Cover Story: NY Post Sells White House Cover Story of EPA Jackson – Richard Windsor Appears Safe…..

Suckas’…. Nothing is more annoying that watching a mainstream media outlet fall for the seeded psy-ops White House cover stories dropped with varying degrees of seperation and plausible deniability. The ONLY reason Lisa Jackson quit was because Richard Windsor’s 12,000 emails were about to be poured through the filter of congressional investigation.

Lisa P_ JacksonWASHINGTON DC – EPA chief Lisa Jackson suddenly resigned last week because she was convinced that President Obama is planning to green-light the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, The Post has learned.

“She was going to stay on until November or December,” said a Jackson insider. “But this changed it. She will not be the EPA head when Obama supports it [Keystone] getting built.”

While the State Department — not the Environmental Protection Agency — is responsible for the pipeline process because it’s an international project, Jackson is still the president’s top adviser on ecological policy.

She has expressed concerns over the proposed $7 billion pipeline that would carry Canadian oil sands through the US to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama early this year rejected the Keystone project, but the pipeline’s operators have refiled their applications. And Jackson has told insiders that the president will approve the project this time — perhaps as soon as March or April.  (more)

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9 Responses to Cover Story: NY Post Sells White House Cover Story of EPA Jackson – Richard Windsor Appears Safe…..

  1. lovemygirl says:

    Useful tool is all I can say.


  2. triage says:

    Where are the investigative reporters? Is the New York times going to reveal her secret email content. Of course not. This would seem to be a career story for some journalist and they just sit on it. So not one reporter feels that they have a moral obligation to be a watchdog for the public? What do they learn in journalism school? Oh yes I forgot, they are told they are agents of change and activists who need to shape the news and not objectively report it. They want this regime to suceed so for the better good they need to ignore this crime.

    The press is enemy number one for conservatives and we cannot change the course of events or hold government officals accountable until we can decredential the press or hold them responsible for the malpractice in their profession. I say they should be equally liable for a crime when they know of the crimes and fail to inform us. Other professional ( Doctors, nurses, teachers etc.) that are given the trust of the community are responsible for reporting crimes (child abuse etc.) and will be charged with a crime if they don’t. Why can’t we hold reporters to the same standard given the special access to information that we give them. Why do they not risk their careers when they knowingly mislead us about such important matters.


  3. elvischupacabra says:

    Those Sh!tcago politicians at it again! Takin’ one for Team Obama!

    Of course, she’s probably leaving with a Zero Halliburton full of used banknotes and a home version of the Obama Administration’s official board game, “Unda Da Bus!”.


  4. Chip Bennett says:

    Obama is going to approve Keystone XL?

    Oh, boy! Get ready for another round of Enviro-Wackos Gone Wild. 😀


  5. Sam says:

    Somehow, some way the greeniacs will find a way to block this even if Obama approves it. Or perhaps Obama’s friends are scheduled to make big bucks on the pipeline and will give him a share of the loot. That’s how politics works. Corrupt? Yes, and very profitable too.


  6. LouDaJew says:

    II personally would love to see us use alternative energy. it’s pretty obvious to me that there are entities that don’t want us to be able to survive without oil. I also grew up with friends that were lobbyists so I know how the system works. you grease my palm, I’ll spread the message. the problem is I’m not getting my palm greased. we’re just spending money on expensive gas. can we be assured that our gas prices go down with this oil pipeline? fossil fuels also just bring on more natural disasters. I don’t think that’s just Al Gore because I pesonally can’t stand the man that sent jobs to Mexico with NAFTA. I think it’s a thinking man’s issue, and isn’t either a Repub or Dem issue. anyway, the people who are getting their hands greased are the biggest proponents of this pipeline. yes, Obama is also getting his hands greased.


  7. triage says:

    The funny thing is that the government gets the most profit from a gallon of gas sold. More than the oil companies who find and get the oil extracted at their expense. The government does nothing and profits the most. So I’m not so sure the government is all that interested in having the price of oil low. They would just lose hugh amounts of revenue.

    I think when congress calls the oil executives in to testify and then badger them it is with a wink and a nod. I believe members of congress tell the oil executives that the american people are upset with the price of gas so we have to call you in and put on a show for them like so the people think we are concerned. They are both making out because of high gas prices and are just jerking us off so to speak.


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