Crumped Up Charges: Trayvon Martin Family Attorney Benjamin Crump Seeks To Avoid Deposition Around Witness He “Found” To Create Charges Against George Zimmerman

Theater of the Absurd

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Crump Presser

The attorney, the civil attorney Benjamin Crump, the Martin family hired to pursue financial justice against various interests in the Trayvon Martin shooting is now fighting to stop his deposition about the circumstances surrounding the very witness, “DeeDee” (W8) that he identified to create the arrest affidavit that frames the entire cause for financial justice, vis-a-vi arrest/trial, which lead to the civil claims he desires, and are contained in the probable cause affidavit.

Talk about ridiculous circular logic.

Subsequently, the attorney representing and attempting to hide Benjamin Crump, now argues the defense is not asserting any affirmations of contradictions between the initial phone interview with Crump and DeeDee (ABC March 19th Broadcast), and the statement she gave to the State of Florida in her affidavit April 2nd [page 4 footnote #7].

crump depo 1

Benjamin Crump 2 Sharpton-JacksonCrump lawyer

This is their assertion, despite the fact the State of Florida refuses to disclose the identity of Witness 8 (DeeDee) who was a 16-year-old minor on March 19th per Crump, and mysteriously became an 18-year-old young woman on April 2nd per the State of Florida, to the defense.

So in essence the State is claiming they have no responsibility to disclose the Witness against the defendant (he cannot face his accuser) and simultaneously the person who interviewed her and brought her to the State has no responsibility to discuss her claim or identity; And because they have no responsibility to provide the information the defendant cannot discover the contradictions, the absence of which frame their assertion, because he is not permitted to know what she claimed, nor depose the person she made the claims to.

Humor in Nature

Go figure.

Crump pdf response to challenge deposition

Orlando Sentinel Article

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119 Responses to Crumped Up Charges: Trayvon Martin Family Attorney Benjamin Crump Seeks To Avoid Deposition Around Witness He “Found” To Create Charges Against George Zimmerman

  1. pet says:

    Calling up my old buddy to hook me up. Orville Redenbacher…..


  2. doodahdaze says:

    Don’t get better than this. And this is just the start of it.


  3. John Galt says:

    Blackwell cited Florida prosecutor shield cases in support of shielding Crump. See page 16 of Blackwell’s filing. These are the Florida cases which he cites:

    This is why Blackwell was arguing in court that Crump was a private attorney general. The Florida law pertaining to deposing private attorneys, as cited by West, does not shield Crump.

    An 18 page smoke screen. How nice.


    • maggiemoowho says:

      Will Nelson see through that smoke screen?


    • recoverydotgod says:

      Was he working with Norm Wolfinger then in the public interest?

      Phone call reveals final moments of slain Florida teen: lawyer
      By Barbara Liston
      ORLANDO, Florida | Tue Mar 20, 2012

      (Reuters) – The case of an unarmed black teenager shot dead by a white neighborhood watch captain who police have failed to arrest will go before a grand jury, Florida prosecutors said on Tuesday.

      State prosecutor Norm Wolfinger made the announcement as the victim’s family lawyer said 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was on his cellphone with a girlfriend, giving her a chilling, minute-by-minute account of what was happening in the moments before he died.


      Crump said the investigation of Martin’s killing is unfolding in typical fashion for a case involving a black victim in America, with police and prosecutors prolonging an investigation before passing the buck to a grand jury



      • myopiafree says:

        “Crump said the investigation of Martin’s killing is unfolding in typical fashion for a case involving a black victim in Ameria”

        I might add, this is a typical GBI “enterprise” effort, – where a crooked black lawyer, takes a case of justified homicide, finds a “false witness”, hides her, then gets her to lie about talking to Trayvon on a Cellphone that had a PROVEN DEAD BATTERY. This is a replay of the NiFong case.

        After threatening Thug-Riots, the gets Corey to generated baseless charges against an innocent man, to get Bernardo to go “interview” this DeeDee, who proceeds to “invent” stories of “hearing grass”, and “by the mail thing”.

        Time to put a lie-detector on DeeDee – and listen to her SING in her sworn deposition.


    • recoverydotgod says:

      When does a private attorney general…have to write a letter like this?


    • recoverydotgod says:

      …or….the call from Attorney General Pam Bondi to Crump and the parents in the Navigator…March 21st…

      …where she expressed she wanted to take the case..she tried..but she had no authority….

      Maybe she could have used…..a private attorney general?


      • Private attorney general doctrine is an equitable principle that allows a party who brings a lawsuit that benefits a significant number of people or which has resulted in the enforcement of an important right affecting the public interest to recover the attorney fees. The purpose of the doctrine is to encourage suits of societal importance which private parties would not otherwise have an incentive to pursue.


    • theparagons says:

      Private Attorney General? Crump? How did he manage that? I believe a PAG in an individual who brings a case for the public interest – not just the plaintiff.

      Does Crump qualify for this?


    • Chip Bennett says:

      This is why Blackwell was arguing in court that Crump was a private attorney general. The Florida law pertaining to deposing private attorneys, as cited by West, does not shield Crump.

      An 18 page smoke screen. How nice.

      Again: Nelson: I see nothing insurmountable here.. Defendant’s motion is denied. Defendant may re-file, and include all questions to be asked of the deponent.


      • jello333 says:

        Prediction: MOM and West already have an appeal of that and many other things halfway written up, just in case Nelson does that. And they’ll finish it, and file it, within a few days after the hearing. Not only that, but at the hearing itself they will ANNOUNCE that in open court. After arguing with her for a minute, and telling her she is BOUND by rules, case law, and the Constitution itself to do A, B, C, they will then tell her bluntly that they’re going over her head.


  4. ottawa925 says:

    Since defense has been bitten each time by the Judge, I fear she is going to rule against and bite the defense over and over. Is it unethical for an attorney to jump up, face the Judge and say … OK, so what was the deal they cut YOU ?? in for a penny in for a pound. And I’d like to slap that look off her face too. You know what look … that phony I’m sitting here totally impartial look. It’s just going to be more of the same. Crump cannot be deposed cause that is going to open a big can of worms. She can’t let that happen. AND even if he is deposed I can tell you how it will go. There will be objection after objection and he will in some instances not answer, that means they will have to call the Judge and argue as to whether he has to answer or not. Her phone will be ringing off the hook. I hope, however, if MOM/West are able to take the dep, that they can hire a good ebonics translator.

    He don’t want to wait around to be sent up for no sanitary confinement. Eyez got to get outta town.


  5. yankeeintx says:

    Line four: ” a lawyer may properly interview any witness”. Has Blackwell listened to the interview, and does he think there is anything “proper” about it?


    • libby says:

      Too bad crump did his interviewing IMPROPERLY (I am no lawyer here, but if you didnt see the id of the person you interviewed, I would say that is the first impropriety)


  6. rumpole2 says:

    Speaking about “Theater of the Absurd”

    I have a dream…………..

    Not only does Nelson grant the Motion to depose Crump.. but she agrees to preside over it.

    Done in open court and Streamed Live 😀

    Pay-per-view perhaps with proceeds going towards George’s defence fund.


  7. hooson1st says:

    look at footnote 11 on page 8 concerning the term “scutarius”
    Crump as a “shield bearer”

    It must be a typo – it looks like they left out an “r”

    It probably should be the latin word “scrutarius” pronounced “screw-tar- i- us”
    from the latin, which according to Tufts, has several meanings of which one is – “to ransack”


  8. Lou says:

    MOM should repeat over and over “you went on media outlets claiming she was a minor chile”


  9. thefirstab says:

    I surely hope they can remember the rule of law – 6th amendment right to face yoir accuser?
    Hey Crump, do you know “The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round”? Start singin’…


  10. eastern2western says:

    the defense has just started with crump and there is already so much drama. after crump, I am wonderring what dd will do.


  11. brutalhonesty says:

    Its time to perpetuate the usage of the word crump. “dude I got so crumped up last night, im never drinking again”…….”what the crump!” “I hit a pole last night, my car is all crumped up, do you know a good shop?”…”This case has been crumped up beyond all recognition.”……”all they have is their crumpisms”……”go crump yourself”…….make it viral.


  12. brutalhonesty says:

    I was going to make the above post an entry and I found this…most appropriate:

    1. C.R.U.M.P. 9 up, 2 down
    Acronym: Careless Rarely Useful Meaningless Person.

    If you have a project that really needs to be completed successfully and quickly – the one guy you really DON’T want on the job is a C.R.U.M.P.
    Boss: “Hey Stuie what the fuck’s happened to this job? It was looking good, on time and on budget – now it’s all gone to shit”!
    Manager: “Sorry but it wasn’t my idea to put T***y in charge. Everyone knows he’s a proper C.R.U.M.P.”


    • brutalhonesty says:

      Submission under review

      Your entry is under review by editors.

      has many uses, similar to fuck, but worse. Its kind of like fuck you or go fuck yourself, of FUBAR, or wtf, what the hell. it is a word of disdain and aggravation. it most strongly relates to the railroading of an innocent man by the use of false witnesses and hiding from depositions.
      “dude I got so crumped up last night, im never drinking again”…….”what the crump!” “I hit a pole last night, my car is all crumped up, do you know a good shop?”…”This case has been crumped up beyond all recognition.”……”all they have is their crumpisms”……”go crump yourself”……
      by deadassassin2012 on Feb 20, 2013
      tags: fuck, fubar, crump, crumpism, crumpette, bullshit, lies,


      • libby says:

        But, another of the definitions is that of a race baiter and a hater.
        But, just cuz he hates white people doesnt make him a bad guy.
        The bad people like to tell everyone they are superior.
        Crump is one of the good guys cuz he doesnt say blacks are superior; he says whites are inferior (see, its the good kind of hate not based upon feelings of superiority)


  13. brutalhonesty says:

    loving it

    1. Trayvon 64 up, 10 down
    (- verb)

    1. the act of neutralizing a lethal threat, through sudden application of deadly force, often with a concealed weapon

    2. any overwhelmingly effective thwarting of an attack, especially an attack by an overconfident aggressor

    3. to successfully employ a concealed weapon in the act of self-defense, especially a gun

    4. to be trayvoned; to be neutralized by a deadly weapon while committing an act of violence

    5. (- vague) any sudden positive turn in fortune or circumstance, affected through the use of a secret technique, surprise methodology, or abrupt physical act

    a: “Dude, those feral urbanites have been following us for the last half hour”

    b: “S’ahright, man, if they try to rob us I’ll trayvon the first one — the others will scatter like cockroaches when the lights go on”

    “Wow, did you see that YouTube vid of that thug getting trayvoned at the internet cafe by the 71-year-old man? Bet he never saw THAT coming!”

    “Yo, it was s’posed to be a simple carjack. Instead, my man Jason got trayvoned! The dude had a shotgun!

    “I was at the casino all night, down to my last hundred bucks, and I hit it big! I trayvoned that one-armed bandit, now I’m gonna get me one a ‘dem high-class hookers!
    buy trayvon mugs & shirts
    travon treyvon trayvonmartin martin trayvoned treyvoned trayvonned treyvonned
    by GoAheadMakeMyDay Jul 25, 2012 share this add a video


  14. brutalhonesty says:

    1. Trayvonportunity 6 up, 3 down
    The once in a life time chance for a normal law abiding citizen to shoot and or kill a hood rat, gutter thug or gang banger. The act itself may or may not have been preceded by an assault on said law abiding citizen.
    “Honey why are you taking your pistol to walk the dog?”

    “you never know when you will get a trayvonportunity to make the world a better place.”

    “well when your right your right.”
    buy trayvonportunity mugs & shirts
    travonpertunity trayvonpertunity trayvon martin george zimmerman winning
    by Wee Willy Spunker May 22, 2012 share this add a video


  15. eastern2western says:

    the words of prophet lyonel are coming true. hail lyonel! hail lyonel!


  16. justfactsplz says:

    This is an unusual thread. Blackwell’s silliness made us all giggly and silly. I don’t think I have laughes so much on any one thread before. It was good to lighten up today. You guys are so funny and great.


  17. justfactsplz says:

    laughes = laughed. Sorry.


  18. rumpole2 says:


    POLL: Will Nelson Grant Motion to Depose Crump?


    • justfactsplz says:

      I voted NO. She will be told in her briefings not to.


      • rumpole2 says:

        I voted YES…. gotta keep positive!!


        • justfactsplz says:

          Oh, yes, wishful thinking. I wish she would. I wouldn’t mind being wrong one little bit.


          • jello333 says:

            You’ve been down for a few days now. But don’t worry, a few of us here are gonna keep holding you (and others) up until things start moving back in the right direction. It’s coming. Just a few more days…. hang in there. 😉


            • justfactsplz says:

              Oh, Jello, the true optimist. You are a great cheerleader, We all know what is wrong in this case and what should be done. Few of us if any have ever seen injustice in the magnitude of this case. Something must be accomplished at the next hearing, no holds barred. I appreciate your words of encouragement and more importantly, I am sure George does too.


            • Sha says:

              I’m with ya jello ! JFP We have just begone to fight ! 😀


    • canadacan says:

      Richard I tried getting into your special websit,e but messed it up I am going to have to vote no
      Reluctantly. this is a prosecution type judge and just can do anything they want. appeals down the road of course.



  19. jello333 says:

    Aarrrggghh!! Nobody told me there was a new post. I was still busy reading and responding to stuff in the other one, and now I’m behind. Alright… gonna try to catch up now… 😉


  20. Dear Judge Nelson.

    I, along with several other registered Florida voters, are watching you and how you will decide this case. We will decide your future based on how you rule regarding Crump being deposed. . Praying you do the right thing. If you put blinders on, that will be your cue to us that you didn’t have a personal choice in this case and would perfer to retire. We, the voters, who depend on YOU to uphold our constitution are counting on you.


    • Not only do we depend on you, we actually PAY you too. Just reminding you so that if you continue to be clueless, we will be smiling when we vote against you next time. Just sayin’. The (political) criminal charges against GZ are absurd.


    • jello333 says:

      Can judges in Florida be “recalled”? I mean, gathering petition signatures to get something like a recall measure for a specific judge on the next local ballot? If so, OH YEAH. Nelson would be a prime, prime target for that if she doesn’t WAKE UP real quick. She has been allowing the State to violate various rules, laws, and the Constitution left and right for some time now. What you say, Judge Nelson?


  21. ottawa925 says:

    I hope that Judge Nelson realizes that she is being watched. Watched by the Angels and God himself. And one day … yes, one day Judge Nelson and all her powers will mean nothing when she stands before God and be judged herself on her life, any good deeds she has done and any sins she’s committed. If she in any way is helping to railroad an innocent man, then she will pay a a very high price. Do not sell your soul or you will NEVER pass through the gates of Heaven.

    There were 12 Angels in the East, 12 Angels in the West, 12 Angels in the North and 12 Angels in the South. That’s 48 Angels to the City, four squared wide


  22. John Galt says:

    Not Florida, but eye catching nonetheless:

    In re Application of Chevron Corp., 749 F. SUPP. 2D 141, 168; 2010 U.S. DIST. LEXIS 117679 at *72-73 (S.D.N.Y. NOV. 4, 2010). The court allowed the deposition of adverse counsel to go forward after an extensive assessment and a preliminary conclusion that most of counsel’s actions outside of the United States did not seem to be the provision of legal services at all, but political in nature, lobbying, media and public relations. “In this Court’s judgment, the need is extremely great in view of the extraordinary evidence already before it. To turn a blind eye to evidence suggesting improper influence on and intimidation of the Ecuadorian courts by both Donziger [the attorney whose deposition the court refused to quash] and the GOE, improper manipulation of the criminal process in that country, knowing submission by the Lago Agrio plaintiffs of at least one fraudulent report, and improper collusion with Cabrera, the supposedly neutral court-appointed expert, could defeat the purpose of Section 1782, deprive the Individual Petitioners of evidence needed for their defense in a criminal case, and frustrate the BIT arbitration.

    Considering all of the facts and circumstances before the Court, including the need to resolve privilege issues, the fact that Donziger is a lawyer and that he is allied with Chevron’s adversaries in the Lago Agrio litigation is not sufficient to warrant the quashing of these subpoenas. The proper course is to allow the process to go forward and to adjudicate the claims of privilege in due course.”


    • John Galt says:

      As demonstrated above, Donziger—at least in major respects—has not functioned as a lawyer with respect either to the Lago Agrio litigation or the criminal prosecution. As Crude and the outtakes make clear, his efforts have been concentrated heavily in media and public relations, lobbying, and political activism. But communications, even between lawyer and client, are not privileged unless they are made for the purpose of rendering legal advice 140 or, to use another formulation, unless they relate to the rendition of “professional legal services.”141 Hence, the attorney-client privilege does not apply to communications with respect to many of the activities in which Donziger has engaged, at least in the absence of very unusual circumstances.142
      The work product doctrine is comparable in this respect. It “provides qualified protection for materials prepared by or at the behest of counsel in anticipation of litigation or for trial.”143 Its purpose “is to preserve a zone of privacy in which a lawyer can prepare and develop legal theories and strategy `with an eye toward litigation,’ free from unnecessary intrusion by his adversaries.”144 It is not intended, however, to obscure “what [i]s essentially a lobbying and political effort,” even one undertaken by a lawyer.145 Put another way:
      [ 749 F.Supp.2d 166 ]

      “If a lawyer happens to act as a lobbyist [or in some other capacity], matters conveyed to the attorney for the purpose of having the attorney fulfill the lobbyist [or other] role do not become privileged by virtue of the fact that the lobbyist has a law degree or may under other circumstances give legal advice to the client, including advice on matters that may also be the subject of lobbying [or other non-legal] efforts.”146


  23. mcfyre2012 says:

    Did Crump really graduate law school and pass the bar exam? If given the choice of him or no lawyer at all, I’d take no lawyer at all.


    • Unicron says:

      Crump strikes me as the ultimate example of the perils of affirmative action and just generally a society that is so impressed when a black person even makes the effort at all to become something like an attorney or doctor, that the red carpet is rolled out and the usual, NECESSARY rigors and skepticism are dramatically reduced. Society salivates at the prospect of another black person in a prominent position, and will ignore a LOT to make it happen. Ignore things that would have stopped a white person on the same path, dead in their tracks.

      Here is a man who has an extremely poor command of the English language, and is just generally slow. His low intellect is palpable in every word out of his mouth.

      The forces that allowed him to become, and remain an attorney and be taken seriously are exactly the same forces in our world which account for George being charged with a crime and this case not being likely to ever be dismissed.

      The BGI is all about treating a segment of our population like children, treating them like children the way that very, very permissive parents treat their children. Telling them lies about history and lies about the present to make them feel better about their place in it and accomplishments. Telling them they’re special, unique, smart, and can do anything they put their mind to. And being utterly, completely unwilling to ever tell them “no.”

      What’s going on with the “no justice, no peace, charge that raysciss Zimmerman or we’ll riot on yo azz” dynamic is perfectly analogous to the weak-willed parent who has caved to their belligerent, entitled child time after time and has created a little monster by doing so. Now they’re in the back of the car fake-crying and won’t stop until we pull over for ice cream. And the very principles of law and governance which founded this country are now on the chopping block, and seen as valid things to set aside to stop the crying from the back seat.


    • jello333 says:

      That first lawyer that George had, just before he was charged, said something like that. When he was giving his press conference, while referring to Crump, he said something like, “And that guy, I don’t know, I suppose I’ll have to assume he went to law school somewhere…” 🙂 🙂


  24. recoverydotgod says:

    What does the “properly interview” a witness in footnote [6] mean? The Florida Bar is pretty silent on all of this.

    How can having media people, the parents, the cousin, the brother, the aunt….constitute proper interview? Isn’t just asking her and her parents if that would be alright [per Ben Crump’s affidavit] putting pressure on the witness?

    aba journal code of trial conduct 1957

    page 225

    Section 10A mentions the “Subject to the provisions of Paragraph 11 hereof, he may properly interview any witness or prospective witness…”

    [At least in the old ABA guidelines “He may properly interview any witness…” started out with “Subject to the provisions of Paragraph 11”.]

    It says in section 10A “He should avoid taking any action to secrete a witness. However, except when legally required, it is not his duty to take affirmative action to disclose any evidence or the identity of any witness”

    [Not sure what “secrete a witness” means….but couldn’t saying publicly someone is 16 rather than 18 be a way to do that?]


  25. Aoife Crane says:

    Last time I checked being able to face your accuser is a linchpin of our judicial system. So if Zimmerman’s attorney can’t touch Dee Dee or Chump who brought her to light AND interviewed her, then the case pretty much falls apart because as I understand it, “DeeDee’s” testimony is what actually got the charges brought in the first place. There’s nothing else there is there?


    • jello333 says:

      True. But I think for some of them, the fear of losing all the Dee Dee “evidence” (thereby, as you say, losing most of the case itself) is far outweighed by the fear of all the Dee Dee (and Crump) “evidence” being EXPOSED. In other words, everything re. Dee Dee & Crump is now much more dangerous to others than it is to George.


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