world scum to genocide the English population.


  3. Unicron says:

    This kind of story is so disheartening…

    As a European-American it is heart-wrenching to look over at the continent of my ancestors, even Ireland where my heritage specifically traces is now feeling this impact… multiculturalism. The dread multiculturalism.

    It’s destroying the western world, and PC-think is so ingrained that the majority of people won’t see what’s happening until it’s either too late, or very close to too late. I’m hoping for “very close.” We’ll see.


  4. nomorebsplease says:

    When have muslims gone out of their way to adapt to others’ beliefs? Only dumb white libs do this garbage. It is a parody at this point. And for what? It is not like these people they bend over for would sacrifice anything for the good of the country if asked to. But liberals never care about country or tradition because that is racist and hateful and selfish. Its always about the minority 110% of the time.


  5. Chip Bennett says:

    So now, England is emulating The Onion?


  6. auscitizenmom says:

    I am going to do everything I can to stay out of the hospital. I know that is not always possible, but so much of what is making people sick nowdays is actually within our control.


  7. A burqa in a Hospital or Operating Room is no safer than this incident…


    • LandauMurphyFan says:

      What the heck kine liquor store is that, FDR? With carpet and chairs and leaflets on a table??? Looks more like some kine financial institution to me. Or maybe I’ve just been patronising the lower levels of the liquor-selling world. Who knew they could be so classy?


    • auscitizenmom says:

      Ain’t no Burqa wearing nurse going to do anything for or to me. GRRR


      • Don’t worry, a.c.m.: if they’re working the trayline or the stoves or the prep in the kitchen, or if they’re in the pharmacy, you won’t even know.

        Mmm. Damn. So sick and twisted what we cannot name.

        Japan, despite its many moral failings as a society — particularly in pop-culture and sexual sin — at least has banned Islam and the propagation thereof.

        They got one thing right. I don’t know where they stand on the Gospel, but as far as I can tell, Muslims are only allowed as temporary “do your job and don’t do da’wa here, or you get the boot” workers.


  8. czarowniczy says:

    Hmmmm – more of the Brit socialized med plan to off the sick? In truth, you’d be surprised at how many nurses and doctors here in the US don’t wash their hands between patients. I had a family member who went in last year for a transplant in one of the top ten US hospitals for that particular procedure. Though there were large signs on his room’s door, due to his immune system having been knocked out, about using full sterile protective procedures when entering (gloves, gowns, masks) you’d see nurses, docs and staff coming in wearing the same gowns they’d put on next door (at least), forgetting to mask of just coming right over with gloves they’d just put on with unwashed hands. After the signs went down many staff even stopped using gloves. My wife’s frequently referred to as the hospital bitch as she jumps all over anyone who comes in to deal with one of her patients and doesn’t wash their hands using the hospital mandated procedures, especially the food service staff. Helps explain the 100,000+ iatrogenic deaths a year in the US…


    • LandauMurphyFan says:

      Yep, I’ve been told that the best rule ANY hospital patient can follow, if they want to get out in better shape than they went in, is to insist politely but firmly that the person attending them washes their hands right then and there, in front of the patient’s eyes, before touching them. Guess they don’t teach docs that in med school.

      ‘Course, they also don’t teach ’em to dictate in a way that facilitates accurate patient records instead of mumbling at top speed through the patient’s vital signs, medications and dosages whilst eating potato chips; neither do they teach ’em to read the records before signing ’em (“dictated but not read by Dr. X”). Ever read your medical records? Go ahead, ask for a copy – but be prepared to be surprised and alarmed at the inaccuracies. (It would also help if the hospital used transcription companies who employ properly trained English-speaking North Americans, but many of ’em use the equivalent of Chinese sweat shops b/c they can pay offshore transcriptionists a few cents less per line transcribed, and it’s all about the bottom line, not accurate records, right?)

      Rant over. (Sigh.)


      • czarowniczy says:

        Oh yea – a friend went to India and the Caribbean to train off-shore transcriptions. There’s a service in Australia that reads X-rays on-line lickity-split for Docs and hospital who don’t want to keep a radiologist on hand during slack times. Your personal med data’s being squirted around the world and the enw system that allows you to give a doc/hospital anywhere the permission to view your med records on-line is a loose as a goose. The system that allowed docs to digitize their records just by speaking was having problems as their speech is largely as bad as their handwriting. Just get used to the world of social media also containing the results of your last naughty-bits inspection.


  9. Annie says:

    Specially made burka “scrubs” for these people? The people of G.B better shake themselves free from the politically correct stronghold gripping their nation; and other nations as well including ours. We are signing our own death warrant.


  10. cajunkelly says:

    Ask a muslim why they consider their left hand to be unclean.

    And these filthy beasts don’t want to wash their hands?

    I *will* from this day forward ask if there are muslims employed at any hospital I am admtted to. I *have that right*. If I am refused that information I’ll find a hospital that *will* give it to me.


  11. triage says:

    Infection control standards are not able to me modified by hospital policy. They are universal standards. Do hospitals in England need to be inspected and credentialed by the government like we have HSI etc.? I would recommend law suits for all cases of hospital acquired infection and refuse Muslim caretakers. This is beyond nuts and I don’t believe the English Department of Health has the authority to make this type of decision. How about we decide we don’t need to disinfect the instruments for surgery as well. The Brits deserved all they get if this stands.


  12. tara says:

    I was reminiscing about the drastic change I witnessed travelling to London numerous times since the mid 1990’s. England’s loose immigration policies have allowed the country, and London in particular, to become a haven for Muslims. London is absolutely overrun by them, and it’s getting worse. Not satisfied to enjoy the city in it’s existing state, they demand to change it to fit their “culture” and “morals”.

    I came across a Time Out article from 2007 titled “Is London’s future Islamic?”. This single paragraph summarizes the thesis:

    But rather than fear the inevitable changes this will bring to London, or buy in to a racist representation of all Muslims as terrorists, we should recognise both what Islam has given this city already, and the advantages it would bring across a wide range of areas in the future.

    The author proceeds to list bad characteristics/qualities of the Muslim immigrants and then re-frame them as benefits. They’re unhealthy, but hey, they wash their feet and don’t drink! They’re poor students, but because they might perform better in Muslim schools there should be more state-supported Muslim schools and London will be better for it! Halal and forced fasting will help Londoners be healthier and more disciplined! Islam is color-blind! And with the “guiding hand of Islam”, people of other religions can learn to engage in “civilised accommodation”!


    The first comment to the article could hardly be more perfect:

    Hitler said he would change the world for the better, too.


  13. 22tula says:

    “New Shariah/Islam-Only Medical Center to Open in Chicago”
    By Debbie Schlussel – April 30, 2013


  14. good god, dont people EVER look up these bloody stupid claims?????
    the rules say
    The revised rules, issued on March 26, make clear that staff can wear uniforms with long sleeves as long as they roll them up securely above their elbows to wash and when they are on the wards.
    They add that staff who want to cover up completely when dealing with patients will be able to use special disposable ‘over-sleeves’.
    The guidance says: ‘Where, for religious reasons, members of staff wish to cover their forearms or wear a bracelet when not engaged in patient care, ensure that sleeves or bracelets can be pushed up the arm and secured in place for hand-washing and direct patient care.
    ‘In a few instances, staff have expressed a preference for disposable over-sleeves – elasticated at the wrist and elbow – to cover forearms during patient care activity.
    ‘Disposable over-sleeves can be worn where gloves are used but strict adherence to washing hands and wrists must be observed before and after use.’

    Those of you drinking the koolaid flavoured diarrhea
    should be bloody ashamed of yourselves


  15. ps….that news is 3 years old….. do you REALLY think that its “true”???


  16. Abelard Lindsey says:

    If you are a patient in the UK Medical system, can you request to be treated only by non-Muslim medical professionals if this policy goes into effect?


  17. Pingback: ‘Muslimes won’t win against the West’~~~We Must Stop The Satanic Cult From Taking Over America! | God Bless America~~JESUS is our only Hope!!

  18. kbekei says:

    You are fully in your right to not be treated by any Muslim nurse or doctor. The simple fact is they manually (by hand) clean feces from their backside and now are allowed to bypass strict sanitizing protocols because of their religion. Since when do backward cultures dictate how we sterilize and maintain safety protocols when they won’t even use toilet paper. Now they don’t want to wash their hands properly, what’s next?

    They have allowed them disposable sleeves that they put on with unclean hands in lieu of washing for surgery, yes surgery. Wait till patients start dying of typhus, c-deficl, and other super bugs. Our antibiotics are barely working now to combating infection.

    Another matter that is disconcerting, is that they handle fruits and vegetables, money and other things in your community with unclean hands. Just remember that the next time you’re out and about. You might want to consider plastic gloves. Yuck!!!!!!

    And, disgusting!!

    Wash everything really well or boycott certain stores that cater to them. I’m sure you can find a grocer or two who will understand and not serve them. They can refuse service to any one they wish. Something to consider for your health and well being.


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