Gun Banning Road Show – President Obama and Vice-President Biden To Take Gun Ban Tour To Rally Support…..

This has all the keen indicators of a back-fire waiting to happen.   Great opportunity for 2nd Amendment supporters to show the majority voice….   The one thing you can always count on with Progs is their entrenched echo-chamber ideology keeping them isolated from the “real views” of Americans, See: ObamaCare.

How much you want to bet this idea gets scrapped before the end of next week.

WASHINGTON DC – Vice President Biden said he and President Obama will tour the country making the case for gun control laws – the centerpiece of which is a requirement that all gun buyers submit to a federal background check.

Obama Bus Arrest

Biden, speaking to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, devoted the heart of his remarks to pushing the background check requirement twinned with pleas that state and federal governments share their information on prospective gun purchasers.

Obama has already begun recruiting supporters on the gun issue through both his campaign apparatus — which e-mailed supporters Thursday asking them to “stand with the president to reduce gun violence,” and the official Web site, but Biden’s remarks at the Capitol Hilton mark the first declaration that the White House plans to barnstorm to build support for its gun proposals.


“We’re going to take this fight to the halls of Congress, Biden said. “We’re going to take it beyond that. We’re going to take it to the American people. We’re going to go around the country making our case and we’re going to let the voices, the voices of the American people be heard.”  (read more)

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23 Responses to Gun Banning Road Show – President Obama and Vice-President Biden To Take Gun Ban Tour To Rally Support…..

  1. Sharon says:

    The last thing they want to hear is the voices of the American people.


  2. cajunkelly says:

    (guffaw) Come on down! Bring yo sorry ass on down to LA The Sportsman’s Paradise.

    He won’t. He won’t dare come to the deep red states. He’ll hit NY, MA, NJ, CA, etc.


  3. jordan2222 says:

    I rather doubt you will see any of them in places with open carry.

    This is when the opposition needs to organize and show up in greater numbers than they will muster.


    • justfactsplz says:

      That is a great idea because our numbers are far higher than they think they are.


      • jordan2222 says:

        Oh, I am serious and I will be disappointed if they don’t. Fight back while you can.

        Maybe the Westboro Church will show up, too. LOL.


      • michellc says:

        I’m an auction addict, I love estate auctions and any kind of auction that also has guns. I went to an estate auction yesterday morning that had guns. I went to a consignment auction tonight that had guns. I’ve always been able to get great deals on guns, now the guns are going for ridiculous prices. People are acting like they’re will be no more guns to buy. Besides that though, listening to people talk, people don’t seem so scared anymore as they do pissed. Yesterday I listened to two off duty cops talking about how they would fight side by side with the citizens and would fight against their boss if need be, but they would not be helping to take anyone’s guns. There were several other conversations I overheard by young, old, male and female, basically stating they would become the hunters and not the hunted.
        Tonight I listened to two vets, old vets, who were discussing that although it had been years since they were trained, they still remembered their training and they would use that training against the government if they came after the guns. That they took their oath seriously and they didn’t fight and risk their lives and live with shrapnel in their bodies to roll over and let the government take away from them what they fought for.

        I honestly don’t think Obama, Biden or Feinstein understand the hornet’s nest they’ve disturbed. I remember the talk in the 90’s during the last gun grab and it was nothing like this. Then it was more they will have to come and pry my gun from my cold dead hands and now it’s more like we will prepare for war and will take the fight to them, not wait for them to bring the fight to us. It scares the living daylights out of me and makes me proud all at the same time.
        In the meantime though I’m glad I don’t need a gun, because the prices these guns are bringing are enough to cause me to stroke out.


        • justfactsplz says:

          I am hearing similar conversations from various ages and walks of life. A friend of mine recently bought a AR15 at a pawn shop for $1000.00 and has been offered $4000.00 for it. Prices are insane.


          • michellc says:

            It’s nuts, last night they sold a couple of hand guns that before all of this started you could buy all day long for $50 for over $200. They sold a 410 that according to the gun bible is worth $285 for $500.
            I have this little 357 S&W double action revolver that I gave $400 for 4 months ago and I’ve been offered $1000 for it. I keep telling people it’s not worth that new and keep getting told they can’t find it new or used anywhere.
            Our local Wal Mart is out of 2/3 of their ammo and I asked them when they would get some more in and they said the warehouse is out so they don’t know.
            It makes me a little weary of selling any of my guns or ammo at any price because I might not be able to replace it.
            It’s crazy out there and it’s more than fear. I’ve witnessed fear over guns being taken away during the 90’s and after Obama was elected and re-elected, this is different.


  4. ar10308 says:

    Ben Shapiro is really quite insightful. Not to say he can replace Andrew Breitbart’s fire and intensity, but in terms of understanding the tactics of these Collectivist bastards, he sees right through them.


  5. Mr. Shapiro missed one possible motive. Who would the Administration convert on a Gun Grab Bus Tour? No one. The media already campaigns 24/7 against guns. Everyone has already chosen sides. More likely, your King is setting up the tour for another incident on the road to grab the Hearts & Minds of folks, who will then pressure Congress to dump the 2nd Amendment altogether. No gun ownership, period.


    • howie says:

      Amendments can be repealed by another amendment. Like Prohibition of alcohol. The last progressive insanity. It led to Al Capone. But was finally repealed. But 75% of the states would have to ratify it.


  6. BertDilbert says:

    Road show my ass. He can only know that pro gun will totally outnumber any supporters motivated to show up. He would not place himself into this position to bring attention to pro gun drowning out anti gun supporters. So then what would the motivation be?

    I normally do not say crap like this but I would expect Obama to pull a fake assassination attempt to be the push for yet more gun legislation.if he does expose himself to the public on this issue.


  7. Don P. says:

    The unintended consequence of a weapons ban will be a black market. So instead of those nasty blacm scary sporterized semi auto guns we can get our hands on the full auto version. When they make you a criminal who is going to care to what degree. The punishment will likely be the same for possessing either one.


  8. michellc says:

    Are we going to be paying for this non-stop campaign? Maybe his new BFF, Christie will hop on the bus with him to whine for money and yell about how disgusting the NRA is.


  9. Who did the picture of the Obama Bus Arrest? That is priceless.


  10. Arkindole says:

    Hmmmm….wonder if the carnies [ ] are going to hit the state 2A rallies tomorrow (19th)…read: not…read_again: Fail…..


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