Excuse the mess… I’ll begin to arrange the furniture

OK. Well here we go.  Jump on in and start telling what we want.  When you check in lemme know who wants to help with Admin.  Then we can begin setting up.   Hope everyone is well.  We’ll explain more about the trail once we get settled.  Right now just pitch your sleepy bags, and get familiar.

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104 Responses to Excuse the mess… I’ll begin to arrange the furniture

  1. WeeWeed says:

    Nice Place!! Can I tell all my friends? 🙂

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  2. Sharon says:

    Ok, I’m here. Good work, Sundance.


  3. AFinch says:

    Hi trouble-makers. Good to see you.


  4. Sharon says:

    Tossed contact info off to Ad rem as well, so she should be here shortly…..Ad rem has my e-mail if you want to contact me, SD…


  5. Hey who wants to volunteer to help with Admin.???

    Everyone on this page so far is cool for that too in my book. It’s a trust thing. Also Ad Rem and Pat/Stella too. Please Chime in……….


  6. Sharon says:

    Here’s a generic icon-fix until Sundance has time………………


  7. Ad rem says:

    For ******’s sake!!!!! I’ve been clawing at Lucianne’s door all day…..nobody will let me in!!!! (Pant…pant…pant…)

    That’s the first place I ran to when we got shut down. For some reason I can log-in..avatar come us….takes the comment….then dumps be back at the initial lot-in point again. Over…and over…and over…. I re-registered as Ad rem 1…am awaiting approval.

    God bless Sharon for sending me a screen-shot in the email!

    Woot….woot! Let’s play!!!


  8. Ad rem says:

    Oh…and let me add. I’d love to retain my old position on admin. Up to you Sundance!


  9. Bijou says:

    Wow, Sundance! I’m impressed. I’m starting to feel a little better.
    Being orphaned again, even temporarily, was not fun.
    We’ve been through thick and thin together and you guys are like family.

    Sundance, I wish I could help with admin, but I just don’t have the time. I’m working on several projects trying to build up my little business. Besides, I’m totally clueless about bloggy stuff.


  10. Menagerie says:

    Sundance, I won’t be on for a couple of hours, staring in about 20 minutes or so. Got company. Is it rude to be glued to the ‘puter when someone is visiting. My husband would probably unplug me. I’ll be back before bedtime, and I’ll check my email to see if you sent any instructions. Way. To. Go.


  11. Yeah, who got rid of the “s” in Https? Big hugs for that…..

    I’m gonna be offf for just a bit. Sick little cracker needs wobby, and Butch needs some stroking. Love to all. C U Soon !


  12. MRM says:

    Sooooooo happy to see you all!!!!! Thank you so much!
    I was finishing up a project with a deadline so haven’t read through all the comments yet… going to the top to start from the beginning xoxoxo


  13. Someone figure out how to put up the “recent comments thingy” Purty please.

    Tilda’s in the house !!! Whoot Whoot 🙂


  14. Menagerie says:

    Help me out Ad rem. I clicked on the link WordPress sent me about confirming administrator. Do I need do download something? I’ze lost.


  15. OK. Grrrr the HTTP”S” is back. How do we get rid of it?


  16. Bijou says:

    I’m sure everybody’s already done it, but a lightbulb just went off over my head, telling me to ‘bookmark’ this new fab site.
    Like I said, I’m no techie. LOL!


  17. thomashooker says:

    Geez Louise, I have experienced two hours of significant trauma and pronounced feelings of abandonment that may require years of therapy.

    What happened? And thank you WeeWeed for posting your note at redpill.

    [wipes forehead and tries to relax]


  18. thomashooker says:

    I’ve been sitting huddled under the colander imagining all sorts of dire things. Gotta go feed the dogs before they start eyeing me speculatively.


  19. Auntie Lib says:

    Hey Guys – What’s going on???? I know I put up a comment on HT this morning and I think I remember checking in on my break this morning and then when I checked this afternoon – NO HONEY TRAIL!?!?!?!? “WTF”, to quote Gov. Palin.

    I’m glad we started the FB group, so I could find my way here, but I’m totally confused. Is this some sort of “Reverse Groundhog Day”? It’s still Monday, Feb 1 isn’t it? Why are the time stamps so far off?

    Can I have some cheese with this whine, please?


  20. tnwahm says:

    I am soooooooooooo glad to find you guys/gals. This afternoon was very traumatic for me when I tried to read honey and it was gone. I went back thru my history to find member’s blogs looking for you all. So glad I was pointed to Lucianne ~even started the registration process, ~ Thanks for building the treehouse.


  21. MRM says:

    oh my! from Daily Caller, by way of Newsbird and MOTUS:


    Could Val-Jar be any classier??


  22. wendyann64 says:

    What the? I am totally and completely lost! I don’t do Facebook so could someone please please please give me the scoop on what happened to my beloved HT!! I was in a bit of a panic when I saw the message on WordPress that Honeytrail was no longer available!

    Thanks to Waltzing Matilda for getting me here…you done good, girl!


  23. Menagerie says:

    Be back early in the morning ya’ll. Don’t get those blankets too close to the fire, now.


  24. staceedb says:

    Well…I got lucky finding you all here…I know I don’t say much of interest but.. holy cow..??


  25. staceedb says:

    I don’t really care who knows so I am giving it out so if anything happens again you can find me if you want to :

    422 Park Court
    Goshen, IN 46528


  26. Menagerie says:

    You did good. Let me know what help you need.

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