Thugdom or Thunderdome NY

Maybe if they banned fighting this could be avoided.  No, wait….

Four suspects are facing trial in New York  this week for brutally beating a man on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a  fight that was recorded on video.

The beating, which left 37-year-old Kyam  Washington’s skull fractured and gave him permanent hearing loss, occurred at  Essex and Rivington Streets around 4 a.m. on May 8, 2010.

Video of the fight was released to the public  at a trial for the four suspects: Andrew McCray, Martrell Terrell, Shadia  Brackman and Christopher Montanez, who are all from Yonkers.  (link)

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15 Responses to Thugdom or Thunderdome NY

  1. jericho777 says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.


  2. Lou says:

    TNB. Typical, you know the rest.


  3. Lou says:

    don’t ever fight., especially don’t ever fight an AA guy without a pistol to shoot his butt because they NEVER fight 1 on 1.


  4. maggiemoowho says:

    Nobody did anything to help. Animalistic mentality. Welcome to Obama’s America.


    • lovemygirl says:

      I thought the larger guy approaching during the fight was there to help him and then it turned out he just wanted a piece and started the kicking. That is the person I want a piece of.


      • maggiemoowho says:

        OMG, I did too. Couldn’t believe he just jumped in also. Life has no value to those thugs, I call them organ donors(if their organs aren’t distroyed by drug use) it might just be the only contribution they make to society.


      • Coast says:

        I did too…I thought for sure he was walking in to help.


    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Ctdar. How could this happen? New York is the safest place to be, since Bloomberg passed all these “anti-gun” laws, to protect everyone!


    • lovemygirl says:

      I had a run in once with a guy with a “bat”, actually a table leg with a leather strap. He took offense to my passenger playing with a map light in my car, he somehow thought he was messing with him. He slammed into my car with his, we got out thinking it was an accident. He approached us and my friend being large and tough went chest to chest with him (I’m not tiny BTW). I stepped in and put my hands on both chests, decided to push my friend back rather than this guy (turned out to be a bouncer at a strip club). I thought I had him talked down and then saw the bat. I kept talking and luckily he just punched me with his other hand and took off. 3 AAs wanted to help us so they jumped in and I chased him for a bit and then realized how stupid that was. We dropped the AAs off and when my friend got back in the car he said they had a knife in his side and he had to give them all his money. Looking back I don’t know how I survived my youth but driving in nasty neighborhoods is something I learned to avoid. That was a long night at the police station and hospital, my 19th birthday.


  5. Lou says:

    at 2:34 I would have pulled out my 9mm and shot him, and I would have been right.


  6. michellc says:

    If they’d ban hands and feet, one person would have been saved a beating.

    I never lived in this world, I lived in a world where yes there were fights, but it was one on one fights and if one person was getting the best of the other someone broke it up. Only once in my lifetime was I a witness to anything like this. It was in HS and it was two boys on one boy. My mom always said I was too quick to act without thinking. I waded in and got a black eye in the process, but it gave the boy time to catch his breath and for the troops to get there. I doubt those boys ever jumped someone again, they spent the rest of that year being the outcasts, they were called cowards and sissies, who couldn’t fight on their own and had to gang up on one person and were the lowest of lows because they hit a girl. I liked my world, I don’t like this world where their buddies would have high fived them.


  7. Josh says:

    I can’t even watch this stuff. I’m so tired of it all 😦


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