Where are the Tapes? It’s Almost December – The attack Happened In April and STILL NO 911 CALL RELEASE !

The initial “Virginia-Pilot” attack happened on April 14th 2012 – During the height of the media coverage over the Trayvon Martin story.   Since then the police in Norfolk Virginia have refused to release the audio recording of the frantic 911 call placed by Marjon Rostami as she and her friend and colleague, David Forster, were being beaten by a group of black teenagers.

Perhaps the Police and media are waging a war of attrition, counting on the new media forgetting the attack.    Alas, they underestimate our resolve.    Where are the Tapes? 

Imagine if the races were reversed and a group of up to 100 white youth viciously assaulted two innocent black people driving through town after seeing a movie.   Do you think anyone would accept the police refusal to release the multiple 911 recordings? 

Original update Post FROM JUNE !!!

We originally shared the story of the Virginia Mob beating over a month ago. By then the original incident was already several weeks old because it was intentionally hidden from the public by the employers of the attacked, The Virginia Pilot. Then a few weeks later, mid-May, four teens were arrested in the case. Since then? (((crickets)))

Thank you Treeper CR for sending a reminder email to the TreeHouse tip-line. Last night on Bill O’Reilly he brought up the issue of the 911 recordings again. The Norfolk Police Dept. still refuse to release the audio from the 911 call. Even now, more than two months after the initial incident. Why?

Obviously there is something in the 911 call the Norfolk police are concerned about the public hearing. Personally, I believe, in part due to the timing of the attack, and in part due to the method deployed, the mob attack was specifically related to racial anxiety drummed up by the Trayvon Martin Case. It would not surprise me at all if on the audio of the 911 emergency call you could hear some of the attackers using the name Trayvon, or other racially toxic expletives.

But regardless of supposition, the police reasoning for NOT releasing the audio has never been clarified. What are they hiding? and Why are they hiding it?

(excerpt from BOR) The initial police report described the assault as a bias crime and a 16-year-old has been arrested. But now, the Norfolk police say it was not a bias crime and are refusing to release the 911 tape saying that would hurt their investigation. How? How could that be possible?

In addition, both victims have filed complaints against the Norfolk Police Department alleging the investigation was mishandled and the cops didn’t really want to arrest the assailants or even find them. (more)

Police in Norfolk, Va., have arrested three more black teenagers in connection with a mob assault last month on two white reporters for the local newspaper, a case which has sparked national public outrage but little media attention.

Two 16-year-olds and one 13-year-old were taken into custody Saturday, each charged with two counts of simple assault by mob and one count of participation in a riot, both of which are misdemeanors.

It brings the total number of arrested suspects to four, since another 16-year-old was arrested May 3, charged with throwing a missile at a vehicle, a felony, as well as two counts of simple assault by mob, destruction of property and participation in a riot, all misdemeanors.

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Two teenagers charged in connection with a Downtown Norfolk mob assault on two Virginian-Pilot reporters appeared in court Monday morning and spoke exclusively with WAVY News 10’s Andy Fox.

Police made the latest arrests , of two 16-year-olds and a 13-year old, Saturday and charged each with two counts of simple assault by mob and one count of participation in a riot. The second 16-year-old suspect will be in court Tuesday.

The two families that spoke to WAVY News 10 outside court said police have the wrong guys; that they were not involved in the attack. However, police investigators told WAVY.com Monday they were obviously arrested because somebody puts them at the scene and witnessed their involvement.

According to the police report obtained by WAVY.com , David Forster and his colleague, Marjon Rostami, had just left an event on April 14, when they came to a stoplight at the intersection of Church Street and Brambleton Avenue around 11 p.m. Forster told WAVY.com there was a huge crowd of young people and someone at the crowd threw a rock at his car.

Rostami told police she believed the rock was thrown because the suspect saw her lock her door as a large group of young black men passed by the car.

Forster got out of his car to confront the person who threw the rock and that is when both he and Rostami allege they were attacked.

Police arrested another 16-year-old suspect on May 3. He is the teen accused of throwing the rock. That makes four arrests so far in connection with this incident.

When asked if the attack was racially motivated, one teen suspect simply responded, “no.” The father of the other teen had the same response.

Bruce Sams is the attorney representing one of the 16-year-olds. He told WAVY.com, “I don’t think it has a racial intent. It was certainly an incident that happened that was more sparked. I don’t believe, from my understanding, from what I even know of what happened, that they could even be identified as two white individuals in the car.”

A witness to the attack spoke exclusively with WAVY.com. The 16-year-old is so afraid of retaliation, she insisted on hiding her identity.

10 On Your Side asked if she thinks the teen threw the rock at the car because the driver was white.

“They were throwing stuff, just because … just because. They were just hyped and ‘Oh I want to do something,'” she said. So they threw something. They didn’t know there were going to be white people in the car”

She says there were dozens of people yelling on the sidewalks, mostly kids her age.

“There were cars leaving the party and there were regular people from everyday life, just driving around,” she said. “As they were driving, people kept going. I was confused like is anybody going to get out the car? Is anybody going to beep, stop, help?”

When the driver finally got back into the car, the girl says a group of teens went to check on him. They told her the driver had blood on his face, but said he was fine and planned to tell police. (More)

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15 Responses to Where are the Tapes? It’s Almost December – The attack Happened In April and STILL NO 911 CALL RELEASE !

  1. LoudaJew says:

    if the races were reversed this story would have been a top story on MSNBC. Whites are becoming a minority, and soon we will need to have a white Benjamin Crump to make sure whites are treated the same as African Americans.

    do any of these white flighters understand what it feels like to be one of the few white people and live in a place like Atlanta? it’s not racist or derogatory to be insulted or called a cracker. maybe because they have never been called a cracker by a group of African Americans, so they don’t understand.

    also, I wish the story of Delfino Mora would become more popular. that’s a story of how a man died because of a Knockout game by an unarmed 16 year old.


    • Sharon says:

      “…..to make make sure whites are treated the same as African Americans.” Based on the new racism, anyone having such a goal is a self-admitted racist–I think. 😦


  2. obsidian53 says:

    I see the census reports and whites are listed as 74 % of the population with blacks at only 13.5% so how is it whites are disappearing even as we speak and blacks are increasing?
    Is this some extrapolation for the future where whites are stamped out by the mighty colored races?


    • nameofthepen says:

      obsidian53 says: “I see the census reports and whites are listed as 74 % of the population with blacks at only 13.5%…”

      Obsidian, we usually post links here at CTH whenever possible. I don’t know where you saw that. Some blog? A gubmint site? Where? Gotta link for us, buddy?

      Also, in the one you’re “remembering”, were Hispanics a separate category, or were they lumped in with “White”, like they were on the last the census form (which I refused to fill out)?


      • Sharon says:

        …what NOTP said…do provide a link if you can. We find that making use of good information is far easier if it is sourced.

        I have refused to complete details during the two most recent census years.

        The first time, I got a lengthy call from a government official, backed up by a supervisor. As they kept pressing in patronizing and insulting and softly-threatening tones for details, let’s just say it didn’t end well. The final mistake made by the patronizing and insulting trainee (backed up by the softly-threatening tones from the supervisor) was when the trainee slug said to me, “I certainly understand how you feel…..” The details of my response to that are sort of a blur, but it had to do with me yelling and the supervisor deciding they had enough information. I suspect in the future I may not get off so easy.


        • nameofthepen says:

          Sharon says: “I have refused to complete details during the two most recent census years.”

          You go, girlfriend!! Right on! ♥ :waving:

          Appalling! Who does “teh one’s” gubmint think they are? FaceBook? 😆

          The 9th amendment reminds us that there are additional rights not enumerated.

          From http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/rightofprivacy.html:

          The meaning of the Ninth Amendment is elusive, but some persons (including Justice Goldberg in his Griswold concurrence) have interpreted the Ninth Amendment as justification for broadly reading the Bill of Rights to protect privacy in ways not specifically provided in the first eight amendments.

          The makers of our Constitution understood the need to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of happiness, and the protections guaranteed by this are much broader in scope, and include the right to life and an inviolate personality — the right to be left alone — the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men. – Justice Brandeis’s dissent in Olmstead v. U. S. (1928)


          • Sharon says:

            Maybe it bothered them that I scrawled “MYOB”.across most of the pages–with a big fat black marker. I suppose that was racist of me.

            I think census means “count.” And once I wrote “2” on the first page of the form(s), I thought we had been counted. I’m just dense that way.


            • nameofthepen says:

              Sharon says: “Maybe it bothered them that I scrawled “MYOB”.across most of the pages–with a big fat black marker.”

              LMAO!! Now that’s funny! 😆

              You trumped me. I also used a black marker, but I simply “Xed” out all the irrelevant sections from top to bottom.


            • WeeWeed says:

              Yup. I was equally cooperative – for “race” I wrote in “American.”


            • Sharon says:

              One of the “persuasions” they use, in media, before the census (and it also came up in our phone convo) was this: “All of that related information is needed to assist your Congressional representatives in obtaining funds for areas in your community that are qualified for federal funding…..:”

              Institutionalizing the dependency and the cash flow to Washington is all that is….when we elect “representatives” (HA!–they don’t do much representing of me) to go to The Washington, as far as I’m concerned, the purpose is NOT primarily to “get me some money.” This whole thing is so turned on its head.


        • stellap says:

          Here’s a good breakdown of the 2012 census:


          ADD: Ethnic groups

          white 79.96%, black 12.85%, Asian 4.43%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.97%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.18%, two or more races 1.61% (July 2007 estimate)
          note: a separate listing for Hispanic is not included because the US Census Bureau considers Hispanic to mean persons of Spanish/Hispanic/Latino origin including those of Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican Republic, Spanish, and Central or South American origin living in the US who may be of any race or ethnic group (white, black, Asian, etc.); about 15.1% of the total US population is Hispanic


    • LoudaJew says:

      yes, link please. so, if I were to walk around Downtown Miami or Atlanta, I would see mostly whites(White Anglo Saxon Protestants).. very interesting.


  3. Sharon says:

    This situation reminds of me of Tahrir Square in Cairo where the Muslims make a habit of beating the crap out of and assaulting women. Muslims assaulting women is just what they do. And for a certain core group of blacks, assaulting whites is just what they do and it is who they are.

    It’s too bad that we are no longer a nation of laws with a functioning media. Sunlight is a disinfectant.


  4. nobaddog says:

    I didn’t fill out the census form either, They called several times so they know who i am. Each time i told them i did fill it out and returned it to them. Do you think they added me anyway? Maybe they have a bad count of whites if we all didn’t fill it out. Maybe there are more of us that they think. 🙂


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