GUNS and FABIANS: “They Wouldn’t”… “They Couldn’t”…. “They Can’t”….. “It’ll Never”…. Ha ! Watch em’

12/30/12 President Obama:

…”Something fundamental in America has to change”…

Senator Diane Feinstein:

Here’s How –  Another two sites reach same conclusion we Previously Shared

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14 Responses to GUNS and FABIANS: “They Wouldn’t”… “They Couldn’t”…. “They Can’t”….. “It’ll Never”…. Ha ! Watch em’

  1. LouDaJew says:

    let me ask some knowledgeable people here this question. If I own a Beretta PX4 full size which carries 17 rounds, which also has a California Compliant model, what would I have to do to make it a 10 round magazine? would I have to just change magazines or would I have to have a gunsmith modify the weapon itself? how does that work?


  2. John McLachlan says:

    There is substantial evidence that the Obama administration supplied arms to civilians in Libya and also to civilians in Syria.

    The Obama administration has also publicly criticized the late Col. Qaddaffi of Libya and President Assad of Syria, for conducting massacres of civilians in their respective countries.

    Surely, the willingness of the Obama administration to authorize the supply of weapons to civilians constitutes their validation of the right of civilians to possess the means to protect themselves from oppression or murder by a tyrannical government.

    Simultaneously, the Obama administration has given support to proposed legislation which would abolish the right of the American people to possess these same essential tools required by people who sought to protect themselves from tyrannical government, if one such should achieve power in the USA.

    The obvious inference from these two separate facts is that the Obama administration is quite prepared to assist some foreigners to protect themselves from some tyrannical governments, but is determined to oppose American citizens from being able to protect themselves from any future tyrannical US government.

    This suggests that the Obama administration seeks to remove the right of the American people to bear arms, because the Obama administration considers that any future tyrannical government, which could achieve power in the USA, would share their ideology and that the tyranny would be oppressive to their ideological opponents.


    • howie says:

      They are already in power I think. The so called opposition has been turned in to Scarbourough Clones. Now they are going to join hands with Pelosi in the house vote. It is really amazing to watch. Next will be the 2nd amendment destruction. It will run the same play.


  3. ytz4mee says:

    Latest White House Petition:
    “Eliminate Armed Guards for the President, VP…. establish “gun free zones”..”

    Who else will demand that the President “lead by example” when it comes to banning guns and placing faith in the protection of declared “gun free zones” ??


  4. brocahontas says:

    I don’t necessarily think the gun grab is so the government can and something horrible to us, like send people to execution camps(could be wrong). Part of the reason people own guns is in case of some major collapse happens to the government and people have to find ways to band together to protect their community. By taking guns, people become totally dependent on the government for protection, maintaining order and hence survival. This is simply another way the government wants us to be dependent on them just like ebt cards, obamaphones, government jobs, etc… They simply want total control.


  5. Sentenza says:

    Why do government officials want to know who has guns, if not for the purpose of taking them?

    They can’t make criminals register their guns. (Haynes.) So, the only people required to register their guns are law abiding people. Those people are the ones that are not likely to commit crimes.
    So, why does the government need to know who has a gun, if they are people that are not likely to commit crimes?

    It’s not for protection from criminals.


  6. jordan2222 says:

    I have never heard of anyone renting a gun. Who does that?


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