16 Year Old Shot In Face DEAD – Reasoning: “She was in the wrong place at the wrong time”…. FYI – For Clarity She Was Not Travelling In Fallujah or Benghazi….

According to the following CBS report 16-year-old Taylor Fitting was riding in the backseat of a friends vehicle.   They were travelling, near home, while in a city with a comprehensive handgun ban.  At 10:30pm, as their car slowed to drive over a speed bump, a group of Teens shot into the car hitting Ms. Fitting in the face and killing her.

CBS reports “she was in the wrong place at the wrong time“….

undefinedundefinedPerhaps I am reading too much into the official explanation, but: Given the potential for DEATH by bullet – Can someone, perhaps even someone in law enforcement, please publish a comprehensive list of the “right time” and “right places” we may be permitted to travel so that random attacks by groups of black males with guns, who shoot for no apparent reason,  can be avoided?

Obviously there are geographies within the United States now considered “out-of-bounds” for freedom of movement.   The U.S. State Department currently publishes a report of similar warning methodology outside the United States in their Travel Advisories.   Perhaps now a listing of these “restricted travel areas” within the United States would be appropriate – no?

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24 Responses to 16 Year Old Shot In Face DEAD – Reasoning: “She was in the wrong place at the wrong time”…. FYI – For Clarity She Was Not Travelling In Fallujah or Benghazi….

  1. lovemygirl says:

    Ask the locals where it is safe. She crossed the line at 75th on the East South Side. 😦


    • lovemygirl says:

      BTW, there are no safe havens in many areas of all major cities outside of the “Tourist & Business Districts”. The wealthy burbs are quite safe.
      What I am inferring is her boyfriend was the target, for what we do not know.
      Whether it is Philly, Chitown, Oakland etc, there appear to be areas that people are expected to duck while driving. Bringing back “Ol’ School Cops” to clean it up!


      • sundance says:

        Her boyfriend was not with her. The window was down, she was the only one in the back seat….. “DWD Zones” 😦 Duck While Driving…. 😦


        • toni tranchita Taylor's mother says:

          She was not only one in back seat. There were six kids in the car. The child who shot into the car thought they were rival gang members. It was six high school kids.


    • stellap says:

      I took a shortcut north on State from the Skyway one day a few years ago (daylight) to avoid a traffic backup and was thoroughly chastised by my SIL. I had my dog with me and never felt threatened, but I haven’t done that since!


  2. Dutch says:

    “…wrong place at the wrong time…” is simply a verbal surrender flag. I was told the same thing in the days and years after I walked into a small office building that was being robbed, and was wheeled out on a gurney with a bullet hole through my sciatic nerve. The phrase simply means that Law Enforcement cannot control–and refuse to accept responsibility for–individual security out in the world.


  3. dmoseylou says:

    CBSChicago posted the alleged shooter’s mug shot?!? An African American? A black on white crime? I am impressed…shocked at CBS’s bold journalist reporting…but impressed.


  4. Arkindole says:

    “The teen didn’t appear to be Blandon’s intended target”

    Obviously the correct conclusion by the LEO because young blacks never shoot white people. Blandon was probably an expert marksman with that 380 Ja-nine or Davis, and its really hard to see a “dark Cadillac with tinted window(s)” when you’re aiming at something else.


    • dmoseylou says:

      “The teen didn’t appear to be Blandon’s intended target”

      The complete sentence is, “The teen didn’t appear to be Blandon’s intended target, friends said earlier this week, but rather was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

      FRIENDS said earlier—Not LEO—maybe you should post the entire sentence next time…just saying…


  5. dmoseylou says:

    …And, I know it has to be a dread-lock hanging down, but the guy’s mug shot looks like he has a GSW to the forehead. Prophetic. His life as he once knew it, is DEAD.


  6. canadacan says:

    CBS. Has done some. Gutsy. Repor ting lately. On benghazi also


  7. ytz4mee says:

    It is about time people woke up and realized we are the victims of a deliberate domestic black intifadah. And the goal of the Scheme Team in part is to remove any ability for the intended victims of the ethnic cleansing to defend themselves.

    Don’t think so.


  8. Chip Bennett says:

    So let me get this straight: border-state officials cannot demand proof of citizenship in areas with known influx of huge numbers of illegal immigrants, because it too much resembles Nazi Germany; but citizens can be told implicitly (if not explicitly) to stay out of the “wrong” places at the “wrong” time?

    For what it’s worth: given the location I’d say that it’s just as likely that this was more gang-related (the car was on someone’s “turf”) than overtly racist. But it could just as easily have been racially motivated.

    You can be sure, though, that the distraught, grieving grandmother in the news story isn’t going to get the Trashcan Brigade treatment, London speaking engagements to discuss race and crime issues, or invitations to tell her story on Dr. Fullofhimself.


    • ytz4mee says:

      This will be memory-holed by the compliant media ASAP. Look at how they tried to suppress the reporting on the grisly Channon Christian / Christopher Newsome torture murders. Their families are enduring another round of trials … yet this isn’t on any of the corporate media outlets – it’s like there’s a complete news blackout.


    • obsidian53 says:

      Democrats are the original slave owners, they deal with Jim Crow laws and segregation.
      Always have, always will whether black or white they divide people and help the ones who vote democrat and harm the ones who do not.
      Large areas will be ethnically cleans of one race or the other and we all will be separated into reservation according to color, race and creed.
      Balkanization is what these people have in mind.


  9. Knuckledragingw says:

    Sundance Cracker:

    I am amazed that you published a link to that Bovine Scatology by Professor Fox which blamed the increase in homicide rates on a weakening of firearms laws. His own data reveals that while the number of homicides committed by certain groups, particularly young black males, and the percentage of homicides committed with firearms are increasing, the homicide offense rate has not reversed the historic decline from the peak of the 1990s. The number of ho iciness committed by young black males isn’t increasing because it is easier for them to get guns. Thenumber of homicides committed by young black males is increasing because there are more, young, black males.

    If Prof Fox wanted to gain insight into the cause of homicide, he would consider the enormous, ten-to-one disparity in homicide rates of black males verses white males. Aside from skin color, the most obvious difference between the two groups is family structure, or the lack of family structure. Black males are violent because most of them are bastards born to single mothers with no father to socialize them. They are then presented with a social structure that obligates them to enter into a Darwinian competion for short term, sexual access to black females so that they can sire black bastard babies of their own. Ask any anthroplogist and they will tell you that such unregulated (no marriage) sexual competition is inevitably violent.

    Rather than regulate guns, we need to either alter black family and social structure to encourage procreation within marriage or regulate the number of young, black males. Clinton and Gingrich achieved a profound change in the family and social structure of blacks by reforming welfare. Whileit didn’t discourage black females from having children out of wedlock, it encouraged them to have fewer children at an older age. Since liberals are bitterly opposed to reviving traditional moral values, the only viable atrategy is regulating the number of black males.

    Strategies for regulating the number of black males, particularly young black males are:

    Easy access to free birth control.

    Easy access to free sterilisation. This s particularly effective in altering the behavior of males if the traditional method is used.

    Easy access to free abortion.

    Easy access to free, mandatory abortion for cetain groups

    Conservatives who are morally opposed to abortion should be willing to fund abortion clinics sited in inner city, predominantly black neighborhoods.

    Rather than drive around in trucks displaying antiabortion messages, true conservatives would be driving vans to offer free and easy transportation for black women to reach abortion clinics. Rather than passively wait for black women to request a ride to the abortion clinic, conservatives should cruise inner city neighborhoods searching for black women who obviously need an
    abortion and offer them a ride to the clinic. If the women decline the offer, the volunteers should be persuasive, even insistent.

    Obviously; this post is not entirely serious, but it is thought provoking.


  10. elvischupacabra says:

    Good old Sh!tcago!!

    Perhaps if the law-abiding citizenry of that sewer were allowed to carry concealed weapons, the scum like lil’ ol’ Deon would not be so emboldened to shoot indiscriminately. The reasoning here is that aforementioned scum know that the only ones armed are their friends (homies), or their enemies (the five-oh or rival gangs). Everyone else is just easy pickin’s.

    Totally insane.


  11. myopiafree says:

    We need some “Balanced” humor here. Let me add in support that there are “Whites” that are equally stupid. This is a man with real courage to say this:

    It is a shame that a FEW PEOPLE in ALL RACES – convert themselves into THUGS.


  12. myopiafree says:

    Error: I intended to post this under the “George Zimmerman” thread. Some of this is humorous – but it tells a deep, tragic truth – that these “kids” are raised by absent parents, and soon “fall” into a “street gang”. Then the get guns – and they kill other blacks, in gang fights, or “random Whites” for no reason that “Black Rage”. This is what truly happened to this woman – for NO REASON AT ALL.


  13. myopiafree says:

    Why is this not considered to be a racial incident?
    CHICAGO (STMW) — Bond was denied Friday for a South Side man accused of fatally shooting a 16-year-old girl this week in the Roseland neighborhood.

    Deon Blandon, 18, was charged with felony first-degree murder for allegedly shooting Taylor Fitting in the head while she was sitting in the back seat of a car about 9:25 p.m. Monday, authorities said.

    On Friday, Blandon was ordered held without bond and given a next court date of Dec. 4, said Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokesman Andy Conklin.
    First Degree – is pre-meditated murder. Deon Blandon planned this killing. Probably will get 20 years to life in prison.


  14. Syarikat says:

    “In the wrong place at the wrong time”. How can that be, what with “white privilege” and all?


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