Update Will Air Tonight ….. ALERT – Must Watch TV Moment Tomorrow 8PM EST Bill O’Reilly…

updateHere is the link to the Bill O’Reilly Talking Points Segment CLICK HERE

Will air any minute…Finally, I guess I’m going to have to take back the stuff I said about B.O.R. Well, maybe….

For almost a year, and through four refused FOIA requests, we have been trying to get the 911 call tapes from the Virginia Pilot Beatings.   It appears Fox News Bill O’Reilly has been able to twist enough arms and will air the call tapes tomorrow (Thur) on his show.


Whether he has, or will air, the “FULL” tapes, is unknown.   But, at least they are finally going to be heard.

The original postings about the racially based beatings are:

Virginia pilot beatings

So tune in tomorrow and hopefully we’ll get to hear the *entire* recording.  We’ll see….

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10 Responses to Update Will Air Tonight ….. ALERT – Must Watch TV Moment Tomorrow 8PM EST Bill O’Reilly…

  1. Sharon says:

    Sundance, that is most excellent news. For some reason….BOR has apparently stayed at it.

    A few days ago DH and I saw something from him that made me not feel quite as disgusted, so who knows. Anyway, will be most interesting to see what comes out.


    • sundance says:

      It is good news. Many people, well, at least a few that I know of, have been trying to get to the truth of this issue. The Federal DOJ through the CRA has worked tirelessly against those who have tried to get to the Truth….

      …. it has been BEYOND frustrating.

      I know several people, myself included, had personally requested BOR’s help. But no mention prior to the advanced notification of the story airing tomorrow night.

      Their are two aspects to this. One is the component of keeping the Truth hidden, the second is the factual reality of black on white racism (the political correctness of victimhood) being hidden by both a silent media, and a Dept of Justice who intervened to insure the sunlight of Truth was not aired.

      If there was NOTHING damaging to the PC narrative in those tapes, the DOJ Community Relations Service would not have intervened to keep them sealed. But I guess we will soon find out.


  2. maggiemoowho says:

    I’ll be tuning in. I feel so bad for them.


  3. ottawa925 says:

    Sundance, I’m not sure what you are talking about. I know of this case, but what tapes? of who? It’s probably contained in those links you posted so I’m gonna take a look there. Anyway, glad Bill is gonna direct some sunlight on this one .. it came … it went … like no big deal. Just awful and terrible for me to think about. Thanks for staying on it.


  4. AghastInFL says:

    Apparently Megyn will be discussing the call today on her show as well; that would be 1:00pm EST Fox News


  5. ctdar says:

    It’s on


  6. ctdar says:

    BOR submitted two FOI requests to get the 911 tapes, finally got info yesterday. Every 911 call described a mob scene of black teens beating the 2 young white reporters. There was 4 arrests of black teens aged 13-17 (reports of 5 assailants tho), 3 were kicked and a 17 yr old got fined $352 for victims medical bills. What a joke.
    Police nor the paper the victims worked for gave the assault any story time as OReilly put it, bad for tourism where the city made their $.


  7. sundance says:

    The segment only showed a small portion of the 9-11 calls, but perhaps more will be available on the BOR site. It definately was a mob attack, and most certainly was based on race.

    It is important to remember this happened while the entire nation was focused on the “Justice for Trayvon” nonsense….. the climate surrounding this attack was fraught with anti-white media sentiment.


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