Reconciling Liberal Logic

BigFurHat@iOTW has a gift for drawing out the insanity of Left-Logic

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6 Responses to Reconciling Liberal Logic

  1. conservalicious says:

    Up is down and black is white. I’m so confused!


  2. Sharon says:

    I also read somewhere earlier today that it has now been discovered that Berry is also 1/32 Cherokee. Everybody who’s anybody is, apparently. Sheesh. I feel left out. If we’re not 1/32 Cherokee, does that makes us part of a minority?


  3. Patriot Dreamer says:
  4. tara says:

    NATO protestors doing their usual thing. Not satisfied with just participating in a permitted rally (which was actually a nurses rally, but the idiots joined in) they had to spill out into the busiest Chicago streets and tie up traffic.

    Holding up traffic, starving businesses of their patrons, consuming police forces … it’s all for the good of the people, right? (I pray nobody who lives or works in any of the buildings needed medical attention or police or fire department assistance.)

    I’m so over these dumb sh*ts.


  5. kinthenorthwest says:

    Look at what it took for them to Fry Cain as a womanizer…turns out that the women that came forward has a really bad history…Yet the media fried him….
    Then just look at what it took for the media to finally come forward with the truth about Edwards. Yet many media people said they knew about it for a couple of years, but were holding it back because of Edwards’s wife. ?????? BS(Strange that it came totally out after Obama won the election and no longer needed Edwards’ endorsement).
    So someone comes forward on Obama’s radical church…What happens the church’s website is white washed and its dropped like a hot potatoe.
    Someone comes forward about being with Obama in the back seat of a limo and he gets arressted while speaking at the DC press club. An arrest warran based on bogus charges and t that just happened to be signed by Biden’s son..
    There is such a long list of things that came out about Obama yet the media just covered it up.


  6. Sentenza says:

    Tara, those remind me of the OWS protester in Seattle on May Day.

    They tied up streets, enabled violent scum to hid among them, and in general made themselves inconvenient. I’ve been to a Tea Party protest. We stood around on a street corner and held signs.


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