Fabian Socialists Bill, Fabian Socialists.

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10 Responses to Fabian Socialists Bill, Fabian Socialists.

  1. Coast says:

    The beginning two minute hypothetical opening was stellar!!


  2. Sharon says:

    I feel like I’m in the death ward at a cancer center and every day they throw me on the gurney, wheel me through the endless halls, past bunches of other dying people just like me; down to the big elevator that holds 10 gurneys simultaneously. And all together, we ride in the elevator down to the lab where the MRI equipment is. Every day.

    Everyday we all get the newest tests and imaging processes done. And every day drop off the results at 5pm, with a note added to the chalkboard inside the doorway to my room that just says, “Yup. It’s cancer. She’s still dying. But we found a new way to affirm what we’ve known for months.”


    • howie says:

      OK, the can is on the 40. The Fiscal Cliff is looming. The snapper Ryan hikes the ball to Boner. Boner tee’s it up perfectly. A little wind from the right. Obama is set. Obama kicks it up!!! It looks long enough. He has adjusted for the wind from the right…..it’s….it’s Gooooodd!! What a kick folks. He came all the way from Hawaii to make it. Another last second victory. Yip Yip Yahooo!


  3. boutis says:

    One of the groups that has been most loyal to the Progressives has been the public employee. They saw an endless gravy train of ever growing salaries, power over the population, and the ability to experiment to their heart’s desire. Many of them really thought that Obama was “one of them” in their bizarre delusion of dystopia when it is really just a desire for a fat paycheck and the ability to screw off 35 hours a week. My amusement at a story on Christmas Eve in the Washington Post titled “Federal workers feel unease over potential layoffs, furloughs unleashed by ‘fiscal cliff’” was great. The idea that Obama playing games with their paycheck is beginning to dawn on them. Their delusion that Obama gives a rat about “their agency Mission” is also becoming apparent to them. One of the fears is that a furlough will expose the fact that not only will the public not miss them if they are sent home (without pay) but that 2/3 of them could disappear and the entire country would function better without them.


    • howie says:

      The unions will stop Obama from going over the cliff. They can not take the 10% reduction in spending increases. It ruins the baseline scam.


      • boutis says:

        Ordinarily I would agree with you but Obama ultimately betrays every interest group that has ever assisted him. He got his second term and no one in his “constituencies” is safe from here on. Watch what he does, not what he says and he always does as little as possible.


        • howie says:

          Well, it is of little consequence anyway. Fiscal Cliff is just another hoax. Like Global Warming. Crooks will be Crooks.


          • Coast says:

            You’re exactly correct; it’s a scare tactic term. They do this to create public and media pressure, and place blame. Congress and the Obama administration worked out this deal, and Obama signed this into law…and now it’s coming to destroy us? Actually the destruction has been going on for the last 15 years or so. What we really should worry about is the massive $16.4T debt and the yearly running deficit spending of over $1.2T. How the hell can anyone, Congress or Obama justify this reckless activity? Answer…they can’t. It has a purpose, and that purpose is to ruin this country.


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  5. Josh says:

    Scott Ott
    “My obligation is … to defend the Republic. “ “… as we’ve talked about before I think that that obligation starts at the local level with YOU the person who is watching this video right now getting involved in your local school district … youir county government and begin to choke off the hose of that pass through spending that’s coming from Washington, DC and from your state capitol. YOU can have the impact. YOU can turn this thing around. Don’t get overwhelmed by the gigantic monstrosity of what’s happening in Washington, DC. Take control of that area that YOU can control and do what YOU can do with the hours YOU have left”

    Gee, perhaps Mr. Ott is speaking to YOU…


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