“Call Me Mr. EBT” Celebration Of Welfare Video…(Warning: Graphic Language)

Once again the rapper’s musical artistry and use of delicate wordplay are on full display in this latest video titled “My EBT”, by “Mrebt”... alias Stanley Lafleur.   Celebrating the pure ‘coolness’ of any and all things gotten for nothing, Mrebt raps on and on saying, “My EBT…EBT…I just swipe my EBT”.  Catchy isn’t it?  I wonder what Michelle would think about his food choices?  Oh, as you watch the video don’t forget to take note of the leather jacket, official Yankee’s cap, and diamond earrings….just sayin’.


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18 Responses to “Call Me Mr. EBT” Celebration Of Welfare Video…(Warning: Graphic Language)

  1. Buying junk food at an overpriced corner store is exactly what the EBT was created for.

    I was in line behind a lady a while back at a local food store, and she had half a basket full of individual snacks, such as small bags of chips, designer colas, cheese-and-crackers, etc. These are things they sell in bulk at Sam’s or Costco and can even be bought in ‘family packs’ at the food store. Anyway, when she paid, the ran her Lone Star Card (Texas’ EBT), and her out of pocket was like three bucks and change. When I was walking out, I saw her pulling out of a handicap space in a new Tahoe (paper dealer tag), with expensive rims and low-profile tires. Yeah, she had a handicap parking permit.

    I hate stereotypes with a passion. Maybe it’s because I get tired of being stereotyped as a typical Texan, which ah ain’t! However, some folks live their lives to reinforce them. She did.


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  3. bierluvre says:

    What’s really funny (or rather tragic) is that the video is a parody poking fun of welfare abusers and their stupidity. What’s even more tragic? If the rapper was white you’d actually get it.

    -bierluvre (white libertarian)


  4. len says:


    Exactly. It’s ironic how tea party conservatives keep claiming they’re not racist, yet never miss an opportunity to prove how bigoted and narrow-minded they are–not to mention clueless.


  5. Eric says:

    I’m kinda lost on this whole thing. Looks like satire to me. Satire to me by definition is cutting humor with intent to reform. Now, if the guy doing the video just thought it was cool to get the free stuff, that’s one thing, but his video still functions as satire. Embrace it. It’s good. Would you rather he hadn’t made it?


  6. This highlights the abuses of the welfare system and I see it as a parody. I see the abuses at the grocery store in my area of town. 300 – 400 people having 2 – 3 cartfuls of food, junk food and fine cuts of steak and cold cuts! I work and can only walk out with a bag or two of groceries that cost about $30.00 each week. These people ARE not hungry or hurting. They are lazy and being maintained by the government. Ironically these are the same people that will end up in the hospital dying from diabetes and other obesity complications and yet again, you guessed, taken care of by the tax payer.


  7. Uncle Leon says:

    America needs to crack down on Mr. EBT!
    And while we’re at it, let’s go back and bust Johnny Cash for all those car parts he stole from his job, and that man he shot in Reno.

    In other words… It’s a song, people. Sung by a guy playing a character. Created to poke fun at something.

    If this song had been set in a trailer park and sung by Larry the Cable guy, would people be taking it nearly as seriously?


    • Ad rem says:

      If Larry and his redneck buddies were ripping taxpayers off for millions of dollars in bogus EBT card usage…..you bet libs like you would be calling it more than just a ‘parody’.

      BTW….Mr. EBT must be a really big ‘racist’ for making fun of all these greedy and lazy black folks….right? Pretty insensitive if ya ask me! 😉


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  9. DontGetIt says:

    This guy is an Artist? This is terrible. Makes no sense, parody or not.
    EBT is here and it is not going away. I know some people don’t have jobs and need to eat. But money they get needs to be spent wisely and last a month.


    • brian says:

      i don’t think EBT has gotten rich off of his music. maybe if he had set up his youtube advertisement account he might have gotten some $ from when drudge linked to him after his release of 4+ months ago LOL


      • Ad rem says:

        “i don’t think EBT has gotten rich off of his music.”……what does that have to do with anything? The fact that he may or may not have made big bucks is probably only attributable to the fact he has a lousy education and no business sense. If he really intended for this to be a parody, then he’s got a sick sense of humor. He’s making his own people out to be lazy, ignorant, and amoral. Wow….that’s funny? No brian, he’s sharing a big laugh with his bros over how stupid the rest of us are for giving him something for nothing.


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