Pierced Moron V. Dana Loesch “Round III”…

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10 Responses to Pierced Moron V. Dana Loesch “Round III”…

  1. nobaddog says:

    She should tell him.. I would use a AR-15 against a tyrannical government anything else i would use a shotgun or a pistol.


  2. Does this guy understand that his answer is not to stop the carnage but to simply reduce it? Like a crazy person getting off 20 rounds is somehow more acceptable then firing 100 rounds. That is as ridiculous as the President saying, ” Gun control may not be the answer, but we have to something.”
    It doesn’t matter how many rounds, you need to take the guns out of crazy peoples hands. And”doing something”, knowing it will not help, is never the answer.
    The father of a 6 year old who was killed at Sandy Hook, Mark Mattioli, in all his grief, had a more thought out answer to the problem then any elected official has had.


  3. lovemygirl says:

    I tire of what would you do stuff. What I would do is sweep the streets of every inner city and lock the criminals up.


  4. justfactsplz says:

    Piers is so rude to his guests. He never lets Dana finish talking without interrupting her or cutting her off.


    • Sharon says:

      Well, they wouldn’t be put through that experience if they would put 2 and 2 together, come up with 4, and turn down the “invitation” to appear on his show. They must be slow.


  5. jsjavascript says:

    PIERS MORGAN is personally responsible and has done more with respect to the Sale of AR-15s and its variations then any other person since July 20, 2012

    over 3.5 million weapons have been sold since December 2012, you can’t help but think He probably drove up the price too


  6. SR says:

    Believable wisdom from tragedy:


  7. Coast says:

    What would I do to curb gun violence?
    1. Change the evil national culture that is brewing in this country. Allow God to be again part of our society, including government and schools. Teach our kids about ethics, civics and nationality. Change the poisonous liberal culture (if possible at this stage) which seems to be at the core of our schools, media, and colleges. Attack gang violence by strong prosecution. Promote nationally and stop illegal immigration.
    2. Keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill individuals.
    3. Encourage and promote safe gun practice. Provide training programs on safe gun practice.
    4. Encourage and promote self-protection of armed citizens. Stop and outlaw all “gun free” zones unless there is adequate armed security. Encourage “stand your ground” legislation and “right to carry” legislation.


  8. Coast says:

    Here is full auto:


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