Prog Blackmail: Dems Say – Give Us More Taxes Or We Won’t Put Forth A Budget…..

Imagine the media response if George Bush had openly said he would break the law if he did not get his way.  Both the White House, through David Plouffe, and the Senate, through Chuck Schumer, are saying exactly the same thing:  Raise taxes, or we will operate without a budget.

WASHINGTON DC – Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said the U.S. Senate will only fulfill its legal obligation to pass a budget if the budget, which has not been passed since 2009, includes new tax increases.

Chuck Schumer close up

“We need a budget,” Schumer conceded on Meet the Press.  “It’s a great opportunity to get us some more revenues to help in part deal with sequestration and deal with the debt issue . . . We’re going to do a budget this year and it’s going to have revenues in it and our Republican colleagues better get used to that fact.”

Senate Democrats have refused to pass a budget since Obamacare was passed, prompting Republicans to accuse their counterparts of hiding the amount of spending they desire to avoid electoral rebuke.  (read more)

David Plouffe, a long time advisor to Barack Obama, went on this morning on ABC about the president’s focus on raising taxes:

“Yes,” tax increases need to be in the budget for Obama to sign it, Plouffe said. “There are plenty of loopholes” that need to be closed in the tax code, Plouffe said, suggesting where Obama will seek tax revenue from next

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17 Responses to Prog Blackmail: Dems Say – Give Us More Taxes Or We Won’t Put Forth A Budget…..

  1. Sharon says:

    How on earth can “we refuse to pass a budget unless you do what we say” actually constitute a threat when they haven’t passed a budget for four years.


    • John Galt says:

      Shut er down. Seriously, fund nothing, do not raise the debt ceiling. Cut government by 50%.


      • jordan2222 says:

        I totally support that without any reservations whatsoever but other than Ron Paul, name one person on the Hill who would ever agree to do anything even remotely close to that.


      • howie says:

        I am amazed at the new GOP plan. What a joke. Give Obama another unlimited credit card for three months but hold up the pay of congress if the Senate does not send a budget. Sheer insanity. That is the plan to stop Obama? Good Grief! Mayday, Mayday Mayday….we are going down in flames.


  2. ed357 says:

    Ever since DEMocRATS lost the 2010 election…..

    DEMocRATS have refused to pass a budget………

    because with no new budget passed…..

    the last old passed budget is valid…….

    and the prize in the old budget is 0BAMACARE…….


    It reminds me of Charlie Brown and Lucy playing football.


    • Coast says:

      This is true. Under a CR (when essentially no budget is passed) the prior sending level became the new “baseline” and as a result of bailouts/TARP, etc, the excessive spending continued. Its part of the 1974 Budget Control Act. They refused to pass a budget so that the government would operate under a CR each year. Obama and Reid directed this, and the GOP is to blame..they could have stopped this.


  3. justfactsplz says:

    Government run a muk. They do need shut down and taken over by patriots.


    • allhail2 says:

      It’s happened before. Here’s the thing, “History is doomed to repeat itself,” is most often used in negative connotations. However, ” taken over by patriots” has happened before, and therefore, can happen again.
      Fair Warning, “Those in positions of power need to re-read basic American History from mid to late 1700s. It will be of utmost importance for them to understand or have a tutor explain to them ’cause and effect.’ It is also important for them to understand how “if/then” statements work: ie, if you continue down this path, then…..(refer to mid – late 1700s for reference, and repeat process until you get it).


      • justfactsplz says:

        I think this administration underestimates gun owners who are also patriots.


        • allhail2 says:

          I also do not believe they are figuring in those who don’t own a gun (not anti 2A, just don’t own one) and would see this attempt as a stepping stone to further restrict other guaranteed rights. I mentioned in another thread, the attempts by this administration to further restrict citizens’ rights are going to end up creating some interesting bedfellows. IE: who in their right mind would see the group Anonymous making statements that are similiar to the Tea Party, NRA, etc.
          It is not about the gun or speech or religion per se, it is about basic rights and established principles set forth within the Constitution.

          Of the 97% of blacks that voted for Obama, when they are told to turn over their guns and forgo their 2A rights, what the hell does he think will happen? What is their “plan” for massive non-compliance? Dear Barry, it ain’t just conservatives and republicans that are taking notice of this.


  4. nobaddog says:

    Shut it down and they can all go home. Let the absolutely necessary items get funded. Thats it all you crooks can go home were not going tp pay you so your fired.


  5. BertDilbert says:

    Go ahead and raise taxes, either way it comes out of GDP and blue states that are heavily reliant on sales taxes will take it in the butt making a raise have negative consequences. Carry on.


  6. lovemygirl says:

    Maybe they should start with closing the “loopholes” that got Obama a free education.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    After Carter, we had a chance to destroy the Democratic Party under Reagan but he was too nice of a guy to orchestrate the act. The Democrats saw how close they came to extinction and hired pros to pump new life into the party, establishing a doctrine that appealed to the personal interests of takers vice the interests .of the working class that funds the country. The Republicans lost again when they didn’t capitalize on Bush’s popularity immediately post-Desert Storm and failed to handle the ‘no new taxes’ gaff leaving the ’92 election firmly in the Democrats’ hands, allowing the Democrats under Clinton to opened the floodgates and allow millions of illegals to become immediate citizens and Democratic voters. This set the Democratic strategy and destruction of the Republicans, and has set us on a course that will potentially turn us from and English to a Spanish speaking country. Like the Brit upper class on the Titanic, the Republican hierarchy sat at the bar decrying the sorry state of affairs as the cumin-scented waters rose around us. Unless someone opens the floodgates and allows waves of European, especially from the old Eastern Zones, to immigrate I’m afraid that what we see going on now in Congress will be looked on as ‘the good old says’ in the very near future. Budget hell, take a look a Forbes recent report on how much the State of California’s spending yearly on welfare benefits four illegals alone and then tell me about the Democrats and the pipedream of ‘fiscal responsibility’


  8. JOC56 says:

    Didn’t our taxes just go up? My paycheck indicates that they did.


  9. allhail2 says:

    (D)ems want MORE taxes…..well, surprise, surprise, surprise. And of course, they will come up with some rosey reason why that all good libs and progs will fall for. (D) is for (D)umbass.


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