Obama’s Egypt – Those Pesky Invisible Protesters from Benghazi’s Ansar al Sharia Are No Longer Invisible and Have Brought Their Blood Soaked Mortars To Egypt….

The group who took victory laps around the Blood Slaughtered American Bodies in Benghazi have organized their visible self in, wait for it,…… Egypt.   Go Figure.

EGYPT – Ansar al Sharia Egypt has published its founding statement online. The group says that “preaching and jihad are two wings that are indispensable to the spread of Islam,” according to a translation prepared by the SITE Intelligence Group. And the group outlines sixteen goals with that two-pronged approach in mind.

In addition to calling for the implementation of sharia law, and the resurrection of the Caliphate, the organization says it will work towards “the liberation of the Muslim lands from foreign invasion” and resist “modern colonialism, especially the Zionist-Crusader colonialism that is led by America and the West.”

Ansar al Sharia Egypt also says, according to SITE’s translation, that it will support “the mujahideen and their movements and groups in the different lands of the Muslims so as to resist the Zionist-Crusader colonization, and this comes at the head of our priorities.”

The founding statement is signed by Ahmed Ashush, a high-profile jihadist who has longstanding ties to al Qaeda. During a recent television appearance, Ashush criticized Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi for not imposing sharia law. Ashush has consistently denounced the democratic process as well.

On Sept. 16, less than a week after the Sept. 11 protest at the US embassy in Cairo, Ashush released a fatwa online calling for the makers of the film “Innocence of Muslims” to be killed. “He who kills them is due the reward given to a mujahid from Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He,” Ashush claimed, according to a translation by SITE. “So, hurry, hurry, O Muslim youth in America and Europe, and teach those filthy lowly ones a lesson that all the monkeys and pigs in America and Europe will understand.”  (read more)

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5 Responses to Obama’s Egypt – Those Pesky Invisible Protesters from Benghazi’s Ansar al Sharia Are No Longer Invisible and Have Brought Their Blood Soaked Mortars To Egypt….

  1. texasconnie says:

    This surprises me not one whit. Disturbs me, of course, but doesn’t surprise me.
    (I’ve been reading faithfully for a couple of months but rarely take time to comment as it’s usually all been said before me. 😀 Taking time now because I want to say I appreciate your keeping on top of issues concerning radical Islamists.)


    • Sharon says:

      texasconnie, welcome! It’s nice to know you’re around–find yourself a branch with the kind of view you prefer, and join in campfire conversation whenever you care to. We love us some Texans–can never have too many of them! 🙂


      • texasconnie says:

        Thanks, Sharon. Sure glad y’all appreciate us Texans. We do have some good people here, a lot of them good conservatives too.


  2. lovemygirl says:

    One thing people tend to miss is what Iran or terrorists are likely to do with a nuclear weapon. While they would love to vaporize Israel and US cities they would only have a few small bombs initially. They would use them as EMP weapons IMHO. That would be a disaster for any modern society. Iran practiced launching an EMP weapon from a cargo ship according to what I have read.


  3. John Galt says:

    What they want:


    Israel embraces terrorists, returns to 1967 borders and floods Israel with Palestinians.

    “The United States needs these newly emerging democracies on its side.”

    That sounds warm and fuzzy. But wait:

    “Across the Arab world, from Tunisia to Yemen, we are witnessing turmoil and the rise of violent Salafi organizations. Attacks on U.S. embassies recently served as a potent reminder of the forces that are being unleashed.”

    Emerging democracies? Sounds more like emerging terrorists.


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