Understanding Current Events Requires Understanding Globalists….

President Obama’s core, his center, his essence, is not as simple as viewing him as a classic leftist/progressive in the FDR model.   To really understand, and subsequently be able to predict his future activity you have to understand his Global Leftism.

In part driven by his upbringing, and in part driven by his associations, and in part driven by his own self-created values and beliefs.   When you listen to his words, watch his behaviors, understand his purposes and intents, watch his jealousies (Clinton Global Initiative), and understand the well written psychologies behind his endeavors, you recognize his approach is more mentally academic than I believe people give him credit for.

President Obama believes the stuff he has developed an affection for.  He truly does.   That’s not to say the policies that flow from it are appropriate, reasonable or even well constructed, indeed most are not.   But what they “are” is predictable.

Most people can adequately and correctly, at this point, identify his views and intentions as progressively left.   But, again after much research, deep connectivity, and puzzle building, in my opinion most people mistake his “global” view.

My country tis of me…

Have you noticed President Obama and his de-facto doctrine(s) like R2P etc have publicly ramped up the five-alarm fire-fight with Israel to make the Iran issue appear to be an “Israel only” issue?   Thereby preemptively embarrassing the Saudis out of even asking for the US to strike…   (Remember, it was the House of Saud inviting the U.S. into Saudi Arabia in defense of attacks by Iraq that developed the deep seething angst from Osama Bin Laden).

So for Obama it’s a win-win-win, actively attack Israel, well, actually more like belittle, blame Israel for destabilizing the Middle East, attack Israel’s American supporters as dual loyalists, and passively pre-reject the Saudis request for an attack on Iran’s facilities before the Saudis even ask for one.

Obama’s academic approach is bigger than a single, or even a handful, of aspects.   But when you understand his global view various parts come together.   The House of Saud is, viewed by Obama as part of the issue – and in a sense he is in alignment with the Osama Bin Laden viewpoint.  (*note he does not appear to support OBL’s terror action, but he does understand and sympathizes with the reasoning behind it)

The problem for indoctrinated leftist-globalist believers has always been the U.S. as world police.   Looking at it from the Academic Ayers/Obama mindset – THAT part cannot be undone unless you tackle the underlying economic cause for the U.S. Military to be the world’s police force, the dollar as the global currency.

This is the sticking point for everyone from Vladimir Putin to Osama Bin Laden and beyond, to the current leadership of radical Islamists and a consortium of anti-American world leaders.  It is also the reason OBL organized the attack against the “World Trade Center”, and not the Empire State Building.

The presence of our military around the globe, but most pointedly in Europe, is a subsidy of sorts allowing other nations not to have investments in their own military defenses.  In exchange for this global policing they allow, and accept, our fiscal policy (printing dollars) to inflate the standard of living for Americans.

In essence the average American benefits in a higher standard of living and lifestyle from our foreign policy approach which permits the dollar to be used as currency for all the world’s trade.   We can continue to print money without it having a “drastic” negative effect here at home because the value of “those dollars” is tied to international trade.

Think of it like this.   A Taiwanese widget seller is selling his widgets to Canada based on the exchange of dollars.   His widgets have a value all their own, and because he trades in dollars we can print dollars supported by his production value.

Once this aspect is understood and accepted you can then, and only then, connect the Putin anger over global currency to the Obama request for “flexibility” in term two to correct the problem.

Flexibility not only means retracting the tentacles of U.S. strategic missiles in Europe, it also means “flexibility” in deconstructing the tentacle of economic influence of the dollar.

Withdrawing the US tentacles of influence from around the globe,WHICH IS THE ULTIMATE BIG PICTURE GOAL of his anti-colonialist view, takes a multi-pronged approach.    You must approach the economics, you must approach the military aspects of years worth of economic subsidy for allies, and finally you must approach the resource development of other nations with “economic fairness” and “distribution” models.

Prosperity also requires tearing down walls that stand in the way of progress -– the corruption of elites who steal from their people; the red tape that stops an idea from becoming a business; the patronage that distributes wealth based on tribe or sect.

–- New York Times, 5/19/11 “Obama’s Mideast Speech”

Watch all of President Obama’s speeches, look at all the subjects of his interest, follow what he reads and subscribes to and you can see how this all revolves around the same approach.

Currently Israel is more a nuisance in the de-globalization plan than anything else… a pain in the doctrine per se’.  Because Israel is viewed as a U.S. proxy territory…. liberty, freedom, and all that inherent constitutional “stuff” that gets in the way of globalists who prefer the U.N. collective to individual sovereignty.

So Obama approaches Israel like the piece of pesky tape stuck to the bottom of his shoe and he just tries to shake it off.

Remember the “hot mike” conversation with Nicholas Sarkozy?  that is just a visible point of evidence for his view of Israel as a thorn.   He doesn’t hate Israel, he just doesn’t think of them any different, or any more valuable, than any other nation-state.   Remember his Cairo speech? again, just more visible evidence.

But unfortunately for him, and fortunately for Israel, America is connected to Israel by the Beacon of Freedom and the horrid concept of “exceptionalism”.    Most of the United States citizenry still believe in the principles of Liberty and Freedom, even those currently addicted to the subversive indoctrination principles of government dependency.

The full effect from dependency Kool Aid drinking takes generations of application to take hold.  In a larger context we are still about two generations away from fully accepted dependency, despite the increased speed toward that end.

When you view his behavior and each policy that way it reconciles everything people have ever written about him: his personality, his outlook, his ideology and his approaches…..

Having said all that, Obama is still evolving as he understands the scope and breadth of the U.S. influence and power.   He never fully comprehended it until he took office.  Remember what he said about the Iraq war when George Bush was in office:

“You want a fight, President Bush? Let’s fight to make sure our so-called allies in the Middle East, the Saudis and the Egyptians, stop oppressing their own people, and suppressing dissent, and tolerating corruption and inequality. . . .”

Barack Obama, Oct. 2, 2002

Classic leftism connected to a globalist view of fairness and non-exception.   The fully visible ideological approach from the heart of, Frank Marshall Davis, and Valerie Jarrett, and Bill Ayers, and Samantha Power, and Bernadine Dorn, and Frances Piven, and even Stanley Ann Dunham.

Again, just my humble and researched opinion…..

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5 Responses to Understanding Current Events Requires Understanding Globalists….

  1. doodahdaze says:

    To understand the ME and Israel one should read “The Hadj.” To Obama, Israel is a thorn in his side. As the more successful state then the Arabs become the victims. Regardless of circumstance. The Palestinians are like the Blacks in America to Obama. The oppressed victims of the Bourgeoisie Jews.


  2. obsidian53 says:

    Bring Hillary home, step back and let the people of these countries slug it out, deal with the winner, if any.
    Let the natural flow of events take place, these are not children these are full grown countries and they are at war for survival. These same people want man to leave nature alone to deal with natural events yet interfere with the natural process of tribal warfare.
    Let them kill each other.


  3. ytz4mee says:

    the patronage that distributes wealth based on tribe or sect.

    I found this comment to be particularly galling, from the architect of the Pigford settlement and defender of the institution of the racial spoils hiring system that has destroyed the US Postal Service, Amtrak and most federal agencies. The artificial black middle class is this country was created by Leftists and is maintained by distributing wealth based solely on tribe (skin color).


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Let’s hope that the Kenyan Savior understands there are also other powerful players in the game. In pursuing His dream of multiple poles of power He may be setting up the pins in a dangerous alley. If we look at his Mideast bud’s caliphate dream spreading from the Atlantic to at least Afghanistan everyone seems to be ignoring a key player – India. When India and Pakistan split India was still left with well over 160-million Muslims inside her borders. India and Pakistan/Bangladesh have been going at each others’ throats for decades and having that Muslim 5th column in India is a major security threat which India will have to address eventually. There is also Kashmir, another area too lightly looked at. India, Pakistan and China would ;like to control Kashmir as whoever does controls the watershed that feeds India’s and much of SE Asia’s major rivers – control Kashmir and you can play hell with the drinking and agricultural waters of millions of people. A resurgent Islamic empire would just love to have India in its fold India as it once did, remember how so many Imams in the Mideast have said that Spain, regardless of what Spain wants, is still part of the Muslim world/empire? Diehards never give up territory.

    Virtually unnoticed India has partnered with Russia to be part of Russia’s new hi-tech military system. India is jointly developing with Russia two 5th generation air superiority fighters while Obama mulls over cancelling the one we have on the drawing board. The fighters will aid Russia in her role of dominant European military power while blunting any Chinese military aspirations on Russia’s eastern front. India will be the dominate air power in sub-continent Asia and will have a credible air response to any incursions into her sphere of influence by China (remember, they have fought border skirmishes in the recent past). Again, unpublished by 99% of the MSM, were joint NATO, US and Indian air combat matches a few years back where Indian flew circles around NATO and US pilots, so we can’t just pooh-pooh them as a 2nd or 3rd rate air power. They flew these games with equal or one-generation-removed aircraft so with 5th generation fighters they’ll be a force to deal with.

    Also largely forgotten is another incident a few years back involving Israel. Israel bought a few very modern German Dolphin-class submarines. They came with regular sized torpedo tubes EXCEPT that two were way too big for standard torpedoes but seem to just the size for what appeared to be an Israeli Tomahawk-like missile that it was speculated was being developed to be fired from the sub. Out of the blue India and Israel announce that a certain area of the Indian Ocean will be closed as a long-range missile firing exercise will be conducted by Israel. In short it appeared at least one of the Dolphins fired some type of missile, most likely from underwater. Now you have India and Israel, both of whom are wary of Pakistani nukes, holding a ‘joint’ exercise where Israel fires an alleged Tomahawk-type missile (that could be nuclear capable) in Indian waters. Seem like some collusion here?

    India is nuke-capable and has two parts of the triad that could be used to attack Pakistan if India feels the need. Seems that, if they both feel threatened, Israel and India could exploit Israel’s alleged capacity to launch a nuke-tipped missile from a sub underwater right into Pakistan’s back yard. India might also join with Israel in a joint defense against perceived Islamic threats in other places also. Note that Iran is avoiding irritating India directly, at least until Iran has a enough nukes to match India. Iran knows that the internal Islamic issue in India is rife to be exploited but also knows that India is not only more confrontational than the US but both Iran and India are major Russian client states and India and Israel both have reasons to swat Iran.

    I watch India, ignore her at your peril. She will have the world’s largest population by around 2030, overtaking China, and internal pressures will make her THE major player in subcontinent Asia and maybe Asia as a whole. She seems to be positioning herself to take on China and any Islamic threat at the same time both are looking at her as a potential victim. Let’s see ig Obama deals with India or just passes her off to the next presidents.


  5. ytz4mee says:

    “You have reached the blind alley of the treason you committed when you agreed that you had no right to exist. Once, you believed it was “only a compromise”: you conceded it was evil to live for yourself, but moral to live for the sake of your children. Then you conceded that it was selfish to live for your children, but moral to live for your community. Then you conceded that it was selfish to live for your community, but moral to live for your country. Now, you are letting this greatest of countries be devoured by any scum from any corner of the earth, while you concede that it is selfish to live for your country and that your moral duty is to live for the globe.”
    -John Galt


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