Federally Approved DOJ CRS Extortion – Dream Defenders and Thomas Battles Turn “Justice” into “Just Us”…

*Important note as you process this information. There are two videos that MUST be watched in order to intellectually absorb the level of corruption at work.  The information is critical to understanding, and the post itself needs to be understood quickly.  I cannot stress the importance against the backdrop of understanding the deception.


The civil rights arm of the Dept. of Justice is now a modern leveraging or enforcement mechanism to insure the aggrieved are paid off as well as protected. The legal terms such as “adverse impact”, “disparate treatment” and others, have been corrupted to apply to black skin color as the common denominator for the application being reviewed.

The protective agency, who guard the optics of the Black Grievance Industry, is the Community Relations Service (CRS), also known as the DOJ “Peacekeepers”. The primary role of the CRS Peacekeepers is to protect the image of the Black Grievance Industry. They do this by keeping the public unaware of the consequences of the BGI activity and at the same time telling the BGI to put down the molotov cocktails because they can be too easily seen.

Thomas BattlesThe CRS is a federally protected super-secret agency within the DOJ who operate with stealth immunity on behalf of black citizens. To the public the CRS will claim their interests are to represent, and look out for, minority interests.  However, in actual application their only engagements are facilitations around persons of black skin color. The Marxist SPLC spins the Peacekeepers thusly:

[...] Reserved and discreet, yet engaging and well-connected, Thomas Battles and his team were dispatched to the city as the shooting was making national headlines — to assist without drawing attention to themselves.

“He and his staff largely operate out of the spotlight doing very important, very necessary work,’’ said Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, where Battles and his team have received training. “They are going to cities like Sanford that are torn apart by a racial rift, put in an international spotlight. These are places that need help quickly.’’ (link)

Thomas Battles is the Southeast Regional Director of the Community Relations Service.

Last year when the ‘Just-Us’ racists within the Seminole County NAACP, and Sanford BGI professionals like Turner Clayton, Norton Bonaparte and Francis Oliver, needed help pressuring city officials around the Trayvon Martin shooting, they reached out to Battles for assistance.

As the recent FOIA releases from Judicial Watch outlined, the DOJ/CRS was more than willing to assist.   Not assist in keeping the peace, but actually assist in organizing events to accomplish the goals of the NAACP and internal city agitators.

Mr. Battles and the taxpayer funded CRS even went so far as to organize, coordinate and assist a march of young students, called the Dream Defenders, into Sanford so they could barricade the entrance to the police department.   Once there they demanded Police Chief Bill Lee be fired for failing to file murder charges against Zimmerman.

On the way there they made a video of their trip.   Which you can see here in two parts:

Part I – Note at the 6:30 min mark they arrive at a gas station – watch what happens, and watch in front of your own eyes how Thomas Battles uses a Sheriff Officer to pressure the gas station owner.  [*note the gas station is privately owned]

Part II – Note at the 3:30 mark what AME Church they use as their rally point.   Also at 6:16 you might see a familiar face (dreadlocked).   Yes, that is Francis Oliver, the mother of Trayvon Martin family attorney, Natalie Jackson.

You may remember Allen Chapel AME Church from the following picture(s)


As you absorb this information, and watch these videos, ask yourself what exactly is the function of the Federal Community Relations Service – if this is the activity of their engagement?

Here are some uploaded pictures of the same Dream Defenders march done by Natalie Jackson to her yfrog account.   The comments at the top of the pictures are hers.

dream defenders 2

dream defenders 3

dream defenders 1

As Francis Oliver herself told the Huffington Post and Orlando Sentinel:

“I’ve been fighting white people my whole life”…

And as Francis Oliver discussed her daughter Natalie:

“She was raised on the front lines of the movement”…

When the Federal Community Relations Service coordinated march finally reached the Sanford Police Station, the Dream Defenders blocked the doors and surrounded the exits and entrances so the police could not function.   They did this to demand the firing of Police Chief Bill Lee.

dream defenders 4

Again, really let your mind comprehend this.   The Eric Holder led Federal Department of Justice, dispatches a team of federal agents, led by Thomas Battles, to block the Sanford Police Department and demand the resignation of the Sanford Police Chief.

The CRS feds organize it, coordinate it, facilitate it, pay for it, and deliver what exactly?


Or, Just-US?

You decide.

Final thought.   Today the Federal DOJ is coordinating a nationwide website search to ask for any citizen help in finding evidence of George Zimmerman violating Trayvon Martin’s, or anyone else’s, civil rights.

Now look at this picture:

Mellon Park Rally

Mellon Park Rally 4

Mellon Park Flyer

Civil Rights Violations?

Wanted Dead or Alive“?

Huh?….    Funny That

Pam Bondi - Benjamin Crump - Martin Lee Anderson caseThe parents of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin were meeting with Robert O’Neill, the U.S.  Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, and Roy L. Austin Jr., who is
deputy assistant attorney general of the department’s Civil Rights Division. (link)

Bobby is  committed to civil rights,” said Tom Battles, regional director of the Justice  Department’s Community Relations Service. “If Dr. King was here, I think he’d
say, ‘Mr. U.S. Attorney, you did your job well.”’  (link)

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi called O’Neill “one of my closest friends in the
world,” and presented him with a proclamation she said she couldn’t read because
attorneys general aren’t supposed to cry. (link)

****************************           update below           **************************

update*After this article was written, formatted and posted, we rec’d the following information via the tip-line. The person sharing this information is of direct insider relationship to the above. They are afforded an element of concealment because they would be at significant risk if their identity was revealed. Here is their communication about the current protestations taking place in Tallahassee Florida to pressure Governor Rick Scott (remember they had no idea this article was written):

I currently work in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX and have been assigned to the Capitol [Dream Defenders staging sit-in at Governor Rick Scott office] during this “wonderful” little event in which a bunch of hood rats and ghetto goblins have decided to protest the “injustices” of our society for sweet innocent Trayvon. As such I will report what I see and hear from these Marxists.

Yup, you heard right…. MARXISTS. The majority have spoken about the horrid conditions that they live under in a Capitalist Society all the while wearing high end name brand clothing while surfing on public wifi with their iPads, Galaxy Tablets, Macbook Airs, and other such expensive electronics. They have gone so far to state that Capitalism killed Trayvon. They are mostly Occupy Wallstreet scum and this is but another event for them to exploit.

The name of their group is called the “Dream Defenders”. Their ring leader works for Crump Law Offices; the same law firm representing the Martin “Family” (I wouldn’t call them a family since they did such a horrible job raising their son). This is also the same group that received contact from the Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service. You know, the Federal Agency that is now under investigation for spurring the protests last year. Yes, it’s them and they have been working hand in hand with each other. As a matter of fact the CRS rep acted as the liaison between the Marxists and the State Government.

Dream defenders

Anyways, this group while not violent at the moment has stated that they will become violent if needed. They preach a mixture of Marxism, Racial Violence, and Black Liberation Theology. They carry and wear emblems associated with Socialist Groups and have connections to other Marxists protests in recent past. Some of them wore shirts that said ” Wisconsin Solidarity” and “Michigan Solidarity”. These refer to the pro union protests in those two states when they passed laws to become right to work states.

They have support from the Federal Government, they have support from members of the Florida Legislature such as Rep. Alan B. Williams, and also they have support from members of FSU and FAMU including some members of the FAMU Police whom one is a Sergeant in. The DOJ-CRS rep is from the Miami Field Office.

Her information is the following.

Mildred I. Duprey de Robles
Conciliation Specialist
Miami Field Office
Department of Justice Community Relations Service
51 SW 1st Ave Suite 624, MiamiFL33130
305-536-5206 (Phone)
305-536-6778 (Fax)

I will report and gather as much information as I can. Pass this information to every Conservative Blog, News Agency, and Forum. The current administration is up to no good and any and all race baiting and spurring on of this event is not good. This in conjunction with Eric Holder’s speech at the NAACP rally near Sanford FL and other protests across the country are not good for us as a nation and a society. They appear that they want to create a race war or rioting. I’m not a loon nor do I wrap my head in tin foil but something does not look good and it appears that if they can create a crisis they can use it for their own motives.

Dream defenders 2

Dream Defenders 3

Dread defenders 4

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227 Responses to Federally Approved DOJ CRS Extortion – Dream Defenders and Thomas Battles Turn “Justice” into “Just Us”…

  1. goddessoftheclassroom says:

    There are no words.

  2. Mr. Izz says:

    Francis Oliver says she has been fighting white people her entire life. Well, Francis, that’s the problem. You’ve been fighting against them when you should be working with them.

    • Katrisha says:

      That struck me too. Wonder if the white people marching with them know they are marching for the right to be hated with impunity?

      • partyzant says:

        They are self loathers. The BGI and their black foot soldier minions laugh at them. At what cost do they get to meet their fate last? They are captive, albino pets who do tricks on command. They seriously need mental help.

      • That is very sad viewing. And the worst part of it all is they let these protesters get buy with it. When I was a officer we had to issue permits to protest with officers present to keep the peace. The black chief of Sanford PD lets them get by with it also. Just where and what can we do about it .????????? Maybe the supreme court needs to charge them all involved and take it out of local and state and federal hands.

      • chuckles49 says:

        They’re best known as “Useful Idiots”.

      • PatriotUSA says:

        The white folks marching with these marxists jackboots are consumed by the White man’s burden and are soothing their poor guilt ridden minds, thinking these blacks will wlecome them. Oh they will and for their money and to use as stooges and props for their agenda of igniting a full blown race war. Some of these dum ass white people know they are hated yet they march on, driven by their altruistic, liberal progressive, regressive education and upbringing. I would bet most of them have never held down a real job nor know true responsibilities or what it is like to really broke, and on the verge of losing EVERYTHING. Useless parasites upon humanity, blood sucking leeches and worthless vermin that makes ticks look good.

        Great post sundance, damn, damn damn and this will be shared.

        I am in a most foul mood over this and these race baiting, oh damn I cannot use that word, but you all know what letter it starts with and ends with. But these blacks, coloreds as they are called in South Africa(and colored IS NOT considered a racist name or derogatory there) can call me a ‘cracka’ and spill my blood in the name of Travon Martin, Obama, Holder, Crump, Jackson, Sharpton, I spit on all of them and worse if they start a war of color.

        They need to be exposed for what they are and I wouold feel the same way if they were all white and the CRS was doing this for any other ‘minority.’

        • PatriotUSA says:

          Sorry about all my typos, it was almost 4:00 AM. Don’t ask as I have no really good answer as to the time I posted this. I was KICKED out of typing for using finger language to a nasty, racist, anti-Semitic teacher. It was worth it.

    • kittycat77 says:

      Excellent response! I totally agree.

  3. Rachelle says:

    Red Guard.

    • Liberty Laxatives says:

      Closer to the truth than you may suspect. I think of them as the future Khmer Rouge.

      • partyzant says:

        It is said that there are radishes… red on outside, white on inside.
        Then there are killer tomatoes who are red all the way through their rotted cores.
        I do not claim these labels were made by me, there are cleverer bunnies out there. Mike, you opened my eyes. Thank you.

      • Wags says:

        Sat Kong!

  4. froggielegs says:

    If you note, at the 5:50 mark on the last video you will see the flyer saying to boycott all white businesses in on the tree IN the parking lot of church.

  5. I Am Trademark says:

    Scheme Defenders is more like it…
    Not a single one of these a**hats understands “The Dream” anymore…

  6. dizzymissl says:

    Jury questionnaire released:

    Please try to keep comments focused on subject of the post. If there is no thread dealing with the subject that you are commenting about, consider putting it on the open thread. Thank you. ;) Admin

  7. czarowniczy says:

    ‘Woo Woo – CRS here, I’m a ninja social engineer, I’m culturally invisible, youuuuu can’t seeeeee me’. They work in major urban areas and poke that not-deeply-buried layer of fear urban residents have directly related to being assaulted by One of Them. For decades students have had a sense of white guilt drummed into them from kindergarten through high school by teachers touting the NEA line, and in many people it’s fostered a feeling of guilt and fear of righteous retribution for the past sins of others. The thought restructuring started with me in high school, I was caught as the drubbing was just spinning up, but my kids got it from day one – didn’t take though, resilient little devils. They teach that every problem that every minority group has can be directly traced back to white treachery, as can their failure to advance in a white dominated society. Of course, someone forgot to tell the Asians this because in spite of some white backlash they’ve managed to prosper – and draw the enmity of You Know Who. Let the CRS slither through the troubled areas whispering their narcotic half-truths in the ears of the gullible; it will help separate the sheeple from the survivors.

    • Katrisha says:

      Would love this discovery to go mainstream. Smell that? I smell the O’Reilly factor Dumb and Dumber segment.

      • czarowniczy says:

        What frightens me is we have an active disinformation department in an agency that is supposed to be dispassionate, neutral and enforcing the law as it is in the Constitution. Might be an interesting item for the next defense attorney subjected to the DoJ full-court-press smear campaign to wave around when looking fro a change of venue.

  8. Sam says:

    Just WOW. There is nothing whatsoever impartial about these people. Facts, logic and reason have been thrown overboard. The facts are whatever those leaders say they are. They really do want a race war. Martin Luther KIng would be ashamed of these people.

  9. Lou says:

    I can’t believe that the Officer injected race in the top video. he’s a public employee, and has no right telling a private business owner what to do.

    • Katrisha says:

      Did you see the cameras? I can believe it.


    • Coast says:

      I wonder what the final outcome was. No way would I allow a mob into my business…race was not the main issue, but based on past behavior it was something to consider.

    • bletchleypark01 says:

      Incredible! I wish the gas station owner had filed a formal complaint against the officer, if for no other reason than to publicize the encounter.

      Blacks have been granted an Open Season with no bag limit.

      The next move may be checkmate.

      • partyzant says:

        They are overconfident and are seriously overplaying their hand. The Clausewitzian inevitability of things to come has my attention. The Law of Unintended Consequences applies and is as irreversible as any of the laws of Physics… Laws of Thermodynamics, that sort of thing. Keep your wits and be patient, let history come to you. It is inevitable.

        • Sharon says:

          Two questions, partyzant,

          Re “the Clausewitzian inevitability of things to come…” More words about that, please.

          Do those who do understand strategizing attempt to limit the impact of the inevitable or is that just wasted energy?

          Most of us have not had to learn the disciplines of “be quiet and let the thing hit the fan–and then move at the right time”…. We hear bumps and see shadows, but don’t know which ones to spend ourselves on..At the moment, it feels a little like the dead of night in a Marine outpost in Korea in 1952.

          • Partyzant says:

            You challenge me, and that is a good thing. I have to force myself to be concise, because many of my instructors have been verbose.

            Regarding the Clausewitzian inevitability thing, what I am referring to is that we as a society are already engaged in a Civil War. The intensity of this varies over time as old things become new again.

            Specific examples of this are:

            -American Revolutionary War can accurately be seen as the 1st American Civil War. Why? Americans fought on both sides over bitter ideological differences. Witness Ben Franklin and his son. The examples are legion. The title Revolutionary War is more a convention of convenience to establish foundational mythology than the truth of the matter.

            -The War of Northern Aggression was an outgrowth of many of the unsettled tensions in the Nation. Sectionalism begat abuses (Tariffs and punitive acts of the Yankee dominated Federal Govt). The religious fervor that the war was fought with was an outgrowth of Puritanism, where the only road to national salvation was through soaking the earth with the blood of others. John Brown the Insurrectionist was the convenient spark that lit the powder keg. He was busy murdering innocents in Kansas well before the war kicked off- a role not mentioned in public schools.

            -I recommend John Sumida’s work, “Decoding Clausewitz”. Look at page 199 in appendix 3, Absolute War and (Real) Absolute War. The 2nd paragraph reads:

            “absolute war is a hypothetical armed conflict in which violence is driven to the maximum level solely by propensities to increase violence inherent to the use of force. For Clausewitz, the theoretical justification for describing the concept of absolute war is the identification of a real potential to escalate violence to the highest level-as Clausewitz observes, absolute war is “a natural tendency of war”.
            This quote is heavily footnoted on page 201.

            The historical experience is replete with examples of this in action. Think WW2…. started off with bluffing and a “phony war”… rose up to firebombing cities and slaughtering 100k+ civilians at a shot. Ended in a nuclear money shot.

            WW1…. started off with synchronized train deployment schedules, ended in the mud of France with poison gas and machine guns heralding the end of it all. WW1 was a replay of the Von Moltke/Schlieffen plan to invade France & take Paris (a revisit of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franco-Prussian_War).

            Korea started out as a police action. Ended up with the threat to Nuke China, the crossing of the Yalu by innumerable hordes, followed by the Chosin Reservoir.

            For those who have NOT read it, I recommend the “Last Stand of Fox Company”
            THAT is a gut-wrenching illustration of what happens when you miscalculate the strategic intentions and capabilities of an opponent. The result was predicated on individual heroism and insane bravery & endurance of the Shackleton variety.

            So, total war is seen as a possible result of even mild conflicts. The war that gets started is rarely the one that gets finished.

            Next part of the answer deals with:

            Do those who do understand strategizing attempt to limit the impact of the inevitable or is that just wasted energy?

            The strategizing may actually have mass destruction as a feature, an intended result. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_destruction. It is part of the cycle where the old order is replaced by the new. So, they may intentionally maximize the suffering of mankind, because that is both necessary and useful (Best stated by Roger the Alien in “American Dad”, more deeply by Dostoyevsky). I’d say that there is the ABILITY to limit the destruction, but it is the CONTROL of the destruction/suffering/pain that is the point. Like in “The Outer Limits”… they control the vertical, they control the horizontal.

            When they face an opponent that has a suitably high degree of resistance, the ability to control this dynamic falls away and then the depths of hell appear.

            Controlling an opponent instead of destroying an opponent is well illustrated in “Unconventional Warfare”, a book by two Chinese Colonels.

            Okay (time to wrap this up!)

            Most of us have not had to learn the discipline of “be quiet and let the thing hit the fan–and then move at the right time… We hear bumps and see shadows, but don’t know which ones to spend ourselves on..At the moment, it feels a little like the dead of night in a Marine outpost in Korea in 1952.”

            Keep in mind that this is more of a tactical (local, immediate) guidance. Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. Remember, they have no idea who any of you are (in any meaningful sense). You know exactly who they are on sight (wearing hoodies, holding protest signs, committing crimes, occupying public spaces).

            How this reflects upon the bigger picture is that this (bowel) movement will at some point reach too far, where the powers that be either have to give them the keys to the kingdom or start quelling this soft (for the time being) insurrection. There is some point where the vast majority of people will coldly realize what is up and, even if they do not overtly support you, they will at least sit it out.

            The bumps and shadows that you hear are real. Like the low level street criminals that wander a subdivision, jiggling door handles to see what is locked (ps- never turn your back on an unlocked door).

            The movement of the Trayvonistas will appear to be successful for a while, until it most assuredly is not. Have patience, organize, bump back as needed. But the tide will turn and then the world will see what a fetid pool is left behind.

            • Sharon says:

              thank you for this, PZ–and my apologies for not replying earlier. My reply notification wasn’t working earlier and then life happened. Thank you for the continued details…much appreciated.

            • Sharon says:

              ADD to previous: done a quick read and copied to PC for further reading. Thank you for the background on Clauswitz, the examples/illustrations put in context and the reading links. I loved history early on, and 80% of what you reference was never mentioned in history studies. I took one college level course (long after the proper age, thus ruining the grading curve for all the young ‘uns in the class) and realized to some extent what I didn’t know…my questions at that point, my edgy irritation at what wasn’t being said even there as I noticed the blank spots…baffled the younger students and delighted the instructor who apparently was not with the prog program. It was probably a 101 class of some kind, so nothing very challenging. My education today continues via reading recommendations and conversations here. Thanks.

    • He should be fired he was not up holding his duties and protecting the store owners rights to lock up. to protect his property.

  10. Arkindole says:

    Dream Defenders = Parks and Crump

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Good find Arkindole. I just captured those vids. REMINDER: Everyone capture all vids, and screen shot or “save page as” every thing you find. These videos will definitely disappear from you-tube soon.

      • d'hack says:

        That’s been my MO since the verdict. The speed at which things disappear is pretty amazing!

      • How in the heck did you find the videos? Currently, at least, there are no publicly listed videos on the channel. Did you get the links to the unlisted videos from an insider — that is, an insider besides the one you quote at the bottom?

        Note that Lee Stranahan of Breitbart.com has somewhat changed his tune after being with the Dream Defenders for 2 days — he commented on his Twitter account 3 hours ago: “I’ve spent hours & hours at the Florida Capitol for two day with the Dream Defenders. I don’t agree with them but these people are sincere.”

        I left him a couple comments about that; here’s the link to the tweet if anyone else wants to leave comments:

        Those extremely interested in this topic should check out my last 2 posts on Dream Defenders, which present various other video evidence about them:

        • sundance says:

          I have no respect for that man. NONE. Stranahan was involved in doxing ME and assisted the BGI in advancement of litigation on me to hide the truth. fyi only. Admins know of which I speak. I will only say this once, “tread carefully”. This is not a person who can be trusted.

          The root of all evil has a way to bend ideology.

          • michellc says:

            I don’t know what you speak of but I do believe from things I’ve been told he is not a man to be trusted.

      • caseyanderson2112 says:

        I’m downloading them both now.

      • Fantasia says:

        I agree! I myself was doing a writeup on the Dream Defenders a couple of days ago, and I was astonished at the amount of scrubbed links I ran into. I ran into dead end aftr dead end before finally giving in to exhaustion and going to bed.

        Someone is two steps ahead on this one. It is reminiscent of the first election when the massive net scrubbing of Obama’s past took place. We don’t have much time, they move fast.

        Keep digging, and always check google cache and the wayback machine. There is something deeper here they don’t want found, especially on those scrubbed links.

        I tried, but was limited on my tablet to what I could access.

    • labrat says:

      Nice find!

    • Josh says:

      And then there is this from the same site:

      Dream Defenders ringleader admits Travon Martin protest was an “astroturf” operation

      “…one of the Dream Defender ringleaders — Vanessa Baden — published on YouTube in December, 2012. In it, Baden talks about her work as “Head Activist” at Parks & Crump, the law firm representing Travon Martin’s family. Specifically, she talks about her work organizing “astroturf” campaigns in racially charged cases, most recently in the Travon Martin case.”

      In other words: there were/are other “campaigns”

      • ytz4mee says:

        Even the coordinated astroturf at the “Anniversary” memorial in Union Square, Manhattan in Feb was a complete bust and an organizational joke. No PA system, no real non-paid people, no press.

        Baden should be fired. She sucks at her job, which is pretty easy in Obama’s America.

  11. Katrisha says:

    Many well intentioned people (read: honest, critical thinking) in politics/public service–to say nothing about law enforcement/judicial system–would go to great pains to avoid even a whiff of impropriety. But when a group is able to act with impunity what the f**k is the point?

    The reason these groups get to behave politically contrary to an oath of fairness or lawfulness, is because so many others are afraid of them. (You’re damned right I said “them”! ) Blacks don’t want to be chastises or alienated and whites may feel a sense of guilt or worse. I can’t speak on that for obvious melanin reasons. Ha! But, my husband has said, and I tend to agree, groups like these are given passes because as a country, many of us regard them as churlish children…whining yet again about something else that hasn’t gone their way. So, we sigh and tolerate and handle in a way so as to not injure their delicate emotional states; Kid gloves I think they’re called.

    Tangent aside, the DOJ et al and their special interest group henchmen don’t need to toe the PC line because PC is their unique construct and well, they can cry if they want to! They don’t need to act with propriety because:
    impropriety is a definition they set and can change fluidly.
    “im-pruh-prahy-i-tee IPA
    — noun, plural im·pro·pri·e·ties for 4, 5.
    the quality or condition of being improper; incorrectness.
    inappropriateness; unsuitableness.
    unseemliness; indecorousness.”

    After all, how can one be “incorrect” when the rules are changed by them and for them?

    Truly scary!!! I would think they would want to avoid association with anyone threatening murder and anyone tossing a blanket boycott over ALL WHITE BUSINESSES (gee thought I saw white folk getting blisters too). As I say, any time one uses blanket assumptions and blanket statement, their argument is already lost.

  12. sangell says:

    I’m speechless!!! What a find. This was last year and the DoJ was a hands on participant in interfering with the investigation of a crime outside its jurisdiction for political purposes. This is incendiary stuff.

  13. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    A small group of professional agitators backed by the DOJ and a terrorist organization called the New Black Panther Party hunted down George Zimmerman like a rabid dog. They are determined to put him down yet. May Americans of good will say, “Thus far and no farther.”

  14. libby says:

    Aw come on, black racism carries no weight cuz their institutions are powerless? Line from critical race theory that is total bunk now that the bgi carries the weigght of the good state of Florida and is utilizing the DOJ at the federal level clearly backing the side of hate/contempt and ignorance

    • bobby says:

      Real black racism is their “knockout king” game where the coward mob attacks 1 person, usually White,Asian, Hispanic or gay and beat the victim. Sometime death results. Coward cop bosses and media try to hide the facts.

      • janc1955 says:

        Well, at least most knockout victims lay there like good boys and girls, refusing to fight back or defend themselves. They know the rules. Take the beating. Die if you have to. In the name of making sure all the lovely kids giving the beatdowns remain unharmed in any way. What was Zimmerman thinking?

  15. bobby says:

    Gas station owner has probably seen videos of mobs rushing into stores , grabbing food and drinks and running out without paying…

    • Coast says:

      Without doubt.

    • caseyanderson2112 says:

      My thoughts exactly. What store owner in their right mind would watch a bus full of young adults pull up and NOT be concerned? Particularly considering the demographics. Hate to be blunt here but the truth is the truth.

    • tara says:

      So he lets 4 or 5 in at a time, and that dumb girl and dumb guy say this is an example of racism? And the cop or security dude or whatever he is has to interpret it that way too? These people are waaaaaaaay hypersensitive. Everything that doesn’t go exactly their way is perceived in a racial light. I’ll bet if they’re at a crowded McDonald’s and a busy worker takes someone else’s order before theirs, they think it’s because the worker is racist. I put myself in the marcher’s position, I’ve participated in some small rallies as well as large ones. If I wanted to use a business’ restroom and I had to wait because the owner was letting in only a few people at a time, I wouldn’t complain about it. I certainly wouldn’t think that it was something about me causing the owner to make that decision. I can easily put myself in the owner’s position, I wouldn’t want my store or bathrooms overrun by a large number of people. Sorry my post is so long but dang this is pissing me off.

      • michellc says:

        Yes now anything and everything is considered racism. I read a story where someone is claiming racism due to asparagus not sitting in water in a store in a black community.
        One of the many “protest” videos I’ve watched there was some lady screaming about them having to live with bars on their windows and you don’t see whites putting bars on their windows? I’m so confused it’s because whites are racist that in black neighborhoods they have to put bars on windows?
        This is full out attack on whitey orchestrated from the WH. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Make people scared to walk the streets and need the government to save them.
        I’ve heard several pundits say why is Holder out fueling this fire, why isn’t Obama saying something to calm the waters. Is this all politics? I would love to ask them are you really this stupid or are you in on the plan?

        • talkaftercarefulthought says:

          you know I can still hear the left parroting the false meme that George Bush’s reply to everything was “9/11″. Too bad no one finds the irony funny that the answer to anything now actually is “RACIST” hell me even posting this thought is probably racist.. I weep for anyone that actually falls for it

  16. America now has it’s “Palestinians”.

    And with all the U.S. MSM backing them up as our “Pallywood”.

    Funny that Tom Clancy had them doing it for GOOD. Funny.

  17. Chip Bennett says:

    “So if you had 10 white people [in your store, would you be comfortable then]?”

    That police officer should be fired for inciting racial tensions, and implying that a law-abiding private citizen is racist, simply because he takes the utterly reasonable position that having a store full of dozens of random strangers at one time is a risk that he neither wants nor is required to take.

  18. sal paradise says:

    Only in american can a brown person shoot a black person and blame a white person. Unbelievable these clowns are running the country and we are paying for it

  19. pjoe says:

    The furious response to the not guilty verdict by the federal & local government, mainstream media, activist, unions( I could go on forever) and a good percentage of future victims (ie progressives) who are enablers, reminds me of the Movie with the Alien attacking Signourney Weaver. Its in its nature to protect its own. Its primal and automatic. Sundance has demonstrated that this is a organized, well funded, movement that needs to be called out for what it is. The future of this country depends on the rule of law and the democratic process, other wise it will devolve into anarchy.

    • Sharon says:

      Unfortunately, a “democratic process” (majority rule) is what’s taking us down and the failure of our Republic, with its inherent protections against mob rule, is what has made the collapse possible.

      • And viva Ann Barnhardt for being a (recent and truly brave) pioneer in this line of thought.

      • pjoe says:

        Thanks Sharon
        I need to chose my words more carefully. I recognize your point about the difference between a democracy and a republic. We really need to stay focused and try to educate those that are being mislead by the leftist.

        • Sharon says:

          Absolutely no problem, pjoe. Within these threads, we are always very aware of the value of the entire conversation that is taking place, so we will clarify or request clarification–without worrying about why something is expressed the way it is at the outset.

          The sharpening of our own abilities is part of it, and the audience of those who are not commenting. For encouragement, for beginning to dare to move a little further, to speak a little louder, and (often) to get over the fear of saying it wrong or making a mistake.

          This is like an armory–where strategy and skill is developed. I’m a learner (big time–seriously).. ;)

      • hawkeye13 says:

        agree, majority rule is the downfall. Our republic was created for the protection of individual liberty. That is why many liberals want the electoral college removed and simply go with popular vote. The system and our constitution were created to protect individuals. Mob rule is the opposite….

    • partyzant says:

      will? Try the past tense. we are way past will.

  20. boricuafudd says:

    There is another connection you did not mention one of the leaders of the Dream Defenders who also was in talks with the CRS is no other than Vannesa Baden, Baden was previously a staffer at the Philadelphia office of Obama for America, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

    But there is yet another connection with Baden, she is listed as an employee of guess who? Parks & Crumps law firm since 2006 and she and the Dream Defenders were protesting during the Martin Lee Anderson case. Her title at Parks & Crumps was Head of Activism Department, nice huh. They have their own activists to astro-turf for their clients, no wonder Jasmine Rand says she is a social engineer.



  21. Wizzum says:

    I am not surprised by the process that they displayed. I am surprised that they filmed it so now it is documented.

  22. Yakmaster says:

    So is the CRS the new Gestapo? The secret arm/muscle of intimidation for the DOJ? What about everyone else’s rights? We now have a percentage of the 13% of the US population wagging the dog.
    Obama is an anti-colonalist just like Dad. His head is still in that mindset. Too him, America is an imperialist nation that needs to lose its super power status. Throw in the influence of communist Frank Marshall Davis and revolutionaries like Bill Ayers along with his search for the “authentic” Black man within himself and you come up with a being who not only feels entitled to change what he feels is an inequitable system of government, but also feels ethnically superior. His is the noble race, the noble cause. It’s been reinforced to him his whole life by everyone surrounding him.
    He knows fully that Holder is a Black activist. He knows Holder will endorse any means he can get away with to appease the greivances of Blacks.
    To Holder the rest of America is holding Blacks back in every way. They should be indulged at every turn and apologized to because America once enslaved them. Apparently he believes they are owed big time and its his job to see they are paid. He is now openly pandering because there is no election for Obama to worry about—and he is confident Obama will not ask him to resign. I think for him, at this point, optics no longer matter. But, he just might have a problem; Holder seems clumsy at STEALTH—and stealth is the biggest asset the CRS has.

  23. froggielegs says:

    Just want to add, if you want more pictures from that day at the AME church (including pic of NataLIE being there) you can find them here..


    You can actually search the site and find a lot of pictures regarding Trayvon. That’s where I got the picture of the flyer on the tree to make the image showing a close up of the flyer. :)

    • froggielegs says:

      Pics also include NBPP there too

    • Stormy says:


    • AWESOME! Despite having researched the Sanford protest in depth, for my own blog, I didn’t realize the Black Panthers were there. Hard to beat photos.

    • tara says:

      I love picture #1, a couple of the pussies watching the scene like gangbanger lookouts for a gangbanger drug dealer.

      • Stormy says:

        in #19… I like the looks on the faces of the Dreamers as they looked at the BP’s … ;)

        • Fantasia says:

          You know the article in the Miami Herald about CRS states Battles arrange for security for the Dream Defenders March.

          Are the NBP the security spoken of? I saw the cops in the video, but it would be interesting to find if that was arranged or coincidental.

          I find it hard to believe the cops would secure an event to fire any Chief of Police.

          But, there it is on video.

  24. d'hack says:

    My favorite part is when they finally made it to Sanford and were having their meeting before the big ACDO, what appears to be an Occupy type of person, claims that it is unfair that nobody voted on what they were going to be doing for their protest. He stated that we live in a democracy and they should vote on what the protest looks like. {{insert twinkle fingers here}}
    Boy, ‘ol Joe sure got mad that someone would dare try to derail the scheme that the Federal Government planned and paid for. I also wonder if it was Holder himself who called the SPD to let them know their doors are going to be blocked…

    (ACDO = Act of Civil Disobedience)

    Also, does anyone think that guy that left his car at the K-Mart during the “march” thought this might be a good way to meet women? I am pretty sure if he didn’t think it at first, when he met up with them later he thought it… :)

  25. bletchleypark01 says:

    Is any legal foundation addressing the DOJ’s use of public funds to agitate?

    • bletchleypark01 says:

      I’m answering myself.

      Judicial Watch was/is monitoring DOJ and Thomas Battle.

      Battle’s comments to the audience at Shiloh Church on April 12, 2012 expose his true mission.

      ““When Trayvon happened, for many of us, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. We had grown up in a state and environment where race is a way of life….We’re not from Sanford, but what Sanford represented to us was the very real problems going around this state and this country. We wanted to figure out how could we stand in solidarity, and how could we make this about not just justice for Trayvon, but using this moment and using the opportunity to honor his memory, to honor his spirit by working to bring down the various structures and the various systems that allow something like this to happen.”

      Rewind and replay:

      “Working to bring down the various structures and various systems that allow something like this to happen.”

      Sounds like a peacekeeping mission to me.

      • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

        And they can say this crap with a straight face. Meanwhile, we have a black president, a black attorney general, huge numbers in professional sports and the entertainment world, a black SCOTUS justice, many black congressmen and women, black CEOs and so on. All managed to succeed within the “various structures and various systems” the BGI and a tyrannical AG wants to bring down.

        This is what happens when men let anger eat at their hearts and souls, and when greed is allowed to fester alongside. This is what it looks like when man says, “Vengeance is mine…”

        • EmpatheticSkeptic says:

          Last night on Hannity, a black woman was going on about how the judicial system is unfair to black men. The black attorney behind her leaned up and said, “the person in charge of our justice system is black, and he answers to a black man, what are you talking about”. It was priceless.

  26. hawkeye13 says:

    Obama’s were all against the perks of the president and family, it was too much, etc until they got there and then nothing is off limits. I have never seen such abuse of the integrity of the office of president. They do whatever they want and the media protects them. Any one against them is a racist for sure and now also a target for tax audit. The media would never let this stand if a Republican was in office.

    The whole CRS thing does not surprise me. I expect that it was useful back in 1964 when it was created but since that time has become corrupted. Perhaps corrupted for a long time.

    The problem I see is that the corruption is at the level you normally expect to deal with the corruption at the lower levels, but this organization is used to hide the corruption.

    • likebooks says:

      The Obamas feel this is all owed to them. And they represent all the blacks so whatever they get to do is somehow for all of them. That is why they spend without limit.

  27. Liberty Laxatives says:

    The lamestream media is so afraid of exposing black corruption that they have lost all integrity and cannot be counted on reporting the truth on anything regarding the BGI or related issues.

  28. michellc says:

    Each and every time I say I’m not going to let myself be angry and allow that anger to rule my thoughts, something else comes along and makes me angry all over again.
    How dare my money, your money, our money be used by the Justice Department, the United States of America justice department to organize civil disobedience. To shut down a police department. To violate the rights of a Police Chief who is only following the law and the constitution that he took an oath to protect. How dare they violate the rights of one man and use mob justice to have that man’s freedom taken away.
    How dare those people take my Savior and invoke his name to commit their sins against man. How dare they use what is supposed to be the house of My Lord to promote hate.

    • michellc says:

      I forgot how dare that POS of man who doesn’t deserve that badge he is wearing use that badge to tell a store owner he must allow a mob of anyone into his store and how dare he use the old tiring bs that I bet if they were 10 white people you’d let them in. I saw some white stupid faces in that crowd Mr. Idiot Blind Deputy and you’re badge gives you no right to tell anyone who they must serve or who they must allow in their store. If they had came in and stole from him while he could not watch each and every one of them. If they had broken things as that many people tried to fit into a small gas station, were you willing to pay him?

    • Stormy says:

      I totally agree, michellc.

  29. flaladybug says:

    Just watched local news and these idiots were at the Capital DEMANDING LOUDLY to see Rick Scott in person….a staff member would not do. Too bad Scott had just been on the Wes boarding a plane for New York! Not sure why or for how long but they said they were not leaving ….they would await his return. What made me throw a flip-flop at the TV was when’s hey we’re given special permission to sleep overnight in a room at the Capital that is NORMALLY LOCKED UP after 5PM…..ARRGGHHHH!!!

    I had read that Sharpton was supposed to be meeting with Scott in Tally…..I’m betting Slick Rick’s NY trek is NOT A VACATION !!!

    • I wish Gov Scott would arrest all the protesters for blocking the doors to the capital. And send federal troups to keep them in line. Don’t know if he has that power. he better do something soon or he is going to have a big big mess on his hands.

    • Eloise says:

      The power these people possess is unbelievable! I noticed Nasty Nat had a tee shirt on tonight at some rally they were holding here that said, No Justice, No sleep! Someone needs to tell these idiots it’s time to move on!

    • lovemygirl says:

      DEMANDING LOUDLY to see Rick Scott in person

      It’s all about me mentality. They honestly think they are important.

  30. FrenchPug says:

    One guy said that he had locked some of them in the store and accused him of false imprisonment. What happened with that? No one came out while they were filming the police talking to the store owner. Also the store owner wasn’t white. Are they now claiming that they are being oppressed by the Asian power structure? I’m guessing he’s Indian but I am not sure.

  31. pet says:

    Can I haz the password thing? hmmm. Puts you in the mental frame of ………….whatever…moving on.

    Not whining at all. Rock on! It’s your deal. Just recognizing some of us are being subtly shown the door and that we should move on……

    • hawkeye13 says:

      Pet, I spent some time thinking of what that password might be and after a short while figured it out. I am sure that you can also if you have been a frequent reader here.

      • pet says:

        Is it really that simple? I feel dumb! I thought about that same thingy initially but I’m not one to go where I’m not wanted. If it really is what I think…….I need to abuse myself and will sit in my own corner the rest of the week.. I was duly respecting authority and trying to be polite.. Tell me it’s not that. I need to crawl in a hole.

        I ultimately respect the original treepers so I won’t won’t assume anything and will at best go………….. 50/50 on…. it…that thing……. Maybe it’s right.
        Please don’t go anywhere. Do not crawl in a hole. Do not feel that anything is personalized at this point. We obviously did a lousy job in setting up communication regarding the password and are doing a lousy job in the implementation of the pass word (on sort of a test run). The spike in activity and accompanying threats demands that we attempt to manage and protect the site in a number of ways, and we are doing our best to do that while, simultaneously, trying to keep things moving in some distant-memory-of-normal. If you will send an email to the CTH, I will send you the password immediately. Along with our apologies for the discomfort you’ve been made to feel. :( Admin/Sharon

        • pet says:

          wow. You are the sweetest person I have ever met on the nets. I have NO discomfort. I have only comfort from this site!! Rock On! I respect the owners of this deal. I know about ownership.

          And………I am the last person to judge a website IT effort. (My IT VP sits to the left of me. Closely. The most important person in my Company).

          Thanks for your response. It totally cleared up the PW thing for me. I get it now : ) IMA little slow like that.

        • auscitizenmom says:

          Pet, I totally understand what you feel. I had some of those same feelings myself. So, don’t feel alone or not wanted. And, I have been here a lot longer than you, I think. I am not positive about that. So, sorry if I am wrong. I hope you are all set with the password by now. :)

  32. dws says:

    yeah. just wow. the justice department organizing and funding a contrived march to blockade a local police department to promote a racist agenda. would be nice to see who these marchers are and where they come from. they seem to be “social mercenaries”.

  33. partyzant says:

    These people are the modern incarnation of the SS, with a touch of keystone cops.
    Personalize, isolate and ridicule at every turn.

  34. Obama’s civilian army. Well armed? Who knows? But a lot of Fast and Furious guns are still untraced. And just because it’s been reported and repeated that they went to Mexican bad guys doesn’t make it so. Of course, we’ll never know since all the Fast and Furious documents have been locked away with executive order.

  35. auscitizenmom says:

    Oh, gee, I wonder why the gas station owner didn’t want to be overrun by the group. Could it be the videos he has seen of the black teenagers running in a tearing up things and stealing? Duh, what do they think people will think when they see stuff like that?

  36. Baldy says:

    We just need to arrest these people. There is no right to trespass and disrupt or to just “assembly.” There is a right to “peaceably assemble” in the US Constitution, but not to stop the workings of government or society. They just need to be arrested, at the very least.

    • bletchleypark01 says:

      If Holder wouldn’t arrest the Black Panthers for physically intimidating voters in Philadelphia, there will be no consequences for the Distopian Dreamers.

      Let’s just hope we don’t foot the bill for their Red Bull.

  37. Mr. Izz says:

    Thank you everyone for your posts. I keep trying my luck on other sites and I’m met with lies, hate, bad information, and death threats.

    The DOJ is neck deep in scandal. The CRS is a program that should be struck down immediately. They, and their minions, are placing political and racial pressure on our leaders. For some reason it is working, when it shouldn’t be. The government, and agencies, should not be cowering to pressure from the vocal, sometimes violent, few. There is only one way this great nation can suffer and fall apart: if it is torn to pieces from the inside. All powerful nations seem to succumb to internal problems. Having elected officials with limited terms was supposed to corral these same problems that great/ancient Kings, Queens, and dictators have.

    I’m not saying this is going to happen immediately, but something needs to change soon or this great nation will be met with great unrest, fear, violence, and oppression. It will tear itself apart.

  38. woohoowee says:

    “What is Power U?
    We are a GRASSROOTS organization based in Miami, Florida; FIGHTING for our land, our people, our community; ORGANIZING for justice in our schools and communities; SUPPORTING the struggle of social, environmental, and economic justice.”


    (t-shirts in pic show logo).

    • sundance says:

      In short “Jasmine Rand’s” people

      • woohoowee says:

        Thursday 10-04-12

        “Miami students rally against suspensions”


        “The protest was organized by the nonprofit Power U Center for Social Change. It’s part of a series of events across the country that promote alternative ways to discipline students.”


        “Earlier this year, Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in Sanford, where he was riding out a suspension from Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High in Miami-Dade. It was the third time Trayvon had been suspended. His school issues ranged from being spotted defacing lockers to getting caught with a marijuana baggie and women’s jewelry.”


        “John Schuster, spokesman for the school district, said the administration has made “tremendous progress” to reduce suspensions and has tried to work with Power U. “However, this is not the way partners would behave in having a protest outside of a school.””


      • Stormy says:

        Social Engineer = Socialist Propagandist

    • lovemygirl says:

      I’m almost scared to ask what this is:

      2012 Restorative Justice trainings with people from 26 schools identified as “persistently lowest-achieving”

      • woohoowee says:

        Had to look that one up. Here’s what the Progs at Power U say:

        “While the organizing efforts advocate for the end of zero tolerance, Power U is also working with students to propose alternatives. We are demanding the institution of the restorative justice model as policy in all Miami public schools. Instead of transfering the problem to the criminal justice system, restorative justice requires those affected by the behavior or incident to discuss what happened, seek ways to make amends and repair any harm, and to reintegrate the offender back into the population.”

        I don’t think this model will work out well.

        • nivico says:

          “While the organizing efforts advocate for the end of zero tolerance”

          What’s interesting is that zero tolerance policies and mandatory sentencing laws were specifically created to deal with the ‘perception’ that the previous discretionary policies and laws were being abused and used to punish minorities more harshly while caucasians were being shown more leniency…

          So we adopted a ‘one size fits all’ approach, black white brown purple or polka-dotted, anyone caught committing the same offense would receive the same punishment.

          Seems fair enough… only now it looks like they want to establish a catch-and-release quota system, as evidenced by the internal policies sundance uncovered within the M-DSPD.

        • caseyanderson2112 says:

          I think I’ve seen this in action with my own child.

          When my son was eleven he was sexually propositioned by a sixteen year old male sitting behind him on the school bus. The pervert had his hands on my son’s head, shoulders, stomach, etc. My son was terrified. When I got him off the school bus it was obvious something was terribly wrong but he refused to speak to me. Instead he came inside, threw his backpack to the floor and started screaming threats and cussing (!!! he never does that!) He went to his room and cried and refused to even look at me.

          I called my husband and told him he had to get home immediately, something was very wrong. When my husband talked to him, my son finally let it out. I called the police immediately and they took a report. Because the school was closed for a 4 day weekend I had time to calm myself before approaching them.

          Problem was, my son didn’t know who the pervert was. He’d never seen him on that bus before that day. The school resource officer, a deputy of the sheriffs department, spent two days going through school records to find the pervert, and had my son positively ID the pervert for the police.

          The school administration first claimed that they have no authority to punish a student for something that happened on a school bus (BS). Then they said the event was no big deal and the principal (a horrid wench) told me I was overreacting. I had to go to the school board with the police report, the DA report and the fact that the DA was prosecuting the pervert legally before the school did anything at all.

          So what did the school do? Two days in-house detention. That’s it. I told them that if that pervert was within ten feet of my son again I would sue the school into oblivion, and if the pervert were ever allowed to touch my son again I would own the principal. That woke them up a bit and my son told me the pervert didn’t come near him again.

          Meanwhile the DA pressed charges and 11 months after the incident we went to court. At the very last minute the pervert plead guilty and the judge put the pervert in some kind of pre-trial diversion plan. Part of the plan required my son to sit in a room with the pervert (my husband and I were both there) and listen to the pervert apologize. I will never forget that. All I wanted to do was smash the pervert’s face in and horsewhip his mother, who sat there glaring at us the whole time.

          The pervert wasn’t in school after that. His mother moved him to another state, which was probably best for him because my daughter, who was in high school at the time, let the entire football team know what had happened and the pervert had already been the recipient of some real justice. Everyone in the school knew what he’d done and he couldn’t walk through the halls without being laughed at or scorned. He’s probably graduated by now and in a state that has no record of his guilty plea to sexual abuse charges.

          I guess that’s what “reintegration” means. Pass the barf bucket.

          It took almost a full year for my son to recover his happy disposition, his laid back demeanor, his zest for life. Thank the Lord he’s over it now but it was a long, hard year.

      • Standardized testing is the ONLY way to measure the progress of students in inner city schools, if anyone is wondering why Bush thought it was so important. Otherwise all you will hear is lies from everyone in the school hierarchy.

        The local solution to problem students – many of them violent – is to simply transfer them to another school. Perhaps that is a result of “restorative justice” for schools identified as “persistently lowest-achieving”. The local inner city school district is the worst in the state, possibly the whole country. They serve three meals a day, and roughly 90% of the students get free or subsidized meals. I could go on and on, because we fought – and there are still a few battles left – to keep this district, as well as the local BGI, from taking over the rest of the schools in the county. With the help of the state legislature, we are winning the battle. Next year we will be getting municipal school districts, and everyone associated with the inner city school district can… well, you know…

    • woohoowee says:

      It’s a Hill-Snowden Foundation with a DC address:

      “HSF strives to be a strategic partner working with organizations that organize low-income families and communities in order to create a fair and just society in which they can thrive. We have chosen community organizing as our core strategy because it has proven effective at securing concrete material improvements for low income families and communities by engaging them in the decision-making process in their communities and decreasing their social and political marginalization. Specifically, our program areas are Youth Organizing, Economic Justice Organizing and the Fund for DC.”


  39. woohoowee says:

    Power U’s Prog Mission statement 2010:

    “Mission: Our mission is to advance progressive social change in Miami-Dade County through direct organizing, training for capacity building and leadership development, and political education with low-income communities of color. Power U works with people traditionally locked out of the circles of power to develop and implement strategies to address issues including declining, unsafe public schools, environmental and economic injustice, and government accountability.”


  40. medic347 says:

    I truly believe the DOJ knew George Zimmerman would be acquitted. They planned on it. I will even go as far as to say they wanted it to. They investigated the case early on, and when they found no evidence to put George away, they went full bore into selling the “innocent, young, tender African American child murdered by a White hipanic man” story to the public. I think the DOJ was looking for a case like this because they knew they could raise racial tension that already existed due to the events. This was a good crisis that they weren’t going to let go to waste. I don’t really believe the DOJ wanted George convicted. George being acquitted was a much better fit for their agenda. If they can incite enough violence, it helps them push the agenda forward on more fronts.

    • It would appear that Nelson was in on it, too.

      • Stormy says:

        And ALL the entertaining they did for the jury… Are sequestered juries always entertained like that? It really did bother me when Nelson would mention the “special things” they had planned for the jury.

        • michellc says:

          Actually I think that part always happens in sequestered juries.

          • Stormy says:

            Well, that is good to know… ..When Nelson would say that, I would just look at my screen incredulously… she KNEW if George was found guilty he would serve essentially as much time for manslaughter as he would for M2… and it made it seem like she was getting frustrated with the “trial” interfering with her “special plans” for the jury.

            • michellc says:

              Well I’ve only watched 3 trials on tv in my day, the OJ trial, Anthony and now this trial. I looked it up when I watched the Anthony trial because he was always telling the jury he had a surprise for them or a trip for them, etc. I thought that was strange, yet everything I could find said it was common during sequestered juries.
              I honestly can’t fault the courts using our money to do something for them. It has to be a horrible time for juries to be locked into a hotel room for weeks.

              • Stormy says:

                I watched parts of the OJ trial, but none of the Anthony trial… so this was the first time I heard about it.

      • bletchleypark01 says:

        Nelson has an “A” rating from the NAACP. He votes for anything the organization wants, any way they want.

    • deqwik says:

      I’m on the same wave length Medic. At first I wondered why they didn’t use the Jordan Davis case as their example for poor innocent 17 yr old black child shot by white man using SYG defense. It has all the elements they are trying to garner from this case. Then it dawned on me that the white man just might get convicted for it & they knew there wasn’t a good case against GZ so they had to chose this case to say blacks don’t get justice. If that’s not the reality of it, then why are they spending all their tokens on GZ & not saving any for the State vs Dunn case ?…(scratching my head)

  41. Mr. Izz says:

    Looks like the jurors went to a couple of movies, ate out a few times, went bowling, had a trip to the Ripley museum, and had a decent time while being sequestered ($33,000 to sequester these women for 22 days). Sheriff’s office spent $320,000 during the trial. The male alternate juror thinks it was the right verdict, and President Jimmy Carter believes this was the correct verdict. Really interesting day.

  42. nameofthepen says:

    Awesome article!!

    The déjà vu was strong in those videos. I missed the incense and love beads. :D

    Seriously, it’s the same routine that was run on the pampered youth of the ’60’s to whip up free-floating angst and alienation. Right up to the “handlers” who were on the ground orchestrating it all. Only back then, they weren’t officially the “CRS”. (Yup! Shades of Abbie Hoffman, Angela Davis, Timothy Leary, Jane Fonda, Jerry Rubin, Ralph Nader; John Kerry, Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Tom Hayden…)

    Check out the 2nd video, starting @3:52, when the one kid actually has the brains to question why they are all being herded around and choreographed by others, rather than deciding among themselves what they wish to do. :D

  43. freedom says:

    MOM is going to be on Bubba the Love Sponge show at 8:30

  44. Redrider says:

    After the March and blocking of the entry to the SPD a day or two later attended a city council meeting where they stated they were not leaving the city of Sanford, funny they were gone a week or so later. But not before demanding a meeting with City officials so of course Norton Bonaparte was more than happy to oblige them. I have some raw footage of that meeting I will locate it and post here.

    • Redrider says:

      This pissed me off as much today listening to this as it did then

      • EmpatheticSkeptic says:

        Wow. What an obnoxious person. Funny one of her suggestions was “meetings” or community forums on race. They had one a few months ago in Sanford and I think 5 people showed up.

        • labrat says:

          She has all these suggestions for a town she doesn’t even live in. If I was in that meeting I’d tell her to bring her advice to her own town meeting.

  45. El Gordo Loco says:

    Ive pointed out before that people havent thought beyond the shooting to understand where Trayvon Martin would be had George carried no gun. There was a witness, and police were on the way, so Trayvon would have been apprehended and charges would have been pressed. He wouldnt be on a college track, etc. etc..He would be behind bars.

    Heres another thought regarding hypothetical reasoning. Lets say George stayed in his vehicle and Trayvon headed back to Brandi’s crib. Given Trayvons character descriptions from school suspensions, fighting, texts, photos, social media, etc..along with what we now know he he viewed George as a cracker, attacked him, and brutally continued long after George was obviously rendered helpless.. its reasonable to believe someone else eventually would have fell victim to Trayvon. Probably more than one person would be assaulted by Trayvon before he would eventually get caught.

    Factoring in the abundance of black-on-black crime…One of the people CURRENTLY marching for “Justice for Trayvon” could have been one of these future victims of Trayvon.

    • nivico says:

      …and don’t forget he was looking to buy an illegal gun.

      It’s doubtful he planned to use it to shoot at tin cans.

      I really wish the snitch that TM described beating up after school would come forward, because that gun was probably meant for him.

    • El Gordo Loco says:

      When I stated “Factoring in the abundance of black-on-black crime” I should have been more specific in the point that as this case is painstakingly being attempted to be a racism issue, nothing about Trayvon’s past shows he would have singled out non-blacks to assault. His next victim had at minimum an equal chance of being any random race, even his own

  46. Arkindole says:

    I did some research this am without knowing of SD’s update via the tip line. Anyway, that update is providing info on this group, but here is another question about a spokesperson there who talked to the reporters:


    “…The sit-in demonstration in Gov. Rick Scott’s office continues for a second day.
    More than two dozen student activists, many part of an organization known as the Dream Defenders, spent the night in the building. They plan to stay until Scott calls a special session to re-assess the state’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, Dream Defenders Director Phillip Agnew said.

    The protest comes in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal late Saturday in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

    “With us staying, it shows our dedication, our resilience and how passionate we are about the Travyon Martin case,” said Sherika Shaw, a 25-year-old teacher from North Lauderdale who recently completed her graduate studies at Florida State…”

    –Shaw doesn’t show up at the below link using a search for FL certified teachers
    –She also doesn’t show up on faculty lists/web sites for major North Lauderdale schools (Broward County Pub Sch search).
    –Sherika Shaw does show up on one FSU search; Visual arts club roster.

    From same article reference above

    “…The following morning, they were joined by eight young adults from the Power U Center for Social Change in Miami. Rep. Alan Williams also stopped by, and let the group know he had been in touch with the Florida Caucus of Black State Legislators.”

  47. I hope somebody knowledgeable in Florida civil law will tackle these. I wasn’t able to get much of a response when I posted on the open thread yesterday.

    1. If Zimmerman is going to sue NBC, ABC, etc. is the suit best filed in New York or somewhere in Florida?
    2. Can Crump chose the Florida county where he can file a civil suit or must it be in Seminole?
    3. Will Zimmerman have to testify in any civil suit regardless of whether he is a plaintiff or defendant?
    4. Can Crump base his civil suit on Zimmerman’s negligence in getting out of the car and not identifying himself to Martin?

    • boutis says:

      I’m not a lawyer but the suit against NBC is filed in Sanford. Think about it. That county has been battered by the media. It is where the fairest trial could be held. Seminole is his county of residence where he suffered the damages as a nonpublic person turned into public pariah. GZ would have to testify but so do the plaintiffs to explain their libel and malicious treatment of GZ. GZ has already been found not guilty and should have nothing to fear just like when he was talking to the cops without legal representation. Crump can base his suit on anything he likes but is already proven that GZ did nothing illegal in getting out of his vehicle in the housing complex in which he lived to give directions to the police. Crump also has to be aware that GZ may file a motion of immunity since he has already been found not guilty by reason of self defense which would grant him not only immunity from harassment suits by Crump but entitle his legal team to compensation including the cost of the immunity hearing from Crump’s plaintiffs. It is the Florida statutes in the SYG law that protects GZ from legal harassment that Crump circumvented to get an arrest (without probable cause which opens the state to liability) to sue the HOA. Crump made a mess and now it is boomeranging back on him. I’m sure I have some of the details wrong but that is the circle of liability in a nutshell. Call it legal karma.

      • Redrider says:

        I thought I read that this case could not be done in Seminole as the amount of damages being sought were past the Seminole County limit?

      • caseyanderson2112 says:

        The attorneys handling the NBC suit are in Pennsylvania. I think the case has to be there because that’s where NBC’s corporate HQ are located.

  48. stormrung says:

    Wow. That Indian guy sure is racist.

  49. Josh says:

    First video:
    At the :43 mark it sounds like the guy is talking about Acorn.

    1:30 “What do we call ourselves, Support Team”? “No. We’re still, we’re still Dream Defenders”.

    4:07 “This movement doesn’t hands on (?) George Zimmerman or the Trayvon Martin Case. They can indict George Zimmerman, they can arrest him and do what they need to do as the criminal justice system but it won’t stop what we’re doing, umm, until our grievances with the way America treats the lesser of these are met.

    6:00 The red shirt – what does it say? “This Is Our Time, Florida State University (?) w/ the Nike logo”?

    6:30 Police waaaaaaay out of line.

    8:42 “We won’t stop (defendin’?) til justice is done.”

    9:06 This guy is just happy to be part of a group.

    9:12 Guy (wearing a Florida State shirt) speaks of a meeting the next with the DOJ and the Sanford Police. Another guy asks, “So are you asking what we’re comfortable with you putting on the table?”

    I’m amazed at these useful (someday to be useless) idiots.

    • Josh says:

      Second video:
      At the beginning “blocking the police station in one of the more racist cities” “one of the more racist police forces in the country”

      :31 “I think there comes a point where you are going to have to lie to them”

      :35 “Because it’s not civil disobedience if we are just giving them everything and being obedient.”

      :46 At the Bethel A.M.E. Church – taking the Lord’s name in vain 

      1:53 “Take a look over there where we are about to head to. This is not the Promised Land. We’re not rejoicing. We shouldn’t even have to be here. Right now this is the place that for three days has caused our feet to hurt, our knees to hurt, our backs to hurt. This is the place dat took away somebody that we never met but we have stayed up for three to four weeks trying to organize a movement around. So as we descend down this hill I want you all to remember that. That Trayvon Martin and his family will never go down this bridge again.”

      2:40 and 6:11 At least one guy marching with fist upraised

      3:34 “Tomorrow is our act of civil disobedience. It is gonna’ look exactly like we talked about. We’re going to be blocking the doors of the police station. The police know we’re coming and are aware of the action.”

      3:50-5:12 I can’t believe THIS exchange made it into the video. I’ve tried to type it out but listen to the exchange between the two guys and the guy who, is guess, is the leader. I would love to speak with the two guys today.

      Guy#1: “I feel like we need to be voting on what we’re going to be doing and not just saying what this is what it is This is what it’s going to be I feel we should be arrested or I feel we should be this We’re going to be saying what does democracy look like This is what democracy looks like We need to be voting on everything you know cause nothing’s been voted on No speakers are voted on Nothing is voted on. Everything is presented and then it’s like let’s decide from there I think we need to All of these people came here Another thing there needs to be a clear communication of everything that’s going on from the beginning and since it hasn’t been that way we need to start doing that tonight. You understand what I’m saying? There needs to be a clear and cut definition because this is the real deal. This is people lives.”

      Guy#2: The only thing that’s been voted upon was who wants to go to jail. There was never let’s look for different alternatives or different options as far as how can we go about it civil disobedience Let’s just go about something we’ve never heard done before like you said and just umm hopefully this will work. When we look at the pros we gotta look at the cons.

      Leader(?): When I was talking about this in an absolute serious meeting is because I was trying to avoid this right here. All right? Now you all need to come in here to work together as a group, to work with a team of folks to bring ideas cause this is like We had the original idea This is something like That goes counter to everything we’re trying to do. I’m just tired right now and I’m not really trying to be political at this point but we got some serious stuff to do tomorrow and I’m not gonna be here to try to placate your egos.

      5:35 “…Sanford wasn’t the finish line but rather the start of something.”

      6:50 Guy holds copy of the Constitution (but has probably never read it)

      7:32 “I come to you as a Dream Defender to announce that umm because of the power of the people we have successfully shut down the police department of Sanford for today.”

      7:45 “Because of the power of the people we are able to announce our demands that we have for this city and the healing process that can begin after this tragedy of the murder of Trayvon Martin.”

  50. sbguy says:

    Who is funding the protests and activities of the Dream Defenders and groups like it? Are they organized as a 501 (c)(3)?

  51. Moishe Pipik says:

    I finally had time to watch this. That Sheriff should be fired. Is he keeping the peace or is he working for the Black Panthers/Muslim Brotherhood/Al Sharpton/etc? He is one of the most disgusting examples of a person abusing power I’ve seen.

    We get an inconsistent message from this community. Sometimes they tell us we should lock ourselves in our cars, lest we end up in a situation where we are threatened. (Like the signs to stay in your car at Yosemite when driving through the bear reserve.) Other times, they admonish us for not allowing confrontation.

    I go on a lot of guided travel tours. Typically when there’s a crowd of people about to descend on a little store, the tour guide walks in first, talks to the owner, introduces himself. I can assure you when I’m with a group of white tourists in eastern Europe, and we all want to go to a small store, sometimes we are told to go in in small groups, after the tour guide speaks to the owner.

    In this case, if the leader had simply walked into the store first, introduced himself, etc, this whole “incident” they created would never have happened.

  52. Josh says:

    This is old but I hadn’t heard it before. Good for Don Cheadle.
    Don Cheadle slams NBC over Zimmerman tape

  53. Gatewypundit is reporting that the AG Holder Justice Department has just seized (placed a hold) George Zimmerman’s gun from the Sanford PD in Florida.

    Make of it what you will.

    • KPM58 says:

      All the evidence, not just the gun.
      How will this screw with any other cases going forward that might need access to this evidence, such as TM’s phone records?

  54. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    i noticed every jftm premade sign has logos for comusa, plsweb, and another one (cant recall)

  55. recoverydotgod says:

    Yes, it reminds me of….

    Toto: Treepers
    Dorothy: Stella
    Help me with the rest…

  56. Unicron says:

    I just whipped up this image I think you will all enjoy


  57. james121515@gmail.com says:

    I think the feds sh

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