Shock Fail – The Killers Of Hadiya Pendleton Arrested…. guess who?

Hadiya Pendleton ChargesMuch has been made about the death of a 15-year-old honor student, Hadiya Pendleton.

She died after being shot in a park near the Chicago home of President Barack Obama on Jan. 29, just days after she performed during his inauguration festivities in Washington. Her death was among dozens of homicides in Chicago last month, but her background and ties to Obama thrust her death into the national headlines and helped put Chicago at the center of a national debate over gun control.  (story)

Yesterday her killers were arrested.

michael ward

Michael Ward, 18, left and Kenneth Williams, 20, were charged Monday evening  with Hadiya’s murder. Police said they are gang members

Natalie%20jackson%203 Tweets

obama-gangstaJesse jackson crying

“You know, as a country, we are failing. We are failing miserably when it comes to children and our lack of compassion, and figuring out how do we keep the guns from killing all of these children.”

– Jamie Foxx

How do we keep the guns from killing all of these children?    This was the question posed by Jamie Foxx at the Trayvon Martin Memorial Rally this past weekend.   “The guns“, as if there are packs of wild unattended firearms running amock all by themselves.

How about focusing your attention on how to keep the Traythugs  who are using those guns from killing each other?   It ain’t the guns killing kids, it’s the undisciplined young black males without fathers, faith, or direction.   In short, look in the mirror.

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29 Responses to Shock Fail – The Killers Of Hadiya Pendleton Arrested…. guess who?

  1. bob e says:

    tell me true..!!


  2. Teresa Rice says:

    Keep speaking the truth. George Zimmerman was defending himself but the Left has made this whole thing about race instead of finding out what really happened.


  3. Bill says:

    If Obama had a son, he would look like…


  4. Alexandra M. says:

    Nailed it.


  5. myopiafree says:

    It is the “Black Culture” that is killing people. When will Obama TELL THE TRUTH. It is letting a “Black” caught with a gun – go free – that killed this innocent girl. Yes, they would have looked like Obamas sons.


  6. libby says:

    Keep the hoax alive!
    Jesse “Just Me” Jackson has been keeping the hoaxes alive since 1987


  7. aliashubbatch says:

    Dude on the left kinda looks like Chris Rock…dat’s raaaaycisssssss! >_<


  8. thefirstab says:

    THIS is the conversation that needs to be had, across the country.
    I would be very interested to see what kind of history exists with the murder weapon, if found.


  9. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    The FBI-SHR database reveals there have been some 239 incidents of Multiple, 18-24 year old, Black male offenders shooting and killing teenaged women. If you include teenaged as well as young adult, Black males and include killings of all ages by only one offender without regard to weapon used, there have been fifty-eight hundred such killings. One third of the women killed by black men are white women.


  10. Fred Gwynne says, “They’re Just coloured yoots who have been mistreated by society.” 👿


  11. John Galt says:

    “helped put Chicago at the center of a national debate over gun control.”

    By proving that gun control increases gun crime?


  12. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    How do you keep guns from killing children?

    You take guns away from Black people.

    Given the proximity to President Obama’s home, it is plausible to suggest that these murderers might actually be Obama’s bastard sons. Time for DNA testing.


  13. You also get a free pass if you are Hmong.

    “A 34-year-old man is in jail Tuesday, accused of randomly shooting and killing a 9-year-old boy and wounding two women as they rode in passing vehicles in Oakdale. Nhan L. Tran, whose home is a few blocks from the shooting scenes, began firing a handgun about 6:10 p.m. Monday while standing in the street near Hadley Avenue N. and 7th Street N., police said.”


  14. dizzymissl says:

    Obama’s sons.


  15. tara says:

    I suspect that the media reports are suffering from Trayvon-ing, the deliberate framing of a story to imply details that are more flattering than the truth. For example, initial media reports stated that some of the dozen or so teens Hadiya was hanging out with were gang members. Now we’re being told that they were all innocent bystanders. (The father claims they were “the volleyboll team”.) But what innocent bystanders would run off leaving their friend dying??? Also, none of them would talk to the police despite a $40k reward.

    Reports imply that the parents are together, but the father wasn’t even mentioned until recently, and the mother has a different last name, Cowley … but it doesn’t stop the media (like MSNBC) from stating the mother’s last name as Pendleton or Cowley-Pendleton.

    Numerous reports state that Hadiya died just a mile from Obama’s Chicago home. Obama’s home is in Hyde Park, where the Univerisity of Chicago is located (one of the best schools in the nation, on par with Yale and Harvard). It’s an island, the surrounding areas are quite blighted and some are downright dangerous. Hadiya’s home and school and the location where she died are not the worst in Chicago but are definitely not good,lots of empty lots, gang-infestation, and high crime rates.

    I have no info contrary to the portrayal of Hadiya herself, it appears she was a decent kid. Reports state that she was an honors student and they list her favorite school subjects and extracurricular activities. But “majored in cheerful” was reported to be an honors student whose favorite subject was math and primary interest was aviation. I’m just sayin …


  16. Belinda, the good witch says:

    Important to the socialist’s plans is the removal of responsibility for individuals for the outcomes of what they do. This includes violence as well as not working, making horrible choices as far as creating children and a myriad of other activities that the government has started mitigating the results from.
    South Side Chicago is literally a war zone and because the libtards do not allow stop and frisk (a program that has worked wonders in NYC) the thuggers get to keep their “9’s” and pop each other without discrimination.
    My heart does ache for those who have been trapped by the economic politics that the democrats have used to keep this crime rate climbing and poverty ever growing. Sadly, I fear that the media will never portray what is going on for what it actually is. The libtard coolaid must taste so good!


  17. jordan2222 says:

    Did any one learn a thing from this other than those of us who already know? A while back, someone here posted a detailed explanation of black on black crime in Chicago. I can’t find the link but it was excellent.


  18. tara says:

    This is probably an abandoned thread, but I’m going to post one more comment here:

    Hadiya’s parents are never questioned why they would choose to live in a dangerous neighborhood. The parents are immediately excused of all culpability. But Hadiya’s life was at risk every single day from the gang violence in her neighborhood and in the area around the school she attended. Why would parents willingly keep their child in an environment like that? Chicago is not entirely crime-y, there are plenty of neighborhoods, including mixed-race neighborhoods, that have zero murders for all of last year and most for prior years as well. So why not MOVE? I blame Trademark’s parents for raising him in an environment which ultimately caused his demise, and I blame Hadiya’s parents for her demise.


    • Iamalsoblack says:

      Some parents don’t have a choice. To up and move into a new house out of “the ghetto” would take a nice relocation which means possibly one or two of the parents would have to lose their jobs. Yes saving up for a better life for our children should be our first priority but its not as easy as it sounds and I would like to say given their position i would have moved but then at some same time I’m not in their shoes and I’m not as disrespectful to blame the parents of a decided girl for her murder especially during this horrific time.
      You propose an interesting point which showcases your intelligence (unlike pretty much every other person who left a comment) but u also show your lack of compassion which is sad.
      I hope the country doesn’t view this incident the way the people on this website does or we can all get ready to descend into a heinous abyss.


      • Iamalsoblack says:

        ps I should really read what i write before posting. I meant to type deceased girl instead of decided girl.Also I meant to type “at the same time” not ” at some same time”. God how did I graduate with these English skills.


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