D’oh – Pittsburgh Prog Radio Host So Outraged By His Listeners Support For Gun Rights He Quits His Own Show…

Overwhelmed by the charge of the “bitterclingers”…..   Fix Bayonets

Actually, this is nothing more than a typical prog reaction.   Whenever the progs are pushed back by principled patriots they pick up their ball and go home.   Remember the Wisconsin Fleabagging Dems?  etc.

An Opinion on Gun Control -  Soup To Nuts Long but worth the read.... PITTSBURGH PA – Tim Benz, co-host of the Morning Show on alternative rock radio station 105.9 The X, left the air Friday after arguing with listeners about his support of stricter gun laws.

“There was a flare-up about gun control on the show, which included a good deal of flashback against the station,” Benz said. “I wasn’t able to walk away from the fight … (so) I decided to step away from the Morning Show.”

The argument stemmed from a Pittsburgh gun shop’s recent giveaway of hundreds of rounds of ammunition, high-capacity magazines and an AR-15 military-style rifle on its Facebook page.

gun controlErik Lowry, owner of Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms, which bills itself as “America’s Largest Online Firearms Mall,” gave away the gun and ammo. He said he did not hear the show but heard about Benz’s decision.

Benz’s comments on guns drew predictable reaction for this part of the country, Lowry said.

“When you’re a morning show host in a town of blue-collar workers who love their guns and the Second Amendment, you’re going to (anger) a lot of people,” he said.

Benz concedes he is passionate about the issue of gun control. He said his polarizing opinions seem to be misunderstood.

“It’s a personal battle that I may have waged on the airwaves too often for the format. It’s a topic I feel passionately about,” he said. “And that passion has gotten in the way of doing the show in the manner in which it should be done.”  (continue reading)

Duuuude OMG

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12 Responses to D’oh – Pittsburgh Prog Radio Host So Outraged By His Listeners Support For Gun Rights He Quits His Own Show…

  1. ytz4mee says:

    They are always so sure of their righteousness, they are shocked when anyone disagrees with them.


  2. maggiemoowho says:

    Pittsburgh is my home town, born, raised and lived there for 32 yrs, it is a great city with very hard working good people. It is a city that values everything Tim Benze doesn’t and if he wants to spew insults at the people then he needs to leave, the people there do not deserve his insults and many have fought hard for his freedoms even if he doesn’t appreciate them. Mr. Benz wrote a FB message to an owner of a gun store saying he agreed with Obamas plans to fly drones over America and basically killing Americans because he had hoped that a drone would target this man and blow him away. Well, I can say for certain that Mr. Benz will have a hard time finding anyone in PGH who will ever forget his words and actions. He needs to move himself to Philadelphia where he will fit in nicely. (what I wouldn’t give for some Isley’s chipped ham right now or a smiley cookie from Eat n Park)


  3. griz1234 says:

    “He said his polarizing opinions seem to be misunderstood.”

    Nope, his problem is that he ISN’T misunderstood.


  4. Rich Branson says:

    I love how these Libs are so flippant in their comments and actions. Listen, it’s my constitutional and god given rights you a-holes are trying to take away, sorry if you’re offended by my passionate response to your flippant attitude towards my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


  5. michellc says:

    Here is a screenshot of his message on FB that he deleted after he couldn’t take the heat. Like I always say liberals aren’t known for their brains.

    “Sorry to burst your bubble rich. I’m sure there is nothing you enjoy better than enjoying a good ole fashioned liberal conspiracy theory. But I dont run the facebook page. I did post the Fleury story and noticed your boyfriend Anthony taking a swipe at me. So I made the tragic mistake of reading on and caught your ramblings. To answer your question, I think Obama’s idea of flying drones over America is an awesome one…so long as the drone is targeting your house. If he blew you away he’d be doing all of us a favor. As for you Anthony, you calling me brainwashed is laughable and highly hypocritical. And thank you, sincerely, for the wusification line. You have put into text what I think is at the core of so many of these arguments…you equate owning a gun to being a tough guy. Ok tough guy. Cling on to your guns just like Obama said. Go ahead and keep proving his ignorant statement right. Grab your bushmaster and blow Bambi’s head off. Color me sufficiently intimidated by you manliness…oh, mighty gun toting bad ass.”


    • cajunkelly says:

      It *never* fails does it? He claims to support gun bans to prevent violence, but yet approves of obama sending a drone to blast someone he doesn’t like to smithereens.


  6. elvischupacabra says:

    “Benz concedes he is passionate about the issue of gun control. He said his polarizing opinions seem to be misunderstood.”

    No, you nincompoop, they understood you perfectly.

    Typical Progressocrat, playing the I’m soooooo misunderstood card.


  7. brutalhonesty says:

    another win for guns
    HIGHLAND • A 55-year-old woman shot an intruder multiple times early this morning after the man allegedly pushed his way into her apartment and began assaulting the woman and her sister, according to police.

    Highland police are still putting together the pieces to the incident, which occurred at about 3:30 a.m. today in the 2600 block of Eagle Way.

    The alleged intruder, 33, is being treated at a local hospital for multiple gunshot wounds and is listed in critical condition, police said.

    Highland Police Chief Terry Bell said the 55-year-old woman had stepped out of her apartment to smoke a cigarette and was on her way back inside when a man pushed his way in.

    The woman told police that the man began to assault her and her 47-year-old sister. She said she pleaded with the man to stop and get out of the apartment.

    “When he failed to comply, she shot him multiple times with a small derringer” pistol, Bell said.

    Bell said the man was shot in the living room area of the apartment. Both women were treated at the scene and released.

    Police are withholding the names of the victims and the intruder pending charges.

    Bell said he doesn’t have any information to believe the man knew the women. He said that in a home invasion, the intruder typically is known by the victims.

    “We are still piecing it together,” he said.

    Police for now are keeping as evidence the derringer that Bell referred to as “old school.”


  8. Tracker 3 says:

    Now why did the police have to take the weapon in for evidence? It is obvious she used it in self defense. Now she is defenseless if that was her only firearm. I guess she just needs to go out and get her a new one now.


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