Famous Jew Hater Brzezinski Defends Hagel As Candidate For Defense Secretary – Anyone Opposed to Hagel is Loyal To The Jews

There is absolutely no doubt a negative opinion toward Israel is an ideological qualification for any Cabinet Level position within the Obama Administration.    Having Zbignew Brzezinski out front is just further affirmation of this.   Brzezinski has been a part of Obama’s ideological life since the early days at Occidental College, through his Columbia University *cough* mystery thesis, and into the administration as a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor.  (In the picture below Zbignew Brzezinski is the guy with the gun, the bearded guy wearing the beret peering over his shoulder is Osama Bin Laden)

sygmacorbis-agency-paris(WFB) As questions swirl around the prospective nomination of Chuck Hagel as President Barack Obama’s next defense secretary, the White House has begun mounting an effort to defend the former Nebraska Senator.

As part of that campaign, Zbigniew Brzezinski appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” early Thursday to push back against charges that Hagel is a poor choice for the job.

Brzezinski told the MSNBC anchor team, which includes his daughter Mika, that Hagel’s “critics, they would like to plunge the U.S. into some new wars, promptly, and not always for U.S. national interest.”

Brzezinski was presumably referring to Hagel’s Jewish critics and their allegiance to some unnamed foreign power.  (article link)

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12 Responses to Famous Jew Hater Brzezinski Defends Hagel As Candidate For Defense Secretary – Anyone Opposed to Hagel is Loyal To The Jews

  1. gretchenone says:

    These guys are trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel. It will not end well for them.


  2. plutorius says:

    Brzezinski would be correct, I am opposed to his comrade in arms ,Hagel and I am a loyal, long term supporter of Israel. However I am not supportive of American Jewsbecause of their almost unamimous support of the Marxists democrat party and Marxist President (wanabe dictator) Obama.
    Brzezinski is a Marxist and a devout enemy of liberty and individual freedom. Any friend or ally of Brzezinski is therefore my enemy, and I of them.


  3. cmsiq2 says:

    One thing I know for sure, I’m not sending my son to fight in some neocon propped up war.


    • Mike says:

      You hit the nail on the head. Firmly advise anyone in your immediate circle of family and friends to not join the militrary. Don’t be a stooge for the clowns in Washington so you can fight and die for another country.

      The enemies of the US are in the US. Obama will take this country down from within and whatever happens in Israel, Iraq or Iran will be even more irrelevant.


  4. lovemygirl says:

    In the article linked Brzezinski mentioned the Liberty incident. Tip off that he has a Nazi like hatred for the Jews.


  5. Apologies for being sort “out of it”–is that really a photo of Brzezinski with Bin Laden??? When/where/how/why?

    If it is real, then the phrase “six degrees of separation” is totally apt here.


  6. akathesob says:

    I am thinking there are some kind a trouble makers up there in DC! (sarcastic grin)


  7. justfactsplz says:

    If you don’t support Israel, then I sure as “H” don’t support you. Obama is lining up all of his old buddies. Sickening.


  8. 22tula says:

    How Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski gave us the Islamic Republic of Iran

    “Those Who Know Will Understand”
    By JR Nyquist – September 17, 2010


  9. Mike says:

    Hagel has the audacity to not reflexively support Israel on every single issues. He must be a Nazi.


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