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*Update* Spike Lee Responds – Couple Harassed by Spike Lee Retains Law Firm for Representation

Trying to Fix Doing The Wrong Thing… FLORIDA – Spike Lee has reached an agreement with the Florida couple forced to flee their home after the film director retweeted their home address and they fled to a hotel to avoid … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Expose ABC News To Disinfecting Sunlight — This One Should Be Easy

Now that we have deconstructed the Propaganda Video “obtained” by ABC News, it’s time to make them suffer the sunlight of disinfecting scrutiny.  As we have already outlined the video is NOT from official release within the Sanford Police Dept. The … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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President Obama Was Right – 2nd Twitter Account located

The Daily Caller has identified a second Twitter handle that was used by the late Trayvon  Martin during the last weeks of 2011.  Tweeting in December under the name “T33ZY TAUGHT M3,” Martin sent a message that read, “Plzz shoot … Continue reading

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Reported Damning Zimmerman Video Actually Shows More Support For Zimmerman’s Case….

Since we posted this initial thread exposing the manipulation by ABC news in their stolen “expose’” video, the Sanford Police Department has released the “official” copy of the same surviellance footage from the CCTV system from the police station.   The … Continue reading

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GOP Nomination Suvivor Game – Romney Wins

It would appear that Romney has outlasted and worn down the field in the political version of Survivor Island. This endorsement from Rubio essentially insures it. Time to buy stock in clothepin companies.

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Just As Concerned….

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: Would you, would your fellow African-American lawmakers be concerned about this case if Trayvon wasn’t black? Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) : Oh, let me tell you something. We had an incident in my area where a young, white … Continue reading

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