Is This Image Too Much Of A Risk To Allow?

Apparently it is.    For the full understanding CLICK HERE

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10 Responses to Is This Image Too Much Of A Risk To Allow?

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    This is just the truth, the light that will kill any and all filth, hatred that comes from communism, socialism, the liberal, progressive agenda of total control through fear, ignorance and hatred.
    Light will always prevail over darkness and evil. It is just how dark times will have to become and how many may have to die to restore our Republic? Ms. Jackson truly is a Patriot, a damn fine one. Excellent post!


  2. brutalhonesty says:

    from the comments on the “click here”
    Jeff Walters • 2 days ago
    Want to know something that will make you even more outraged? There are literally thousands of radical Muslims on Facebook espousing their hatred of the Jewish people and the State of Israel every day and Facebook never censors them. I know because I got into a battle with one of them after he posted some virulently hateful comments about murdering the Jews and “Death to Israel.” I posted a comment in the same thread, encouraging everyone who read it to report him for hate speech. Then I reported his comment and his page as hate speech. Facebook did NOTHING. I sent messages to Facebook demanding to know why. NOTHING. I repeatedly sent them the same message with an excerpt of their own hate speech policy, asking them why they did nothing about a clear violation of their own policy. NOTHING. So I resorted to posting the messages and the excerpt of their hate speech policy on my page every day for 3 weeks. That got a response, but not the one I was looking for. They started examining all of my comments and giving me the pop-up message. You know the one “Posts containing offensive language or threats of violence may result in suspension or loss of your Facebook account. Are you sure you want to continue?” In the meantime, Mr. Muslim extremist idiot wanted to get in a messaging war with me. After some back and forth, he concluded by threatening to come after me personally, to which I replied the following. “Listen you little raghead terrorist, I’m a redneck with a .45 and I’m not afraid of you. So come ahead but be prepared to meet your 72 virgins.” Then I told him there was no use arguing with a reprobate like him and deleted him.

    In looking at his page and following the links to his friends I discovered hundreds, if not thousands of people just like him. I am baffled at how a man like Mark Zuckerberg can tolerate the vile threats and abuse that the Muslims heap on his own race. (I may be wrong but with the name Zuckerberg, I assume he’s Jewish.)
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    • brutalhonesty says:

      Dave Maitland • 10 hours ago − with the rest of us banned EX-FB
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      • czarowniczy says:

        Zuckerberg has more cash than he knows what to do with – so what’s a little heat from the meteor-worshiping crowd? (delivered in Dr Zoidberg accent). From seeing him and reading some of his writing I’m getting the idea that the fame, notoriety and position his cash gets him puts him, as with many clueless rich, into a magical mindset where he feels the common mouth-breathers pose no threat to him, he’s above it all. I’m a little surprised that the radicals haven’t targeted Jewish-owned businesses in the US; all I can think of is that they have a use for them at this point and there’s no reason to rile the waters as long as their religious enemies serve a purpose. Nazis took over in 1933, Jewish merchants stayed open and sold to Germans, regular people and Nazis alike; Nuremberg Laws passed in 1935, most Jewish businesses stayed open and continued to sell to anyone who walked in the doo; Kristallnacht in November 1938 and finally the majority got the message. Muslims haven’t orchestrated a Kristallnacht here yet and most likely won’t until they have no further use for the Jewish-owned businesses and the businessmen. After all, didn’t so many Jewish voters help elect that outspoken Zionist POtuS we’re saddled with, he’ll protect them.


  3. stellap says:

    I wondered what happened to Victoria, since she has “disappeared” from Facebook. She has a regular crew of Progs that attack every post.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Talking about avenuse of social control, watching what’s going on in Davos right now? The progressive International is well under way and hip-deep in finding alternative ways of bringing the US under its thrall. That skeletal visage of old-timey imperialism, Kissinger, is even back on stage. Whoever did Madame for Wayland & Madam mush have had a go at Hank because he loo0ks positively taxidermied. Anyway, NBC had its weather poster child, Jim ‘Muscles’ Cantore there, interviewing ‘experts’ as he posed as an ‘expert’ and expertly did product placement pieces for various companies. Consensus seems to be that (a) in order to protect the world the expert elite must bring international control to the slack-jawed, salivating masses of the Great Unwashed and (b) they have a kindred dictator-in-waiting sitting in DC public housing who’ll be more than glad to assist them in shackling the US. Watch as the results filter back to the UN where committees for years have been decrying how people in the Developed World (read as US) own far too much property that could be better managed by the State and how all of the fresh water over, on and under that wicked privately owned property rightfully belongs to and should be controlled by The People (read as the State/International). Can’t argue with those UN folkseses who represent the world as a hole (whoops, whole). Why should you or I own more than a blanket and a begging bowl while so much of the population already controlled by these 3rd world absolutists has to poke around under bushes and rocks for their meals? Naughty naughty US, must be controlled and reeducated – why…wait…that’s a job for POtuS Man!


  5. gretchenone says:

    Yes, and once they manage to wrest control of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, let us watch them keep control. The Tower of Babel once again. Fools.


  6. Josh says:

    I’ve never gone on Facebook and have absolutely no desire to do so.


  7. Josh says:

    I put pictures like this on my car. Does the truth hurt? Oh yeah!


  8. taqiyyologist says:

    That image is not enough. Not even close. A coffee table book by Time-LIFE would not be enough to explain the hideous, monstrous, insane evils inflicted by Leftists onto their domestic enemies.


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