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Exactly 25 Years Ago Tonight… Tiananmen Square – Twenty-five years after the bloodshed in Beijing, new details keep emerging

ON THE night of June 3rd-4th 1989 the Chinese army unleashed its tanks in the centre of Beijing to crush a protest that had begun seven weeks earlier against the Communist Party’s autocratic rule. Ever since, Chinese officials grow nervous … Continue reading

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Tankman – The Full Perspective

You’ve probably seen this picture before: But have you ever seen the full picture ?

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MH-370 Search Suspended – Military Search Authorities Admit “Pings” Were Mistakes – No Evidence To Support Ongoing Search Efforts….

The U.S. Military and Australian Search Authority in charge of looking for missing Malaysian Airline MH-370 have now admitted what independent researchers announced a few weeks ago.   They have no idea where to look, and admit the initial ping signals were … Continue reading

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No Longer “Lost” ? MH-370 Inmarsat Satellite Data Finally Released…

The CNN article does not contain a link to the actual 47 page document, nor does it state how the Inmarsat position changed from “the data was irretrievably lost” to now “the data is being released”.  Go Figure…   If you … Continue reading

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Eleven Islamic Terrorists Questioned In Malaysia In Regard To Missing Malaysian Plane MH370

(New York Post)  Members of a violent cell of al Qaeda-linked terrorists are being questioned in connection with the disappearance of Flight MH370, according to several British press reports. International law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and Britain’s MI6, asked … Continue reading

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MH-370 Search Shifts – 6 Days With No Additional Signal Detections Indicates No Further *Pings* Possible, and Oil Slick Found 5,500 Meters Downrange….

Australian search team leader, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, has announced that after 6 consecutive days of no further signal detections they are calling off the use of the Towed Ping Locator.   In addition Angus Houston says: “the chance of … Continue reading

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MH-370 Co-Pilot Tried To Make A Phone Call ? – Oh Yeah, and about that “cleared” Passenger Manifest….. notsomuch !

Other than Australian Search authorities saying they located four pings of similar profile to the black boxes, not so much has come to light about missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370.   However, the Malaysian authorities are backtracking on their prior position … Continue reading

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MH370 Search – Ping Signals Reacquired – Two More Signals Identified Brings Total To Four…

SEARCH crews have relocated signals, hoped to be from MH370’s black box, another two times. AUSTRALIA – Search coordinator and retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston has told reporters in Perth the discovery by Australian ship Ocean is “further encouraging”. … Continue reading

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Australian Search Team Fail To Reacquire MH-370 Ping Signals On Second Day In Same Area As Initial Discovery – “disappointing”

Air Chief Marshal Houston has told Radio 3AW he was concerned that there haven’t been any further signal detections today. “The worry we have is that we haven’t been able to reacquire it,” he told 3AW radio. “Underwater searching with … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Possible Detection of MH-370 Black Boxes Discovered in Search Zone – 4,500 Meters (2.8 miles) Deep

The Australian Authorities, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, are announcing the Australian Defence Vessel, Ocean Shield, has found two distinct possibilities of independent return ping signals which align with the same frequency and identity as the Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight … Continue reading

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