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History Repeats – Jews In Eastern Ukraine Told To Register Their Personage Or Be Subjected To Property Confiscation…

A very similar historical pattern is evolving.   First, Vladimir Putin used the concern for Russian nationalists in Ukraine as justification for military incursion into Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.   This is the same justification Adolf Hitler used to move troops into Poland. Now, just like … Continue reading

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An Ego Too Big To Save Face – Perspectives On The Collapse Of Kerry’s Grand Plan For Mid-East Peace Talks…

Politico has an interesting summary of the Israeli / Palestinian talk collapse filling in some timelines to the analysis we previously presented.   Even if you are not a global political news junkie it’s worth the read. While the Politico story … Continue reading

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Face Saving Needs Scape Goat – John Kerry Blames Israel For Derailing “Peace Talks”…

If you’ve been following along you likely know how absurd this is.   Somehow, in the bizzarro Easter Island land of long faces where John Kerry was spawned, this makes sense to him.   Israel blamed for derailing peace talks Palestinians would not … Continue reading

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Palestinian Version: ‘We Blackmailed Israel to Release Terrorist Prisoners’….

Again, as predicted.    Here’s the way the entire face saving fiasco is being spun by the Palestinians.  Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf told reporters the Palestinian Authority “blackmailed” Israel to bring about the release of dozens of prisoners. Palestinian Media – The Palestinian … Continue reading

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Saving Face – Saving The ‘Long’ Face – John Kerry Plan: Free Pollard, Save Floundering Peace Talks, Plan Emerges

As predicted.   Golly-Gee Mr. Ketchup, why the long face ? ISRAEL – US Secretary of State John Kerry left Israel Tuesday morning as details emerged of a possible deal that would lead to the release of imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan … Continue reading

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Spies Like Us – Understanding What’s Behind The Jonathan Pollard Request

By now most people might have heard about an Israeli request for the release of Jonathan Pollard. Here we present the actual substance behind what’s really going on. President Obama and Secretary Kerry have been trying for months to establish … Continue reading

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MH-370 The “False Flag” HiJack Theory…. A Web Researcher Claims To Have Located A Hidden Message and Photograph From A Hijacked Passenger of MH-370

Disclaimer:   Recent publications within the blogosphere paint a rather remarkable possibility.   HOWEVER, what I’m outlining here is the connection of them, and NOT the validation of them. That said, a recent EXPLOSIVE ASPECT is either a very sick mind at … Continue reading

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Some Things Never Change – Jimmy Carter Claims Israel As Occupiers….

(Via YNet) Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that he doesn’t support the Palestinian-led “boycott, divest, sanction” campaign against Israel but said products made in Palestinian territories should be clearly labeled so buyers can make a choice about them. Carter … Continue reading

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Russia’s Third Victory – Syria’s Assad Now Predicted To Win The War Against Jihadist Rebels…

Set to increase his influence exponentially Russia’s Vladimir Putin must be smiling broadly.    Already in strong geo-political, economic and diplomatic alignment with Iran.   Now helping Egypt in their freedom fight to rid themselves of the Muslim Brotherhood and expanding military bases … Continue reading

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“Intelligence Report”: Iran constructs mock aircraft carrier ‘for black propaganda’ – Strange Intelligence Release ?…. Or is it ?

…..”The Americans are unsure of the purpose behind the building of the nonworking aircraft carrier, but speculate Iran could orchestrate its sinking. Thus, they decided to stay ahead and expose the vessel and prevent black propaganda”…  Something’s up.   -  We … Continue reading

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