The Enemy Behind Our Lines – “they’re inside the wire”…..

they’re inside the wire” is a military term for what happens when the enemy has crossed your defensive positions.  It is also one of the most frightening of radio calls anyone engaged in combat can hear;  For it immediately elevates the fight to live or die considerations.    Such is the proclamation for this writing.

First the back story.  In September of 2010, before we assembled our Last Refuge of patriots, I wrote an article -a warning of sorts- for constitutional patriots assembled at iOTW about the danger of Karl Rove:


Karl was president of the National College Republicans and has been entrenched with the concentric circles of the Decipticons since his high school/college days, trying to work his entire career into the middle where the sandwiches have no crust, waiters pour bottled water table side, and thin suave fellas place a linen napkin atop your lap for you.

He was a rough, modest kid outsider who wanted in. Desperately wanted in, so he sought approval at every corner. He mastered all things politic. He studied books, attended speeches, joined campaigns and would cross the country without sleep just to enter the room before the cigar smoke cleared and catch a glimpse or snippet of the Decepticon meeting.

The Decepticons liked young Rove the way Mean Joe Greene liked the kid in the Coke commercial. So they kept him around and used him for low-key projects and stuff. He earned their trust and took on more responsibility. At the same time he learned the skill of political psy-ops, and political insurgency. He learned how to sway opinions with psychological political media operations – AND he was damn good at it. Damn Good! This became the value of his worth to the Decepti-cons. This born outside, scruffy, un-refined, twenty-something, who ate crusts, actually had a pretty good gift at the world of politics.

– That is just he beginning Karl Rove “the early years”.- So you can see that Karl eventually worked his way into the outer Decepticon circle. Not quite at their level, but closer to them than the RINO Crested Club of cocktail republicans.

So everything Karl Rove knows about successful political human science is dependent upon the existence of Decepticons and directionally steered RINO’s. That is what he knows best, and how he operates most effectively. Take away a “top down” power structure and Young Master Rove is clueless. He only knows how to create, in reality or in psychological operations, a system of electorate manipulation dependent on the existence of Decepticons.

Karl Rove has no clue what to do when the chess pieces on his board of electoral politics begin to move on their own, think on their own, strategize on their own, and even WIN on their own. Yikes, his fundamental reality of things is shaken and now he begins to question gravitational existence.

I personally believe that Karl Rove was a player in the negative campaign (within Delaware) against O’Donnell and in support of Castle. It just seems like a typical Rovesque move. Rove asked the Tea party back in April, May, June to walk away from O’Donnell for all of the political strategic reasons that the media and democrats have outlined. (Remember deceptions don’t care about principles…They care about power) The Tea Party in DE said “stuff it, Rove!, get lost.” So Rove used his ever faithful box of political tricks and began to psy-ops against O’Donnell, with subversive and strategically planted information in media and other constructs.

But it didn’t work because the Decepticons were powerless against the will of the people. The chess pieces were moving on their own. Rove and concentric layers around the Decepticons were irrelevant and became angry, then they began to realize the size of the threat. The people have taken to the streets, looked around, and realized there are more of them than the enemy. Yikes. RINO’s, Media Manipulators, Professionally paid Right Pundits, all smashing stuff in their offices and clearing their desks with one angry swipe.

The Decepticons called the legions and told them “no money”, destroy her without funds. But, the patriots are now completely aware of that trick and raised over $1,000,000.00 in 36 hrs on their own. Yep, the chess pieces are running amok all by themselves and making independent decisions.

What are Rove and the Decepticons to do now?

We’ll see.

Today, years later, The American Spectator has provided further evidence and Alarming confirmation of the enemy being inside the wire.  They have published factual e-mails from Karl Rove which outlined with specific certainty his intents and purpose. (HatTip Dizzymissl)


There has long been a shift in sentiment toward the palace of power. For generations it was considered a residence within the White House and oval office; then as years of restructuring beget political influence the balance shifted toward the Senate.

Decepti-cons were structural architects of this new house of power and influence. Congresscritters can be expelled every two years, the proprietor of the White House in four, but after the Senate became electorally crowned with a six year term the decepticons gained an advantage. Their high back desk chairs were ordered in hand stiched corinthian leather, and any pretense of modest or -dare I say- humble representation was cast aside.

A “top-down” political control platform was constructed with agendas, manipulations, and self-serving motives. The inner circle of influence became ever more elitest and exclusive. Then became the matter of controlling and influencing the pesky electorate to insure the long term political security, and ideology, of power.

The awakening of the electorate from years of political senatorial chloroform is alarming to the decepti-cons. Indeed it appears the electorate has developed a generationally resistant biology able to withstand even the strongest of doses. The TEA party has created a cell structure that resists influence from top down authoritarian control and political leadership. They are independent, decentralized, patriotic cells able to operate independently without a head.

The traditional political controls are struggling trying to find ways to manage and influence a political operation without a specifically defined leader. The previous constructs of decepticon defense are contingent upon being able to identify a leader and then work to corrupt and manipulate the head. Without a head the Decepti-cons are searching for a way to control, and steer, the direction of the movement to insure the masses do not advance toward their position of power.

Absent of this ability to control, the decepticons are at risk. The senatorial powers they rely upon are compromised. They are left with a strategy of dispatching their legions to play a national game of Whack-a-Mole, trying desperately to knock down those supported by the independent conservative TEA party. But, the media, the pundits, the RINOs, the decepticon foot soldiers of all varieties are failing miserably and sweating their asses off trying to swing wildly at the next place they think a patriotic head will emerge.

The decepti-cons are now flogging their blue blazered orc-type foot soldiers with commands, and threats of golden badge removal. “Work harder,” “Swing faster” they seeth and rail with fear and irrational voice, while clinging to their crystal rocks glasses and brandy snifters. But alas their efforts are to no avail. As soon as the orcs think they have identified the patriotic pattern, it switches randomly and the orcs are left spinning wildly from left to right just trying to make contact. Any contact.

At first the TEA party nation didn’t hear the thuds of the whack-a-mole hammer because they didn’t understand the nature of what opposed them. Now that has changed ! The irrational blood sport, and attempts of the elite ruling class establishment, are being watched by everyone.

Eyes wide open.

Wolverines !    Let’s Roll……

Angry Wolverine

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36 Responses to The Enemy Behind Our Lines – “they’re inside the wire”…..

  1. Michelle Hart says:



    • The left has that continuum as:
      L—-???—???—???————–Commie/Dem—-C—-Rep/American—TP—A, Hitler.

      They understand that they ate to the left of center, but simultaneously cannot imagine anything that they could label “hard left” or “extreme left” or “hyper-liberal”.

      For Libs, they are the center, and there is nothing to their left.

      Because fu&k logic.


  2. Cherpa1 says:

    I am boycotting him on FOX as I am Juan Williams. Just pass Fox by when they come on – oops and Chris Wallace too. I don’t forgive Rowe for what he did to Christie McDonnell. Rowe is a RINO. turn the


  3. dizzymissl says:

    I figured you would find that story interesting:)


    • sundance says:

      Indeed I did. Thank you for sharing. It factually proves what many, myself included, have been repeating for years.


      • pbunyan says:

        And the Marxists who run our education system will never teach that way it was originally set up by the founders–the brilliant idea that actually worked–is that the House is the house of the people, and the Senate was the house of the states. The 17th amendment turned the Senate in to the house of the wealthy elitists, the new anti-American house of royals. No, they’ll teach that the 17th set the people free and gave them voice in the government.


        • pbunyan says:

          (d’oh!, I put that reply in the wrong place. It was supposed to be below.)


          • sundance says:

            LOL, I do that all the time. Indeed you are correct the insufferable progs/ Fabian Socialists usurped the constitutional limits and used the 17th as the end run around the 10th amendment.

            Anyone now who attempts to talk about it is ridiculed behind the argument you outline.

            The entire construct of the “Republic” , the cornerstone of the entire framing, was weakened pehaps to an unrepairable level by the intended consequence of the 17th.


  4. BigMamaTEA says:



  5. BigMamaTEA says:

    btw, You ARE correct Sir on the Christine O’Donnell thing. I personally emailed Rove (hackers guess) at the time, and he actually emailed me back with all kinds of diatribe about her.


  6. pbunyan says:

    “then as years of restructuring beget political influence the balance shifted toward the Senate.”

    The 17th amendment is by far the most destructive and anti-American of any in the Constitution–even the 16th. We would not be in this mess had it not been adopted. We would not be $16+ trillion in debt. This will never be America again unless it’s repealed. Give the power back to the states. It takes a hell of a lot more money to buy whole state legislatures than it does to buy a single election twice every 6 years.


  7. Annie says:

    Karl Rove ran Mike Castle’s campaign in De. When his candidate lost, this silly little man took his chalk board, sulked and then badmouthed Christine instead of being a trooper and helping her win the seat instead of an Obom0 Marxists. So where is his concern for the country?


    • Wraith says:

      So where is his concern for the country?

      Same place as Boehner’s balls and Obama’s brain. I don’t have exact coordinates, but I’m pretty sure the sun doesn’t shine there.


  8. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    It is entirely correct to name Rove as an enemy of conservatives. It is high time that truthful appellations be used. That does not mean, however, that one should not continue to be polite. We may even address our enemies as our dear enemies. The airing of truth is a breath of fresh air. It clears things up, shows us where we stand, and marks the path we should follow.

    Until conservatives wrest control of the Republican Party from the RINOs, or failing that, to leave the dead to bury their dead, they will continue to suffer defeats and setbacks to core principles…and to lose key elections. The country can no longer afford these defeats.


    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      “It is entirely correct to name Rove as an enemy of conservatives.” Thank you. I borrowed that for today’s tweet blast. “Rove Is Enemy Of #TeaParty – R U? 2014!” Perhaps it will put a couple of them on notice.


  9. ctdar says:

    Brings to mind when during the earliest Benghazi hearings Nordstrum, US State Department Security in Libya testified:
    “for me the Taliban is on the inside of the building”


  10. dan says:

    politics will end as we know it …when the 2nd is run over by congress..they have error ed gravely and will pay a price that can not be paid for by lobbyists…..there are no rulers in a free Republic as those that claim to rule will come to understand


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  13. 22tula says:

    “Karl Rove’s War On the Tea Party”
    By Jillian Rayfield – February 4, 2013

    “Karl Rove is backing a new effort to stop the Tea party in its tracks.” – Jillian Rayfield

    Karl Rove’s #1 Enemy is the Tea Party?


    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      No, Rove’s #1 enemy is himself! Several years ago when he first got on twitter I followed him. I wanted to see who the “genius” was and get a genius’ take on the current politics and certainly on past WH experience. An insider!

      His tweets were two kinds – #1 here’s my new book and where you can buy it, or #2 I’ll be on Hannity (or whatever) tonight ….. and he did quite a few every single day.

      I got to a point I resented his not giving us help in understanding the political picture. THAT is what conservatives do! I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know how to use twitter but CONTINUOUS self promotion only showed who he was. Of course I unfollowed him after a while. We already had one ME ME ME to deal.


  14. I’ve posted this on my wall at


  15. retire2005 says:

    For years, the left has been telling the right that the right must move more to the middle in order to be viable to voters. Consequently, the right, which was basically in the middle to begin with, moved more to the left as the left moved even further to the left. Now what we are left with is a body politic that is more left than ever before in our history. And Americans, specifically those who support the TEA Party, are waking up to that fact.

    Rove simply wants to hold on to the glory that was his in the era of the Bushes. But those days are over, and power once gained, is power not let go of easily. So Rove will ignore the shouts of millions of American conservatives who say “Hey, Karl, we’re sick of all of you.” Is there any doubt in any conservative mind that Boehner and McConnell are not supporting the core conservative values as outlined by Reagan? And how long do they have to be in office to understand that capulation will not gain them grouund, it only gains ground for the left. Are they so afraid that an out of control media, that is definately euphoric that it finally has a Marxist president, will smear them and cause them to lose their vaulted seats in Congress? Have none of the GOP idiots ever played football and learned that not only do you play defense, you also have to play offense?

    Why are Republicans losing national elections? The answer is simple; apathy among conservative voters. We endured “compassionate conservatism” with G. W. and then, in the last two election cycles, we were offered the loser of the previous Republican primaries as our candidate. Hello? We didn’t want McCain when he ran in the primary against G.W., we didn’t want him in 2008. We didn’t want Mitt Romney, a northeaster liberal squish, when he ran against loser McCain, we didn’t want him in 2012. GOP heir apparents will never take the Oval Office.

    If you want a pure example of the egotism of the GOP establishment, one has to look no farther than the video of Ben Nelson (D) and John McCain (RINO) dressing down a brilliant, and dedicated TEA party Senator, Ted Cruz who was simply asking legitimate questions about a presidential nominee. No surprise that McCain would side with a Democrat. That’s McCain’s m.o. And John McCain is exactly the type of candidate that Karl Rove will continue to support.

    Karl Rove drew another line in the Texas sand when he backed Kay Bailey Hutchison against Rick Perry. Both he, and Hutchison, got b!tch slapped. But did Karl learn a lesson? Nope, he backed the RINO Lt. Governor David Dewhurst against Ted Cruz and Dewhurst was beaten like a red-headed step child due to the hard work of TEA Party workers in Texas. Seems like Karl wants to take his failed show on the road now, going national with it. It didn’t work in Texas, it won’t work nationally.

    For all you Wolverines, the rally cry is now “Separate the wheat from the shaft.” (Yeah, I meant shaft.


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  18. Fabio of the Jungle says:

    Red team / Blue team diversionary bullshit observed here.


  19. ChainYaMongrel says:

    You forget the article’s main title “The Enemy Behind The Lines; they’re inside the wire!” When you have 60+ people associated with US Communist party in the senate, (who knows how many more). The right co-opted by racism. MSM (including Fox) parroting what they are told to say (there are no real journalists left, just cheerleaders). Gen-nothing’s and millennials fed a potpourri of debasing entertainment, a diet of Aleister Crowley’s “do what thou will,” and the Bohemian hoard…what do you expect? This Fifth column had established and solidified its foot hold in 1913. The machinations of men (elitists), have long had their way. Now the rag tag few are awake, mustering all that they have to fight “those inside the wire!” If it’s just Patriotism you stand for, then it’s a losing battle. But if you are in Christ, (not just a CHINO, Christian in name only) and believe we are in end times. Then the battle is already won. Why do you think the U.S. In not mentioned in the Bible. Simple, evil and Satan are a defeated foe, and the U.S. whom has kicked out God in 1963, has murdured 63-million innocents since Roe v. Wade (there’s lies your economy) and exports 83% of the worlds pornography…is under judgment. What…did you think we would get a pass? Not hardly!!!


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