Gingrich….Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

In a remarkable earlier editorial, NRO issued an anti-endorsement of Gingrich.

Interesting.  Both the New York Times and Drudge have headlines quoting National  Review as saying Gingrich should get out of the race…both based on this article.  Now NRO has fired back with a quick reply titled, “Come and Go As You Please.” 

(NRO)…A number of outlets have taken today’s editorial on the race to be a call for Gingrich to leave and endorse Santorum. This seems like a clear misreading. All the editorial did in this regard was tweak the former Speaker by noting that on his own stated arguments over the last month, that’s what he should do now that Santorum has overtaken him. NR hasn’t called on anyone to leave the race–not Gingrich, not Herman Cain, not Gary Johnson. (Is he still in the race?) And given the views NR has editorially expressed about Gingrich’s candidacy, it would be pointless to offer him any advice at all.

This is a “tweak”?..…”When he led Santorum in the polls, he urged the Pennsylvanian to leave the race. On his own arguments the proper course for him now is to endorse Santorum and exit.”


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8 Responses to Gingrich….Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

  1. Who are the primary writers for NRO?


    • Ad rem says:

      From what I can see…

      Rich Lowrey…Ed. in Chief
      Richard Brookheiser….Sr. Editor
      Jeffrey Hard…Sr. Editor
      Kathryn Jean Lopez (K-Lo)…NRO Editor (online)
      Jonah Goldberg…Ed. at large
      John O’Sullivan Ed. at large
      Rob Long….Contributing Editor
      Daniel Foster….NRO “News” Editor
      Jim Geraghty…”The Campaign Spot”

      Followed my 20 or so lesser lights and the writers.


      • WeeWeed says:

        The only one I pay any attention to is Jonah – and half the time I don’t agree with him.


      • All committed Romney endorsers. So gee, why would they want Gingrich out of the race and position Romney VS. Santorum? This is why I friggin hate “our side” of manipulators…. they are all friggin snakes and they make you look deep to see the ‘real’ motivations. I hate that.

        Why can’t people just be friggin honest and state their opinion. Why can’t NRO and Drudge say we fully support Mitt Romney and here is why…..

        But Nooooooo, they’ve got to go into this eleventy first level of dimensional chess to create a clouded puddle of machavellian goo that we have to wade through to get to the self evident truth. I hate having that slimy scum smelling crap all over me…. aarrrrgh 😦


        • Ad rem says:

          I wonder how many readers like to leave feelin’ they’ve been “tweaked” too? Idiots…


        • MRM says:

          y’know, Sundance…… while on one level I absolutely agree with you, there is another side of me that is glad to have this dynamic so blatantly thrown in our faces. In the same way that I will NEVER again believe what I hear from the MSM, I will also NEVER again accept what is said by one who claims to be a conservative unless I know that to be true. and while this all sucks…. if we can come through it, we will be better and wiser and I, for one, will make sure that everyone I know hears about it too. My favourite 10 year old knows darn good and well what a RINO is, what a Marxist is, what a PATRIOT is, and why it’s important to do our own research.


        • I agree 100% and I hate what they’re doing. It’s dishonest, at it’s heart, it’s very leftist of them. Why do they do it? For the same reason the leftists do it. They think they’re too smart to be straight with the stupid masses (that’s us), so they lie and manipulate. Shame on them; they should know better. Both of them think they’re doing it for our own good. Both are fools.


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