Other Than DOJ Planning For “Gun Controls”, Why Would This Be Needed?

I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It’: N.C. Police Lieutenant Warns Of Martial Law In Early 2013, Says Training Has Begun

Was the Illinois Gun Ban [home state of Emanuel, Jarrett, Axelrod and Obama] the trial balloon to see how public responses to gun bans and confiscation would occur? (Via Washington Examiner) President Obama’s home state of Illinois won’t be the first to approve post-Sandy Hook Elementary School gun control measures after all, thanks in part to the Second Amendment advocacy of the National Rifle Association.

The Illinois Senate pulled the plug on legislation to ban assault-style weapons and high-capacity ammo clips late Thursday, a stinging rebuke to Democrats and a wake-up call to the president and his supporters who think the Newtown, Conn. school child slayings will make it easy to pass gun control.

NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told Secrets Friday, “This was the first of many challenges gun owners and hunters will face this year. We will face many more and we need to keep our focus on those upcoming challenges.”

Gun advocates predict that the Illinois Senate will offer watered down legislation next year, likely limiting the number and types of guns to be restricted. “This is in no way a victory and nobody is doing a victory dance,” said a state gun advocate. “This is a minor win and we have to keep on.”

Public polls, meanwhile, show little change in the nation’s support for gun control measures.

Lawmakers in Springfield, Ill. who support the measures said they lacked the support to win, in part because some members were absent. (read more)

obama-chavez copy_thumb[1]Having watched this crew for several years, the “trial balloon” makes sense. It makes sense in conjunction with all the White House prior statements about “fundamental change” and DOJ’s Eric Holder saying America needs to redefine the concept of freedom in relation to firearms.

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29 Responses to Other Than DOJ Planning For “Gun Controls”, Why Would This Be Needed?

  1. brocahontas says:

    That is totally insane. At least we won’t have to wait a year to see if it is true.


  2. Arkindole says:

    N.Y. is on the move now.


  3. Coast says:

    My God help us. If this is only half true, it’s still really bad.


  4. By comparison, I feel safe down here with Lucifer. 👿


  5. michellc says:

    How low do these drones fly?


    • sundance says:

      I believe the FAA rules from last year required them to stay below 1,000 ft. They can go as low as they want to, it is the ceiling they cannot break.

      They are no more than sophisticated remote control airplanes/choppers. They can drop down to look inside a first story building window hovering easy, or sit on the ground and wait too.


      • michellc says:

        Just curious how close they get, just in case. I would think the lower the better.


      • Sharon says:

        “….no more than sophisticated remote control airplanes/choppers.” Absolutely.

        Rarely does the problem lie in “what is it?” The problem lies in “who is using it for what?”

        There’s nothing wrong with itty-bitty drones: there’s a problem with the government using them to track people, control people, restrict people’s liberty.

        There’s nothing wrong with RFID chips in our credit cards: there’s a problem with the government using them to track people, control purchases and restrict liberty.

        There’s nothing wrong with cell phones that are “on” being constantly tracked by cell phone towers: there’s a problem with the government using them to identify your location at 1:42 pm last Thursday afternoon. If your cell phone is “on” right now, they will forever be able to specifically know exactly where you are at this very moment on January 5, 2013. Go ahead and run and turn it off.

        Too late. It’s in the data bank.

        There’s nothing wrong with a data bank: but there is something wrong with what’s in the data bank being used to intimidate you.

        An EMP episode has some positive aspects to it.


  6. maggiemoowho says:

    Not sure if these are the same drones, but The University of Central Florida is going to start using drones.


    • howie says:

      Wonder if there will be anti-drone Drones….Like radar detectors. The Drone Wars begin.


      • taqiyyologist says:

        You should read “Earth” by David Brin.

        The drones in the time he describes therein (2020 or so) are pretty tiny. Like the size of houseflies.

        There will be anti-drones. To answer your question.


        • taqiyyologist says:

          Although, I might be thinking of another dystopian near-future SF novel, by Neil Stephenson, called “Diamond Age”. Yes that’s the one. Semi-autonomous drones the size of, actually, fruit flies. With cameras, poisons, and anti-drone armament and programming.

          Why wouldn’t there be?


          • czarowniczy says:

            DARPA started releasing contracts to private business and military research-associated universities well before 911 on ‘insect’ surveillance drones. There have been some very interesting developments in flight and maneuvering but there are some problems still left to iron out. To be honest, when we were told a few moons ago that soldiers would have small surveillance drones they could ft in their backpacks we put that into the same category as ‘tasty field rations’ but they’ve been in the field for a while. When power supplies and imagery sensor capabilities catch up to the miniaturized flight units we’ll be seeing Congress banning Flit guns too.


  7. howie says:

    They will have Cola Drones. To make sure you don’t drink too much CoCola.


  8. czarowniczy says:

    One of the major problems is that the ATF, like all Federal bureaucracies, is a paperwork mess. In the 80s they were floating bids for a system that would blow-back thousands upon thousands of the gun purchase records they microfiched and then destroyed the originals. They have a warehouse where gun purchase records from defunct FFL holders sits stacked like cordwood, as they do not have the staff to process it. Remember, it takes at least three times the number of Federal employees to do the same job one civilian for-profit employee does. I know law enforcement officers and gun dealers who’ve pulled their hair out because their regional ATF offices cannot reliably locate the Federal Firemrs License a legal gun dealer is supposed to have, never mind track a gun. Federal hiring rules apply to ATF just as they do any other agency so factors other than one’s ability to recognize numbers and the alphabet come into play. ATF has lost track of untold amounts of records entrusted to their care and that pisses-off a lot of entrenched bureaucrats – fewer guns in civilian hands means less work and more chances for wholesale grandstand killing of civilians (Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc). Those of you who work civil service at any level know what I’m saying when I tell the others that the primary reason ATF’s in bed on this gun confiscation issue is that it will means they’ll have to hire more employees which means that supervisory staff at every level will have a grade and salary increase and (very important here) they will get the chance to have all prior screwups and problems erased as the agency ‘will be undergoing a fundamental restructuring and will come out on the other end with increased abilities to confront the (fill in the blank).” It will be a new agency (just as DHS’s creating absolved all of the screwups of ) and will have a grace period where it can screwup all it wants. It will come out bloated, as inefficient as ever but far more intrusive and deadly.


  9. taqiyyologist says:

    Re: trial balloons by Progressives

    ENRON. This was their “trial balloon” for when they would be in power next.

    “How much can a so-labelled Green Energy Company steal from the public?”

    After researching the possibilities, via the test that was ENRON, they know the answer is “As much as it wants — and one or two people will go to a cozy jail for a short time.”

    Ener1, Solyndra, A123, EnerDel, Beacon Power, and 14 more so-called “companies” stole, quite intentionally, TRILLIONS.

    They’re all about “test runs”. Sorta like Muslims. Actually exactly like Muslims.


  10. sundance says:

    These are really cool. You can buy them yourself and try them out. Pretty reasonable.

    Great for playing tricks on the kiddies. Drop them in a backpack, place in your car, or sew them into the lining of a jacket….. Lotsa fun.


  11. jello333 says:

    Not to go into much detail, but I’ll just say that this scenario was always in the back of my mind during the later years of the Bush Administration. Which is one reason I was relieved when Obama was “allowed” to take office. (Yeah, that was my thought process at the time.) But it didn’t take long for it to become clear that Obama was far more of a threat than Bush ever was. Mainly for a couple of reasons: One being the rapid advances in technology. But more importantly, the fact that Obama seems to have so much support (among the VERY POWERFUL, the ones who really pull the strings) for whatever he might plan. In other words, while Bush/Cheney would have had to fight tooth and nail to get people to go along with stuff like this, I really think Obama will have people coming out of the woodwork BEGGING to be a part of the grand scheme…. whatever that turns out to be.


    • waltherppk says:

      Fifth column communists are being lovingly called “progressives” when domestic enemies are what those subversives are. They openly self identify as enemies of the constitution by their conduct and by their deceptions and stupidity and evil. Doing what is in the line of duty would get that problem resolved ….one way or the other. And since the ones who are domestic enemies aren’t acting in true allegiance to the Constitution and acting the legitimate line of duty then who else are their sworn adversaries but those who are ? This second amendment controversy comes down to patriots versus traitors and criminals who are agents operating unlawfully under the color of authority.


      • ytz4mee says:

        SM always refers to them as “Progressives …. (pause) … progressing towards Communism”. It makes the silent majority non boat rocking types uneasy.


        • waltherppk says:

          The “fix is in” when somebody who could not even get a security clearance is handed the keys to the store. Somebody isn’t watching the watchers. Something is way wrong about that whole picture.


          • ytz4mee says:

            Yep. Many in the various Agencies are beyond pissed that the putative “Commander-in-Chief” is not held to the same standards they are with respect to a clearance and background investigation.

            And, the syncophantic History channel is on top of it now with a two-fer – the first a series demonizing and excoriating McCarthy, the second a “retrospective” of all Presidents, with the intent to entrench teh Won’s “place in history”.



            • waltherppk says:

              McCarthy was a patriot and an American hero who has been falsely represented as a paranoid and intolerant bigot simply because he pursued domestic enemies to expose them for the POS’s that they are, and to prosecute them when possible for their subversive activities which were correctly identified as Un-American activity which is really putting it mildly for identifying what is seditious and treasonous “activity”. If anything I would say McCarthy was not extreme enough in defense of liberty and I would be of similar mind with Barry Goldwater on that matter. Those who want to destroy the republic should not be surprised at what they get in response….it might not be “civilized”.


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