BREAKING: Richard Windsor Quits White House – House Committee Investigation Continues….

Facing a looming committee investigation, and the very real potential for serious criminal charges, Richard follows a similar White House move:

Richard Windsor has quit her job as EPA Administrator. 

Interestingly the announcement by the White House was followed in less than 1 Minute 30 Seconds with the following AP Report.  Lisa Jackson Resigns: EPA Administrator Stepping Down:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration’s chief environmental watchdog, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, is stepping down after a nearly four-year tenure marked by high-profile brawls over global warming pollution, the Keystone XL oil pipeline, new controls on coal-fired plants and several other hot-button issues that affect the nation’s economy and people’s health.

Barack Obama, Lisa Jackson

Jackson, the agency’s first black administrator, constantly found herself caught between administration pledges to solve controversial environmental problems and steady resistance from Republicans and industrial groups who complained that the agency’s rules destroyed jobs and made it harder for American companies to compete internationally.  (continue reading)

Please notice that no-where in the AP report, which is quite a dissertation on her tenure, is the name Richard Windsor.

Here is the Richard Windsor information:   Click Here and Click Here

And here is the latest information PRIOR TO HER ANNOUNCMENT:

Lisa Jackson is the boss at one of the most contentious government agencies in the Obama administration and is responsible for numerous controversial actions that will have a significant financial effect on American consumers: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

So it’s no wonder Congress is miffed to discover that her decision-making process on key issues was conducted in the most secretive manner Washington has ever devised—under an alias.

Jackson’s secret identity email account name is “Richard Windsor.” The name is part family dog (Richard) and part hometown (East Windsor, N.J.), and it turns out there are at least 12,000 recently discovered but as yet undisclosed emails using her government-approved pseudonym that has prompted two congressional inquiries and an inspector’s general (IG) investigation.

“Our objective is to determine whether EPA follows applicable laws and regulations when using private and alias email accounts to conduct official business,” said the IG’s notice last week announcing the audit.

Meanwhile, the congressional panels want to know how the use of an alias affects transparency—a practice that President Barack Obama pledged to uphold to the highest standard when he was first elected to that office.

“Over the past two years, the Energy and Commerce Committee initiated a number of oversight inquiries seeking information and documents relating to actions and policy decisions at the Environmental Protection Agency, including regulatory actions and major rulemakings that required your review or approval,” Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) said in a Dec. 13 letter to Jackson.

“We recognize the utility of a secondary, internal email account for the conduct of agency business. We seek to understand whether conducting business with an alias has in any way affected the transparency of the agency’s activities …” the letter said.  (continue reading)

Hillary has a convenient concussion to avoid congressional committee……   Three State Dept Officials Resign – then somehow mysteriously re-hire themselves……..   And now Richard Windsor quits the EPA as the House Committee is about to expose the content of the secret e-mail accounts.

Go figure!

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19 Responses to BREAKING: Richard Windsor Quits White House – House Committee Investigation Continues….

  1. mcfyre2012 says:

    Well, the science is in…global warming is a hoax, and the EPA’s regulations are BS. Jackson/Windsor has to be removed post-haste and the media machine cranked up for a good diversion smoke screen.

    Here’s a great article from today’s “American Thinker” from a bonified expert on the climate:


  2. czarowniczy says:

    Could be the huge immoral situational ethics problem the EPA has. Note that in Gillette, Wyoming the EPA’s allowing a uranium mining firm (wonder how much they gave the POtuS?) to pump millions of gallons of contaminated waste water into the aquifer where it will eventually seep into drinking/farming water that will be used by a lot of future voters. Meanwhile above ground the Feds have been waging a groundwater war with farmers and ranchers for decades. If a stream flows through ranch/farm land everyone from theUuSDA to the EPA overlooks what the farmer/rancher does with that water on his land – in some cases the livestock have to be kept from stepping in and altering the stream’s flow. May be that the bureaucrats overseeing various Federal agencies who’ve been increasing their ‘grab’ over citizens for decades are being winnowed out, only the truly Machiavelian survive.


  3. brocahontas says:

    He/She is black? umm…. I guess that makes sense since I’m a Cherokee princess.


    • brutalhonesty says:

      she is black, george zimmerman is white, and and elizabeth warren is native american….liberalism is truly a mental disorder.


  4. elvischupacabra says:

    Hmmmmmmm…. Richard… errrr ‘Dick’ Windsor. Sounds to me like a Dog Whistle for a very anti-British Royal Family term. You know, as we’re going to “‘dick’ the Windsors”. Yes. That’s it. Typical of the Obama Administration, who has been anti-British from Day One.


  5. WeeWeed says:

    Well, if it’s possible, Imam Jawbone will replace this “dick” with an even bigger one.


  6. tara says:

    Wow. Great job Huffington Post, keeping Dem voters ignorant.


  7. Coast says:

    She’s another part-white black person. Regardless, I don’t like either (or any) color of her.


  8. Sharon says:

    So it’s no wonder Congress is miffed to discover that her decision-making process on key issues was conducted in the most secretive manner Washington has ever devised—under an alias.

    That characterization of constitutionally-mandated oversight is telling: I don’t know whether “miffed” is a “journalist’s” way of suggesting that Congress is “just being touchy” or if it reflects the reality that Congress is ticked off that one of their darlings behaved badly enough that they have to spank her fingers in public.

    ADD: Now that I’ve read the whole article (sorry ’bout that) it appears that the word was chosen to reflect that–yup, Congress is genuinely and properly ticked off and ain’t one bit happy to see the deliberate evasions and apparently—no! Could it be!?? REALLY??????—-apparently are going to actually call someone to account?????? Whoa, Nellie………..

    On second thought, though–don’t bother with the popcorn. I have yet to see this Congress actually follow through with anything. Eric Holder was actually found in contempt of Congress six months ago tomorrow, June 28….and I’m sure you remember what happened to him as a result………………, it’s not your failing memory. Nothing happened to him.

    I am wondering if HRHobama’s return from Hawaii is connected to this? I recall that he had to make a flight to Hawaii right before Grandma died to take care of some odds and ends paperwork. Wonder if he had to come back to supervise destruction of documents or something?


    • sundance says:

      For any other administration, and any other President, this would be a constant media cycle story 24/7. But after Benghazi ignored, after Fast n Furious ignored, after all the crony Green Energy corruption,….. all of it ignored…. nothing surprises me with the media any longer….

      willful blindness


    • WeeWeed says:

      Yeah, Sharon – he had to supervise paperwork “filing” AND make sure Grandma got her “pill,” I think.


  9. John Galt says:

    Can anyone name any Obama appointed cabinet member or agency head that is not a communist and/or not incompetent and/or not conducting criminal activities?


  10. taqiyyotomist says:

    Like Sandy Hook, I think we’re probably never going to hear another MSM word about this investigation.

    Like the Zimmerman case, dropped like it was hot. Like the OKC bombing.

    All the MSM will be told to STFU and become instantly incurious, or else. And they will.

    There are NO MORE JAYNA DAVISES working for ANY “news” agency.


    • WeeWeed says:

      We could go on and on, could we not?? Ft. Hood, Fast and Furious….. looks like a whole lot of gubmint fingers in a whole lot of pies…..


  11. czarowniczy says:

    I’d surely like to know what part the Gorbachev Institute has played in all of this. I can’t believe the now-so-silent Mike Mike bo-bike, banana-fana-fo-fike Fee-fi-mo-mike Gorbie played no part in tricking this country into drinking the Kool-Aid. He destroyed the Soviet Union in trying to turn it into a Marxist paradise and seems to have useful idiots aplenty here.


  12. akathesob says:

    Like rats fleeing a sinking ship.


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