Detroit Poised To Elect A White Mayor?

Detroit hasn’t elected a white mayor since 1970.  That was Roman Gribbs, a Democrat.   Gribbs served as an assistant prosecutor from 1956 to 1964 and as sheriff of Wayne County in 1968 and 1969 before deciding to run for mayor.  Gribbs was mayor for one term, declining to seek re-election.


Downtown Detroit, 1950’s.

Following Gribbs was Mayor Coleman A. Young, who held the office for twenty years, until he retired, due to deteriorating health.

Coleman Young erected a virtual wall between Detroit and its suburbs, the iron curtain of southeast Michigan.  It was a wall that injured all of the people of the area, but did terrible and permanent damage to the city and its citizens.  Political scientist James Q. Wilson wrote that, “In Detroit, Mayor Coleman Young rejected the integrationist goal in favor of a flamboyant, black-power style that won him loyal followers, but he left the city a fiscal and social wreck.” For more about Young, see Wikipedia

There are many who say that the decline of the auto industry resulted in the decline of Detroit.  If that is true, why are the Detroit suburbs – especially in Oakland County – recovering steadily?  The unemployment rate in the City is 23.1% (BLS as of April, 2013).  In Oakland County, it is 8.5% (in January of 2008, it was 6.5%, but I digress).


Detroit, before and after

Now we have the first mayoral election in fifty years when it is likely that a white man will become mayor of Detroit.  He is supported by Minister Malik Shabazz, president of the Marcus Garvey Movement/New Black Panther Nation in Detroit.  Shabazz says, “In the last two national elections, African Americans have asked the nation to choose the best person for the job and not get caught up in color. And twice, Barack Obama has won,” he said. “Now, in Detroit, in 2013, the best man running is a white brother, and that’s OK.”

Now, I don’t think I would agree with Shabazz (wouldn’t you be surprised if I did?), but I DO think there has been a shift in thought in the African American community in Detroit.  Yes, there are still those who support the old regime, and believe in the innocence of Kwame Kilpatrick, the mayor who was just sentenced to 28 years in prison.  It is amazing to me, though, that there is a groundswell of support for a man who many believe can make positive change in Detroit, aside from the color of his skin.  You see (and I see) that people, regardless of skin color, care about their community, and yearn for a leader who can find the path to positive “change”.  Not change for its own sake, but change that offers a chance for their children to grow up in a city that offers them possibilities in their lives.


I am asking all of you to pray for the people of the city of Detroit, that He will lead the voters to do what is best for themselves and their children, and give them hope for their futures.  It is easy to turn our back on the “city” of Detroit, but let’s encourage the people who live there to lift up what once was, and can be again, a vibrant urban community.  It won’t be exactly what came before, but it can be a great place once again.  And if the white candidate, Mike Duggan, is elected, let’s pray that he can lead the City through a true renaissance.

For more about the mayoral election:

Duggan For Detroit

LA Times


More about Detroit’s decline:

Time Photo gallery

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47 Responses to Detroit Poised To Elect A White Mayor?

  1. I guess that in Detroit, race matters less than the little D after your name.

    • stella says:

      Since there have been African American mayors in Detroit since 1974, where did you get that impression? Logically, wouldn’t you say that race has mattered quite a lot more than political party? The two front runners in this year’s election are both Democrats, but that is no different than in most other large cities in the United States.

  2. Be Ge says:

    Detroit is FUBAR. You really got to em, tener cojones, to try put yourself in a position to do anything about it. Your most likely outcome is a fail. I do respect the courage of the guy. Really.

    The other good thing, other than the outstanding bravery, is that no one is going to be able to blame the conservatives for the fail. The guy is a Democrat.

    • stella says:

      Yes, he is a Democrat. And I don’t care, because I think he has as much of a shot – if not more – of being successful. Detroit is a mess, there is no doubt about that. Other cities have been messes, but were rescued before they got this far. If you want a good world example, think Hiroshima, or some of the European cities bombed out in WWII.

      • Be Ge says:

        Pardon me, but I do not really feel the analogy is that good a one. A lot of Europe did lay in ruins — but it was a result of an active warfare — in fact, the worst war the humanity has been in thus far. Detroit to me, if I were to pick up historical parallels, is more like the Maya cities in today’s Mexico/Honduras/El Salvador, which were abandoned somewhere around 10th-11th century AD. Or, something akin to

        • stella says:

          The way in which it was destroyed is of little importance to the point I was making. Much of Detroit was destroyed by fire during the riot in 1967, and the abandonment followed because of crime, and an unfriendly atmosphere for whites. The point I was making is that those cities in Europe and Japan were rescued and rebuilt, and Detroit was left to moulder. The Detroit leadership did very little, if anything, to try to attract people to move into the city after the 1960’s.

          P.S.: I’m sure you have noticed that people are still living in Detroit – tens of thousands of them.

          • Be Ge says:

            Yes I have noticed, believe you me, that Detroit is still out there and still has something like 600k folks living in. Frankly, I would’ve done the same thing that millions of Detroit residents (yes, that is the order of magnitude) have done (not unlike the said Zimbabwe or Chichen-Itza) — fled aka voted with my feet / wheels. I was having this discussion the other day with a bunch of liberal kin, trying to prove the point most local readers would find interesting. The point was that gun laws, esp. the way the progs are trying to put them, like “we are going to take away your guns from you”, do not have anything to do with a statistical parameter “rate of violent death or murders and non-negligent homicides per 100k population per annum”. There is no increase, but really (which is a bit against the trend with pro-gun folk) there is no decrease per se. All of that was happening as a part of a broader discussion about how guns didn’t kill, but — rather, people did. My specific argument was that murder rates in a particular area have nothing to do with blue/red locations, gun bans or gun permits, and so on — but are rather a function of certain properties or traits of the population of the said area. Gun laws do not _really_ matter all that much. That is why a gun-friendly ex-USSR country of Estonia has the same (5.2/100k) murder rate as another xUSSR country of Ukraine (5.2/100k) — incidentally, about the same rate as the Big Apple in the US, despite the fact that there are no legal civilian guns in the Ukraine, period. Swiss people, all males on military duty and ARMED TO THEIR TEETH WITH AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLES (unavailable to the public in the US) — kill about as much (0.7/100k) as their much less gun-liberal neighbors, Austrians (0.6/100k) and Germans(0.8/100k). Because it is all about the people, world’s safest places in terms of violent deaths are in South East Asia — HongKong with 0.2/100k murders, Singapore with 0.3/100k, Japan with 0.4/100k, China with 1/100k murders a year and so on) — and even if you remove their draconian laws, and put them in the gun-permissive US — people originally from those places are the least murderous, if you will, ethnic group in the US, despite the fact that abundance of guns, legal and illegal, that is available to them — contrary to the progs’ fairytales about negative effects of guns availability. For that same reason, Israeli folks, numbering at about the same value (~8M) as the population of NYC, both men and women armed to their teeth with fully-automatic assault rifles (universal military duty because of a real war going on, you know, with suicide bombers and Qassam rocket launches) — manage to have their “murder rate”, including all terror attacks and bombings, at 2.1/100k p.a. That value t is 2.5 times less than the rate at which un-armed and peaceful yet blood-thirsty New Yorkers kill each other (5.1 – 5.2 murders / 100k p.a. ). For that same reason, there is a diversity among “top 5/10/whatever” most murderous places in the US:
            #1 is of course the pinnacle of violence, the democrat-run and gun-free de-jure city of Detroit, MI. 55/100k murders p.a.
            #2 is New Orleans, Louisiana. Very permissive gun laws of Louisiana somehow yield the same amount of violent deaths as very gun-restrictive laws out there in Detroit . 53/100k p.a. In a generally red state, New Orleans largely supported president Obama, a democrat.
            #3 is St. Louis, Missouri. 35/100k — in a relatively gun-friendly state of Missouri. Same story here.
            #4 is Baltimore, MD at 34.8/100k. Much less gun-friendly than St. Louis these day. Blue city in a blue state.
            #5 is Newark, NJ. A very gun-unfriendly place, not unlike all other democrat-run places in the tri-state area with regards to legal guns owned by civilians, is at 34.5/100k, almost the same same is St. Louis and and Baltimore. Blue city in a blue state.

            Violent death levels DO NOT strongly depend on gun laws. Ditto for red states places vs blue state places. All about the people.

            We all know guns, esp. legal guns, don’t kill people, but people do. My point is that the rate at which they do is a function of state of minds of those people.

            Sorry for a bit of TLDR, but I happen to see two fundamental problems with Detroit. The first one is what you’ve pointed out a post up — that is, the fact that the Detroit leadership did nothing different from an epic fail (or demonstration of Taoist wu wei (無爲) virtue of non-acting) in so many ways, including opening the city to industries other than auto-making — and options were out there, from gambling to chemical industry. This is where the guy does stand a chance to do something. Ok. But then (which is why I am not at all enthusiastic) there is another problem — people. There was something fundamentally wrong with certain folks in Detroit back in the rioting days of the late 60ies. There is something fundamentally wrong with them now, which is THE reason behind Detroit being the crime and violence (2k+ violent crimes/100k folks per annum) capitol of the nation. I have no idea how anyone can expect to fix that in some reasonable time, esp. following the canons of the Democratic religion. I really admire the guy’s courage, but I were to make a bet at a casino — it would likely be against, not for, the big comeback, no matter how badly I want it to happen.

            • stella says:

              I get the feeling that you live in the area (I do), but I don’t understand what you said about gun control in Detroit. Detroit does not have strict gun control. Did I misunderstand what you said?

              ADD: I was born in Detroit, and I live just a few blocks north of the city line.

              • Be Ge says:

                Nope — just been there a few times and somewhat closely know a few folks who fled Detroit — and, like I said, I would’ve done the same if I were standing in their shoes. Guns laws as they apply in Detroit are nothing like NYC laws, but you’d have to agree that they are somewhat restrictive (esp. compared to some of the “cowboy lands”). From what I’ve heard from the “escapists” and read with regards to Michigan gun laws, it seemed to me that the system discourages private gun ownership and carry (I copypasted my posting to the liberals — where I’ve made that overstatement about Detroit being as gun-free as NYC or Chicago) — just through sheer amount of paperwork that has to go through the system from purchase to carry permit. I wouldn’t personally call it unreasonable — just “somewhat restrictive”.
                There are other problems I forgot to mention — which again, I don’t see a Democrat solving — like those visible from Heidi Peterson’s story . The “inalienable right” to squatting and long court battles it seems to take to get back using your private property rights really go against normal folks moving in. Call me doubting Thomas, skeptic or unbeliever — maybe that’s what I am on this one. Or maybe just a well-informed realist. The future will sure tell.

                • stella says:

                  The laws in Detroit are the same as the rest of the state. You can buy and own long guns without a license. Concealed carry requires a license, but is readily available, as long as you don’t have a criminal record.

                • stella says:

                  The squatter thing is pretty rare around here – that one case got a lot of press, and I don’t know of any others. I understand it has happened in other places in the country. Again, if I want a concealed carry license, I pay the fee, take a one-day class, buy a gun, and I’m done.

                  P.S.: Many of my coworkers are gun owners. As for long guns, we have so many hunters that it would be silly to try to restrict them, and they don’t.

                • stella says:

                  Here is a link to the concealed pistol license requirements:


                  • Be Ge says:

                    I am re-reading it now. To start with, there is a police-borne paperwork that has to go through the system in order for you to just get a chance to buy a gun as per MCL 28.422 and it is only valid for 10 days. The paperwork goes through the system the second time since you need to register the gun. That alone would seem a bit of a discouragement right away. I agree with you — this is still a relatively sane system, but I don’t believe that many Detroit residents have actually gone the distance with it.

                    As far as the squatters “rights” go — it is no 1-time isolated incident :(

                    p.s. Still — the main problem out there to me is the mind state of the people. This is why I mentioned “Great Zimbabwe” and “Chichen Itza” — the places the people have left due to changes in people (possibly induced by some changes in nature around those people). Those events were very different from Japanese or European cities after WWII — as they just needed mechanical repair work on them, but no drastic changes to mindsets of the citizen. You really need a miracle to change mindsets of large quantities of people back from Lumpenproletariat. I have strong doubts it actually works under democracy. The last time such an experiment was held was in the exUSSR republic of Georgia. They had a right-winged president (Michael Saakashvili) who managed to build a state machine with almost no corruption, free market, liberty and justice for all — but the people have recently voted for socialism, nanny state, and impossible promises of cheaper petrol and utilities by a billionaire state-mongering politico — and implicitly, for more corruption and more petty criminal activity. God help Detroit, inshallah (in the original meaning of this Arabic — if such is God’s will).

  3. texan59 says:

    It would certainly be something to see if this fella is elected. The only question I would have as a voter is whether he is actually going to get in to reform, or is he just another d who is going to use the city and the job as a personal piggy bank. It’s truly sad what that city has turned into.

    I saw the 60 Minutes piece a couple weeks ago and saw what Dan Snyder has to for the downtown area. Truly commendable. I hope for his sake, the city doesn’t come in and kill the goose. Mornin’ Miss Stella. :)

    • stella says:

      I assume you mean Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans). Yes, he and some others have created a renaissance in downtown Detroit. Good old capitalism at work!

      I have good feelings about Mike Duggan. He did some good work in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office, and really did well for the Detroit Medical Center, where he was President and CEO for eight years. He an Irish Catholic who attended Detroit Catholic Central HS, and University of Michigan as an undergraduate and law school graduate.

      Here’s something about what he did at DMC:

      • texan59 says:

        Oops. Dan Gilbert is who I meant. Not.Enough.Coffee. Interesting article. Sounds like quite a bulldog. Who was Ed McNamare, the “political kingpin” mentioned. He was a mentor to this guy AND Granholm. Interesting.

  4. Menagerie says:

    Wouldn’t it be one of those great American come back stories to see Detroit tackle her problems, pulling people together from different races, stations in life, political affiliations, and just build something strong and sturdy, saving what they could and building what they have to, metaphorically and physically? It would be a great inspiration to a struggling country.

    I will pray for the people of Detroit. I am betting g there is a lot of the can do power that built that city left.

  5. Partyzant says:

    Good luck to him, he is going to need it. Reminds me of the old Chinese proverb, something about saying something is impossible to the guy actually doing it. D or not, Black or White, that is a tough nut to crack.
    A real problem exists, however. If you apply the Obamacare/ACA “DEATH PANEL” feature to this problem, they would metaphorically take the city off life support. In true Stalinist fashion, they will then bulldoze it to remove the visible memory of it. They would then edit history to hide the lethal embarassment, much like @ Kyshtym: see
    Totalists are the same, no matter where found. If this guy does not or cannot turn it around, I expect the place to gradually fade from collective memory until it becomes some taboo whisper in the ages.

  6. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    The “before and after” pics (above) say something more than simply that much of Detroit fell into disrepair and was bulldozed into oblivion. The one building left standing in both pics had the least amount of aesthetic style. That particular “cleansing” might not be attributable to our current Washington administration, but it does stand as a metaphor for the inevitable result of the Progressive’s dream of “Hope and Change.” A legacy of bland, vanilla “sameness” doled out for all to consume “equally.”

    • ctdar says:

      looks like a bunker :(

    • stella says:

      They probably burned out the houses that were ‘nicer’. What happens now is when a home is empty, the strippers come in and take anything they can sell – plumbing, wiring etc. Then homeless and druggies take over. Usually the home eventually has to be torn down or it is burned down.

      P.S.: I should add that there are still beautiful neighborhoods in Detroit, not just burned out ones.

  7. elvischupacabra says:

    When people say that the decline of the auto industry fueled the decline of Detroit, I always point them in the direction of Pittsburgh, where I don’t think they even make steel any more. I look at the beautiful architectural heritage that Big Steel built for Pittsburgh and am amazed. I look at the photos of the architectural heritage that the Auto Industry built in Detroit and am totally saddened that so much of it is gone. Imagine what those homes would be worth in a safe, gentrified Detroit. Tax-base isn’t just people; it’s people living in properties that are worth something.

    A pox on Andrew Jackson and every stinking, nasty Democrat since.

    • stella says:

      Pittsburgh is an excellent example. I was amazed when I spent a weekend there. Gary Indiana is the opposite example. Detroit’s suburbs haven’t suffered much because of the decline in the auto industry, probably because they have actively pursued other industries. And the auto industry is far from dead, anyway, although they don’t use large numbers of unskilled workers any more.

  8. Bogey says:

    He is of similar enough ideology to what came before. He’ll surely fail. However, there will be a segment of the population that will use his failure as proof against voting white.

    • stella says:

      He is nothing at all like what came before, and I don’t know where you got that impression. Mike Duggan has been successful at everything he has tried up to now. Could he fail? Of course. He is a Democrat, but not cut from the same cloth as Kwame Kilpatrick.

      • Bogey says:

        Of course not the same cloth. There is nobody anywhere in America in any position of power cut from that cloth, thank God.

        But he’s still a Democrat. At best, he’s well connected and he’ll use it to get lots of plum gov’t spending in the city and he’ll paper over the decay with a regular allowance. The endemic problems will simply be ignored. Sort of like how as long as we have increased welfare and entitlement spending we keep the criminal class at bay but the second the EBT cards come back void they loot.

        I suppose success will be keeping the city alive long enough that the voters vote for a real transformative figure. It’s sad that we’ve hit the point where mere survival is a victory.

        • stella says:

          Have you studied this race at all, or read anything about the candidates? You have a right to your opinion, but it is better to have an informed one. He’s the only one who has any plan at all to improve the situation in the city. And that will be, at first, under the supervision of the emergency manager, who was appointed by the governor. I realize that Mike Duggan is a Democrat but, believe it or not, not all Democrats (especially in local government) are corrupt and incompetent.

  9. CWP says:

    Speeches from John lewis, Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton in 3,.2,.1………

    • stella says:

      They had better hurry up – the election is Tuesday.

      ADD: He’s supported by the SEIU; they are the union at the hospital system he led back to solvency from bankruptcy, saving thousands of jobs.

  10. taqiyyologist says:

    Detroit poised to elect a white mayor who is endorsed by the SEIU and NBPP.

    I really don’t see the good side to this whole thing. Call me a pessimist. Or a realist.

    • stella says:

      Read a little bit about the candidates, then make your evaluation. Do I prefer that the citizens of Detroit would elect a good conservative who is smart and has good ideas to help the city? Of course, I do. That ideal conservative person isn’t stepping forward, so I think it is important to support the best candidate available for the job, and Mike Duggan is that guy.

      • Be Ge says:

        +1. At least, in electing mr. Duggan — the people get a person with quite some experience running real-world organizations, and running them well, for what I’ve read.

  11. morrison says:

  12. John Denney says:

    The success of the city depends upon the Four and the Three.

    The Four Pillars of Personal Prosperity:
    1) Can-do attitude
    2) Diligence
    3) Continuous Learning
    4) Trustworthiness

    The main job of the government (We the People)is to defend each person’s:
    1) Life
    2) Liberty
    3) Property

    And the magic ingredient is love: considering the other person to be valuable.
    “Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?” – Matthew 6:26

  13. Josh says:

    That Detroit before and after picture makes me sad. Those houses that are now gone were beautiful. The architecture …

  14. Wat Tyler says:

    Ignore the ridiculous racial nonsense please. The current mayor of Detroit is Dave Bing. Kilpatrick hasn’t been mayor in years. Dave Bing is a fiscal conservative and very successful entrepreneur who tried his best to work with Michigan’s GOP governor but A) he came in too late and B) he was opposed at every step by the folks on the Detroit city council. Bing was the only Detroit leader who actually supported the city’s declaring bankruptcy and supported the emergency fiscal manager thing. Bing also wanted to renegotiate union contracts but the council would not let him. In other words, Bing is a moderate-conservative Democrat. A well known (very) conservative blogger from Detroit states that Bing is practically a Republican.

    So, the NBPP likely supports the white candidate because he is far more liberal than Dave Bing, and unlike Bing, he will fight the Michigan governor and emergency manager rather than work with them. They probably want another Blasio (soon to be governor of New York) or Father Pfleger (the far-left Chicago priest who is an Obama associate), but you guys are so hung up on race that you can’t see that. The best thing for Detroit would be to let Dave Bing stay mayor until they are through with bankruptcy and the recommendations of the emergency manager (a black man, not sure of his party affiliation, but he has worked with a lot of Republican officials before and also has a lot of private sector experience) actually get implemented.

    Again, the last thing that needs to happen is for Detroit to install a white mayor whose purpose will be to do the bidding of the unions and black activists in fighting the governor, the bankruptcy court and the city manager. A black man would rightfully receive a lot of negative scrutiny for doing that, but if they are successful in foisting a white mayor on the city, he would get a lot of support for doing the same thing simply because everyone is relieved and happy of the color of the Detroit mayor’s skin.

    Look, this is just urban racial politics at play, again. Don’t think that it is a big deal because this guy is white, because lest we forget black Republicans and conservatives don’t get elected in places like this either.

    I am not saying that Democrat or even liberal mayors will inevitably fail. Lots of our cities – the vast majority in fact – have Democrat mayors and of all races. The whole “cities run by Democrats/cities run by blacks inevitably fail” is nonsense because so few cities are run by Republicans. Even in red states like Texas and Florida, the mayors of the big cities are almost always Democrat and are frequently black. Dallas and Houston are both booming right now, and both have recently had black mayors. Atlanta has had black mayors exclusively for 30 years AND a majority black population, and the unemployment rate of Atlanta is lower than the average unemployment rate of a state that is 70% white. The difference is that Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, Atlanta etc. do not elect black mayors like Coleman Young.

    So The question is ethics and competency. Anyone who wants to continue Detroit’s policies and fight the people like Bing, the governor, the emergency manager etc. trying to change them lack either the former or the latter and probably both.

    • stella says:

      Mr. Tyler, I live in Detroit, so I am well aware of what the situation is on the ground here. You are correct that Dave Bing is a pretty good guy who is doing his best. But, even though he ran a business for many years (I believe it went bankrupt), he doesn’t have the strength of personality or acumen needed to pull an organization out in a bad situation. In any case, Dave Bing isn’t running.

      You are also wrong to assume that Mike Duggan is “more liberal”. He is being supported by the NBPP and the SEIU because they worked with him to pull the Detroit Medical Center from the brink of disaster, saving thousands of jobs. The fact is, he’s the best candidate running for the job.

      The reason why it is important that a white candidate will most likely win this election is that the electorate recognizes that he is their best chance to improve things in Detroit. He has good ideas, and he has spent months working within neighborhood groups to gather support. It worked. This is the first time in fifty years that the Detroit electorate – primarily black – is willing to elect a white man. That is a HUGE shift in opinion from the Coleman Young, or Kwame Kilpatrick days. It is important – not “ridiculous racial nonsense”.

    • stella says:

      P.S.: The other front runner is Benny Napoleon, Wayne County Sheriff, and he strongly opposes the emergency manager. If anything, he will cause more problems for Gov Snyder and Kevyn Orr than Mike Duggan.

      Here is their positions, per the Detroit Free Press:

      Napoleon: Is opposed to state intervention and says he won’t work with Gov. Rick Snyder or Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr, saying their actions are illegal and that cooperation with them has not worked.

      Duggan: Says he will work with Snyder and Orr but try to convince the governor that his administration could manage Detroit’s turnaround without Orr.

    • Wat Tyler says:


      I thought that Dave Bing was running again. Sorry. In any case, it takes more than “strength of personality and acumen” to get past a city council. Other moderate, forward-looking mayors like Fenty of D.C. have had those same problems. The members of the Detroit city council are hard core socialists/racialists with a Great Society mentality who believe that it is the job of the state and federal government to redistribute as much wealth to Detroit as is needed to get the city to work, and failure to do so is racism which serves as a permanent excuse to keep them from doing their jobs. You just can’t work with people like that.

      I understand you if you say that your preferred candidate is the lesser of two evils. But as he is affiliated with the NBPP, how much of a lesser evil is he? But then again, since this is Detroit, his other candidate probably is supported by the Nation of Islam or the National Democratic Uhuru Movement so yeah. All right. Since you are actually from Detroit, I will defer to your superior experience and wisdom on the matter and back the white guy.

      • stella says:

        You are correct that the city council has been a “problem”. It is marginally better now, since the change in the Detroit charter, which requires council members to live in their district, and the voters have voted out some of the worst offenders.

        Mike Duggan is not “affiliated” with the NBPP; he has been endorsed by the leader of the local NBPP, and the SEIU Medical Workers. As the NBPP leader said, “Now, in Detroit, in 2013, the best man running is a white brother, and that’s OK.” That position happens to be the correct one, in my opinion, so I’m not going to disagree just because of his affiliation. He has also been endorsed by every other major business person in Detroit, including Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans) and Roger Penske (Penske Racing, Penske Corp.).

  15. JOSHUA says:


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