Update #15 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – WOLVERINES ! A Battle Cry For New Media Engagement – WE NEED HELP…

<— Continued from Update #14

Consider this an open letter to all Defenders Of Liberty, and those of likeminded truthful association standing defense of a proud Republic and to any Blog Site operator who cares about the truth, and to those On-Line New Media sites/outlets with more resources.

For over a month we have been flying toward an unknown destination.  A  search mission following a barely visible trail of associations and agenda driven manipulators.   We have followed the trail less travelled, or more aptly, untraveled, by the mainstream media.

We are positioned on the outskirts of the nest of the Scheme Team and we are taking massive fire now that we are over the target.   This is us, a rag-tag bunch of conservative misfits, a vastly unprepared, but highly determined, band of brothers and sisters sending out a beacon; A VERY BRIGHT BEACON.   Right now to all patriots within the scope, sphere, visibility and sound of our call we are transmitting our discoveries hoping for backup and for help spreading the truth.

By increasing the visibility of our location, our discoveries, and the occupants of the nest below us, we are exposing our position to even greater attacks, but are hopeful that people will “rapidly pay attention.”  The haters, and those of complict association, know we are right above them: we are over the target, and we represent a risk.

We are provided a small measure of hope from a recent American Thinker article aptly named:    Trayvon and Zimmerman: The Structure and Elements of a Disinformation Campaign  which outlines the strategy from the institutional, and perpetually aggrieved, political left in all their forms.

This article accurately and succinctly describes the macro-view of the institutional race-baiting agenda by using a historical perspective to attach understanding to recent events.

Our efforts, however, have focused on providing the micro-view to the “specific” players of the current Disinformation Campaign, along with their agenda:

  • Update #9 – The entire substantive, and highly sourced/cited review of all events surrounding the initial shooting. (185+ sourced citations).
  • Update #10.1 – A Summary of #9 with a breakdown of agenda, action plan, and intent of Trayvon Family Attorney Benjamin Crump. The precursor to exposing the lies. (sourced and cited)
  • Update #10.2 Understanding the motive and exposing the false narrative driven by Benjamin Crump et al. (sourced and cited)
  • Update #11 – Final fact based deconstruction of the lies created by Benjamin Crump and those of like-minded association. (sourced and cited)
  • Update #12 – Understanding the media strategy. Benjamin Crump formulated a Media Strategy, not a legal strategy. Introducing Ryan Julison and Julison Communications.
  • Update #13 Ryan Julison’s specific media exploitation plan exposed.
  • Update #14 – The Orlando Players Now attacking Zimmerman, the central Florida cast of characters.

We are personally asking for help in spreading the word and continuing to connect the dots.  An even brighter spotlight must be placed on the location of the nest filled with opportunistic, self-interested, unscrupulous people who are taking advantage of the Trayvon Shooting for personal gain, while simultaneously allowing the liberty and freedom of another man to remain at risk.

George Zimmerman is identified by those who specifically, and intentionally attach categories of personhood to the value of association.  Amid those labels he is:  A Democrat under attack by other democrats;  A Hispanic minority under attack by other minorities;  An activist under attack by other activists.

But he is also a regular guy, a married American man, and he is a Flea in the face of a Furnace of hate.

Zimmerman is a current day version of Richard Jewell circa 1996, and he is alone with that.

Under normal circumstances the previous boxes of left-wing identified labels might make one turn away with thoughts of “serves him right.”    But we will not abandon his cause because race, demographics, ethnicities and such defining attachments do not matter to patriotic, Gadsden Flag waving, awakened Americans.

We are not racists.   We are not the definers of value based on uncontrollable externals or lineage.  We do not define patriots according to hyphens, categories of personhood, or other components of personal association.

The racists are those who would disingenuously attach moral value, or societal worth, based on systemic contingencies of compliance to a collective agenda.   They are those who would define opportunity based on one’s ability to be categorized into the plantation mindset of victimhood and collective reliance.

Not us, that is not us.   We value individual liberty, and individual freedom, weighted against the common acceptance of individual responsibility for self-reliance and self-determination.   Equality, true equality, in opportunity.  We hold these truths to be self-evident without having to weigh what we can do to produce an equal outcome.

That said, we know that the details surrounding the shooting of Trayvon Martin are no longer the matter at hand in determining the outcome for George Zimmerman.   Indeed, if those details or facts ever truly were what mattered, they are not now.  That train has long since passed the station of justice.

The legal evidence that did not exist to justify an arrest was replaced with false media evidence to manufacture an arrest.   This absence of legal evidence is so obvious it even reflects within the Probable Cause Affidavit.

Instead the arrest was driven by a falsely constructed media campaign to create public pressure.  But that media campaign was based on flawed narratives, poorly evaluated and erroneous statements, massive misinformation, and flat out lies.

Natalie Jackson, Benjamin Crump, Daryl Parks

We have outlined the trail of players taking advantage.  Attorney Benjamin Crump who benefitted from Charlie Crist’s decision to payoff legislative “blood libel” from the Martin Lee Anderson case leading to $7.2 million in wrongful death settlements, while simultaneously creating a roadmap and planting the seeds of future exploitation ease within the mind of Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump esq.

Charlie Crist (left) – John Morgan (right)

The same Charlie Crist who joined the powerful central Florida law firm of Morgan and Morgan, whose primary partner is John Morgan, a major democrat donor and fundraiser for team Obama.

Within the firm’s partnership with John Morgan you have Greg Francis;  Greg Francis was the tip of the spear for Pigford II reparations in charge of making determination for which specific blacks qualify for a portion of $1.25 BILLION, that’s Billion, with a “B” in cash.  ($1,250,000,000.00)

The same Greg Francis who hired Ryan Julison, of Julison Communications to coordinate the media campaign on behalf of the Pigford Settlement.

Matt Lauer (left) Ryan Julison (right)

The same Ryan Julison who was hired by team Benjamin Crump to coordinate the media campaign for Trayvon Martin’s family and plant the seeds of racism within the media storyline.

The same Ryan Julison who worked closely with Natalie Jackson in the Sherman Ware legal case against Justin Collison, the son of a former Sanford Police Lieutenant and Grandson of Circuit Judge Kenneth Leffler.

In the Ware case George Zimmerman was an advocate on behalf of Ware, and on the same side as Ryan Julison and Natalie Jackson in advocating for Ware and seeking justice against Collison.

Now the same Natalie Jackson and Ryan Julison are the tip of the spear held by Benjamin Crump against George Zimmerman.

The same Natalie Jackson who is a board member of the Seminole County NAACP and member of the NAACP Legal Redress Committee.

The same Seminole NAACP who benefitted from the pressured leverage of financial contribution from Justin Collison to their organization as “reparation” for his attack against the black victim Sherman Ware.

One of the key advocates/activists in the Seminole NAACP is Francis Oliver, Natalie Jackson’s mother, and black historian for Sanford, Florida whose straw-grasping claims of racism present today stem from the 1911 incorporation of “Goldsboro” over a century ago :

 “I’ve been fighting white people my whole life seems like,” said Oliver. Of her daughter Natalie, Oliver said, “I raised her on the front lines of the movement.”

The daughter of Francis Oliver, the one raised on the front lines of the movement, is the same Natalie Jackson who sits with, and advises, Seminole chapter NAACP President Turner Clayton.

The same Turner Clayton who immediately pressured for the employment nullification of Police Chief Bill Lee (who only served 10 months on the job), and called for an interim replacement to be brought in from outside the area.

The same Turner Clayton who would not pay attention to the family cries for help when the race driven bus was about to plow over Zimmerman, this despite Zimmerman’s efforts to organize the black community to join him in supporting justice for Sherman Ware just last year.   The same delivered justice that eventually led to monetary gain for the NAACP chapter that Clayton heads.

The same NAACP which arrived with national President Ben Jealous, to support Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in their media civil rights campaign coordinated by their former colleague, and protege’,  in the Martin Lee Anderson case–Benjamin Crump.

The same Benjamin Crump that refused to allow his mystery ear-witness “DeeDee” to talk to anyone except from the civil rights division of the Federal Department of Justice.  Yet after her 3 week delayed statements, any evidence from her is conspicuously absent from the substance, or burden of proof, on the probable cause affidavit.

The same Federal Department of Justice that ignored the threats and intimidation by the Black Panther Party with the placement of a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head, and which instead launched their own investigation against George Zimmerman, at the request of the Congressional Black Caucus members like Corrine Brown and Fredrica Wilson.

The same Congressional Black Caucus that held judiciary hearings into the Trayvon Shooting and declared “Trayvon was hunted down, profiled, and shot like a dog.”   The the same CBC racially-defined membership then took up conversation with Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte.

Sanford, Fla. City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr., left, speaks to Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla., and Sanford, Fla. Mayor Jeff Triplett, and Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., before a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 20, 2012, to talk about the shooting of Trayvon Martin. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The same Norton Bonaparte who demanded the resignation of ten month Police Chief Bill Lee,  and pressured the Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett into voting no confidence in Lee during a city council meeting to discuss the lack of arrest due to no evidence supporting an arrest.

The same Jeff Triplett who invited Benjamin Crump, Natalie Jackson, Norton Bonaparte, Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, Civil Rights leaders and media contacts for Team Trayvon, into his office on Friday evening March 16th–absent of any person to representative the interests for Zimmerman- and played the recorded 911 tapes.

The same Jeff Triplett who released the tapes to Team Trayvon and the media against the expressed refusal of Police Chief Lee…..

We are flying circles over this nest, we are over the target, we are encountering enormous flak and chaff fire right now,  and we sure could use some more patriotic firepower pouring sunlight poured into this story.


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62 Responses to Update #15 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – WOLVERINES ! A Battle Cry For New Media Engagement – WE NEED HELP…

  1. FOREWARNED: You’ll find Obama tossing out more distractions (even self-sacrificing ones) to divert attention from the ever-increasing, cleansing sunshine on this Trayvon travesty.


  2. John Galt says:

    The link to the American Thinker article above does not work. Here is a working link:


    Not a bad article, but they fail to mention orchestration of the false narrative by Team Skittles for purposes of financial gain.


    • Sharon says:

      I just verified that the AT link in the first paragraph above does work, but appreciate having this additional link in case there are any issues later.

      Some of the limitations of their article are apparent, but I have to say it is the first comprehensive overview I’ve seen anywhere else.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Tweeted a Tinyurl link to the AT article. Re-tweeting gives more momentum than sending out individual tweets. If you want to start turning around the Left’s control of this and other similar narratives, start tweeting and linking to newspaper comment sections.


  3. minpin says:

    There is no better band of rag tag truth seeker sleuths than you will find here in the Tree. The amount of research and reporting done in an effort to have justice for GZ has been incredible.

    I have never had any google search, that I have ever done, come back with “No results found” before the last few weeks. Not wanting to don the Tin Foil Hat, but since this case has gone all the way up to the WH, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if some scrubbing has been done with those involved in this case. There is no question that Google found their Hope and Change with this administration.


    • Dan says:

      I got jumped by a group of black punks right around Trayvon’s age twice. One time I got a concussion as I got blindsided from a direction I wasn’t looking at. The other time about 10 black youths jumped two of my friends and demanded “loot”. We ran away until we ran into a police officer, who thought it was funny.

      To say this kind of thing happens all the time is the understatement of the century.

      There is a reason white people try not to live in black neighborhoods. A wise man once told me “You can’t control the blacks”. Well of course not. Therefore, we try to coexist as best as possible although it’s not easy.

      This Trayvon Martin case is going to bring back race relations 20 years. That is a very bad thing in my opinion, as we were slowly but surely making progress. Out of progress or conflict, I’ll take progress anyday of the week.

      Every 5-10 years the black community gets a cause and brings out the mob with pitchforks. The only way to disband this mob is to bring overwhelming firepower (ex: Duke lacrosse scandal). Unfortunately, the evidence for George Zimmerman is strong, but I have a rough time seeing it ever being overwhelming…even if more exculpatory evidence is released (which I believe it will).

      And when the mob doesn’t disperse. There will be black on white violence, and black rioting. The media deserves a large portion of blame for their awful, ridiculous, one sided coverage the first month. There will be blood on the hands of the NBC producers that got fired. There already is….and there will be more.


      • barnslayer says:

        From what I hear, black people with any sense don’t want to live in black neighborhoods either. I know a black Christian woman that sent her black daughter to a Jewish yeshiva because she didn’t want her going to public school in a black neighborhood.


  4. justice099 says:

    Treehouse team, I am curious if you have listened to the portion of the Zimmerman ploice tape that I pointed out and what you thought of it. You can respond to me in a private email if that would be more helpful. You should have gotten an email from me quite a while ago about it.


  5. M Simon says:

    I have written for AT from time to time. If I’m not too busy in the next week I’ll put together a piece for them. The Editor and I are Inet friends so it has a good chance of being published. Any ideas for a “hook”?

    The Drug War piece I wrote for them (I’m against) was pretty hot. And the Polywell Fusion piece also attracted attention.


  6. tara says:

    he is: A Democrat under attack by other democrats; A Hispanic minority under attack by other minorities; An activist under attack by other activists. But he is also a regular guy, a married American man, and he is a Flea in the face of a Furnace of hate.

    These are primary points, IMHO, because it points out the insanity of choosing George Zimmerman as enemy #1.

    I will begin my media contact effort this evening.


  7. I think the “hook” is the whole “deliberate media production” angle.
    A hired gun is brought in to sell the narrative to the national media – and they’re all working for free (but no doubt “on contingency” like every other scumbag ambulance-chaser.

    I’ve come right out and said it elsewhere, but not here before now that I can recall…

    Contrary to “The Narrative”, Jorge Zimmerman is – IN REALITY – the sort of man that the rest of us SHOULD be!
    I don’t say that lightly, but…
    * When his neighborhood developed a crime problem, he stepped up to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
    * His 911 history shows a clear pattern of looking out for his neighbors, others, and even little kids he didn’t know – which The Enemy twisted to aid their “Racist” lie.
    * He spent his weekends mentoring little black boys
    * He stepped up for Sherman Ware when NOBODY else did!

    I could go on, but… For G*d’s sake… What more could anyone WANT?!



  8. Aoife says:

    Here’s another incident being used by the unholy scheme team http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2012/04/jackson-sharpton-exploit-another-tragedy/


    • tara says:

      What next? Are the race-baiters going to lobby for all of the imprisoned blacks to be released, regardless of how horrible their crimes?

      They’re getting so outrageous they’re alienating their own “people”.


  9. Math2 says:

    The reporting here has been superb. Great job guys, keep it up!


  10. StephUF says:

    I am linking back here on other blogs, I see that others are as well.


  11. Roscoe P. Soultrane says:

    Is it me, or does Greg Francis look like Stringer Bell’s retarded brother?


  12. M Simon says:

    I have just heard that O’Mara would like to be notified of www sites that are working the case. Use the FB page.


    • Scoots Knuck says:

      I just happened to be on that page and was the FIRST to comment. I listed THIS website but when I went back it was GONE!!! =/


      • Sharon says:

        Is it possible that’s a good thing? Or are you saying the whole page was gone?


        • Scoots Knuck says:

          My comment was first but now it’s gone. Actually, the whole request for websites has been removed. Maybe it’s strategic? I have total faith that Mr. O’Mara knows what he’s doing. BTW, the website for donating is up and running. I sent $ via paypal!


        • ytz4mee says:

          No, the moderator has deleted any links back to here.
          But allowed some egregious anti-Zimmerman statements to stand.
          They fail to understand that their role is NOT to provide an outlet/forum for discussion on the case. They are not running a newspaper or a blog.
          The role of the FB page and website should solely be to communicate directly with the public, and carefully manage/guard Zimmerman’s reputation and image.
          They have failed miserably in this task in my professional opinion.
          O’Mara as an attorney seems cautious and professional, but his foray into social media WILL be a case study in “what not to do”.


          • M Simon says:

            But allowed some egregious anti-Zimmerman statements to stand.

            He is making a case for a change of venue or a trial by judge over the prosecutor’s objection.


            • tara says:

              I think you’re right. He’s a smart guy. He’s doing this for a reason, probably multiple reasons. I trust. 🙂


  13. M Simon says:

    Re: DD

    Since Crump took the statement Crump could be called to the stand.

    That makes him a party to the case. That means he could be up on ethics charges. That means all the work you have done here will go into evidence. No wonder you are being attacked.



  14. dudesavatar says:

    Okay, so Barrack Obama said if I had a son he would look like Trayvon. Did you ever wonder what the son of Trayvon and Barrack would look like? Maybe something along the lines of Charlie Murphy, but definitely nothing like either one of them. I took features of both and tried to make it look like either one of them and it wasn’t possible. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it but it was kinda fun to try.


  15. Scoots Knuck says:

    Dude…The nightmares I may endure are well worth it ’cause I’m laughing my ass off right now. GREAT job, Dude…great job!


  16. Scoots Knuck says:

    Copied from Julison Communications FB page…
    Hey folks in FB land– if you are looking for someone to take your “story” and spin it 6 ways from Sunday, all the while promoting your latest falsehoods to the general public via mainstream media (for a nominal fee, of course)…Julison Co…mmunications is just the ticket that you are looking for! These folks are the media scheme team solely responsible for creating the completely untruthful image of St. Skittles of Sanford, everyone bought the “story” for at least 3 weeks hook, line and sinker= netting the family over $100 thousand DOLLARS (according to their Attorney, Benjamin Crump) Now that we have all seen their efforts of expertise… be sure to call Julison Communications the next time you intend on exploiting your own child’s death for “awareness.” This firm will create and then steadfastly market your false campaigns. (for a nominal fee, of course) So come one, come all to the shit-show that is Julison Communications. Operators are live and standing by, waiting to exploit your tragedy TODAY… do NOT wait– you could be making money RIGHT NOW! Thanks Julison, your country owes you one, for real. (however more divided we are all now due to you handy work)
    Is this GREAT or what? Hats off to the gal who wrote this!


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