Obama Cabinet Hypocrisy – Lack of Diversity – It’s Republicans Fault… of course

You just can’t make this stuff up.

President Obama has been called out, well, sort of, by the ideologues and progressives for a lack of diversity in his inner circle, including Cabinet appointments. After all, this was candidate Obama who ran on a platform of the other side being devoid of diversity and a “war on women”. So to see all white males around him is horrid optics for his advocates.

Yet, the reality is what it is.

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) on Thursday called it “embarrassing as hell” that President Barack Obama is facing charges that his White House lacks diversity.

“It’s embarrassing as hell. We’ve been through all of this with [2012 GOP presidential nominee] Mitt Romney. And we were very hard with Mitt Romney with the women binder and a variety of things,” Rangel said on MSNBC. “And I kind of think there’s no excuse with the second term.”  (link)

Ben Jealous

NAACP Ben Jealous sends out the clarion call for minorities to “stay on the plantation” at all costs and do not challenge Dear Leader:


But über-Prog Joan Walsh via MSNBC takes it to all new levels of prog stupid with her charge that the lack of diversity is all the fault of the Republicans: Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Even when the REALITY is staring them in the face – the progs just can’t bring themselves to be intellectually honest and criticize Dear Leader. No, it’s somehow got to be George Bush’s fault that Obama will not pick minorities to represent him.   It, it… it just has to be….. or something.

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15 Responses to Obama Cabinet Hypocrisy – Lack of Diversity – It’s Republicans Fault… of course

  1. nobaddog says:

    Maybe hes not as stupid as i thought or someone else calls the shots. If he were to surround himself with incompetent people he would be an easy target. I thought thats what he would do in 08. Not that lucky. The destruction continues.


  2. Good Lord, that Oval Office picture, what a bunch of clowns


  3. Arkindole says:

    Oh, look…a little pixie’s black pantleg right in the center….next to the apple eater’s pants. No women? Symbolic meaning?


  4. Patriot Dreamer says:

    It looks to me like Dear Reader needs some “binders full of women” of his own! 😉


  5. sundance says:

    Unrelated, a bit,…. but, what ever happened to decorum in the Oval Office? The Office Of The President Of The United States… yet, blue jeans, dungrrees, no ties, loafers etc etc…

    Has it really come to this. No spit or polish at all – no dress code expectations, even for “cabinet” members?

    Maybe, I’m just too old school, or starched, or,…. or something… 😦


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