Obama Plays Down Risk to Israel

People will ask:  “does President Obama actually believe this ?“…. the answer is a resounding YES.  More thoughts after article:

(CNSNews.com) – President Obama on Sunday played down the notion that the conflict between Israel and Hamas has been complicated by “Arab spring” transitions in the Middle East.

Despite warnings from various Arab leaders and Turkey that Israel faces a new environment in the changing Middle East, Obama pointed out that conflict between Israelis and Palestinians had been going on long before what he described as “democratization in the region.” […]

Asked in Bangkok whether the Arab spring “has made matters worse,” Obama demurred.

“Let’s just remember that the exact same situation arose just a couple of years ago, before the Arab spring,” he replied, alluding to the 22-day Israeli military operation against Hamas in Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009, also prompted by escalated rocket attacks.

“So I don’t think anybody would suggest somehow that it’s unique to democratization in the region that there’s a conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. That’s been going on for several decades now.”  (more)

President Obama is specfically playing the role of Neville Chamberlain in this international crisis, attempting to play down the risk to Israel by failing to recognize the evolution in the surrounding opposition to the Nation State.

Iran is smuggling in weapons and long-range rockets to Hamas through Sudan and Egypt into Gaza.   Egypt’s Islamist Muslim Brotherhood President, Morsi, is blindly turning a cheek and facilitating the transfer of massive shipments of rockets.

In addition the massive Libyan weapons caches are in the hands of radical Islamists who have shipped those weapons into surrounding Islamist states.   Hence, the attack on the U.S. Consulate / CIA operation which was working to eliminate this flow.

Turkey, via President Erdogan, has openly called Israel a “Terrorist State” for defending herself so her Northern Border is compromised.    Syria is currently in the hands of radical Islamists who are funneling weapons, some of which come from Saddam Hussein’s former arsenal in Iraq, to Hizbollah on the West Bank for use against Israel.

Jordan is occupied with radical Islamists who view Jordan as too westernized, and they have hijacked and stirred protests around the false auspices of fuel prices.

And President Obama does not reflect any of this in the above statements?

Why?   Because fundamentally he is of the liberal belief that too much has been done to defend Israel in the region before.   Obama is willing to see “events” play out while leading from behind in a reactionary role.   Remember – Erdogan (Turkey) is one of Obama’s closest personal allies in the region.

Israel has never been so isolated.   The Islamists are creating fronts that will collapse the defenses of Israel.   Iran and the West Bank to the East, Turkey/Syria to the North, Egypt and Gaza in the South – all ideologically aligned to see the destruction of Israel.

There is only one thing defending Israel right now – U.S. Public opinion.   With 56% support for Israel President Obama will be forced to assist even if reluctantly – WE HOPE.

But it is obvious President Obama will be dragged into the fight for freedom unwillingly.

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35 Responses to Obama Plays Down Risk to Israel

  1. Sharon says:

    If he is “forced to assist” I can’t imagine that the quality or timeliness of the assistance will have much value.

    Is anyone talking/speculating about “the Samson option” to your knowledge–Sundance or anybody? Maybe it’s not to that point yet…I wonder what level of conversation is going on within Israel about the potential for that.

    ADD: I went and did a quick general search on the Samson option and discovered that a sizeable % of the sites that came up have a perspective that Israel’s nuclear weaponry is basically used as blackmail and “bullying” of Arab nations. Interesting to see how thorough and firm they are on that worldview and their complete lack of curiosity as to how such a tiny nation could “bully” anybody.


    • I seriously doubt that there is anyone in Israel thinking about using the Samson option against Gaza for 3 reasons:
      1) It’s a deterrent. I highly doubt that it would be used as a first strike option especially in this case against such a weak opponent.
      2) It would be a completely dis-proportionate response to what is going on, and traditional weapons are doing just fine. It would be like using a bunker-buster to take out an ant hill.
      3) Location, location, location. Gaza is simply too close to home for them to use it. It would be like the US nuking Tijuana.


      • Sharon says:

        Yes, I see all three of your points….just wondering if it occurs to any of the wannabe-warriors (like obama acting like he’s somebody on the world stage messing around with MEN who’ve been fighting real wars since he was in high school)….just wondering if it occurs to any of them to be a bit aware of the kinds of things that Israel has lived with over the decades…..thanks for your comments. I didn’t express myself well. I know they wouldn’t use it against Gaza.


    • But then again, if other nations in the area start getting froggy and see this as a chance to wipe out Israel, it just might be used. I just truly hope it won’t go that far.


      • doodahdaze says:

        All Obama would have to do is back Israel. It is that simple. Offering Israel full logistical support is what would stop the terrorists. However we are not doing that. We are threatening them with holding back support and supplies if they do not comply with the Obama Plan.


        • Sharon says:

          I don’t think he wants to stop the terrorists. He plainly and publicly said years ago that if the political winds changed for the worse, he would stand with the Muslims.


    • waltherppk says:

      Israel has its own variant of the mutually assured destruction policy and there are likely a half dozen at least major muslim cities that will be left glowing as a farewell gift from Israel if Israel is overrun by muslims. I don’t know for sure what the targets are, but guessing about that I would say Damascus, Tehran, Mecca, Karachi would be on the list. If the muslims don’t leave Israel alone then the Israelis will ultimately light ’em up and burn them to a cinder. That’s a fact. They can do that without any help from anybody.
      Of course that would not save them but it would make the cost to the muslims a pyrrhic victory which could be a mortal wound which would simply take some time to be realized was a parting shot that hit its mark. When they say “never again” they mean it.


  2. ytz4mee says:

    Armchair theorists all, I don’t think any of Teh Won cabal truly understand just how dangerous this is. So – they get their wish. Israel is wiped off the map, a tiny outpost of liberty and light extinguished, as a new darkness descends and the Ummah is re-established. Then what? Does Europe, with all their keffiyah wearing, pro-Palestinian chic wear honestly believe they are “safe” from the next inevitable phase of the operation?


  3. doodahdaze says:

    If Israel is going to go against Iran they will take out Gaza first. They may also have to downgrade the Egyptian military first. A deal with Obama will guarantee Iranian Nukes. Once Iran has nukes and a means to deliver them it is game over for Israel.


  4. ytz4mee says:

    The verbage employed by Nuland is interesting, especially since this is the great equivocating Administration.

    “Israel has a right of self defense”.

    However, she does not state that Israel is ENTITLED to a strong self-defense or that the US is an ally of Israel and will assist Israel in securing self-defense.


  5. ctdar says:

    Clinton en route to Israel…unfortunately cue “assassination attack” (she has already agreed to step down & remember 2008 & Bosnia airport tarmac when she was running for life/not) which will garner sympathy for her re Benghazi


  6. Is the free world not better off with Biden rather than sticking with the slayer of freedom?


  7. recoverydotgod says:

    Fantastic four comes to mind…sending delegations.

    Libyans supporting Palestine as GNC prepares humanitarian delegation to Gaza
    By Nihal Zaroug.
    Tripoli, 20 November:



    Plans for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, on 29 November are underway…

    Furthermore, the GNC requested Libya’s government take steps to support the Palestinian cause internationally and to call upon the UN Security Council to convene and take a decisive stand to end the assaults on Gaza.

    Libya will, like Egypt and Tunisia, shortly send a delegation to Gaza. Libyan legislators held a meeting yesterday to formalise plans for its delegation, which will be chaired by the second vice-president of the GNC, Saleh Al-Mkhozom. The congressmen will travel to Palestine with humanitarian supplies, doctors and medical aid. A departure date has yet to be set.


  8. cajunkelly says:

    Check out the posts I made on the open thread about Anderson Cooper catching holy HELL over a tweet and picture showing a man being dragged behind a motorcycle in Gaza…accused of being a “spy” for Israel.

    Dude’s in hot water with muzzie tweeters…..they’re accusing him of “covering” for Israel. He’d best hire a good bodyguard. He has one strike already against him…being gay. That gives them automatic permission by their….ahem…whatever…I refuse to type the word…to kill ‘im.


  9. Irish Eyes says:

    56% (or any percent) of U.S. public opinion is now immaterial to Obama. He doesn’t have to care or even pretend to care. He can do whatever he wants and it’s pretty clear that he does not want to help Israel, quite the contrary. Israel stands alone, with only our prayers to back them.


  10. 22tula says:

    US Embassy in Tel Aviv Attacked, Man with axe, knife run towards diplomatic building as city on heightened alert” – Aaron Klein – November 20, 2012

    “The Gates of Jerusalem”
    By Daniel Greenfield – November 19, 2012

    “Savages Violently Protest in the American Streets…”
    AtlasShrugs – November 20, 2012


  11. doodahdaze says:

    Negotiating with the terrorists is now the official Obama response to terrorist attacks. We will not last 4 years of this disaster.


  12. Sam says:

    With all due respect, I do not think that Obama is acting the Neville Chamberlain part here except on the superficial level. I think he and his handlers know what they are doing and what they are doing is bolstering the Islamists. I think he understands quite well the change in the states surrounding Israel. He helped bring it about after all. His best ally is the stealth Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. Obama and his handlers are using R2P and leftist tolerance toward the end of enabling Islamists who want to do away with Israel. Obama is in sympathy with the terrorists, although publicly he must be seen to favor peace. His actions in the Middle East have toppled dictators who were friendly to the US and enabled Islamists to take over governments. These Islamists are not friendly to Judeo-Christians nor to the US and Israel. These are the governments Obama wants in power. He will pretend to be a peacemaker while fomenting war and trying to maneuver Israel into a losing position. Watch for Hillary Clinton insisting on allowing “humanitarian aid” ships to dock and off-load to Gaza. There will be some food and medicines but there will be much more of arms and munitions re-stocking in Gaza if this is allowed.

    I never thought I would see the US so easily taken out of being Israel’s support and protection. All it took was an election.


    • IMHO Obama’s core is not as a classic leftist (FDR) – it is as a globalist leftist ( jealous of the Clinton Global initiative)…. his approach is more mentally academic than I believe people give him credit for.

      Yes, what you describe is the traditional, and correct, view of President Obama’s intent as a leftist…. But, again IMHO, you miss one key aspect – the “global” view.

      Obama and his de-facto doctrine has publically amped up the five-alarm fire-fight with Israel to make the Iran issue appear to be an “Israel only” issue, thereby preemptively embarrassing the Saudis out of even asking for the US to strike…

      So for Obama it’s a win-win-win, actively attack Israel, blame Israel for destabilizing the Middle East, attack Israel’s American supporters as dual loyalists, and passively pre-reject the Saudis request for an attack on Iran’s facilities before the Saudis even ask for one.

      Obama’s academic approach is bigger than a single, or even a handful, of aspects. But the global view explains several parts. The House of Saud is, viewed by Obama as part of the issue – and in a sense he is in alignment with the Osama Bin Laden viewpoint. (*note he does not support OBL’s terror action, but he does understand and sympathizes with the reasoning behind it)

      The problem for indoctrinated leftist-globalist believers has always been the U.S. as world police. Looking at it from the Academic Ayers/Obama mindset – THAT part cannot be undone unless you tackle the underlying economic cause for the U.S. Military to be the worlds police force.

      Once this aspect is understood and accepted you can then, and only then, connect the Putin anger over global currency to the “flexibility” in term two to correct the problem.

      Withdrawing the US tentacles from around the globe -WHICH IS THE ULTIMATE BIG PICTURE GOAL- takes a multi-pronged approach. You must approach the economics, you must approach the military aspects of years worth of economic subsidy for allies, and you must approach the resource development of other nations with “economic fairness” and “distribution” models.

      Israel is more a nusiance in the plan than anything else… a pain in the doctrine per se’. Because it is viewed as a U.S. proxy territory…. liberty, freedom, and all that stuff that gets in the way of globalists. so Obama approaches Israel like the piece of tape stuck to the bottom of his shoe and just tries to shake it off….

      When you view his behavior and policy that way it reconciles everything people have ever written about him, his personality, his outlook, his ideology and his approaches…..

      Again, just my humble opinion


      • doodahdaze says:

        So then Israel is a fly in the ointment of Obama,s submissive posture? It seems he wants the USA to roll over and get a belly rub from the UN.


  13. ftsk420 says:

    I have been following this conflict maybe not as close as a lot of people but I have been paying attention. What I don’t understand is every time I turn on the TV it’s all about the poor people of Palestine. They talk about Israel like they weren’t attacked first. The video of Hamas dragging the Palestinian down the street was pretty bad.


    • The media regards the “poor people of Palestine” as they do “poor Obama” – Hence the reporting to that regard.

      The progressive left, which compromises 99% of the legacy media, hate Israel and adore the PLO and Hamas et al.


  14. czarowniczy says:

    I wouldn’t call him a Neville Chamberlain, since we’re using WWII analogies I’d suggest he’s more a Vidkun Quisling type. As for downplaying the danger to Israel, of course he is. The danger the POtuS (never get tired of that) sees is to the Palestinians, more progressive cattle in public housing. He is…”(standing) with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” And their getting their Palestinian asses handed to them after they were dumb enough to sucker punch Israel more than likely signals an ugly change in the political winds to the POtuS.


  15. Mikado Cat says:

    I think we need to make more noise in more public threads and forums.


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