Clearing the “Literal Air”……

Great to see ya’ll.  Really Great.  Gather up cozy like and share the blankies, while we warm the toasty smores.  There’s plenty of room in the treehouse, but we’ve got some cleaning up to do before we get to unpackin’ the toothbrushes.

The reason ya’ll are assembled here ain’t because of the likes of me.  It’s because ya’ll like each others company.  Each of you enjoys a little community of peeps, and you’ll share your flashlights on the path so each can find their way safely.  Look to your left, and your right, and you’ll find a great friend to lean on, laugh with, and cherish.   That is what brought you to this place.  Remember that.   Sometimes things seem weird, and uncomfy, and yes at times a good screamin’ is needed, it clears the air.   Like sittin’ on the porch listenin’ to the neighbors have at each other, it can be unsettling.  But, if you know em’ well, you know that is just life, and tomorrow they might just be listenin’ to your version. 

It don’t make you better than, or worse than, anyone else.  We’re all flawed, stupid, brilliant, kind, selfless and selfish, at any given moment.  If you sit in judgement, you’re gonna be sittin’ alone…  git over it.

What happened at the old place was a drop in trust.  Heck, more than a drop, a flippin’ cliff dive is more appropriate.  Why?  Well simple.  Some of the peeps began doing stupid crap that has “real life” consequences.  Not just a bunch of cyber stupid, but a bunch of stupid that actually impacts the lives of others.  We had to deal with that issue.  It damn sure wern’t purty… ya’ll saw that straight up.   So here is where it is.  Listen up.   Trust is a very important commodity.  Once it is lost it’s damn near impossible to re-establish, ya’ll know that from your personal lives.  Well, that is what happened.   One or more of our crew was being attacked by someone ya’ll know.   Yeah, him…. KD.   AND he was using some of our previous peeps to carry it out.  Whether intentionally or not, we had folks doing it.

So if you hold that dude in high regard.  Get out now.  No place for it here.  Even as I write this there are some trying to gain access who do not share our values or principles, and they are interested in two approaches.  First there are leftists trying to eliminate the validity of conservative people like us, and try to make our voices silent and insignificant by working manipulative angles.  They don’t give a shit who gets hurt, or what happens so long as their progressive agenda is strengthened and a crew like showed up on 8/28/10 never has a chance to recognize their enormity.  Second, there are folks trying to hide the history of our association and what we know.  How?  Well they try to attack our character, plant seeds of doubt, and create an image of us as hate mongers, homophobes, crazies, stalkers and extremists. 

I could care less if you visit Hillbuzz every day, comment there, or flippin’ edit whackjobs journals for him.  Ain’t nuttin’ to do with us.  However, if you begin to do his biddin’ by disparaging this group, or our opinions, or giving information that can literally hurt, in real life, not just on-line life, then you are not fuggin’ welcome here.  Period.  You see there is a line of principle that can be broken.  Ya’ll need to decide for yourself how close to that line you choose to live.  But, if you are going to position yourself so that another person will be hurt, well….. you’ve crossed the line and it ain’t gonna stand.

I am the same person on here that I am in real life.  Recently, I have realized the same does not hold true for other participants.   THAT SUCKS.   Trust is the most fundamental principle of relationships and compromises the cornerstone of integrity.  We ain’t talking about personality differences here.  We are talking about liars, cheats, manipulators, and spinners of falsehoods.  That crap is toxic and dangerous.   So you have some thinkin’ to do.  We just cannot tolerate the absence of trust, and it kills us -each of us- to have to worry about the motives and agendas of others.   Again, we ain’t talking about calling people names and having honest disagreements or fights here.  We’re talkin’ about manipulative lying for some sick personal gratification of sorts.  Hell, I can’t even figure out what to call it, it’s just plain wrong.  Just wrong.

So, if you want to share kindness, fellowship, love, humor, appreciation, respect for each other and each other’s opinions, then this is the place to meet up and discuss as we have before.  However, if you are here to gather information, and collect some data for use against someone, then get lost.  Seriously, get lost.  Cause we’ll shut this thing down before we allow anyone to use it for that purpose.  It just ain’t a Christian thing to do, and it ain’t a right thing to do.  In essence that is what led to the closing of the trail.   Everyone is welcome here, everyone.  But those fundamental guidelines of honesty and trust MUST be respected.  

Any questions.?

here is a graveyard to bury the old crap and put it behind ya’…  Now.  Smores anyone?

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50 Responses to Clearing the “Literal Air”……

  1. Ad rem says:

    Wrapped in my blankie, and first in line for the smores!

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  2. just a conservative girl says:

    I am sorry to hear that you have a had a hard time. I will be the first to admit that I sometimes still read Hillbuzz, and will sometimes comment on a the more snarky posts. But, I have no desire to be involved with the bad side, and keep my comments to snark.

    I welcome the chance to have some place to go for more serious issues.

    I hope all is well with everyone.


  3. MRM says:

    At the risk of sounding like a gushing teenager … I’m so happy to be a part of this very special gathering place. and Sundance, you really underestimate yourself. While I absolutely agree with you that we are gathered here because of each other, I do have to say that your posts (dating back to the HB days) are something to behold. I look forward to seeing your take on every issue as they present themselves. And Sharon, I hope you’ll continue your Sunday morning posts… I know I’m not the only one who looked forward to each new installment in the story of your life.


  4. Hi y’all! Once again, I have WeeWeed to thank for leading me here.


    Any questions?

    Yes. I’m OK with changing locations, but who deleted HoneyTrail? Was it done maliciously, or intentionally? I really get bummed when good work, excellent work, gets deleted forever. So sad. And unfortunately, I’ve been through it more than once now. Some blogs merely “unpublished” some posts, but other blogs were deleted, never to return again.

    I’m happy that much of the HoneyTrail community is finding their way here, but sad to see HoneyTrail deleted.

    On the topic of being an admin, I would actually like to be an admin. I don’t have much time to do a lot of admin work, but I really like having the ability to use the comment editor when writing comments… it’s a lot easier than writing the HTML tags myself… and I may, on occasion, actually write a post…


  5. Jennifer H says:

    Hey all, I found you through Lucianne. I suspected that real live events were going on against some of the Mod’s with the dust up at Honey Trail. I hope the rest of the crew finds this site ! Time to peek around further – nice job btw that was some fast work getting this site up and running.


  6. Bijou says:

    Thanks for clearing the air, Sundance.
    I still don’t get it exactly, but I gather there was a spy infiltrating HT for KD’s benefit (?) That’s pretty low and quite pathetic.
    Anyway, pffffft.
    Glad to see so many finding their way to the new treehouse. It’s quite cozy.
    I’m still eating Christmas cookies, so I’ll pass on the s’mores for now. Maybe I’ll rustle up some cheese and crackers for later.


  7. zmalfoy says:

    Oh, goodness! I had no idea this was going on!

    Honestly, despite one email from KD, I’ve not emailed him back, nor returned to his place since I was first found for the honey trail. It’s the community that I loved, and I only realy desire to go where you all are. You have the best things to say, and I’m so priveledged that everyone in a while I contribute some small bit to that excellence.

    Of course, the rest of the time I tend to add “color”, in the “Ace-of-Spades-Moron” variety, but it’s all about balance, you know. . .

    So glad Wee-weed found me. ^___^ Hugs to all!


  8. g8rmom7 says:

    As usual, I am clueless. But I do have a question…is there evidence that KD and HB are really underground progressives trying to screw up the conservative movement? Or am I misunderstanding? I just feel like this is such a critical time in our nation’s history and if we start allowing the progressives to break us up, we are DONE FOR!

    I personally find some great ideas on HB about things to say to my liberal friends, how to point out their hypocrisy, etc. So in that regard, I still like to read and get ideas from HB.


    • KD and HB are not underground progressives per se. There is a missunderstanding. If you are referring to #1 point in main body discussion text, it was directly noting “lefty/progressives” (Daily Ko’s types, Tabouley types, etc. ) who will use any method to divide our conservative coalition. Regarding KD : the issues are about honesty, trustworthiness, and character. Your relationship with HB is your business, and yes there are some great ideas and insights. How useful HB may be to conservative objectives long term has yet to be determined. I think it is a HUGE risk.

      But, considering what you already know, you must admit to yourself that KD has no issue dividing conservatives for his own benefit. Think about it. Why aren’t we there? and aren’t we conservative? nuf said…..


      • g8rmom7 says:

        Oh, I have no doubt that KD would try to divide us…but I just didn’t think the motivation was because he wants to push a socialist agenda and split up all conservative groups. For him, I’m sure it’s more personal. He is protecting his own place in this world or whatever.

        Who knows…Sundance we talked about this before you all even started the Honey Trail…people in the online world are not always what they seem to be. And it’s even harder for those of us, who can’t even think that way. We are what we are whether we’re in the office, at church or online. It’s impossible for me to seperate myself into two or more personalities…it’s not in my DNA.

        But some people have issues with their real life or for whatever reason, just enjoy being a totally different person in the online world. I have no explanation for it…it just happens.

        My point is that I use a variety of conservative sites including here, HB, HotAir, and some aquaintances/friends I’ve met on Facebook. We have got a major battle ahead of us to get this country back on track, fight the Muslim extremist infiltration, and put the progressives back under the rock they crawled out of.

        We need to stay focused and informed. And you all are some of the best conservative minds I’ve seen and I feel like we are all needed in this!

        I dunno, I’m a little tired tonight so I may not be as clear as I want to be. Suffice it to say, I am here and if there is any doubt to my integrity, just contact me…either through my blog or whatever. As Popeye says “I yam what I yam”.


  9. ZurichMike says:

    Why am I always the last to know? LOL!

    And I am still not sure what exactly happened.

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  10. Michael F. says:

    I found this site via The Connection. I wondered who blew up the bridge to HT.
    I’d like to come in here, rather than try to start up a similar site on my own. The principles and leadership are in place here, and have certainly been tested by trials at HB and HT, as we well remember.
    I haven’t known any of the groups’ participants personally, although I tend to think that we must have known one another and worked together in similar political and spiritual mode before; because there are such strong feelings of friendship, trust and loyalty (and no tolerance for the opposites). Or perhaps these are simply our shared bedrock values that bring us together; in any case, as my former teacher remarked, “the bond has been forged” – despite occasional weak or fractured links.
    I very glad that this group has persisted and survived; I thank all and wish all the best.


    • weeweed says:

      Great to see you Michael!! And welcome!


    • Kristi says:




    • stellap says:

      You expressed exactly the way I feel about our fellow tree dwellers. So glad to see you here.


    • Hi Michael, it is great to see you again. Pull up a rock cozy like and settle in. Welcome. 🙂


    • MRM says:

      Hi Michael! Glad you found your way to the treehouse – great to see you here! You really summed up the way I feel about this group as well – so happy we all keep ending up together!


    • Sharon says:

      Hey Michael, welcome! Find yourself a good branch.

      Yeah, we’ve sort of been through it! Make yourself at home….we’ll look forward to hearing from you.

      FWIW, I’m going to try to say something, partly in response to your comment here….as we get better acquainted and hear more and more via posts from various Tree Dwellers, the interests, skills and knowledge of each one is being strengthened. We vary a great deal in terms of “where we started from” but we’re digging in and trying to be thoughtful and effective in the fight we all face.


  11. Michael F. says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Let’s hope that any still-lost refugees find the way here.
    In my remarks above I forgot the word ‘integrity.’ We likely aren’t close to sainthood, but we do stand by our values. Today in an email to a 20-year friend I wrote that we all seem to need this sort of community for its mutual support, as most of us have lost our ‘old-fashioned’ communities over the past few generations. (Sharon’s tales remind me of two esteemed grandparents who went on the road with their children every summer.) Or perhaps like me, we couldn’t seem to fit in where we were, and so ‘hit the road’ as soon as we could find work in a far place. In either case, we were subconsciously searching for ‘the home we hoped to find.’ (Lots of potential in that for wrong turns; I was 50 before I realized that home was where I was at, and that I had to make the best of not-very-much at the time.)
    So you may understand that I’m very grateful for the Internet and WordPress for these community forums.
    Let me add something on the concept of ‘communitas’ from social anthropology, courtesy Wikipedia: Communitas is a Latin word which refers to either an unstructured community in which people are equal, or to the very spirit of community, or to an intense feeling of social equality, solidarity, and togetherness. It is an acute point of community, a shared luminality or threshold or rite of passage which allows it and all in it to advance to the next level.
    That said, I think we can see where certain blog-sites fall short and where others succeed.


    • Sharon says:

      That’s a good definition….good stuff. One thing that has interested me is how, on this site and some others, like-minded folks do somehow find one another…and then as each one extends their thoughts and perceptions onto the table, there’s a shared experience that specifically does NOT result in uniformity, but as acceptance and dialogue is experienced, there’s a common denominator that is invisibly agreed to.

      And like you said, it has everything to do with integrity. Hope you enjoy The Tree.

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