Disparate Impact – Criminal Background Checks Are Racist… And EEOC Illegal According To Obama – This is the pinacle of political correctness and cultural marxism

For the same reason it is unlawful NOT to hire illegal immigrants, the Obama administration is now claiming it is unlawful not to hire criminals.

When you pre-screen job applicants based on legal work eligibility status you are adversely impacting job seekers based on race/origin/nationality (disparate impact), a federally protected category.  So too, when you pre-screen eligibility based on criminal record you adversely impact blacks.

Not hiring someone because they are illegally in the United States is unlawful by EEOC standards. They are applying the same logic to criminals.

racebaitingWASHINGTON DC – Criminal background checks have become all the rage in Washington, D.C., as politicians scramble to try to ensure that anyone who ever even thought of owning a gun is subjected to a thorough electronic proctology exam.

However, one group that appears immune to background check fever are the ever helpful Obama officials at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

The EEOC and OFCCP have each determined that employers who use background checks as one of the determinants of whether to hire a prospective employee may be engaging in prohibited discrimination.

These federal agencies reason that the use of criminal background checks can lead to a disparate impact on minority job applicants. According to these government agencies, in order for an employer to avoid claims that using a criminal background check is discriminatory, they must show that excluding applicants based upon criminal history is job-related and consistent with business necessity.

And the EEOC for its part is threatening lawsuits against companies which employ background checks.  (read more)

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8 Responses to Disparate Impact – Criminal Background Checks Are Racist… And EEOC Illegal According To Obama – This is the pinacle of political correctness and cultural marxism

  1. Uncle Jim says:

    Behind Obama’s concern is that he would be covered under the Law and face disclosure when his sealed academic and visa record would have to be opened!


  2. LHlaredo says:

    Disclaimer, before anyone make or imagines that my remarks imply or aludes to any form of violence or confrontation, it does not, I repeat I does not.

    I have come to the conclusion that we have been placing blame on everyone else for all the incompetence, idiocy and corruption that is rampant in our great nation, when we should be looking at blaming ourselves instead.
    Before you say F*** You!!!
    Let me explain, the majority of us (90% est.) live the traditional life, we strive to be moral and just, we work and are very proud of what we do for a living, we stride for a better society by valuing our vote. In essence we are interested and involved, but generally non devoted. None of this characteristics are bad on the contrary they should be the ones everybody should strive for. But the problem has been that the minority have seen these characteristics as our weakness and exploited them, they know that in general our daily existence is consumed by our self honored tradition of our family well being, that we are usually irrelevant to any cause. The political establishment dimiss our vote once they garner their position, all pander to their best interest and their aspirations with our regards to our best interest. So why am I not blaming myself for this, because I have failed to learn, I have failed to act.
    Why does it seem that mostly every our politicians are always concern with an agenda that concerns the minority, when they clearly know that the minority by itself won’t win them any elections? Simple…………when have you seen a million or even a 1000 middle class march, minorities now one thing “Community Organizing” works, whining, complaining and disobedience gets you more that voting. We unite and yell “enough” they will listen and change. What we need is for the working citizen (the real taxpayer) to take one day off “together” at the same time so that they can know who they work for.
    But not today, I’m way behind on bills, my car need an oil change and the spurs are playing today.


  3. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    The overweening sin of those who embrace evil is pride. And pride goeth before a fall.


  4. tara says:

    Interesting. They’re claiming that disproportionate percentage of people who are harmed by background checks are black. Isn’t that just another way of saying that a disproportionate percentage of blacks have criminal backgrounds? If employers can no longer weed out candidates using factual criminal background info, they might as well assume that there’s a good chance a black candidate has a criminal background and just reject the person as soon as he/she shows up for the interview.

    Do they really want to play this game?


  5. P.Seay says:

    An EAOO Commission seat should be denied to anyone who has a family member with a criminal record. If blacks and Hispanics are in the majority with criminal convictions, it tells me that they are committing the majority of the crimes. The only other argument is that the Criminal Justice System is just scooping them up randomly from the streets and locking them up without due process.


  6. Yakmaster says:

    To make sure the tail wags the dog, hire a disproportionate number of a minority into government jobs and make sure the policy continues unfettered. Make sure those who rise through the ranks in the government agencies are politically commited to leading in a way that benefits the few, rather than the majority. Give minority Caucauses within government leadership (Congress) the power to constantly lobby for laws and policies that further benefit the few. Then make sure that the voices of the few are the ones heard through the MSM and that dissenting voices are isolated, ridiculed, and marginalized.
    If the sheeple majority begins to realize what’s happening, do some razzle-dazzle, tell them they were just having a bad dream, and soothe them until they snooze again.
    Then make sure no sure no one sets off an alarm loud enough to rouse them from their sleep.


  7. sangell says:

    Show a criminal background check is job related and consistent with a business necessity is obvious unless you don’t run a business. Do you want an employee who is likely to physically assault a customer? Send a person to a customers house and have the customer complain your employee stole something? Engage in pilfering of your merchandise? Be under the influence of drugs while operating your companies vehicles. What criminal behavior is consistent with being a good employee? How does criminal activity assist any ( legal) business enterprise. I’m not against giving people a second chance but I want to know what is in their past first.

    Would Obama want ex cons in his Secret Service detail?


  8. josaphine says:

    “Do they really want to play this game?”

    Each and every new race-based program they roll out only admits to racial inferiority and the need for “social justice” transfer payments from whites. As long as you keep paying your taxes like a good little slave, they will keep confiscating your money for their minority feeding/housing/clothing/educating/policing/racial gaps programs. Can we just say no?

    How much money have they transferred from us since 1964? How much more are you going to take??


    What do you think that “evil racist” JIm Crow was all about back in the bad old days? It was about freedom of association and judging blacks by their actual “content of character”. Noticing patterns and acting accordingly is now forbidden for whites. So many pathetic conservatives now say that defeating Jim Crow and forcefully ending racial segregation was our crowning glory as a nation. At a Tea Party rally I attended, Michelle Malkin said that the Democrats are the party of Jim Crow and KKK, etc. What a lie.

    Now almost all whites practice white flight, pay for expensive HOAs, private schools, and club memberships just to avoid troublesome blacks and the content of their character. Thank God, no more evil Jim Crow!

    Only white people are not allowed to practice freedom of association. Soon it will be unlawful for us to peacefully assemble.

    Many of us have been waiting for this open admission of racial differences for a long, long time.


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