Benghazi F.U.B.A.R. – Understanding the Oval Office activity on 9/11/12 – What Was, and What Was Not, Known…

Truth has only to exchange hands a few times to become fiction !

blood on their handsIn my opinion the activity within the White House on 9/11/12, the night of the Benghazi attack, is not riddled with hard to understand events.

If you separate the wheat from the chaff you begin to understand what the response, or lack thereof, was all about.

The wheat is “what they knew”, the chaff is what people “think they knew”.

Two fundamentally different aspects which can be brought into alignment with a simple review of known facts and known communications.

The Benghazi State Department compound came under direct attack at 9:40pm Libyan time, or 3:40pm (Eastern DC time). All times for this presentation will be in Washington DC time.

The first notification of the attack into the White House came through the State Department at 4:05pm via email cable. It said: “U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack”.

first benghazi email notification

After visiting Walter Reed National Military Medical Center ,President Obama left Bethesda Maryland at 4:40pm to return to the White House.   The President Arrived at the White House  South Lawn at 4:50pm.

He was scheduled to meet with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey in the Oval Office upon arrival.  Meeting time 5:00pm.

Around the exact same time POTUS arrived back at the White House the second email/cable arrived (4:54pm) into the communication flow. This one is perhaps the most overlooked, and yet perhaps the most important to understanding what actions “did not” take place.

second benghazi email notification

The Second email titled “Update 1 U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi (SBU)” contains Tripoli Embassy saying the “firing has stopped“, “the compound cleared“, and a “response team on site“. Again, it comes in at 4:54pm

So, Marine One lands on lawn, POTUS walks into White House…. and upon arrival at the White House, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, updates President Obama.

What would he be updating?

Looking at the information “so far”… The consulate came under attack, and the firing has stopped, compound cleared and response team on site.

When POTUS meets with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey, (meeting previously scheduled) what would they share?

Most likely the same information – remember this was a State Dept. led communication pipeline. Remember too that General Carter Ham (Africom Command) has said he was not contacted to do anything. So the Pentagon, Panetta and Dempsey, are privy to essentially the same information coming from the State Dept. Regional Security.

And at this point it’s 5:00pm and State Dept “Update 1” states the “fighting over“.

Nothing changes in the communication stream until 6:07pm when Update 2 comes out: “Ansar al-Sharia claim responsibility for attack“.

third benghazi email notifcation - original

Note – it’s 6:07pm and nothing in update #2 is disputing Update #1 status “the firing has stopped”.

So President Obama and Joe Biden, after meeting with Donilon -then Panetta and Dempsey- are preparing for the 6:30pm phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu, knowing what ?

• The Benghazi compound came under attack.
• The attack stopped. Compound cleared. Response team on site attempting to locate personnel.
• Ansar al-Sharia have claimed responsibility.

There’s nothing in the flow of information to tell them any different.   There’s especially nothing in the communication flow to tell them the fight is still ongoing.

At 6:30pm, as Biden and Obama take the call with Benjamin Netanyahu do,  what do Secretary Panetta and CoJC Dempsey do?

KNOWN = The Pentagon issues an order to a special operations team in Europe to move to Sigonella, Sicily – less than one hour’s flight away from Benghazi.

PRESUMED = They may have moved into the Situation Room along with National Security Council Spox Tommy Vietoro, who was presumably with his boss Tom Donilon(link)

The next set of known actions take place while Obama and Biden are on the phone with Netanyahu. Remember, as they picked up that phone this is what Obama/Biden know:

• The Benghazi compound came under attack.
• The attack stopped. Compound cleared. Response team on site attempting to locate personnel.
• Ansar al-Sharia have claimed responsibility.

While Obama/Biden are on the phone (6:30pm – 7:28pm):

KNOWN = at 7:00pm – The first of two unmanned U.S. Predator drones, which already had been flying over eastern Libya, is diverted to Benghazi.

And….. Brig. General Lovell begins watching the feed from the drone(s).

PRESUMED = This feed is presumably piped into the situation room.

Just before 7:28pm the Netanyahu call ends. Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor, begins to update POTUS and VPOTUS on Benghazi status – which is considerably different from what they originally thought when beginning the call.

White House 9-11-12 Donilon - McDonough

It’s exactly 7:28:16pm and Denis McDonough would be sharing:

•  The fight is not over.
•  Ambassador Stevens is missing / presumed dead.

At 7:30pm in DC it’s now 1:30am in Benghazi, and almost 4 hours since the fight started.

(7:30 p.m. D.C.): A U.S. security team from Embassy Tripoli lands at Benghazi airport and learn that the ambassador is missing.   They try unsuccessfully to arrange for transportation into town, with the goal of locating Stevens.  They are stuck at the airport.

The questioning of POTUS should be what did he do, or not do, “AFTER” this update from McDonough ?   Or, where did he go ?   We know, from Tommy Vietor, Obama  did not go into the Situation Room.

However, it’s easy to see how and why they did not delay the Netanyahu phone call when you realize that up and until this moment POTUS and VPOTUS were under the impression the “fight was over“.

It’s also more easily reconcilable why they did nothing else. After all, so much time had elapsed since the initial terrorist attack began.

Did anyone actually know the fighting was ongoing ? If so, who ?

From the time Obama first arrived back at the White House (4:50pm), up until this 7:28pm update from McDonough, he was under the impression the fight was over.


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144 Responses to Benghazi F.U.B.A.R. – Understanding the Oval Office activity on 9/11/12 – What Was, and What Was Not, Known…

  1. maryfrommarin says:

    Taking advantage of the halting of information flow at this point: why didn’t the WH state afterwards that they did nothing because they believed “the fight was over”? After all, that IS the information they received [second message above]..

    And, BTW, who sent the information? Did both messages come from the same source? WHY did the second message say the fighting had stopped and “the compound had been cleared”? Is that true, and then it started up again? Or was it not true, and it was a continuous attack? If the latter, what in the heck was that second message all about?

    I am probably getting way ahead of myself here, but it’s a good time to ask questions.

    • canadacan says:

      This is perfect I love the way the information is disseminated here.
      I thought I understood but now I really understand.
      somebody is messing with the information going to the White House.
      this is why Joe Biden looks like a gigged frog.
      I can just see him mentally saying to himself “wow this is really effing big.Holy crap Batman what do we do now.”
      the belligerent jut of the jaw of the other party in the roots of that world link for mation as well

    • dws says:

      Even if they receive emails saying the fight is over, etc., what kind of commander doesn’t do more to assure that Stevens is alive and well (i.e phone call) or assure that there is truly a response team on the ground? If these communications are so erroneous, this can’t be the first time that has happened. Do these people think of nothing but how events will impact their elections?

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      No, the real question is…Why were neither The Lyin’King, nor Uncle Joe interrupted with a message/note that there was an attack ongoing. BOTH were busy??!! Who was in charge?

  2. canadacan says:

    That should read” the belligerent jut of the jaw of the other party in the room sends out all sorts of flight or fight signals”.

  3. Here’s the question: WHY was it reported that the fighting was over and the compound cleared and WHO reported it? Is our intelligence really that bad or was someone intentionally reporting misleading information OR, as stated above, did fighting stop for a brief period? Also, was the compound actually ever cleared? This creates even more questions.

    But then, we’re just a delusional minority driving the “Benghazi cover-up” narrative.

    • carterzest says:

      it does seem pretty fish that the fighting just miraculously stopped at that time.
      “…was someone intentionally reporting misleading information”? Strong possiblitily!

      • ctdar says:

        The fighting had stopped at the mission because it had moved over to the Annex, but remember no one was to know about that CIA Building.

    • Chewbarkah says:

      Your questions are good. As to “is our intelligence really that bad?”, note that the 4:05pm message declares: “the February of 17th militia is providing security support.” The author of this message had a weak grasp of the real situation (unless he/she meant the hired militia was providing support to the attackers).

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      There was a “lull” if you will in the actual firefight, then it resumed big time.

  4. ctdar says:

    Also remember there was enough concern re WH Press release to explore the issue of whether there was enough security the day before the anniversary of September 11.
    If Obama was so concerned, why werent operatives in such a volatile area on high alert and scrambled at 4:05 /10:05pm Libyain time??
    I think Obama administration knew the arms situation that they helped facilitate was out of control in Benghazi and they let nature take it course to hide their duplicity. That is why they did not attempt a rescue or get in there afterward for WEEKS in hopes that all the evidence leading to them would disappear.
    Ambassador Stevens, the other 3 and the rest of the United States be damned.

  5. rashomon says:

    Why, when the Obama administration has been so concentrated on fomenting chaos in the Middle East and northern Africa where they supported the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood and its multiple branches, was anyone in the WH surprised that they lost control? Since when does the MB take orders from anyone but Islamists? Our government has been dealing drugs and arms in that area, inciting unrest among the youth/”college” students (does anyone remember the 60s in the USA?) and refusing to support the Christians, Jews and other religious groups that tend to stabilize their countries. Whoops! Where did those arms go?

    Democracy cannot thrive amidst chaos, and they know it. Looks as if they are welcoming the start of WWIII. I wonder which banks need money after they screwed up the economy using real estate as a tool? Are the cocaine, heroin and arms markets not as profitable as they used to be? Lets bring out a new George Clooney movie or stir the racial stewpot so the hop polloi don’t notice.

  6. TC says:

    You guys all seem to be ASSUMING that the 2nd email was in fact really sent and not a convenient artifact manufactured well after the fact to cover up the administration’s incompetence or complicity (take your pick) in the matter. I, however, wouldn’t put anything past these scumbags.

    • dws says:

      The telltale signs of a faked email rigged to look like it was sent at an earlier time are pretty easy to spot (if anyone cared to look that is).

      • Susan M. says:

        You mean like forged “Announcement of Birth”? or Social Security stolen numbers?, or Scholarships for “foreign students”? Get my drift?

    • Josh says:

      There are going to be a lot of assumptions because those who know the truth will not tell the truth.

      If the 2nd email was sent “to cover up the administration’s incompetence or complicity” then why did they not run with it? Obama et al could say that they sent no aid because they were told that the fighting had stopped and that “a response team is on site”. But they are not saying that.

      These emails do not need to be so redacted but they are. Why? (Of course we know why …)

  7. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Wait a minute. ALL of those emails emanate from the State Department? Notice the “Sender” in the very first email? That one email lacks the “” designation in the “From” line. WHO sent it? From the looks of it, there’s only enough room for two initials there. And, whoever that person is, they seem to be informed enough to know that “The Operations Center” will be providing the updates as they become available.

    Where was Hillary on that afternoon and evening? There’s absolutely ZERO chance that she was not somewhere in the information loop. These emails were either sent to her in real time, or were sent with her approval and/or direction. Also, since she was the Secretary of State, she also had to know about the planned phone conference between Obama and Netanyahu. Was Hillary controlling the flow of information to the WH?

    And one final question: Why are the names of the sender and recipients redacted? Is this a necessary step for national security purposes, to keep enemies from knowing who is in the essential “chain of command” or does this have to do with keeping our own people from guessing “who knew what, and when”? I noticed one other thing, too. Why do some of the recipient addresses in the first e-mail appear to have been redacted in black, and then covered again in white? Is there anything significant about that?

    • dws says:

      Good points. This initial email is from just a couple of letters and the followup misleading emails come from emails. And there are about the right number of letters for something like “ Of course, lots of names would probably fit in there and I don’t know their convention for email addresses.

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        It’s almost as if the first email was sent from a device or source that is outside the traditional network of State Department communications devices, such as a mobile device that does not automatically include the suffix in the sender’s email address. Maybe it’s nothing, but I find that rather curious.

        Who sent that first email?

        • nyetneetot says:

          It’s very hard to tell what is going on with the E-Mail addresses block as what seems to be displayed is output from an E-Mail client. In cases like Microsoft Outlook it most likely could be a “nickname” for the sender stored on that particular computer/E-Mail client combination. The address block wouldn’t necessarily look the same if the E-Mail was viewed on another computer. In fact all those addresses could be fake or nicknames. You have no way of knowing without being able to see the “electronic envelope” the E-Mail was sent in. Unless you have access to the servers themselves anything turned in like that needs to be on the questionable list.

    • Sam says:

      It’s clear that the Select Committee needs to get the unredacted email versions, even if it requires hiring computer forensic experts.

    • Josh says:

      “Why are the names of the sender and recipients redacted?”

      “Why do some of the recipient addresses in the first e-mail appear to have been redacted in black, and then covered again in white?”

      I had these same questions.

      In the first email, one address does not appear to be redacted at all:
      Now that’s a funky email address.

  8. gotaz says:

    What response team? Isn’t this a bit different from the media narrative. I thought we “did not have assets available in the area”.

  9. John Galt says:

    The first email appears tampered to me.

    approximately’20 anned people fired shots

    Why the apostrophe? Why the big gap? Why “anned” ? “anned” is not a likely typo for “armed” on a qwerty keyboard. “planned” fits nicely in the gap, although non-idiomatic

    • doodahdazee says:

      They can’t spell. Comp-und?

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I believe the apostrophe is actually supposed to be a “close quote” to follow the “open quote” that precedes the word “approximately” but apostrophes were usedinstead of quotation marks. But the large “gap” and misspelling of the word “armed” seem to indicate some sort of editing or indecision on the part of the sender.

      I don’t believe the first email was sent from a laptop or computer, but maybe from a mobile device such as a Blackberry. (do they have a qwerty keyboard?) It’s also possible that the author inadvertently hit “send” instead of “clear” while trying to edit the email. After that it was an “Oh, Crap” moment, and too late to make corrections.

      Who would use a mobile device to send such an important communication? Sort of doubtful that it came from anyone in Benghazi, isn’t it? Ditto for anyone inside the Dept of State, unless it was someone who in transit between point A and point B. But who would that be? Who would be so high up in the food chain to have received this type of info on a mobile device, and then relayed the same to others from a mobile device? This is kinda sensitive and important communication about a national security matter. Who had that much “juice” on Sept 11, 2012?

      • John Galt says:

        Blackberry = qwerty
        Iphone virtual = qwerty
        Android virtual = qwerty

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          Thanks for that. I have never owned any of those devices so I had to ask. So that would make it very difficult for those errors to be simple typos. More like an edit gone awry, and prematurely sent.

          • auscitizenmom says:

            Okay. What is this “qwerty” stuff all about?

            • LetJusticePrevail" says:

              The design of the keyboard that was used to type the first email, which has several typos or misspellings. The debate is whether or not it was written by a mobile device such as an iPhone or Blackberry, rather than a typical State Department PC or laptop. Why so many errors? Does any of this indicate who sent the first email? Do the errors indicate simple “typos” or do they indicate an edit (designed to mislead the recipients) that somehow went awry by being prematurely “sent” with an accidental pressing of “send” rather than “clear”?

              On my antiquated phone “clear” works like a “backspace key” that erases whatever letter that immediately precedes the spot where I have my cursor positioned. BUT, the “send” and “clear” buttons are right next to each other, so I often accidentally send texts while I am actually trying to make some sort of correction. I get a lot of responses like “WTH???”

              I brought it up because I was wondering if the first email was sent from a mobile device like a Blackberry, rather than from a desktop PC or laptop. Why would someone be using a mobile phone to transmit such important (and sensitive) State Dept communications? Wouldn’t they usually be sent from a stationary device inside the State Department network? Also notice the sender’s email address. It doesn’t have the “” suffix like the 2nd and 3rd emails have. Why not? Who sent it, and from where?

              • auscitizenmom says:

                Thanks. I was really feeling left out. I know nothing of keyboards on “fancy phones.” I still use a little flip phone. So, your explanation is very helpful. :)

                • LetJusticePrevail" says:

                  “I still use a little flip phone.”

                  Me, too. Whenever I’m at my daughter’s house watching TV with them, and the commercial comes on with the guy holding the old 90s style cell phone and rambling on about how “smartphones” only have 3 or 4 buttons, everybody just looks at me and smirks.

            • LetJusticePrevail" says:

              There are different designs for keyboards, with different layouts for the keys. “qwerty” keyboards are ones that have the letters q w e r t y on the top row, to the left. Not all keyboards are laid out in that manner:

              For example, a “dvorak” layout:


              or the “Colemak” layout:


              as opposed to the more common “qwerty” layout:


      • Sam says:

        Keep in mind that on a touch screen device (iPhone, Android) it is extremely easy to hit the wrong key and it may be a mistake up, down or sideways. And if you have the annoying auto-complete word feature turned on you get words you didn’t intend. We don’t know what kind of device this was sent from.

    • Jack Long says:

      It seems to me the first email is a first hand account of what was going on inside the compound. I think the text was supposed to be ’20 annex people fired shots’.

  10. doodahdazee says:

    So. How long did the drones hang around and where is the “real” important video? The ones taken by the drones.

    • ctdar says:

      More importantly why didnt the drone overhead of the annex commence fire upon the bad guys as it implied it would when Woods & Doherty lit up the terrorists location?

      • doodahdazee says:

        Zero orders from Zero. I think they needed permission to fire. None came either way. Predators have missiles on them. Unless they were unarmed? But they why were they unarmed? Where did they launch from? Many Q’s no A’s

        • Sam says:

          Not all drones are armed. The facility the drone belongs to needs permission to load a Hellfire or any kind of missile. And they need permission to shoot it and often a laser sight-in or sync from the ground to triangulate the exact target.

          • ctdar says:

            That’s seems to be what Wood & Dougherty did; they were too bright not to realize the consequences of their actions if the drone did not fire so doubtful they would have painted the target (terrorists) without the assurance from the drone overhead. By painting the target they gave away their location and since no drone action followed they were than shot upon by the terrorists and killed.

            • Sam says:

              Yes, which of course meant the mortar position had the ability to pick up the exact coordinates of the annex from the laser targeting device and aim the mortar exactly on that position.The lasers are infrared so the Ansar al Sharia (or whoever they were) mortar team had the gear to see infrared. But we’ve wandered far from what the WH did that night. It appears they handled it as a purely political problem.

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Have not been released yet. Probably State has them.

  11. LittleLaughter says:

    I don’t understand why there have been no statements from the surviving witnesses.

    • auscitizenmom says:

      I think they have been threatened with their very lives and the lives of their families.

    • doodahdazee says:

      They are like the DOJ CR people in Zimmerman. It is a crime for them to talk in public. Without immunity from their agreement they would all have to take the 5th. Now the Q is who can give them immunity?

    • Josh says:

      “I don’t understand why there have been no statements from the surviving witnesses.”
      I’ve wondered this as well.

  12. auscitizenmom says:

    A little information raises a lot of questions.

  13. Col(R) Ken says:

    What about the spot reports going into DESKOPs? Have the generater (from) of the emails have been interviewed? Where are the CIA spot reports? Can’t believe the OPNs team was at the airport, without transportation.
    Great time line, now, we need DOD, and CIA timelines. Key point, before Obama went off to party, what were his taskers? Wasnt Chuckie Shummmer in the WH till 2300hrs that night………

    • John Galt says:

      Yes, subpoena all emails, etc. and obtain testimony from all senders and recipients. Any tampering / alterations = obstruction charges.

    • Sam says:

      We need logs. Every military command keeps logs of orders received and transmitted. They are very “anal” about this. CIA operations may or may not be so good at logging. There should also be logs of communications to and from the State Department and Libya. The White House keeps logs of everyone who enters and leaves. WH should also keep a log of when the president was notified that an ambassador is in danger. This may be the original email; if so, the sender’s name and location is important.

  14. Menagerie says:

    We have “security personnel” in hostile foreign countries who are unable to arrange transport to carry out their duties? I am not a soldier, but this seems to be a big hole in the logistics to me.

    All of the updates seem to be trickling of information that was even at that time being manipulated. None of it seems to be in response to a CIC who is demanding real time info and orchestrating his forces through appropriate channels.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I noticed that, and had a similar thought. Conjures images of our security personnel being involved in an episode of “The Amazing Race”

      What do we do? Just hand them a map and a pocketful of bus tokens and say “Good Luck,guys! See ya at the finish line!”?

  15. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    This timeline and info does not jive with the testimony by Greg Hicks. Why are you trying to let Obama off the hook? And why did Obama allegedly order all “military assets into the area” if he was told the event was over?

    • doodahdazee says:

      Obama’s Fractured Fairy Tales.

    • jakeandcrew says:

      The email/cable from State Dept. at 4:54 doesn’t jive with the CIA timeline given to David Ignatius @ Washington Post How can the compound be cleared and all firing stopped at 4:54 pm (10:54 pm Libyan time), when the CIA says that at 11:15 pm: “The CIA team puts a group of State Department officers into a vehicle and sends it to the agency base; at 11:30, the CIA officers depart under fire and reach the annex six minutes later.”

      Greg Hicks testimony seems to jive w/ the CIA: “A second — it was noticed that a second wave of attackers was coming to attack the facility. And our teams evacuated, five RSOs and Sean Smith in one vehicle that suffered heavy fire, but they managed to break through and get to the annex, and in — the annex team also withdrew from the facility and the second wave of attackers took it over.

      After the second phase of the evening occurs, the timing is about 11:30 or so.”

      I don’t see how the State Dept. update could possibly be true.

      • sundance says:

        The State Dept 4:54pm cable was obviously inaccurate, and the fighting was evolving and ongoing.

        However, the point is…… what did the White House know? From that perspective the 4:54pm cable is important regardless of it’s factual inaccuracy.

        • jakeandcrew says:

          Greg Hicks also testified that their defense attache was reporting all night to his chain of command, to AFRICOM and the joint chiefs in DC. Panetta and Dempsey must have had info that conflicted with the State Dept. email.

  16. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    For a better discussion of timeline, read Cahill’s article:

  17. yankeeintx says:

    Not that I trust everything from Wiki, but they are claiming the drone started live streaming at 5:10pm Washington time:
    “The Pentagon ordered an unmanned aerial vehicle that was in the air conducting surveillance on militant camps to fly over Benghazi. The drone arrived at 11:10 pm local time (5:10 pm Eastern Time) and began providing a video feed to Washington”

    • doodahdazee says:

      Clint would call it a Fluster Cluck.

    • Sam says:

      Which command did the drone belong to? Who launched it from where? The order came from the Pentagon but the drone itself didn’t. This is just one of the many loose ends that should be tied down.

      • TrickleUpPolitics says:

        Gen Hamm who just testified to Congress says the military was waiting to hear from the State Dept to make a move and never heard from them. Begs the question why the military wasn’t waiting to hear from the Commander in Chief. He must have been leading from behind again.

        • P.Spinach says:

          The S.O.S was waiting to hear from the CIC, but the CIC had already told Panetta something, so maybe S.O.S. was waiting to hear from Panetta who either was told already do everything but interfere with the terrorists or was waiting to hear from CIC who was waiting to hear from ValJar. Then the Fixer decides we can fix rather than do.

          What.a.mess. Impeach.already!

  18. peachteachr says:

    As always, it’s the cover up that is going to cause problems. Like Little Laughter said, where are the evacuated personnel? I have read that they have been subjected to lie detector examinations on a monthly basis to make sure that they have not spoken to anyone about Benghazi. I also read that some of them were severely injured. There are way too many records for them to keep this quiet. I would love to see how Obama is viewed by historians in 50 years.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      If there was anyone in Congress who had a pair, Obama would be facing impeachment at this very moment.

      Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment for his complicity in the Watergate cover up, and Billy Jeff was impeached for lying about the Lewinsky scandal. Both of which pale in comparison to Benghazi. But then, neither Nixon nor Clinton had Harry Reid covering for them in the Senate, ready to block any attempt to convict after impeachment.

      One of the few positive things I have ever said about Nixon is that he had the decency to resign once his dirty laundry was revealed, rather than drag the entire nation through the sordid impeachment process. Clinton had no such saving grace. To this very day I have total disdain for WJC since he could have ended it by simply admitting his indiscretions and then let it be a matter between himself, and his wife. #scumbag

    • doodahdazee says:

      Race Card in 5..4…3….2…..1…….RACE CARD!

    • TrickleUpPolitics says:

      I read the injured were quarantined with fake names in Walter Reed and no one was allowed to see them or question them. WTF?

    • P.Spinach says:

      Worse than the 229 Malaysia Flight 370 passengers who disappeared without a word.

  19. davidfarrar says:

    So Obama was, presumably, at Walter Reed when, presumably, he was first informed about the Benghazi attack at 4:05 pm. Under this scenario, Obama didn’t do anything for the next 40 minutes to assure himself Ambassador Stevens, and the personnel at the Benghazi compound were safe.

    ex animo

    • doodahdazee says:

      These nitwits are guilty of big things. Now they are trying for a plea bargain and with hold adjudication. The scum are in a panic.

    • John Galt says:

      “They’re just in it to hurt the president and take back the Senate.”

      Great, git-r-done.

    • doodahdazee says:

      It begins. Battle Royal. Obama finally goes down. The long hot summer will be great. I can see it now. Sharpton will mobilize the vaunted National Action Network. Too much. All they can do is play the race card. Democrats will be in a total panic. The media will investigate the investigator. Unreal man, far out dude..

      • TrickleUpPolitics says:

        And don’t forget the 90,000 people who will be getting their Obamacare cancellation notices in Nevada about July. Can’t wait to hear from Harry’s constituents. I also can’t wait for some movement on Lois Lerner. A fun time will be had by all. The Dems thought Watergate was fun? Ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

      • TrickleUpPolitics says:

        With the ramped up knock-out game, failure of DOJ to take action, and the Sterling/NBA fight, a race war may ignite. Burn, baby, burn.

  20. doodahdazee says:

    Shades of the Wisconsin Walkout. The Democrats will be hiding in Cuba.

  21. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    This article suggests which documents will show us where the virtual bodies are buried.

  22. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Here’s another focus on Hillary…breaking this afternoon in Philly (a Branch Office of Hell)…

  23. triper57 says:

    What appears to be lacking in this time line is the e-mails from the Office of the SoS asking the WH, Defense, and the CIA what assets are available to support those under attack. And the e-mails in return advising on the assets in place.

    Seems to be nothing that was released indicating the response available to support these people. We know from the few people that have been willing to talk that the people on the ground asked for help. The question i have is who did not relay that information up the chain? And if the contingency for an attack in Libya was not planned? Who was responsible for that lack of planning?

    All responses after the attack seem to be geared at Spin instead of trying to prevent another stupid posting of a diplomatic mission that is “on their own” with nothing set up to support them when the SHF.

  24. ctdar says:

    I could swear I’ve seen Benghazi emails with non redacted addresses…they in the Trees special file room? They had state, africom, dod, WH I think they were out there during the initial hearings.

    • sundance says:

      I generally upload email docs to the Treehouse SCRIBD acct. That way other outlets can capture them for their own use. Here’s the link to our account page.

      I know some of our FOIA Benghazi docs are in the archives. I’ll go look later tonight. We keep the entire account open to all public access so that others can research and/or also use the information. Dozens of reporters use it. You too can scour along also. We don’t publicize everything we upload.

      But you have all access. ;) ….. and of course the super secret handshake.

      • ctdar says:

        Great, thanks! I’ll check my notes too, I remember seeing names which may have been the first time I saw Vietors name too.

  25. doodahdazee says:

    Plea Bargain Alert! WAPO calls on Obama to release Intel Brief and take minor hit so investigation goes away.

  26. ctdar says:

    On Kelly File, Marc Thiessen is making the point that if Obama & WH truly thought if attack was truly about the video, release the presidential briefings leading up to and during the attack. Essentially let the intelligence reports back him up. Bush released the reports leading up to 9/11 which backed the fact for him that there was no pre warning of attack via the intelligence known at time.

    • doodahdazee says:

      Yes but then all that happens is Obama is caught lying. Everyone already knows that. Then he just throws himself on the mercy of the media. Whoop de Doo. They are scared to death of Gowdy with subpoena power to get the real facts of the deeper crimes.

      • ctdar says:

        Well not this time, Gowdy has subpoena power which includes the president…so if Obama resists his actions could get himself in front of SCOTUS.

        • doodahdazee says:

          The illegal gunrunning? Dealing with Al Qaeda?

          • BigMamaTEA says:

            Depends on the scope of the Special Committee. That is what is being figured out right now. He went to Libya (sovereign country) without Congressional authority, and was instrumental in the physical removal of Gaddafi, (bad guy, sure, but he’d been leader for 40 years, and he was negotiating to step down and we had personnel who were in those negotiations and who were attempting to find him someplace to exile to) Barry wanted him gone, and was in a hurry to install some of the Libyans they liked into a “government” that was in no way ready to govern. ( I also suspect that we had mercenaries assisting G’s demise)

            • BigMamaTEA says:

              And we were also running weapons (for Al Qaeda & the Brothers, Al Qaeda is the fighter wing of the Brothers btw) And remember the Brits left additional weapons for us to guard when they left earlier. So there was a tremendous stash of weapons left in Libya!

    • ctdar says:

      Romney (as Rep Presidential candidate) would start to be getting the intel reports around that time…wonder if he saw anything.

  27. P.Spinach says:

    Hmmm…….who communicated to the Embassy in Tripoli that the fighting had stopped? A member of the Libyan security guard? Ambassador Steven’s assistant had been querying odd behavior by members of the guard. I seem to recall photos of their hiding place had been given out or revealed somehow? I don’t recall the details now. Been so busy with ailing family members. Didn’t the compound clear and the Ambassador’s body flaunted through the streets at some point? That was much later then?

    • doodahdazee says:

      So how did the spelling get corrected?

      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Hmmmm, two different emails???!!!! Thanks “dood!” {sorry, couldn’t resist}
        I just started to read through this thread. Been re-reading all of my research!

    • P.Spinach says:

      That is odd. :?: Something like Obama’s birth certificate with items here and there lifted, deleted, modified. So the email was disguised to give impression it was issued from a non “” email? What ELSE was modified.

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  35. BigMamaTEA says:

    Sd, in answer to your question just toward the end of your post…Charlene Lamb. She testified in the Oversight committee. She received the alarm of distress that apparently they install for State employees. Then she testified that she listened on an “open channel.”

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