Obama’s 1.6 Billion Bullets

DHS is prepared


(Via GWP) – Investor’s Business Daily reported:

In a puzzling, unexplained development, the Obama administration has been buying and storing vast amounts of ammunition in recent months, with the Department of Homeland Security just placing another order for an additional 21.6 million rounds.

Several other agencies of the federal government also began buying large quantities of bullets last year. The Social Security Administration, for instance, not normally considered on the frontlines of anything but dealing with seniors, explained that its purchase of millions of rounds was for special agents’ required quarterly weapons qualifications. They must be pretty poor shots.

But DHS has been silent about its need for numerous orders of bullets in the multiple millions. Indeed, Examiner writer Ryan Keller points out Janet Napolitano’s agency illegally redacted information from some ammunition solicitation forms following media inquiries.

According to one estimate, just since last spring DHS has stockpiled more than 1.6 billion bullets, mainly .40 caliber and 9mm. That’s sufficient firepower to shoot every American about five times. Including illegal immigrants.

To provide some perspective, experts estimate that at the peak of the Iraq war American troops were firing around 5.5 million rounds per month. At that rate, DHS is armed now for a 24-year Iraq war.

Mark Levin told his audience the government is buying the vast amounts of ammo to prepare for the collapse of our financial system and our society.

Obama’s Homeland Security Department has purchased 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition – that is not a typo — during the last six months

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26 Responses to Obama’s 1.6 Billion Bullets

  1. rooferx says:

    Does this go along with the low altitude fly-by’s with military helicopters in large cities over the last couple of years?
    Helicopter noise and sounds of automatic weapons may make some people fearful and stop what they are doing (riots, looting).


  2. czarowniczy says:

    Another possibility is that the Feds are buying up as much as they can and, once their larders are stocked, they’ll clamp down of ammo manufacturing in the most popular calibers (i.e. military) as many foreign countries do, eliminating certain calibers from the civilian market entirely. The liberal civilian gun grabbers have been screaming for twenty years that if you can’t get the guns get the ammo. Guns themselves can last for centuries but ammo, even under ideal storage conditions, has finite life. Old Bill Klinton decided that one way to save money and to ‘boost’ the economy in the 90s was to cut the military to the bone so he closed a bunch of the military’s ammo plants and decommissioned millions of rounds of stored ammo. He was banking on us never getting into another huge shootin’ match and not needing that ammo. In the event we needed a surge he counted on the civilian ammo makers to take up the slack on contract. Well now we have what little’s left of the military manufacturing and the civilian side of the house ahuffin’ and apuffin’ just to get what the forces need too stay afloat. Not wanting to get caught short the DHStapo just might be astockin’ up ahead of a forced civilian closure.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      CZ, didn’t know that about ole’ Slick Willy. Interesting tidbit.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Yep, look at sites selling surplus once-fired mil brass, it’s all commercial or LC (Lake City). Ol’ Stiff Willie shut down an Army ammo plant in Mississippi that had just been built, paint wasn’t even dry. One of the reasons the Iraq/Afghanistan war is so expensive is that he stripped the military, gave many thousands of M-16s, Green Machine cargo, transport and light armored vehicles to civilian police departments along with tons of WRM-stored ammo. Millions of WRM-stored rounds of ammo were broken down and the individual components sold on the civilian market – I bought a few thousand rounds of the .pulled-down 30 carbine and .30-06 cases and bullets and the powder in them that had been repackaged. He had a fire sale or epic proportions (love that phrase) that took many military units down to bare walls. He did a giveaway of all of the materials that we’d have needed to sustain us during the early stages of a war with the Soviet Union, leaving us with a largely defensive capacity. Bush II had to start rebuilding our working materials at home and overseas war stocks in places such as Israel and some NATO WRM sites right in the face of a Mideast war.


  3. boricuafudd says:

    I am surprised nobody has said this before, they are trying to buy all the bullets, so they can control its sale and distribution. It’s gun control without outlawing any guns. My guess is you would have to register your allowable weapon and they will issue you a control amount of bullets, over an extended period of time. Puerto Rico has a similar program, bullets for your weapon are only allowed in a government control store and not more than 50 every 6 months. You can have your gun, but nothing to shot out of it.


  4. ottawa925 says:

    To answer the question … am I ready … NO, I’m not. I’m not prepared. I need reinforcements !!! Half in jest and half truth … cause no, I am not ready for anything like this. I no doubt would be caught in the frey and probably end up living under a highway. It will be every man for himself. What’s needed is organization. I can half understand now why ppl join these militias etc. There is safety in numbers. Sometimes I think about the stories told of men/women who go deep into the mountains and just turn their backs on society.

    I only know of stories of hard times, as I myself have never experienced it myself … till lately, but not like the depression or anything like that. I asked someone I ran into (not recently .. years ago) hey, nice to see you so where are you living now? They said by the Eisenhower Expressway. I said Oh, what street do you live on … he said … I live in my car parked by the expressway. It’s when ppl tell you stuff like that that you have to count your blessings. With Obama and Cook County, my blessing may be running out … quickly.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Problem with the militias is the same problem the KKK had – if the FBI plants and informants ever stopped paying dues the group(s) would collapse financially. FBI had/has plants in just about every group that the Feds consider troubling to their cushy existence and if they can’t find an illegal act going on they ALLEGEDLY aren’t above creating one. Entrapment? Non non, just pushing the Constitutional envelope – it’s only unconstitutional if a Federal judge says it is. Slavery pre-Civil War, mass imprisonment and confiscation of personal property of Japanese-Americans during WW II – all ruled CONSTITUTIONAL at the time.


  5. BigMamaTEA says:

    To answer your question SD….Ladies don’t prep and tell!!!


  6. Allfal says:

    I am no zero fan. However, figure for law enforcement 2 requalifications per year, plus 1 night shoot at 100 to 150 rounds per requalification per officer.That’s just for a basic officer requal. Don’t forget to include proficiency shoots for practice, which vary by agency. Add in tactical shoots, another 200 to 400 minimum per officer for basic tactical requal, add another 700 to 800 minimum for intro courses. Special units require even more just to remain current. Then, when you add in the Fed provides training for most any local or state law enforcement group at request and often provides the ammo, you are running into some serious numbers. Given the increase in numbers of Fed officers and the increase in aid to state and local agencies, this number seems less excessive.


    • boricuafudd says:

      The bullets being purchased are hollow point, not the full metal jacket used for training. BTW they are also more expensive.


    • Mark Johnson says:

      You have a good point, but your numbers are a bit low. Figure four quals a year, 200-300 rounds per quarter. There are 100,000 plus armed LEOs w/in DHS (CBP, HSI, Secret Service, The Coast Guard, Border Patrol and others), they have training centers scattered across the US which not only trains Fred’s but also state and locals at 15 million rounds per year. All said if you do the math it looks like a ten year stockpile. That may be excessive… I don’t know what their logistics plan is, pricing breaks for bulk purchases. The ammo may be ordered, but is it delivered? How long is the contract for five years? A decade? These are things none of us are privy to, but just because there was a large purchase doesn’t mean that we are going to have a police state.

      And what do the black and white news reels of the violent mobs in the 30s have to do with the present situation? Was that video put in place to generate anxiety?


    • Crovax says:

      As a former DHS employee, I can give a little insight. One 250 round qualification every 3 months, every third qual is a night shoot. If you fail, you get one chance to try again after some practice with one of the range masters. At the USBP academy, each student will fire up to 250 rounds during a range class, which happens every other day for 11 weeks. And yes, all of the “training ammunition” is hollow point, the same brand and grain as the duty ammo. In addition, an agent can pull ammo for personal use (although not as ofter as they used to) because the brass wants their agents practicing all the time. I remember the ammo vault and watching 6 palettes of 40 cal being delivered every few weeks, but somehow we almost always used it all up. While I agree that they are purchasing an obscene amount of rounds, I also agree that the number doesn’t seem nearly as excessive when you consider the amount used for training.


      • Wraith says:

        Big Sis has stated the DHS goes through about 15M rounds per year. At this rate, they’ve stocked up for over a century. But, OK.

        Any opinions on the $2M spent on targets of old folks, kids and pregnant women? Or why the CDC is stocking up on large quantities of cremains-containers? I mean, I’m sure that none of these things are related in the slightest. Just asking some random questions here.


  7. Those old newsreels are so nostalgic.
    * sigh *
    Lucifer says, “Get ready; the Good Old Days are coming back.” 👿


  8. It’s interesting that all the rioters were unions….. Though not very suprising at all….


  9. The Vice President was saying that a shotgun is pretty nice for home defense especially for females.

    The Kel-Tec KSG is a pretty interesting design!


  10. TFred says:

    One aspect of this story that is getting NO exposure is the sheer COST involved. Even at “bulk government rates”, this is high quality ammo, and each round is certainly costing the government somewhere between 20 and 50 cents a pop.

    That means they are SPENDING MANY HUNDREDS of millions of dollars on this. And yet we’re sending our civilian DoD workers home to sit around and watch TV.


    • Patriot Dreamer says:

      Our government tends to get really crappy deals, too. So my guess would be probably closer to 75-100 cents per.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Lest we forget, the costs of building, maintaining and servicing the storage facilities using Federally-approved and vetted EEO compliant contractors. The costs include either contract guards and auditors or civil service – in the latter case the costs spiral exponentially. Those ancillary costs are what makes anything the Feds touch far more expensive than what they would be were the job being done by civilian contractors – even Good Old Boy contractors. Are these ‘green’ rounds? If not then we have the costs of maintaining the post-practice lead mitigation of the area(s) the bullets impacted in. If they are lead-based will the EPA cry ‘foul’ and require they be swapped out for non-lead bullets and the rounds be decommissioned in an EPA approved site and the lead disposed of in and EPA approved manner along with the powder (another EPOA ‘hazardous’ material). Being an ex-Fed I can see where this could go on forever and ever. How about California? Will California allow the Feds to shoot people in the state with a lead-based bullet, especially in areas where condor habitat does not allow any lead bullets to be used? Someone stop me before I get carried away and go back to work for them – the old feelings are coming back.


  11. aliashubbatch says:

    Just want to inject a little humorous insight:

    Many rounds of ammunition purchased + Recent Postal Service issues = … oh Christ… 😯


  12. TV says:

    If my math is correct, 1.6 billion bullets / 313.9 million U.S. citizens = 5 rounds per person. How dead do they want to make us?


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