Day 12 (Week #3) Zimmerman Trial – Witness Discussion Thread


Today, June 25th, is DAY #12 (of 3rd week) State of Florida V. George Zimmerman case. An explosive first day of opening statements and witnesses took place yesterday.

[yesterday] saw the completion of opening statements and the launch of the State’s case, with four of the State’s witnesses being brought to the stand. In a nutshell, I thought the defense did a far superior job in cross-examination than the State did on direct, with it’s own witnesses, which does not bode well for the State’s prospects in this case. Here’s the play-by-play – CLICK HERE


Four Live-Streaming Links:

Here are some additional *possible* Links to the Hearing:

Hat Tip Rumpole for the list.
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713 Responses to Day 12 (Week #3) Zimmerman Trial – Witness Discussion Thread

  1. eastern2western says:

    does dad seem like he looks pale? poor fellow.

  2. waltherppk says:

    West needs a red and white checkered chef’s apron and Stetson hat since he will be barbecuing today. May set off the smoke detectors in the courtroom. Keep extra pitchers of water handy for any liar liar pants on fire, might need to douse them. Maybe some hickory chips will help smoke ‘em out, them that’s got some explainin’ to do.

  3. eastern2western says:

    I think O’Mara should had done the opening instead of west because O’Mara is a guy who can put all of those photos into a slide show or video. watching west trying to juggle those cards and photos made him look slow, confused, outdated and lost. John guy did a good job today in blowing a lot of smokes into nothing. watching him is like watching a telenovella actor, good looking, emotional and clean. Lets hope the defense will recover tomorrow. Judging from the opening statements, the prosecution still has no answers for the 4 minute run of no where, injuries and physical conditions. Judging from most mothers on the panel, I just can not believe they are going to believe a 29 year old was fast enough to chase down a 16 year old. guy tried to make martin look thin, but most mothers know that 6″ at 160 lb is not malnourished.

    • ZurichMike says:

      We must have watched a different trial. Guy (“Ken Doll”) tried to do a “shock and awe” but ended up looking like he was doing a bad audition for an episode of Boston Legal. West started bumbling (may have been intentional to garner juror sympathy) but clearly and cleanly laid out the facts, the narrative, the timeline, the witnesses, and the context (these things are typically what the State should do). We have eyewitness accounts from the courtroom that the jurors did not take notes during Guy’s speech, but did take notes during West’s. The jurors were engaged with West because he was not some slicked-up lawyer with pretty hair like Guy, but because West seems like one of them — down to earth, interested in understanding what happened. We know from Witness 1 that the kiddies were unsupervised and TrayDad and his new baby momma Brandi not only did not ask where Trayvon was when they came home, but didn’t seem to care when he was missing all night. We know that Witness 1 can toss a football from his porch to the place where the altercation occurred (in other words, not long enough to take 4 minutes). We know from Witness, who admitted under oath on cross examination, that he really doesn’t know what happened at the 7-11 and that he is only looking at a video. Witness 3 (the dispatcher) confirmed that GZ was calm and that the dispatcher did not attribute any hatred or racism to GZ’s comments and had no concern about GZ’s behavior (and the dispatcher admitted that he was trained to listen for such things when taking calls).

      • eastern2western says:

        I am just putting my evaluation on organization. I understand what west is presenting, but I think he could had been more organized. I like how west used visual aides instead of just words. Lets just hope tomorrow is another day.

        • Lee says:

          I agree. Not knowing the jurors – I fear an emotional thought process – which is what the prosecution was trying to deliver. The prosecution’s opening resembled little truth but it was tinged with sadness and anger on the death of a little boy by a would be cop. West was too uncertain in several of his remarks and his delivery lacking in some areas. However, I think West did get some good points across. But, there is something about the slow, metered delivery that makes it hard for me to listen to Mr. West. One thing I wish the defense would do is stop with the sympathy – your client is the victim of Martin and the State of Florida – please stop making Martin a tragic figure – sympathy and celebrity may win over logic and law.

        • Chip Bennett says:

          Lets just hope tomorrow is another day.

          That might be hoping for too much. Yesterday was as phenomenally bad for the State as it was phenomenally good for the defense – from contrasting opening statements to the defense already starting to prove their self-defense claim with the State’s own witnesses on the stand.

      • Stormy says:

        ITA with your “intentional” comment. I am in the same demographic as the jurors and I thought West was masterful today. Even though I am already familiar with the facts of the case, as a woman, I was captivated by West’s presentation. Everyone was attentive to his presentation. The entire courtroom seemed to be hanging on his every word for hours! I think you could have heard a pin drop. I even believe the knock-knock joke achieved its assorted goals.

        • I thought West did a good job, too. I’ve been trying to put it out there that the jury was picked because they didn’t know much about the case, and it is imperative they find out all of the background information, as well as the facts that are known. Since day one, those who say Zimmerman is guilty are living in a world if lies. The truth will set Zimmerman free.

    • 22tula says:

      “… I just can not believe they are going to believe a 29 year old was fast enough to chase down a 16 year old.” – eastern2western
      George wasn’t chasing Trayvon. Trayvon made FIRST contact when he circled George’s SUV. Trayvon was sizing-up George and strutting his stuff,(hand gesture/ waistband). Trayvon may have noted that George was on the phone, and possibly on the phone with the Police! IMO, it was “After” Trayvon started to “Run” that George, thinking that he had distance between himself and Trayvon, felt it was safe enough to have a look-see. Remember George mentioned Trayvon’s waistband hand gesture. Did this stranger have a weapon? Who knows. Now why wouldn’t Trayvon just run to Chad’s house? Is it because he thought George called the Police? So, more the reason to run to Chad’s place. Unless, of course, he couldn’t get into Brandy’s home. Then he would have a problem. Then he would have to change his plans.

    • auscitizenmom says:

      My ex-husband was 6’2″ and all sinew and muscle. He has broad shoulders, long arms, and was very, very strong. He usually weighed around 170.

  4. eastern2western says:

    any one has the full interview because I love to see tom owen gets eaten alive. I can not believe he did a study in 1985 on technologies that do not even exist yet. thanks Tommie, your Russian box is wonderfully blue lighted.

  5. sundance says:

    Robert Z Senior does not look good at all. This trial is taking a horrible toll on him. He is in a tough position; He knows the lies, he knows the ruse, he knows the alignment against his son and his family, and he knows O’Mara. I don’t know how this guy is able to hold it in. It must be chewing him from the inside out….

    {{{Prayers for YOU today Mr. Z}}}

    May the comforting hand of a loving God envelop you and provide you some sense of calm amid the absurdity of all. You have been a ROCK – May God bless you today and all days.

  6. eastern2western says:

    after the opening statement, the state still can not explain the following events:
    1)the four minute run to no where
    2) Zimmerman’s injuries (not sufficiently injured is not exactly murder 2)
    3) martin on top of Zimmerman when he was shot.
    4) why did Zimmerman called the cops? Ask any cop about his experience of a criminal calling the police before committing a crime?
    5) Zimmerman running after trayvon in pitch darkness. yeah, guy admitted it was pitch darkness.

    • ZurichMike says:

      It’s only going to get worse for the State. For example, even if the testimony or Ramona Rumpf (clerk) and tapes of the previous calls GZ made about suspicious activities are made, it will only show that (1) he was being responsible for this apartment complex as party of his duties to keep an eye on things, (2) he called for help rather than taking the law into his own hands, and (3) yeah, there’s a lot of crimes being committed in the area, mostly by black youth. Does this sound like an unsympathetic defendant to a jury of women who are probably thinking “Gee, I wish GZ were watching out for my apartment complex!”

      Since the “site scrapers” are probably reading this, here are two words for you to learn today: malicious prosecution. Be sure to pass that along to Angela Corey.

      • eastern2western says:

        unless the state has more than the 911 tapes, I can not see how they prove m2 beyond reasonable doubts. cursing is part of freedom of speech.

        • Funny, but I quit posting at one Zimmerman forum a year ago because the main argument of the pro-Corey side was repeating, “Those ****** always get away”, and “He should have never got out of his car.” There is only so much of that nonsense one can take, and I didn’t (and don’t) think those comments were the foundation of a rational argument. Their position was grounded in nothingness; there was no ‘there’ there, so I left.

          • LittleLaughter says:

            I am with you Friend. I believe we left the same site for the same reason. If so, they are back at it again, after being side tracked with Jodi A.

      • I agree. My understanding is a malicious prosecution has to be dealt with after the case is over, but I do hope they pursue whoever on the other side that is eligible to be prosecuted for it and let ‘er rip.

  7. nwtex says:

    Put your trust in HIM and be lifted lifted up. You will all get thru this.
    You are a very strong family and you know you’ve got a whole bunch of us praying for y’all and we know the truth……… are not alone.
    Blessings and strength to you all.

    • dmoseylou says:

      Astonishing, just astonishing! You know Jeff Fenholt. He portrayed Jesus In Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway 1971. I met him many, many years past at my church; he gave his testimony of his life before and after “The Lord Got a Hold of Me.”

      • nwtex says:

        Wow! Yes! I, too, have seen and chatted with Jeff several times! My life changed in a heart beat the first time I heard him sing Hosanna (waaaayyy back when he was still married to Reeni) that was the moment my eyes opened.
        So you remember Nick Disipo the big Italian carpenter who lead him to The Lord…in not such a genteel way haha. I love that story. Help the world is shrinking here :wink:
        His gift takes my breath away that’s for sure. I just hope the Zimmermans peek in here and listen to the wonderful gifts of love and caring that are posted all around this place and hopefully they will be touched and gain strength from the music and messages.

        So you know Jeffrey! Toooo cool Wow!!

      • nwtex says:

        I think we should mention that Jeff’s “…Superstar” gig was when he was walking on the dark side BEFORE he, as he says, “met the real Jesus Christ” :smile:
        I just love that guy.

    • Stormy says:


  8. Springstreet says:

    I think you missed the blockbuster. Sean (when he was defending himself for instructing George 4 times to keep watching the suspicious person … and thus causing George to get out of the car/truck) blurted out : he didn’t even know George Zimmerman was in a vehicle !!!
    So much for: Zimmerman disobeyed da police and got outta da cahr! I thought MOM was spectacular yesterday, but even he didn’t realize this Crump buster should have been asked … not blurted out inadvertently in re-re-cross.
    A couple of other notes: MOM is obviously setting up the coroner for falsifying his report concerning TM’s size (by standing next to the 7/11 clerk) but did you notice West was happy to use the prosecution’s 5′-10″ lie to describe the person GZ first saw? Something is up here.
    And, the dangling Chad should have been asked what kind of video game he played. If he is like my teenaged nephew, it was interactive with other on-line players … who have to sign in. This would have shown where Chad was … as opposed to where TM’s phone was used.

    • ZurichMike says:

      12 or 15 years old. 15 or 17 years old. 5’10 of 6’2 or is it 6’3″. No one remembers and there is massive *doubt* about key facts. More than reasonable doubt. More than enough to have the case dropped, charges reduced, and GZ acquitted And yet there is no evidence the State can produce to controvert a finding for self-defense.

      By the way, as an aside, Guy “Ken Doll” has Angela Corey for a boss (actually BDLR’s boss). She bears a striking resemblance to Ursula the Sea Witch from “The Little Mermaid”, and probably prepped Ken Doll for the opening statement like she advised the Little Mermaid “You got your pretty face, and [said while va-vooming around under the sea] don’t forget the important of body language.” LOL!

    • BertDilbert says:

      Yeah saw O’Mara have the clerk stand and state his height. O’mara then did not go anywhere with that. O’Mara obviously intends to bring this up later claiming the autopsy height is false and you can clearly see in the video that Trayvon was several inches taller than the clerk making the claimed 5’11” TOTAL BS. We just do not know where/how O’Mara is going to put that into play.

      • AntonyG says:

        Regarding the comparison of the height of TM and the store clerk. As someone previously said, it’s possible the floor surfaces – front and back of counter – might not have been at the same height. Surely the defense can easily find this out. Also whether or not TM had been wearing footwear with above average high heals – something the defense should also be able to find out. And whether the store clerk is likely to have been wearing footwear with above or below average high heals. The most likely probability is that both men were wearing footwear with a standard height heals.

        Therefore, TM must have been at least 6’2″ based on just looking at the two men standing either side of the counter.

        • flawesttexas says:

          7-11 Behind counter is same height as front of counter… confirmed that when Gaugh was walking back to counter. 7-11 generally do not have elevated counter area

          • iamthetool says:

            If the area behind the counter was raised (which is more likely than it being lowered – I’ve never seen lowered [would require cutting hole in floor!] but I have seen raised) then TM would be even taller than 6’1″ to 6’2″. In the video he seems to be 3 or 4 inches taller than the clerk. If clerk is 5’10” and standing on a raised floor behind the counter that might be an additional 2 or 3 inches high then TM’s height would be the 2-3 inches of a raised floor PLUS clerk’s 5’10 PLUS the 3-4″ of difference in the video. That would make TM about 6’3″ to 6’4″.

        • gannasview says:

          I have seen an elevated area behind a counter but NEVER an elevated area in front of the counter. An elevated area in front of the counter would help give a visual to the inside of a cash register.

      • Sal says:

        If ever race did enter this trial it would probably be with the ME and the autopsy.

        A teenage black male, dead of a gunshot wound to the chest, sent in under “John Doe” late at night, with his photo being shown around the neighborhood with no one able to ID, might not get the most stellar attention, because the ME would be less likely to ever testify about it.

        Certainly, the height mistake indicates some sloppiness. If the 7-11 clerk is 5-10, there is no way TRayvon can be 5-11.

    • howie says:

      They will not come in. The state is trying to use them under the Williams Rule. Prior patterns of criminal behavior similar to the charged crime. The problem they have is that the calls are not crimes. The pattern is of legal and even civic minded behavior. The behavior of Zimmerman they seek to prove is not a crime. They are trying to prove a crime that is non-exixtant. This is absurd.

  9. Sal says:

    I remember how shocked I was to see the 7-11 photo of Trayvon after months of just seeing the Hollister photo. I couldn’t believe it was actually the same person.

    And now to learn the diminutive clerk was actually 5-10… !!!!

  10. boutis says:

    One of the commenters on the LI thread had some excellent points about NW. This has been one area where the Scheme team and the persecution have repeatedly misrepresented what GZ was doing in his own neighborhood for the NW. He was following the rules is what he was doing and the state of Florida is jeopardizing a national volunteer crime prevention program for political expediency which is sponsored and overseen by the US DOJ. I am referring to the comment by 49erDweet | June 25, 2013 at 2:51 am at The fact that a special prosecutor and a criminal court in Florida would attempt to criminalize the legal and LE supervised activities of a volunteer in a national crime prevention program is staggering.

  11. The State is going to be tricky in trying to sneak in little bits they’re not supposed to. It’s the ONLY way they even have a 2nd degree case. I hope with all the sneaking they allow in the fighting past of Trayvon Martin.

    Oh and Tracey Martin harassing a Zimmerman family member? Nah. Of course he wouldn’t do that after politicizing this case to a race war. Sickening behaviour from Tracy and I’m not surprised. I hope the Judge stops the Martin circus in court before it gets totally out of hand.

  12. Dell Mar says:

    Witness Chad got me thinking. I have long felt that the GZ defense should just stick with the timeline of 911 calls and DDs statements. That it did not need to establish any explanation for TMs actions. Well, there’s a problem with that given the make up of the jury. A jury of all women were never teenage boys. A jury of all women were never misguided teenage boys.

    A jury of all women, especially middle aged women, will not ever fully be able to grasp the warped mind of a teenage boy. What goes on in their heads. How normal situations are distorted.

    For example: If what GZ describes on the 911 call is true, then there is a moment of TM holding his hand to his waistband. GZ knows what that means. I know what that means. The 911 operator should have known what that means. TM did not just have his hands in his pocket. TM was scared (why?) and he does what most teenage boys will do, in fact what most males of any species will do, he puffs himself up. One of the quickest most effective ways to puff yourself up on the street is to show you’re strapped, and grabbing the the front waste band, where presumably their is a gun handle, is the universal show of that. And, in the warped mind of a teenage male mind, especially a troubled urban teenage male mind, his Arizona Watermelon juice can becomes his gun.

    Stupid. I know, but very consistent with teenage males anywhere. Not the specific action of holding the waistband, that’s more of a wannabe gangsta type of thing, but the puffing up and distortions of reality.

    Anyway, I’m now starting to believe that the defense has got to go into the distorted world of TM. It’s very relevant to explaining why TM doesn’t make it home. To why TM throws the sucker punch. A jury of all older women will not be able to instinctively and fully appreciate the mind of a teenage boy, but the defense has got to try. Especially because they will be asking themselves why. Why why why? Especially because TM, from what we can gather here at the treehouse, is even more misguided than a typical teenage boy.

    With that said, MOM missed an opportunity to pry further into Chads actions and the families actions when TM did not return home. The chance to explore TMs world, and why initially it wasn’t a real pressing concern to anyone. It wouldn’t matter that MOM wouldn’t know how Chad would answer, either way, saint Trayvon or No Limit, would allow the jury into the warped world.

    They are going to be asking why? They need to be made to understand that you can’t make sense of irrational.

    • howie says:

      Chad can be called back.

    • ZurichMike says:

      I wouldn’t call back Chad unless I had to. Remember, the State has the burden of proof, and they’ve proved nothing yet except that Chad likes Skittles.

      • howie says:

        Well, they proved that George was not told to stay in his truck. The mediots seem to have overlooked that part.

        • They damn well should call him back. His age changes, his story changes and his father said the same thing Crump said about Halftime. Was he really there? Did he know about this?

          • You don’t beat bullies by pussyfooting around. You don’t have to bully him but if you can use him or his father to show what a complete clown show this is, you do it. I am losing faith that this defense understands what is under their fingertips and I worry half of them are too timid to do what is necessary. I hope to be proven wrong.

      • auscitizenmom says:

        I say they didn’t even prove that he likes Skittles. They just had him say he likes Skittles. There is so much lying going on, I don’t believe anything they say.

    • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

      I’ve never been a teenage boy, but I did raise two of ‘em. And I sure as heck got that Trayvon was probably trying to intimidate George with a non-existent gun when he had his hand in his waist. The fact that George mentioned that on the NEN call could be exploited by the defense if they felt it helpful at all.

    • michellc says:

      (A jury of all women, especially middle aged women, will not ever fully be able to grasp the warped mind of a teenage boy. What goes on in their heads. How normal situations are distorted.)
      Many women, including middle aged women have raised boys, teenage boys. We really don’t live under a rock.
      As for your example, even those of us who raised teenage boys to not be thugs, are not ignorant of street behavior from thuggie teenage boys.

  13. alan says:

    A little housecleaning, for prior testimony. TM was in rigor mortis during his interview with the Medical Examiner, so don’t expect the height to be accurate. The state has now proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Trayvon did buy Skittles….and so far, that is all they have proved. Notes to West…when the prosecution depends on emotional presentations, and the jury is hunting around the jury box for pitchforks and torches and tar and feathers, that is NOT the time to use the humor dcard…Alan Durkowitch (sp) was so upset on the news program last night, he suggested Z kick your butt off the case and request a new trial ((Alan is sorta an expert on the law, so his remarks are something to be listened to). I would suggest a more gentle approach, and remind the jury that the state;s emotional appeal is trying to keep the jury away from what really happened…also, please keep the opening to the opening, and not try to bring in the entire case. You do have time to do that AFTER the opening. The opening is the time to make friends with the jury, and give em an outline. As to what will be happening today….Ms. Rump (you gotta love some of these names….right out of a novel) should be allowed to present all of her evidence, which just proves the defens claim that Z is a normal kinda guy, not some depraved, drooling monster that stalks poor helpless blacks in the dark of night.

    • ZurichMike says:

      Alan Dershowitz also thinks GZ should be held “responsible” for the murder. Sorry, he’s a liberal and occasionally gets things right, but he’s out to lunch on this.

      • One minute the affidavit is sloppy and baseless. Now he’s responsible for the murder. What if he left the truck and went back to it and got attacked? Is Trayvon or the family who left an unsupervised minor with a drug problem and a love of fights not responsible? I guess getting liberals or the black community to consider this concept is like talking to a wall. Maybe George should have left him alone so he could turn him into a vegetable or shoot him in the face.

        I hope the chump change team is reading this. Go to hell. Fix your messes instead of creating more and passing the buck to others.

        • Even my conservative friends don’t know the story and think George is a sick murderer. Good grief. Very few see past the bs. The media, somebody, has to pay for this. You can get innocent people killed/attacked with this thoughtless reporting.

      • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

        “Responsible” for the murder? I would agree he is out to lunch then, and the only purpose Dershowitz then has is to aggravate Angela Corey–which he has done quite well.

    • Trevor says:

      Funny how that stupid little joke took everyone’s mind off the States’ opening remarks.

    • boutis says:

      I disagree with Dershowitz and agree with Sundance that the joke (poorly told) was a cognitive reset for the jury. The only people talking about it and criticizing it are lawyers. Non-lawyers like me understand that West was setting up what I called “imprinting” yesterday of the jury. He is not only giving them facts, he is teaching how them to think and reason like he does, hence the copious note taking. I think it was a tour de force of “mentoring” a jury. I expect BDLR to try to do it later in the trial because he steals everything. Guy and the Munchkin can’t do it because they are lightweights and potty-mouthed shock jocks.

      West going into great detail of what the defense is going to cover in the case was a recitation of a syllabus. O’Mara getting the judge to read the standards for 2nd degree TWICE set the jury up for what was to be expected of them from this process. After some consideration it reminded me of the process I went through to get a master’s degree thirty years ago. Jury selection was similar to being selected for the program after document review and interviews. O’Mara laying out the requirements (by the judge reading the statute) and then West laying out step by step what was going to be covered and mastered. They is a tedious and arduous job but necessary to overcome the massive misinformation, lies and pre-judgement in this case.

      • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

        I also agree here. Now, I have been following this case since the beginning. I don’t have the depth of knowledge that some have here, and I get lost sometimes. I am also of the demographic of several of the jurors. Imagine being someone who is familiar with the case through the lying media. They don’t know what is up or down.

        Two ‘teachers’ are assigned to bring them up to speed. One, a graduate student named Mr. Guy, is given the task of introducing the case. He’s full of himself and thinks that students want to be entertained a la Boston Legal. He puts on a show for them and ruffles all their feathers. Inwardly, they are squawking and all atwitter (I include myself in that description).

        Next, comes the seasoned professor, Mr. West. His head is so full of knowledge that he has forgotten more than Mr. Guy will ever know about the case. He bumbles a bit because he’s an internal sort of fellow, but he calms the ladies, gets them settled firmly, and begins to lay out the case in a methodical and cogent manner.

        Ah, this is what the jurors need and want. They want the facts, not all the emotional conjecture and accusations that characterized this case from day one. They want to know what really happened. A man’s life is at stake.

        That is what Don West did for those ladies yesterday.

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Don’t forget, the jury listened and took copias notes during West’s opening.

  14. Dell Mar says:

    Agree. The first thing out of West mouth should have been, “My client, George Zimmerman, acted in self defense after being physically and continually assaulted by Trayvon Martin.”

    The prosecution and the court has labeled Martin as the victim but that’s not the truth…

  15. Lee says:

    One remark that was made in prosecution’s opening that I wish the press would address – the description of how the police risk their own life, disregarded regulations, and tried to save Martin’s life by giving immediate (unprotected) life saving first aid. The media, as dictated to by the scheme team, has always painted the Sanford police as racist coconspirators that did not care about this little black child and abandoned his un identified body in the morgue. Now we hear the police are true heros – what?

    • howie says:

      You have to understand just how the press lies. What they do is “lie by omission.” A lie by omission is the same as another lie. It is actually worse because it is harder to detect. In every single report they do there are lies by omission.

    • James says:

      The problem with that is it’s not beneficial to either the prosecution or the defense, so it’s not likely to be emphasized. My understanding is that there isn’t really a way to challenge how the case came to be handled by a special prosecutor instead of the local district attorney, which would be the only real venue for pointing out that the local police were NOT behaving in a racist manner regarding the shooting.

  16. alan says:

    cops do tend to be unsung heros….sigh

    • TandCrumpettes says:


      I’ve been saying for years now that our culture has become perpetual teenagers. When you got in trouble and punished…what did you do? If you were a typical teen, you blamed your parents for being “mean,” “strict” or “out of touch.” Whatever you did wasn’t “that bad,” “everybody does it,” you had a “good reason,” whatever. Very rarely did you ever blame yourself for choosing to do it. But that’s okay, its part of being a teenager. At one time, folks grew out of that thinking and turned around to thank their parents for being mindful and loving enough to raise them right.

      I don’t see much growing out of it anymore. “The cops” have now taken this parental role, so to speak, and people now blame law enforcement for their own wrongdoings. “Don’t the cops have anything better to do?” “Its just a little weed, it don’t hurt nobody.” “A speeding ticket, OMG, there are murderers around!….Hey, it shouldn’t even be 35 in that zone anyway!”

      Then there is neighborhood watch. I know I am not the only person who has ever heard these wonderful people being referred to as “snitches,” “nosy” and “won’t mind their own business.”

      Of course, everyone wants them around when they’re needed…just like parents.

  17. nomorebsplease says:

    The father of chad and crump bring up halftime of the game. An outrageous lie. Likely coached. Must hammer that point. Seems trayvon is a time traveler and so is chad who went from 12 to 15. Though i thought he was 14 in the Craig rivera fox interview. Who knows. So much bs.

  18. nomorebsplease says:

    Ask w8 if tray elaborated “u shoulda been on da bus :)” text. Same night cousin @mr_4dat asks tray about swinging on bus driver. Who told the cousin?

  19. nomorebsplease says:

    Last q. was tracy at that black free mason convention during that weekend? Was it poss. To do that and view the football game? Just curious if this is resolved. Ty.

  20. Yakmaster says:

    I’m convinced that Don West will go wherever he needs to go to win this case. Both he and MOM are fighting for George, BUT WEST IS PASSIONATE ABOUT IT. He has a quiet outrage that the system has been perverted and has a willigness to go wherever he needs to in his defense of George. I don’t think I’m just projecting my own feelings onto him; after all, his life’s work has been because he loves the Law. How must he feel to see it perverted??

    I hope someone from the Defense team sees this because I want them to know their fighting the good fight is being noticed by the public. And that less vocal, less visible public is behind them in this David vs Goliath fight.

    Others have questioned why I would waste my time checking out coverage of this trial on left-leaning programs like HLN. I do it to try and determine if the tenor of their coverage is changing. Last night on “After Dark”, a viewer poll revealed that 61% of viewers believe George shot TM out of FEAR—not the ‘hatred or spite’ that the deliberately deceptive lawyers proposed. Only a small portion of the viewers believed George did it out of malice. Why is that important? I suggest it’s important because it shows that the public perception of the facts regarding this prosecution/persecution is changing. And with that growing awareness, the questions about the Prosecution’s motives for pursuing this case is bound to also grow among the more perceptive segment of the masses. That won’t be a problem for the Players DURING the trial, but I’m hoping the blowback will singe the feathers of the birds “who flock together together” AFTERWARDS. The corruption in Florida, aided and abetted by Washington DC, needs the antiseptic effect of SUNLIGHT because Washington DC affects our whole nation.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • blam says:

      Amen! and Amen! I am listening to it also through HLN and it is so totally biased, but I do it bec. my computer isgiving me problems and live streaming won’t be good. I agree w/ you re the “change in perception.” Note the state has already changed the fact that it was Arizona “fruit juice” when originally it was Arizona “tea”……….. hmmm, I saw the state backing up big time yesterday, and trying to get this neighborhood watch thing in today was a sign of desperation, bec they could have done this pre-trial. /bev

  21. nomorebsplease says:

    If tracy got home 10-11 how did he not see the camera crew of the local tv station or the yellow tape? Was it really all cleared up by then? No commotion? Nothing?

    He just… Went to bed? Didn’t the cousin go home? Tray had nowhere to go so how do you sleep when he is missing from the “candy store walk” ?

    • caseyanderson2112 says:

      I’ve been wondering about that entire dynamic for 16 months. What parent goes to bed not knowing where their in-serious-trouble teenager is at? I raised two teens, I could no more go to sleep than I could fly to the moon. Where was Tracy Martin? Why didn’t he call the police? Why didn’t he do SOMETHING to find this brat?

      • Yakmaster says:

        I read somewhere (many months ago)—wish I could remember where—that Tracy and Brandi had gone out of town to some event and spent the night there. In context of what happened after the shooting that would make sense. If that is true, they are trying to cover it up for some reason. Guess we’ll find out sometime in this trial.

        • There was a black free mason event. S.D talked about it last year. I start to wonder – were any of them there that night? “I heard nothing, my headphones were too big. Wait, did my father say Trayvon left during halftime of the nba game, just like ben crump? Oh, well. Oh, the family came home and saw nothing and called only the day after? Yeah, that’s normal. What, you think we are covering for something? That’s silly. It’s normal to misremember key details and continually change our stories”

          Dig deeper. Stephen needs to be cross examined. I want to know where he was ‘high af’ with Trayvon the night before and if he really has proof he left early Sunday.

      • Sherrimae says:

        My husband and I never go to sleep until our teenagers (who stay out of trouble most of the time) are either home or we confirm that they are where they are supposed to be (friend’s house with parent home, Boy Scout outing, etc).

  22. howie says:

    Supposedly #8 will be called to the stand today. Maybe the mystery will finally be solved.

  23. HughStone says:

    Will W8 testify today?

  24. sundance says:

    Starting off with a sidebar :(

  25. caseyanderson2112 says:

    I am so looking forward to “witness” eight. This ought to be good.

  26. sundance says:
  27. Yakmaster says:

    This comment page is gonna explode when that girl takes the stand!!

  28. sundance says:

    Whos the new guy with O’Mara?

  29. Jim says:

    Good Luck George!

  30. sundance says:

    Doubt they were watching STanley Cup Final ;)

  31. alan says:

    look the case has been overcharged. there is no depraved mind. Prosecutors frequently overcharge, with the hopes the jury will think the defendant must be guilty of something so we will convict him on a lesser charge. I think Z should plea-bargain to shooting into occupied clothing for time served.

  32. deanno says:

    I want to comment about the lack of support among so-called conservatives re George Zimmerman. I was watching Fox last night and Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham both had GZ essentially convicted and were making snide remarks about the knock knock moment. It was unbelievable. AND then that convicted lying perjurer Mark Furhman comes on Hannity and states that George’s nose wasn’t broken and that his head injuries were caused b/c he “fell”, his nose was bloodied not broken, and his injuries didn’t merit the force he used. AND that he used the deadly force option when he could have just as easily hit TM in the head with the gun.

    And Hannity (the conservative) sat there and let him say this drivel.

    I am NOT a conservative myself (I’m a moderate) but where are the conservatives on TV standing aginst this FARCE??

    • howie says:

      Hiding under John McCains desk.

    • Yakmaster says:

      Hi Deanno. Fox has really disappointed me re their coverage of this trial. Idiots need to do their research instead of relying on other ‘news’ reporters coverage.
      For ray of hope re the public’s growing awareness of the case see my long post above :-)

      • deanno says:

        Well that poll is some good news. But I don’t know how your blood pressure can take sitting through anything on HLN. Thank you for the info.

    • Josh says:

      Sean Hannity is not a Conservative, he’s a Republican who “tows the line”.

    • judyt22 says:

      deanno, I no longer believe they exist (conservatives on tv that is) right now they all seem to be opportunists and if they had any sense before they took the job it got lost under the bright lights. :(

    • AdukeLAXobserver says:

      Hannity doesn’t think on his feet very well.

    • blam says:

      I heard the same remark from Mark Fuhrman and couldn’t believe it either, esp that what he was alluding to. Incredible.

    • Sherrimae says:

      I agree. I am very disappointed in many of the conservatives. I have even had to educate my conservative husband about what is really going on in this case. He had not followed it and just assumed that George was guilty because Trademark didn’t have a gun or a knife with him.

  33. caseyanderson2112 says:

    Dude is still sore about his juror strike being overruled. Awww, poor baby.

  34. caseyanderson2112 says:

    Is it me or does Tracy Martin look hung over?

  35. dizzymissl says:

    Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 6m
    Sheriff Eslinger is up at the bench with the lawyers and the judge for some reason. We don’t know why. #Zimmermanon9

  36. JAS says:

    My wife is an officer of the court and just told me that in regards to the hearing this morning: 2nd-degree murder state of mind applies to the moment, not to the past. Furthermore, the prosecution cannot “un-ring” the bell they rung in front of the jury yesterday afternoon and should the judge uphold the defense’s objection this is hard grounds for a mistrial.

  37. tara says:

    Oh my god, idiot attorney is going to try to establish a state of mind with the “assholes” and “punks” remarks, but CALLING THE POLICE doesn’t indicate anything?

  38. yankeeintx says:

    Is the state really stupid enough to be getting into frame of mind? Let us consider what someone’s frame of mind would be if you got suspended/expelled(3rd time) from school, kicked out of your house (3rd time), and broke up with your girlfriend, all right before this event. Do they really want to open this door?

  39. sjd12 says:

    What the State proved to me on Day One:

    a) Trayvon Martin DID, in fact, make a purchase at 7/11,

    b) The term “a**hole,” as in “these a**holes; they always get away,” is practically a racial slur and anyone who uses the term is a racist (against Blacks, specifically),

    c) and George Zimmerman HAS, in fact, called the police on suspicious persons before.

    This is like watching the Green Bay Packers vs. my little brother’s youth team. At this point, after the hundreds (if not thousands) of blatant lies and mistruths set forth by the media and the State, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that nobody on the prosecution’s bench has legal experience. I could pick five random people off the street and every one of them would be able to form a more persuasive argument as to why George is guilty of murder two.

    Heck, my girlfriend gave me a more persuasive argument as to why George should be held partially responsible for Martin’s death than the State has thus far… and she knows absolutely nothing about the case. And when I say nothing, I mean that she couldn’t even tell you the names of either of the people involved.

    • AghastInFL says:

      interesting, your GF can overcome the burden of ‘Reasonable Doubt’? (rhetorical question) I seriously doubt it, the State of Florida certainly did not in their opening statement and as you detailed through the first four witness’. We may all hold to differing ideas based on morality or social value but in the end the defendant has the presumption of innocence and guilt MUST be proven.

      • sjd12 says:

        “interesting, your GF can overcome the burden of ‘Reasonable Doubt’?”

        I said she made a *more* convincing argument… not a “convincing” argument. BIG difference.

  40. thehoff71 says:

    If she rules in the States favor on this, she will be setting a dangerous precedent for anyone who calls 911 in the State of Florida from today on.

  41. LetJusticePrevail says:

    This is a total slap in the face of justice. They are attempting to establish that regularly calling the police is evidence of a state of mind that is somehow wrong. I wonder if that makes every police officer somehow guilty of having depraved states of mind, since they use their radios to call other policemen to aid them, every day?

  42. sundance says:
  43. howie says:

    This judge has no idea what Omara is talking about. They are trying to get prior good acts in to prove a current bad act.

  44. caseyanderson2112 says:

    This argument over the previous calls sounds like something that should’ve been examined long before the trial, one of those items that the judge decided she’d decide on the fly. This whole thing is a farce.

  45. LetJusticePrevail says:


    (a) Similar fact evidence of other crimes, wrongs, or acts is admissible when relevant to prove a material fact in issue, including, but not limited to, proof of motive, opportunity, intent, preparation, plan, knowledge, identity, or absence of mistake or accident, but it is inadmissible when the evidence is relevant solely to prove bad character or propensity.
    (b)1. In a criminal case in which the defendant is charged with a crime involving child molestation, evidence of the defendant’s commission of other crimes, wrongs, or acts of child molestation is admissible and may be considered for its bearing on any matter to which it is relevant.

    • tara says:

      The State is trying to argue it proves motive or intent. Ridiculous.

      • LetJusticePrevail says:

        There’s the irony of this whole case, in a nutshell.

        In order to convict George, the prosecution wants to present George’s acts (calling the police) and characterize them as being “bad acts.”

        So, it is a history of calling the police that will show George had a “depraved mind” on 2/26/12?

        This from the mind of the same guy who thinks it was perfectly OK to lie to the court when asked if he had received any reports about the contents of Trayvon’s phone, and then badgered, intimidated, and threatened (the job of) his accuser.


  46. sundance says:
  47. caseyanderson2112 says:

    ROFL “He’s too responsible, too good.” LOVE IT!

  48. LetJusticePrevail says:





  49. sundance says:
  50. caseyanderson2112 says:

    If this comes into play as character, I want to see Martin’s activities in the previous 6 months put to the jury as evidence of HIS character.

  51. howie says:

    401 is the Williams Rule. The judge has no idea what it is I think. Mistrial.

  52. Josh says:

    Hey Nelson, Mr. Noffke did NOT give “instructions”. He gave a suggestion. He said so himself. Listen to the testimony, you idiot!

  53. sundance says:
  54. diwataman says:

    My god, Nelson trying hard to save the state.

    • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

      She’s going to rule for the State, and then point by point, deny the Defense the ability to bring in character for Trayvon.

  55. howie says:

    Like I said like a priest helping the poor used against the priest.

  56. Yakmaster says:

    Is Nelson making the Sate’s argument FOR THEM?? Or is it just me?

  57. tara says:

    O’Mara is arguing well. Nelson had better follow the law.

  58. caseyanderson2112 says:

    This judge seems utterly clueless. Hello?? Did she get her JD as a cracker jacks prize?

  59. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Why is she allowing them to argue from two different angles? Can’t she even get them to argue from the same point, the same code?

  60. sangell says:

    The state trying to get past calls in just shows how little evidence of a ‘crime’ they really have. They are reduced to painting as ‘sinister’ a citizen, designated as the neighborhood watch police liason, reporting suspicious activity in his community. The police never rebuked GZ for misusing the 911 system ( and they will charge people for doing that) so unless the prosecution can show that GZ was improperly or maliciously reporting people ‘where’s the beef?

    • treewig says:

      I don’t think the defense cares much whether the past calls get in. They will get a list of all calls mad the previous year and crime statistics in the area and that GZ was following instructions provided by the police department. I think they want the prosecution and or judge to make an argument about past that will get TM’s past information in.

      • boutis says:

        Yes. I think so too. I do not think the prior calls will show what they claim it will. If they can claim state of mind it has to go both ways.

        • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

          At the worst, it makes George look like Mrs. Kravitz on Bewitched. A busybody, but harmless.

  61. howie says:

    Omara seems to have trouble making himself clear.

  62. caseyanderson2112 says:

    Question for the lawyers here:

    Since the calls show good behavior, why not allow it in? Wouldn’t it help to show the jury that GZ was mindful of everything happening in his complex and took appropriate steps to address it? Why object?

    • Josh says:

      I believe it is a simple matter of law.
      (Just because you killed your prior spouse does not mean you killed your current spouse.)

      • auscitizenmom says:

        “(Just because you killed your prior spouse does not mean you killed your current spouse.)”
        IANAL but, this sounds more like (just because you gave flowers to your prior spouse does not mean you killed your current spouse) :)

    • howie says:

      They want to contrast past good behavior with there claim of bad behavior on the night of the incident. In other words back then he did not get out of the truck. Ridiculous.

      • boutis says:

        The NEN operator instructions are probably totally different. Not to mention the prior call ins where not about someone who circled the vehicle and hid in the bushes.

      • caseyanderson2112 says:

        I see how the defense wouldn’t want to let the state get away with throwing bucketfuls of mud against the wall in hopes something sticks, but in this particular bit I wonder if the calls would be helpful to the jury, to see that GZ has long been a responsible member of society who takes appropriate action when required.

    • tara says:

      I’m not an attorney but I think I understand the situation. Allowing this irrelevant information into evidence puts the defendant at unreasonable risk. The Persecution wants to convince the jury that George had a repeated pattern of calling the police which shows intent in the Trademark incident. The Defense shouldn’t be forced to waste its time to explain why George made those prior calls.

      • caseyanderson2112 says:

        That makes sense. I’m starting to recall why I decided I had no interest in law school. ;)

      • judyt22 says:

        Seems as though they want to file George in the “nuisance” caller category and from there to “unstable mind” His team are using their witnesses to show George as a good and caring neighbor ~ sure would like to have him here.

    • Serpentor says:

      If the calls come in, not only is the trial subject to reversal or mistrial, but the defense can easily show how the calls demonstrate a pattern – of NOT starting fights with the people he calls in about

  63. FlConservative says:

    Does anyone have any doubt Judge Debbie is going to rule for the prosecution on the evidence of the earlier calls?

  64. JAS says:

    The state should go on to making pretzels for a living

  65. LetJusticePrevail says:

    Interesting how Mantei always “talks down” to the court, and Judge Nelson allows it.

  66. caseyanderson2112 says:

    Everything the state attorney is saying applies to Martin as well, particularly how the previous 6 months’ events led up to him jumping a stranger in the dark. The exact same verbiage can be used, only changing the name.

    • John Galt says:

      LOL, admit all of TM’s social media to show how his desire to put bangaz on a cracker developed over time.

  67. Yakmaster says:

    You know I think MOM is fighting so hard to keep the State from bringing GZ’s prior calls in because he really,really really doesn’t want to have to bring TM’s past into this. Maybe he’s being too sensitive to TM’s parents.

    • boutis says:

      He doesn’t want to be demonized. He will be anyway so what the he11.

    • caseyanderson2112 says:

      Geez, it isn’t MOM’s job to worry about the Martin clan’s feelings. His one and only job is to prove that George killed Martin in self-defense.

    • John Galt says:

      Yeah, I was wondering if MOM might have a progview of this evidence, cuz I don’t see what he is worried about. I guess time will tell.

  68. yankeeintx says:

    Mantei has been drinking the Bernie kool-aid. He thinks by raising his voice and banging the podium means what he has to say is relevant.

  69. eastern2western says:

    If I see criminals robbing my neighbors, I will never call the cops because I learned that the calls will be use me against me in the court of law.

    • eastern2western says:

      will be use against me in the court of law.

      • howie says:

        Absolutely that is the lesson here. Save yourself and do not ever get involved. Never call the cops even if someone is robbing a bank. You will be arrested and put through hell. Disgusting.

    • caseyanderson2112 says:

      I find this whole thing particularly amusing on one level. Where I live, everyone knows everyone and a stranger hanging around **will** be confronted, probably with a loaded gun. It’s been that way for 20+ years and I love it.

      Several years ago, a neighbor’s brother came down from a large city for a family funeral. The brother is a punk rock drummer–think spiked purple hair, a bone through the nose, the whole shebang–and he had a shotgun put in his face one morning while he was wandering down the street smoking a cigarette. He told whoever confronted him where he was staying and why, and the shotgun was lowered as whoever it was warned him that the neighborhood won’t tolerate any lawlessness. I still don’t know who did the confronting but I wasn’t surprised that it happened.

      It’s been a great place to raise children. I have never worried about strangers coming in and snatching my kids when they were young, or my home being burglarized.

      In all seriousness, George would fit right in around here. I don’t see the huge deal with calling the police about suspicious characters. Around here the police are too far away to be useful so the residents take it upon themselves to patrol and monitor.

      • jello333 says:

        It’s OK, even good, to watch out for the neighborhood. Maybe even “confront” a stranger if you’ve not sure what’s up. But… “he had a shotgun put in his face one morning while he was wandering down the street smoking a cigarette”. Well I’m sorry, but the person with the shotgun should have been arrested and charged.

  70. Eric says:

    Is Birdie in the courtroom? I just got home and I’m not hearing “objection!” every 2 seconds on MOM.

  71. caseyanderson2112 says:

    Nelson delaying overnight, must need to call her boss to find out what to do. What a fiasco.

  72. Josh says:

    Wow! Someone actually concerned about his community!

  73. sundance says:
  74. howie says:

    Sounds like they lived in Fort Apache.

    • Josh says:

      LQTM = Laughing Quietly To Myself

    • John Galt says:


      Ladies of the jury, we will now present GZ’s prior calls to police, evidencing that he lived in a high crime area, particularly beset with burglaries perpetrated by black youths who wander around the neighborhood at night casing houses.

  75. Chip Bennett says:

    Is this O’Mara argument in re: relevance of prior 911 calls the most subtle Briar Patch gambit of all time?

    No, Judge, please don’t throw me into that briar patch!

    Please don’t make me point out how the State is once again insulting the jury’s intelligence by showing Zimmerman continuing to act with a perfectly normal state of mind in prior acts. Please don’t make a ruling on relevance and admissibility that I could then use to introduce prior acts of the deceased that will show is propensity for thuggery.

  76. ctdar says:

    Why is State allowed to be stumbling through this relevance issue (tape is not cued nor dates clear) during the business day when they have jury just cooling their heels; gonna be pissing them off Bernie if you drag it on into the dog days of summer.

  77. eastern2western says:

    wow, calls that established the community is contaminated by black criminals.

  78. Josh says:

    2nd call: They are BACK in the neighborhood.

  79. sundance says:

    OMG over a 6 month period he called the authorities SIX Times !! OH THE HORROR….

  80. tara says:

    Did the Persecution select only the calls involving black male teens?

    • Josh says:

      Good question. Are ALL the calls being submitted?

    • John Galt says:

      The defense should offer more, plus reports of all crimes that GZ heard or read about in the Sanford area. Police testimony as to crimes in Sanford committed by black youths. Didn’t they have one cop shot by a young thug? Tell the story to the jury, goes to GZ’s state of mind.

      • Chip Bennett says:

        The defense should offer more, plus reports of all crimes that GZ heard or read about in the Sanford area.

        If Nelson lets the calls in, and the State plays only cherry-picked examples during the 911 manager’s testimony, can the defense then, on cross-examination, play the call(s) not played by the State, as well as introduce the relevant crime reports/statistics (the ones ordered scrubbed by Corey right after she took over the case)? Or do they have to wait until their own case presentation before they introduce such evidence?

        • jello333 says:

          Also present statistics for ALL calls to the police, from ALL the people who live in that subdivision. I heard there were something like 400 for just the year of 2011. Enter them ALL, and then let the State try to claim there’s something odd and different about George.

  81. eastern2western says:

    the only thing that has in common in all of these calls is black.

  82. boutis says:

    The cops told them to report everything at a NW meeting! How horrible. And mean.

  83. Josh says:

    In all of these calls, he calmly calls the police. What came of these calls?

    • Josh says:

      It sounds like he always let the police handle things. He tried to let the police handle TM until TM attacked him.

  84. ctdar says:

    Just curious, has there been any facts known that TM was in George’s neighborhood prior to the weekend of feb 26, 2012? Wonder if evidence that was taken in previous cases link TM (such as fingerprints) there.
    In the recording GZ said he’d wait for officers at gate to give them gate code….yet these suspicious kids are roaming about freely.

  85. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    These calls are all perfectly fine. There is nothing to suggest George is angry, seething, racist, hateful, or anything other than a good neighbor watching out for his beleaguered community. If the Judge lets these calls in and lets the prosecution attempt to paint George as a profiling racist, I believe it will backfire.

  86. khunley73 says:

    George sounds perfectly calm in all these calls. This is gonna bite the State in the butt.

  87. caseyanderson2112 says:

    Ooooo, the one call, George says he doesn’t want to approach the perp. Hmmmmmmm

  88. tara says:

    The Persecution fails to take into account the jury composition. 5 mature white jurors are going to listen to those prior calls and think nothing but good about George. They’re going to envision themselves living in that neighborhood with feral teens and other undesirables running around causing problems, and they’re going to appreciate that someone called the police.

    • yankeeintx says:

      Does the state even consider that this is going to tie in nicely with “this was avoidable”. If thugs are roaming your neighborhood, don’t call the police or you will be deemed a racist. Instead, lock yourself in your home, and pray that the police get to you before the thugs. Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  89. Eric says:

    Not unless the state states “Well, if you look at all of these calls except “a”, you will notice it all involves black males. *smh*

  90. ctdar says:

    GZ: I don’t want to approach him, personally.

  91. woohoowee says:

    George is speaking to a female on all of the non-emergency calls they’re playing. Gentlemen don’t generally curse when speaking to women, but when speaking to other men…

    No brainer.

  92. sjd12 says:

    How in God’s name does calling a non-emergency number about an open garage door in 2008(?) prove that George was a racist out to kill black children in 2012? Is the State insane?!

    And out of the other five calls, regarding suspicious persons, how many of those persons were apprehended by the police? All of them? Half of them? NONE of them? Wouldn’t, then, the statement, “… they always get away” be one-hundred percent factual? Does stating such a fact prove that you have a depraved mind which is defined as “”an act or series of acts that: (1) a person of ordinary judgment would know is reasonably certain to kill or do serious bodily injury to another, and (2) is done from ill will, hatred, spite or an evil intent, and (3) is of such a nature that the act itself indicates an indifference to human life” [Florida v. Montgomery, 39 So. 3d 252]…?

  93. dizzymissl says:

    I think these calls are fine. They show he is polite and cautious. All the defense has to do to rebut any thought of racial profiling is to show the majority of the criminals they caught in the neighborhood were black.

    • Unicron says:

      One unfortunate thing about these calls is that when they’re played back to back or within a short period it gives the impression of a relentless barrage of calls to the dispatch. When in fact, these calls are separated by weeks, months, or years. I guess if you’re in a neighborhood that is getting targeted by criminals and you attempt to stand up to them and cooperate with the police in catching them, if in the end one of them attacks you and tries to kill you… it’s somehow YOUR fault because you were proactive and the state will try to show the previous situations where you handled the entire thing start to finish without any confrontation, as evidence that you’re a seething racist building up to murder :|

      This case is amazingly stupid. Even if they can demonstrate he was getting fed up to the point where THIS TIME he was going to be more proactive and keep a closer eye on this guy, how does that excuse what Trayvon did to him?

  94. waltherppk says:

    There is no “there” there about where the state is trying to go with the prior NEN calls, EXCEPT for showing the commonality of BLACKNESS about the subjects who were being reported. So is it the fault of persons reporting suspicious activity that the subjects of such calls have a particular ethnicity? What are potential callers supposed to do, say oh well I really can’t report suspicious black people because that would be raycisssss, and since they are black then they just get a pass, like their color is a get out of jail free card?

    • Josh says:

      “What are potential callers supposed to do, say oh well I really can’t report suspicious black people because that would be raycisssss, and since they are black then they just get a pass, like their color is a get out of jail free card?”

      Yes. Again, that’s what THIS case is all about!

    • George mentioned “Caucasian” on one of the calls, describing the home owner. He probably did that to eliminate confusion, but Bernie is desperate and will take anything he can get about race and try to blow it up to something ugly.

    • brocahontas says:

      You are supposed to make sure you call the police on just as many white people even if they aren’t behaving suspiciously. Equal outcomes, not equal standards.

    • jello333 says:

      George should have kept a little call log, a little scorecard with him at all times. “Hmm… that guy over there looks like he’s casing the place, maybe I should call the cops. Oh but wait, lemme check. Ah yeah, the last three people I called on were black. This dude looks black too. I think I better wait till a white guy comes along… cause it wouldn’t look good calling in on another black guy. This quota stuff is HARD.”

  95. John McLachlan says:

    Surely, the state will need to produce proof that George Zimmerman had witnessed suspicious individuals, but had failed to report them because they were white or white-hispanic, if the state asserts that reporting suspicious individuals, who were black, was evidence of racial bigotry on the part of George Zimmerman.

    Has the state released any such evidence, in discovery?

    Has anyone provided any credible evidence that George Zimmerman gave a “pass” to non-blacks, who were acting in a suspicious manner?

  96. sundance says:


    • ctdar says:


    • Yakmaster says:

      Bwahahaha! I needed that. ;-)

    • thefirstab says:

      I am desperately trying to catch up… My stupid tablet is barely cooperating ( had to give up trying to read everything on an iPhone) while hooked up to a muscle stimulator (back problems).

      I am in a grouchy mood, so clicked on this cute little chick.
      And almost wet my pants. HAHAHAH!!!!!!
      Thanks SD, for ALL you do. :)

  97. Unicron says:

    Don’tcha know it’s George’s fault that most of the criminals terrorizing his neighborhood were black?

    Him calling the police on suspicious activity, as he had been instructed to do BY the police, and answering THEIR question as to the race of the suspicious persons, makes him racist!


    If George hadn’t wanted to be racist he had a couple of options:

    1.) Ignore all suspicious activity and outright crime observed if blacks were committing it. Don’t place the call to police. Let another neighbor be the racist one or just let these poor oppressed people reclaim what is rightfully theirs from their historical oppressors!

    2.) Maintain a marker board in the kitchen tracking the races of people he called in as suspicious. You don’t get the ability to call on another black person until you’ve called on one white, one asian, and one hispanic first. It’s a rotating cycle. You may be waiting quite a while particularly on that asian… but to avoid being racist, it’s a small price to pay.

    3.) Simply refuse to answer the dispatcher’s query as to the suspect’s race. Respond with either “I don’t feel comfortable answering that question” or “Personally, I don’t see color”

  98. BillW says:

    The state is anxious to admit into evidence a history of GZ’s responsible actions on previous calls to police to show a pattern of good behavior? Thus, on that fateful night he used some salty language demonstrating a mental break leading up to murder. Wow, they have a lot to go on.

  99. gannasview says:

    So, if you are the Neighborhood Crime Watch captain, aren’t you supposed to call NEN when you see something suspicious? I believe these calls simply show that he was doing what he was supposed to do. I do not believe that there is no difference in the calmness of his voice from those calls to the call made on Feb 26th. I believe the calls do not help to establish that George was angry when he made the statements that the f punks always get away. Also, there were some incident reports in evidence that showed there was a lot of crime in the complex. I also believe those reports indicated that the majority of the descriptions were of black males. To me, that would make me extremely suspicious of a black male hanging out in the rain.

  100. Earlier this year, three blacks were burglarizing a home in my town while the family was at church. The neighbor confronted one of them and said “what are you doing?” One of the burglars said they were looking for his cell phone.

    That explanation was good enough for the neighbor, who apparently didn’t want to be racist by calling 911.

  101. waltherppk says:

    Maybe there should be a Crisis Intervention Team caller diversion program for any NEN calls about suspicious persons who are affected by blackness, so that all those raycissss reporters of suspicious black persons can be Baker acted before they do something excessive like more than just call and ask for the police. Obviously any reporters of suspicious black people are already on the cusp of a psychosis involving being a danger to suspicious black people.

  102. Does the Federal investigation that found nothing to indicate George was a racist get entered into evidence?

  103. myopiafree says:

    QUESTION: Does DeeDee testify today?

  104. LetJusticePrevail says:

    The state is doing nothing less than trying to make it appear that George was racially profiling people he saw in his neighborhood. They can’t introduce this idea into the minds of the jurors directly, so they will play the tapes to the jurors, and hope they reach that conclusion, themselves. THAT is why O’Mara is objecting. He KNOWS that Mantei’s argument (that the state is trying to establish that something was different on 2/26/12) is pure PS.

    All the state wants to do is use these tapes to establish a racial motive.

    Now, here’s what I would do, if I were O’Mara:

    If he can’t get the tapes excluded, then get EVERY tape form the 46 calls George has made. Play EVERY one of them to the jury.

    The calls about the potholes in the road.
    The calls about the kids playing in the street
    The calls about the fire alarms
    The calls about the young child, walking unescorted along a busy thoroughfare.

    EVERY one of them. Then I would ask, WHAT happened? What CHANGED? And I would then introduce the police report from the August burglary, and call the victim of THAT crime to the stand. I would have HER testify about the terror she felt while TWO AA burglars rummaged through her apartment, and giggled her locked bedroom door while she huddled with her infant child.

    I would then have her describe the burglars, and the tell the jury how George came to her home the next day, and offered her his help, and even a place to go if she was still in fear.And I would note the date: (8/3/11) of that burglary.

    I would also introduce the witnesses of every burglary suspect, and have them tell their accounts of the behavior of the suspects, what they looked like, and where they went.

    And, as a coup de grace, I would call the AA neighbor to the stand who had admitted to a reported that there WAS a 600 lb gorilla in the room: The neighborhood was being burglarized by AA teens. I wonder if that neighbor was the same person West mentioned, yesterday? Eloise Dillegard (sp) ??

    • FlConservative says:

      Nelson wouldn’t allow any of it. She has to know this trial will never stand review by an appeals court. She apparently doesn’t care.

    • Ebidence says:

      YES! I love the idea of them hearing the calls about potholes, etc. I don’t think these calls help the state (maybe with a stealth jury) but it takes quite the mental gymnastics to arrive at a profiling racist vs. a concerned citizen. It just proves he was living in a neighborhood being overtaken with crime. The fact the descriptions of the criminals were black teen males does not help the state. The jurors appear to be upstanding citizens in long relationships with successful husbands… I doubt any of them will fault George for trying to protect what THEY have worked so hard to have. Way to go Spesha Persecutors, slam dizzunk.

  105. Sal says:

    My favorite was the call about the open garage door. As soon as I heard that I knew that zimmerman was burning with a desire to gun down black youths.

    This trial is rapidly descending into a farce.

    I doubt even JN will go with the prosecution on this one.

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      My favrorite was the call George made, expressing his concern for the safety of a young AA who was walking down the side of a busy street, with no adult supervision. What will the state try to make of THAT?

  106. Ebidence says:

    Once again… Bernie, Mantei, Guy, Corey aka “spesha persecutors”: you are all POS!!!!

  107. Josh says:

    Back on the stand: Ramona Rumph – Records Custodian where Noffke works; Deputy Director of Communications Division

  108. Unicron says:

    The state is trying to imply to the jury that on Feb 26th, something was different from these previous calls. They want the jury to believe that was George reaching his limit, and no longer being willing to tolerate one “getting away” to the point he’d do anything to stop that happening! Even run faster and further than was physically possible, to catch up to someone who could’ve been long gone…

    But they’re actually right about something. There was something different Feb 26th. There were a few things, actually… one, as someone else pointed out, the dispatch call taker was male this time, and I do think that played into GZ’s willingness to curse. Fellow guy, attempt to create commradery, share frustration. As a guy I know it well. Another thing that appears to be different was that GZ was in his car rather than his house.

    But the most important thing that was different, was that this time the suspect was Trayvon Martin. Who, despite the family and media’s narrative… was the worst person GZ had encountered so far. Maybe some he’d seen before were more seasoned burglars, but Trayvon wasn’t just a burglar… he was a violent, drug-addled thug who was the sort of person who’d stay on top of you, beating you relentlessly, even after a neighbor yells at him to stop. The kind of guy who’d tell you you’re going to die tonight and make a move for your gun. The kind of guy who would ignore your terrified pleas for mercy and help, and just keep going.

    • AghastInFL says:

      you deserve one of those Breitbart deputy stars… if I could I would assign it myself.

    • ctdar says:

      Differences could also be attributed on the scene as it unfolded, not in the comfort of his home looking behind a curtain.

    • Yakmaster says:

      I agree with all you say in your post, Unicron. I strongly suspect some on the other side know what you’re saying here is true. Common sense would tell a rational person that it’s true and they’re not really stupid over there. They only want to APPEAL to the ignorant and stupid.

      What the Progs really hate is that George defended himself with a GUN. Doesn’t matter that he was forced to defend himself. He had a GUN. Some of the Progs don’t want any citizen to have the legal right to carry a GUN (leave those to the criminals). The fact that Martin was Black is a ‘racial prejudice’ meme they can hide behind. And the Black activists play right along with it because it serves their purpose on a number of levels. Our President is very annoyed his proposed GUN legislation failed in Congress. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” The ‘crisis’ supposedly represented in this court case is the needless ‘profiling’ and killing of ‘UNARMED’ Black males by ARMED vigilantes.

  109. eastern2western says:

    wow. more of the nothing witnesses. saw nothing, heard nothing and was not there.

  110. AE says:

    I think Zimmerman sounded very good in those calls. Even if they make it in, he’ll sound very considerate and professional. But I can see how the defense would want to keep those out so that the prosecution can’t try to twist the calls to try to make Zimmerman off to be some sort of vigilante.

  111. eastern2western says:

    custodian of records?

  112. Unicron says:

    Crump? Rumph? Jenteal?

    I realize I’m a total Yankee but man there are some weird names in the south.

    • eastern2western says:

      Can we approach because this is getting boring?

    • ed greene says:

      Why didnt MOM ask Chad since TM didnt have keys how was TM suppose to get back home.
      Since Chad was upstairs with PS3 full blast.
      Also how did Brandi come up with story that TM was on their porch when he was killed. Did Chad tell his momma that TM was home already like the Francine letter saying he was going to store

    • caseyanderson2112 says:

      I think some people write consonant/vowel combinations on scraps of paper and pull them randomly out of a hat to name their babies.

      My mom worked in a hospital and saw an application for a birth certificate on which the mother named the child Syphillis (misspelling intended.) Kid you not.

  113. diwataman says:

    Wendy Dorival up next

    • Unicron says:

      Man she is HOT

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Hello, D-Man. I was wondering if you had revisited the analysis of the DeeDee calls, since we now know the exact start and end times of those calls?

      • diwataman says:

        No need really as it’s pretty much as we always thought though giving the exact time in between when George’s call ends and Trayvon’s call ends is known for sure now which is better for George because the goofballs will want to say in that time he hunted down Trayvon like a rabid dog with his little flashlight.

        • John Galt says:

          Timeline nukes loitering at mail shed story. Reminds me of a balloon race where the state is continually forced to throw more and more stuff out to lighten the load.

        • LetJusticePrevail says:

          True. I guess the real issue will come up when DeeDee testifies. She will have to explain what she meant when she told BDLR on 4/2/12 that when she called Trayvon back after the 18 minute call ended, he was still at the mailboxes. That would mean that Trayvon had to walk past George AFTER George got out of his truck, but this (as we all know) is totally impossible.

  114. tara says:

    Once again the Persecution calls a witness who provides NOTHING to help them. What a pathetically weak case they have! I have never seen anything like this before!

    • Ebidence says:

      Me either. Even if I were a corrupt prosecutor/state employee, I don’t know why I’d be involved in something that would hurt my career & not help it. These guys look like idiots & I doubt someone as honorable (not) as Corey will do anything but let them take the fall. I’m so over this (mis)trial.

    • khunley73 says:

      Totally agree. It’s almost like the State is making the defense’s case. I hope they keep this up!

  115. eastern2western says:

    It looks like the racist afro-Peruvian jew works with people of any color.

  116. recoverydotgod says:

    Watching this morning….just have to say…Good job again on opening statements for West by laying out a factual/visual connect the dot basis for the case. With all these rulings going on during the trial, on evidence…as you go…the picture would become to disjointed and confusing. At least the jury will know that a big picture exists.

  117. eastern2western says:

    two days, 4 witnesses and zero direct evidence that shows m2.

  118. LetJusticePrevail says:

    I see that $ybrina is chewing her cud in court today. I thought that courtroom decorum excluded gum chewing?

  119. Josh says:

    George did NOT “confront” TM.

  120. rejoicenhim says:

    As you can, the desire to be factual and report crime is discouraged not only by the police in the MDSPD, but also by the SAO in FL. I’m surprised concerned citizens all over our country aren’t voicing their concerns on the net.

  121. Unicron says:

    The “would you identify that person in the courtroom?” was a clear attempt to remind jurors of moments like that during “is the man who attacked you in the courtroom?” type situations on TV.

    And GZ standing up was the perfect response. Show there’s no shame, he’s not hiding, and he stands by everything he did. From creating the NW to what he did that night.

    Good move.

    • Josh says:

      On stand now:
      Wendy Dorival – Sanford PD
      Now: Accreditation Manager (meets the standards of Florida)
      Then: Coordinated w/ Sanford PD and Neighborhood Watch Programs

  122. eastern2western says:

    If Zimmerman violated the nw rules, then what happens?

  123. kobeclan says:

    Here it comes!!

    He got out of his truck!!

  124. eastern2western says:

    by the way, mr ken doll, Zimmerman was not doing his nw duties that night.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      by the way, mr ken doll, Zimmerman was not doing his nw duties that night.

      Clarification: there is no such thing as “NHW duties”. The RATL NHW did not have “patrols”. It was a passive, observe-and-report program.

    • maggiemoowho says:

      Yes, Thank You 👍

    • 22tula says:

      $$ – Big Guy’s 2 Rules of Engagement – $$
      1. Always get paid for your services.
      2. Volunteer only to enhance your resume. I Feel Your Pain.

  125. dizzymissl says:

    Rene Stutzman ‏@renestutzman 2m
    Juror B-29, the one w/ all the kids, had her head in her right hand. She looks very bored. #Zimmerman, #Trayvon. Others seem attentive.

  126. deanno says:

    Any side–pros vs defense likes to lead off with a gangbusters witness. This just shows you the prosecution has nothing here and never did. What they will try to do is to point out inconsistencies in GZ’s statements-that’s about it. NOT ONCE do they nor their lackeys on HLN and MSNBC EVER lay out exactly what they think happened on 2/26/12.

  127. Josh says:

    The State is proving that GZ abided by the rules. GZ did NOT confront the NLN. He phoned the police/ 9-11.

  128. eastern2western says:

    I had 20 majors before my college graduation.

  129. diwataman says:

    oh nos, the nw paper says don’t confront which applying Bernie MAGIC! means George confronted Trayvon.

  130. eastern2western says:

    I read plenty of textbooks in my life, but never retained any of the information after the exams.

  131. tara says:

    My husband knows a little more about the case than the average person, but he doesn’t know nearly as much as we do. He’s watching this farce and saying “Why is this important?” and “What is this case about?”

    • Sharon says:

      Tel him it has to do with the infestation of the infrastructure of the United States of America by termites and domestic enemies who are not interested in preserving the foundations of our nation as framed by the Constitution, including the idea that we do have unalienable rights given us by our Creator, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      Tell him it presents loud and specific evidence that the progressives who have been consciously planning our destructive since pre-Teddy Roosevelt/Woodrow Wilson days have succeeded.

      That is why it is important and that is what this case is about.

  132. Chip Bennett says:

    The State is focusing a lot of time and effort on the NHW instructions/guidelines/training, regarding not to confront suspicious people, or to do anything other than to observe and report.

    When will the State present evidence that Zimmerman actually did anything contrary to those guidelines, that such actions were inherently unlawful, or that such actions preclude a self-defense claim and prove that Zimmerman committed second-degree murder?

    • rumpole2 says:

      I think state is angling to get George on the lesser included of fence of “Acting contrary to NW guidelines” I would suggest they do not have the evidence to prove that even.
      It’s a “serious offense” though… penalty 3 – 6 weeks suspension from NW and you have to hand in your NW badge.

  133. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Love West! He and his cough drop!!

    • Ebidence says:

      He’s the man

    • Yakmaster says:

      Poor West. I am worried now that he’s getting sick with a cold that could cause him to get very hoarse or lose his voice. I hope not .That would leave George with only MOM to do questioning.These poor guys are not getting enough rest! (Thanks ever so much Nelson!)

  134. Unicron says:

    Wendy Dorival has Serino syndrome.

    One word blends into the next… MICRO MACHINES!

  135. Ebidence says:

    So I know we have a count for Judge Nelson’s reversible errors… rulings in favor of the state vs defense…. anybody keeping a tally on Martins & their associates calling people’s in or around the courtroom?

  136. Josh says:

    As I understand it – GZ wasn’t “asked” to be that person. He raised his hand to be that person. There is a difference.

    • kobeclan says:

      Please provide a link to your source.

      • Josh says:

        I came to that conclusion by listening to the testimony.

        Having dealt with Crime Watch groups I know how difficult it is to get people to be active. Often one needs to be cajoled into actually participating. That George “raised his hand” (as I understand it) is a rare and blessed thing.

        • kobeclan says:

          Sorry, but your reasoning is flawed. Multiple times in my life I have been approached before meetings and asked to volunteer, went into the meeting, raised my hand and volunteered.
          Don’t dump on George without “ebidense”, please.

    • dawndoe says:

      I thought he was asked by the HOA to be the Captain. No?

  137. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Corey and Parks very busy on their devices…and devices.

  138. jaybird says:

    I think O’Mara wanted the fact that Zimmerman called the police NE line several times entered into evidence, so he can show that it was nothing unusual for him to call in a suspicious person. But he doesnt want the calls played and a detailed analysis. That was the reason for the initial allow on accuracy and the objection for relevancy. in other words. Lawyer trick.

  139. Unicron says:

    Anyone out there, be they on the jury or just watching this… who is thinking it’s “creepy” how involved George got, or how much he called…

    I predict that as their city turns into a Detroit, or their neighborhood turns into a high crime area, and they have to see that happen to a place they loved and felt safe in before, they’ll hit a point where they think to themselves “well dang, maybe someone like George would’ve been nice to have around here after all… maybe multiple people like him! Maybe *I* should’ve been like that!”

  140. rejoicenhim says:

    “the concern was real”….. YES

  141. Josh says:

    All of the jurors live in “communities” – gated or otherwise. All of the jurors must long for a neighbor like Mr. George Zimmerman.

  142. Ebidence says:

    “…a lot of the burglary entries…” holy smokes! Who lives in a neighborhood with this much crime and ISN’T worried?!?!

  143. dizzymissl says:

    Another state witness that turns out really to be for the defense.

    Thanks Bernie!!!

  144. AlphaWookie says:

    I remember a day when you did not have to lock your front door.

  145. caseyanderson2112 says:

    Good grief, someone go get the darn POLICE REPORT on the home invasion and dare the idiot judge to refuse it.

  146. dizzymissl says:

    Got the home invasion in.

    Trial is OVAH

  147. John Galt says:

    Ladies of the jury, the court instructs you to put the rampant burglary out of your mind.

  148. Yakmaster says:

    O.M.G. Home invasion, mother and children. Terrified victim. LOVE THIS WITNESS.

    • John Galt says:

      Professor West works a willing witness. Is Bernie crying?

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      The police report for that burglary was released in the discovery. She was terrified. She hid in a locked bedroom, on the phone with 911, as on of the TWO burglars jiggled her bedroom doorknob. Did I mention that she was clutching her child at the time, or that she had watched two AA’s at her front door from her upstairs bedroom window, and that those two AA;s then walked behind her home and broke in through her sliding glass door?

      Oh, the SPD got there too late. While they were respectfully ringing the front doorbell, the burglars ran out the back door, leaving a palm print on the glass.

    • Sha says:

      I like her also…………. she seems like a good person.

  149. LetJusticePrevail says:

    There it is! The home invasion burglary! THAT was what motivated the RTL HOA to form a NW, not the pleadings of George Zimmerman.

  150. rejoicenhim says:

    She will definitely be another asset to the defense.
    + HOA discusses issues such as leaving garage door opened
    + there’s been several crimes in that community
    + the concern is real

  151. dizzymissl says:

    Not sure what this means:

    bob kealing ‏@bobkealing 2m
    After West unsuccessfully argued for heresy evidence, female alternate juror looked at juror next to her and smirked.

    • John Galt says:

      And then, w/o objection, the witness voluntarily elaborated in great detail on the burglary that West was trying to get into evidence.

    • Unicron says:

      I think the smirk was at the whole idea that something which had already been answered could be somehow magically stricken from their MINDS. The smirk could also have been about how pwned the state was getting by their own witness.

      Or it could’ve been a smirk at long-winded Don West getting told off, who knows?

  152. boutis says:

    This nice lady is describing exactly what GZ was doing. I am so glad the persecutors had the foresight to explain what his NW duties were and how good he was at it. He was the liaison so 40 people did not call about the same thing bothering the call center.

  153. dizzymissl says:

    LOL, she wanted GZ to be a citizen patrol volunteer.

    Love Wendy:)

  154. caseyanderson2112 says:

    OH WOW Witness asked GZ to be a “citizen on patrol” volunteer???? Another state witness who is best suited for the defense.

  155. yankeeintx says:

    She tried to recruit GZ because he was such a good guy! I’m confused, I thought she was a witness for the state?

  156. Yakmaster says:


  157. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Love this witness. She is smart, well spoken, amiable. Prosecution = IDIOTS.

  158. John Galt says:

    GZ was meek and wanted to make changes to his community to make it better.

    When does the state start presenting a case?

    • jello333 says:

      What on earth are Bernie/Corey doing? How can they not know what THEIR OWN witnesses are gonna say? It’s almost like they WANT their own witnesses to be the ones who get George off. Makes no sense.

  159. khunley73 says:

    So, the “wanna be cop” had a chance to basically be a volunteer cop and turned it down? Kinda blows the vigilante/ wanna be cop argument out the water, doesn’t it? It certainly looks that way to me.

  160. dizzymissl says:

    Kathi Belich, WFTV ‏@KBelichWFTV 33s
    Jurors took notes when the witness said #Zimmermanon9 was professional and had a sincere interest in making his community safe.

  161. Steve K says:

    Hmmm, another gov employee and state’s witness sympathetic to George Zimmerman.

    • cboldt says:

      She knew what incident West was referring to, and after Nelson sustained the state’s objection to West’s question, Dorival described the break-in incident that West was trying to elicit with a direct question.
      I wonder if Mantei is going to yell at her in re-direct examination.

  162. dizzymissl says:

    Wendy is very obviously a racist:)

  163. dizzymissl says:

    I am literally sitting here LMAO

  164. rejoicenhim says:

    The ebidence shows why the police didn’t arrest Zimmerman…. No probable cause

  165. LetJusticePrevail says:

    George had expressed his respect and gratitude for the professionalism of Wendy Dorval in an e-mail to Chief Bill Lee. George recognized the same thing we all see in her: An honest person who was helpful and concerned about the people she was dealing with with.

  166. arkansasmimi says:
  167. AlphaWookie says:

    If your attacked you are allowed to defend your self. Great that this was brought out.

  168. Eric says:

    Judging by HLN comments, people are very clueless with guns and concealed weapons. Is this how dumb our society truly is?

    • cboldt says:

      No. Not quite that bad. You are seeing HLN viewers.

      • Andybinga says:

        The HLN crowd is the most stupid Trayvonauts I have ever seen.

      • rajabear1 says:

        hee hee. Although it was fun watching how the hln after dark crew was flipping out last night as their ‘jury’ couldn’t be controlled, That many are of the belief that GZ acted out of fear=self defense. Keep in mind this is only the state presenting the case and the hln crew manipulating the facts and out-right misinforming them in a closed studio. And no, I cannot watch more than a few minutes at a time on any of the ‘news’ stations. Turns my stomach, but you must watch to understand what the general public sees.
        And to Eric and those of you who actually monitor ‘opposing blogs, you’re better people than me. I would be screaming at my computer at the ignorance of the ‘general’ public’s responses. Thanks for all the hard work all of you do here. Praying for GZ.

    • Josh says:

      I’m going to answer, yes. Too many are “clueless with guns and concealed weapons.”

  169. caseyanderson2112 says:

    This is hands down the most bizarre criminal trial I’ve ever seen or heard of. Unreal.

  170. John Galt says:

    GZ was legally carrying a firearm within his constitutional rights.

    Did the state call this witness?

  171. sjd12 says:

    Rewind back to 1:51:37… Is that the State waving a white flag in the background?

  172. moe2004 says:

    I’m really liking this witness, are you all sure we are watching the State’s case?

  173. thehoff71 says:

    Another disaster for the State. I have never seen anything like it..State Witnesses testifying positively for the defense. Florida needs to bow out of this. They may after the Defense is done with Miss Jenteall. (hope so anyways)

  174. eastern2western says:

    so, when will the prosecution start its case.

  175. AlphaWookie says:

    Yet, if you call and have to defend your life we will use it against you if the BGI wants your hide.

  176. arkansasmimi says:
  177. caseyanderson2112 says:

    Oh, witness just blew the claim of excessive NEN calls out of the water. She specifically said they WANT people to call them with ANY suspicious activity.

    I have to wonder if the state bothered to interview any of their witnesses.

    • cboldt says:

      All of this was already in evidence. None of this is “news” to the state. The state brought its case, knowing this was the condition of the evidence in support of the charge.

  178. dizzymissl says:

    It has gotten very quiet at the leatherhead blog, but we did just get this gem:

    chi1224 says:
    June 25, 2013 at 9:51 am
    This non-witness needs to step down. Fogen’s NW has nothing to do with the murder.

  179. Chip Bennett says:

    Wait, wait, wait… so, the alleged vigilante-wanna-be-cop was offered the chance to be a quasi-police officer, complete with uniform and marked car with a flashy light, and he turned it down?!?

    Is the State at some point going to present a witness that doesn’t undermine their case?

  180. rejoicenhim says:

    A woman of color who thinks for herself and is not brainwashed with the BGI narrative. Has to be a shocker for Crump. First B35, now Wendy….

  181. dizzymissl says:

    I bet Corey’s head is getting all splodey.

  182. arkansasmimi says:
  183. eastern2western says:

    wait, Zimmerman turned down a chance to be a quasi cop?

  184. Yakmaster says:

    Sybrina and Tracy must be furious with the State right about now. (giggle)

  185. James F says:

    Sybrina’s face keeps spazzing out behind West. It is distracting!

  186. AlphaWookie says:

    Remember she works with the Sanford Police, I imagine the local police are truly upset at having there community turned into a circus and has heard about the uptick in the Justice for Trayvon violence.

  187. Elia says:

    Sybrina was just looking at her phone and took her gum out of her mouth, lol.

  188. lepanto says:

    I want this witness to work in my neighborhood.

  189. eastern2western says:

    this racist afro-Peruvian Jew is working with a color woman? OH NO, CNN is losing a lot of stock.

  190. LetJusticePrevail says:


    Wendy just established that George’s NEN call is exactly what she taught them to do!

    Someone in a place where he appeared to have no purpose to be IS SUSPICIOUS and SHOULD be reported!

    • diwataman says:

      Lol, it’s great isn’t it? it’s so bizarre, it’s like we’re watching the defenses case and the state is already done. At this rate the state will rest and the defense will immediately rest, lol, the State is practically doing their work for them, lol.

  191. ctdar says:

    witnesses on stand facing lawyer that is questioning with TM family, associate of their lawyer and State Attorney Corey facing them from front row might be a tad intimidating

  192. diwataman says:

    Good grief, how many witnesses are the state going to call that helps George?

  193. eastern2western says:

    wow, the racist Sanford police department has a color woman working in it.

  194. Ebidence says:

    I wonder if Traydad has EVER emailed anyone’s superior about their professionalism in his entire life. “that m.f.’er really knew how to twerk last night” He’s in a different class than these people. Ugh.

  195. LetJusticePrevail says:

    Naturally, Guy tries to use a “Hearsay” objection to the E-Mail being submitted into evidence!

    • cboldt says:

      Not the whole thing, just parts of it. I can’t imagine whatever the argument is about is a detail of much gravity in deciding if Zimmerman was justified in using deadly force.
      Talking heads on clickorlando say Dorival is a plus for the defense.

  196. arkansasmimi says:
  197. tara says:

    Can someone explain why the Persecution called the neighborhood watch coordinator as a witness?

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Good question. She is poking bigger holes in their case than the iceberg did to the hull of the Titanic!

      NOW they are scrambling to re-arrange the deck chairs! ROFLMAO

    • sjd12 says:

      Knowing how shortsighted they are, they probably thought she would say something along the lines of, “Neighborhood watch guys are not supposed to carry guns!” And then respond to every cross-examination question with, “I don’t know,” or “I don’t remember.”

    • eastern2western says:

      If you can tell me why the state believes reich and owen as scientists, I will look up your answer for you.

    • RogerMike says:

      I’ve said this before – there is still a part of me – that believes they ARE looking for a way out of this. “We did our best…………..” So maybe, this is just the plan coming together.

    • brocahontas says:

      What is her skin color?

  198. rejoicenhim says:

    No knock knock jokes to be distracted by today, so the media will just have to comment on the facts of the case today

    • Still, all the prosecution has to do is quote one of Zimmerman’s expletives and all of the media will lead with it, like they did yesterday, and disregard the rest of the testimony.

  199. sundance says:
    • boutis says:

      But they wanted to include prior NEN calls to show state of mind. A thank you note to a superior is not state of mind?

  200. Unicron says:

    So… so far the prosecution’s witnesses have either CLEARLY worked much more in favor of the defense (Noffke, Dorival) or have just sort of not moved the ball one way or the other at all (7-11 guy, Rumph, and Chad)

    The only witness I could say has really helped the prosecution AT ALL might be Chad Joseph, for the emotional angle.

    • cboldt says:

      Chad seemed rather glib about the whole thing. Not much emotional material to tug on, there.

    • rejoicenhim says:

      The …I don’t know(s)… made him look dishonest imo and worked against his image of “innocence”, but it’s hard to tell how the jurists feel, especially after hearing it rumored that a juror smirked when a ruling went against the Defense. However his statement that he could throw a football the distance to where the doggie station was helpful for the Defense.

      • auscitizenmom says:

        Just as a point of reference, that football throwing point meant nothing, absolutely nothing, to me. I wonder if it went right over the heads of most of the jurors.

        • rejoicenhim says:

          Oh goodness I hope not. I related to it right away and was excited, however these are older ladies who may not be knowledgeable or even interested in the NFL, so that might’ve went over like a lead balloon with them unless they’ve had sons who’ve played in high school or college. I know younger women make up a significant nfl fan base.

          • AdukeLAXobserver says:

            Juror E40 describes herself as a football fan.

          • jello333 says:

            What exactly did he say? That he could throw a ball from his apartment to the ‘T’? If so, then…. :shock: Around 380’! NOBODY ON EARTH can throw a football that far.

            • rejoicenhim says:

              I have a football field in mind..I might be mistaken here. Have you heard an official distance to the T from Brandy’s? IIRC, MOM was asking Chad if he could throw a football that distance and Chad answered yes.

              • jello333 says:

                Yeah, right around 380′. I and a few others have done all kinds of time and distance calculations on everything about the case. (Using Google Maps, etc) I have NO idea why Chad would want to claim he could throw a football that far. ;)

  201. Josh says:

    That George Zimmerman took the time to write a kind note to Ms. Dorival’s supervisor is something of which everyone can be appreciative. This [simple] act of kindness on his part is a long lost gesture. It speaks to the family that raised him. He is a good person.

  202. sundance says:

    Rene maintains a tight grip on the irrelevant

    • Unicron says:

      I feel like stalking the jurors in this way is contrary to the spirit of disallowing video of them. The media need to decide if they want to be a serious industry or Entertainment Tonight.

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Another hand of three card monte…. distract the public’s attention from the doings of the state.

      RENE: There are many street corners in NY where you can set up a little card table and “hustle” the rubes, but THIS ain’t one of them!

    • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

      This is a prog’s way of not facing the truth–get all descriptive and literary and stuff.

    • John Galt says:

      Rene has her finger on the pulse. Having consumed water, will B-76 need to pee before the lunch recess?

    • yankeeintx says:

      I am so disappointed with Rene. I was counting on her to let us know what each juror was wearing on a daily basis.

    • boutis says:

      If she cannot condescend she will explode. It is the proggy way.

    • ZurichMike says:

      Rene, honey (and I know you are following us here), can you tweet something a bit more substantive that what a fourth grader would write?

  203. BertDilbert says:

    Is it typical for the state to call witnesses that portray the defendant as a model citizen at the start of a trial? BLDR is going to need serious ju ju hands to pull his case out of the ditch.

  204. arkansasmimi says:
  205. AE says:

    This witness is great! I always supported Zimmerman because I believe he is not guilty of the charges against him, but she’s showing me that he is a genuinely good guy who cared about his community. This is awesome.

  206. tara says:

    Does the Persecution want a do-over with this witness or something?

    • AE says:

      Thus far, it seems that all the prosecution has is, “George Zimmerman said a no-no word over the phone. Convict him of second degree murder!”

  207. diwataman says:

    Sidebarring to discuss dropping charges, loz

  208. RogerMike says:

    I’m busy today so jumping in/out of here and live feed for minutes as a time. From the comments here, I honestly, have tears at times. First, because truth is seeming to find a way. Second, there are good people out there – GZ, witnesses, all of you. And Third – some of these comments are a riot. I’m so happy and fortunate to have found this site / community.

    God Bless you all.

    • cboldt says:

      The truth will come out at trial, the press will (continue to) supress the truth.

    • Josh says:

      I’m a visitor here myself, RogerMike. Glad you are here :-)

    • AE says:

      Yeah, I was sort of brought to tears by the testimony as well. When I learned about the concern that Zimmerman had about the neighbor who was burglarized while she was in her home, I thought it was terrible the way the state is trying to smear a guy who was really trying to be a good human being and help his neighbors. It just saddens me that many people who want Zimmerman hanged won’t even hear the truth because they’re prejudiced against him.

  209. SheStone says:

    I notice here and on the other site I have been watching, as well as the Kathi Belich twitter post, that people seemed to have missed that the witness also referred to George Zimmerman as being “a little meek”. That is also very good for the defense. That is what brought me to the point of posting.

  210. ctdar says:

    Is Sabrina’s brother, Ronald Fulton, the uncle that supposedly introduced TM to aviation, the paraplegic in the wheelchair in back near court doors? More sympathy pleas…what was the cause of that car crash?

  211. recoverydotgod says:

    Schaeffer on WFTV talked about who brought up the objection on the e-mail resulting in the sidebar. BDLR, not the prosecutor who presented the witness.

  212. SheStone says:

    Sorry I missed John Gaults post

  213. cboldt says:

    Judge makes the jury sit for the sidebar, then dismisses them for morning break. How thoughtful.

  214. Yakmaster says:

    Good grief! These sidebars take sooooooooooooo long. Does Nelson not know the law? Must be always looking for clever ways to bend the statutes for the State. Embarrassing.

  215. LetJusticePrevail says:

    Who is the pretty brunette sitting behind the prosecutor’s table, peering into the laptop?

  216. tara says:

    Dear Persecution: I expected to laugh during some of your witness’ testimony, but not ALL of it. I know you had a pathetically weak case, but you are COMPLETELY blowing it.

    Have no fear though, your racist supporters will blame the jury for your inadequacies. (There’s a black on the jury but she’s not BGI-certified.)

  217. The State just needs to call a couple of more witnesses and the defense can rest. :)

  218. anon says:

    excellent commentary during sidebars with recaps of witness testimony

    will play on iphone or other ios devices

    how to listen on iphone without video which will drain battery
    delete youtube app if you have it
    click on link to play
    link will open in safari and then quicktime
    when playing video click top button to shut off phone
    sound and video will stop
    click home button twice
    top part of screen will have a play button
    click play
    you should hear audio
    then click top button to turn phone dark and save battery

    • Josh says:

      I have this link up as well as the CTH and a couple of video streams (cause one or the other seem to stop streaming for some reason) AND I’m actually trying to get some work done.

  219. sundance says:

    Just because it’s funny is all:

  220. LetJusticePrevail says:

    If the state can’t do any better than this, I see a successful motion for a JOA coming as soon as they rest.

  221. froggielegs says:

    Just got here so forgive me if already asked or mentioned but, is the camera angle different today or was the podium strategically moved so we can see the Fulton/Martin/Scheme Team behind the lawyers?

  222. howie says:

    This must be a record for the most unethical, immoral, and unprofessional prosecution in modern history. Only Judge Roy Bean could come close.

  223. eastern2western says:

    by the time the prosecution finishes its case, the defense should just ask for an immunity decision.

  224. sundance says:

    New Thread in One Minute ;)

  225. sjd12 says:

    I’ve just realized that the defense is not fighting for the acquittal of George Zimmerman. No, that is far too easy; heck, they don’t even need to say a word… the prosecution is doing an amazing job at proving George’s innocence themselves.

    What the defense is doing is tying a proverbial nuclear weapon to each and every media organization and individual who has lambasted George Zimmerman for the past year and three months. They’re not fighting to prove that George is not-guilty… they are fighting to prove that he is innocent; that he’s an ideal citizen, neighbor, and friend.

    And it’s working flawlessly.

  226. Andybinga says:

    Just read this at another site:

    Tony Pipitone: A website close to the Martin family promises big surprise states witness today. We will see.

  227. rumpole2 says:

    I’d like to spread this song around… anybody with twitter or fb please post it

  228. arkansasmimi says:

    ROFLMBO Commenatator on WFTV just said out of 24 seats to public, that Kathy Belich just texted them that there are empty seats!

  229. rumpole2 says:

    Bernie could try a plea deal?
    Offer to drop charges now.. in return he is only fined for Discovery and Criminal contempt.. no prison term.
    It’s a good deal for him if he can pull it off.

  230. Benzy says:

    Are you kidding me????? Now Judge Nelson has ruled that WRITTEN communication, in the form of an e-mail is “hearsay” and can’t be presented. All I can say is “Wow!”

  231. sjd12 says:

    Let me get this straight…

    The State introduced all of the emails during discovery, but the individual emails that favor the defense are inadmissible in court?

    This can’t be accurate.

  232. arkansasmimi says:
  233. tara says:

    Ken doll is combative. They called this witness! He’s going to piss her off.

    • AdukeLAXobserver says:

      The state doesn’t treat witnesses well. Doesn’t even matter it it is their own witness.

      And my spidey sense tells me O’Mara or West is going to have fun with this HOA witness.

      • AdukeLAXobserver says:

        Tingle tingle.

        HOA guy doesn’t think the neighborhood watch was needed even though there was a lot of crime in their neighborhood. And did the HOA leave the front gates open?

  234. Eric says:

    Why are NAACP allowed in the court room? Conflict?

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Because citizens are not applying for the seats in the courtroom, making it possible for these agitators to “pack the courtroom.”

  235. dexter says:

    This is getting insane. Perhaps there should be a sanity check by a trained professional on state prosecutors before they take office.

  236. dizzymissl says:

    Diana Tennis ‏@TennisLaw 2m
    State doing beautiful job of illiciting more nice words about GZ.

  237. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Mr. HOA before Zimmerman started the neighborhood watch what was the HOA doing about the neighborhood’s crime problem?

  238. Yakmaster says:

    As a past HOA president this doofus witness pisses me off. Obvious this guy is so intimidated by the State he is trying to CYA. What a clueless wimp!

  239. LetJusticePrevail says:

    Good job, Mr Guy… you just proved that George was the only person who was willing to actually volunteer any personal time to address the crime in the neighborhood.

  240. Ebidence says:

    Once again, George is a GREAT neighbor. I clearly see a depraved mine here, Mantei. You, sir, are a gift to persecution.

  241. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    So stucko guys followed the criminal? HOA just testified to that. Isn’t that supposed to be a bad thing according to the state?

  242. kathyca says:

    oops…witness says they caught the “kid, er guy” responsible for one of the break ins lol

  243. BertDilbert says:

    the stucco guys followed them for a successful outcome of the burglar arrest!

  244. So the stucco guys profiled and pursued some criminal who came into the Retreat at Twin Lakes?

    Plus, they were thanked by the homeowners?

    Arrest them for racial profiling!

  245. LetJusticePrevail says:

    Why would O’Mara ask a question that he did not know would elicit the response he wanted?

    • Ebidence says:

      I didn’t take it that way… I just thought the HOA prez wasn’t going to do anything so someone else had to organize the neighborhood watch.

  246. dizzymissl says:

    MOM–here’s a hint. don’t ask a question you don’t know the answer to.

  247. Ebidence says:

    Wow, is the state trying to say that since the stucco guys “followed” then George “followed” TM because he was looking for stucco guy praise? THIS HAS REACHED A NEW LIMIT OF A LAUGHINGSTOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Yup. Mantei is suggesting that the praise of the stucco people is what “changed” George’s behavior, causing him to follow Trayvon.

      • Ebidence says:

        I wonder if Mantei remembers that they have the burden in this case… not just the task of inserting reasonable doubt into George’s innocence. This is BAD.

  248. LetJusticePrevail says:

    17 or 18 yrs old, AA, seemed like a real nice guy (might have majored in cheerfulness)

    Sound familiar?

  249. dawndoe says:

    The stucco guys followed a perp!

  250. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Should the neighborhood watch people follow him?


    But it is ok for stucko guys to follow people

  251. Ebidence says:

    ps – George looks very nice today. I like the tan suit and the plaid tie :)

  252. sbguy says:

    We are really witnessing a grand jury investigation masquerading as a trial because the state clearly lacks PROBABLE CAUSE. But now we’re not racists so that’s nice.

  253. LetJusticePrevail says:

    OUTSTANDING! O’Mara just got the HOA guy to say “Follow from a safe distance” which is EXACTLY what George had done: He STAYED IN HIS TRUCK until Trayvon had run out of sight!

  254. eastern2western says:

    retreat at twin lakes is a community with multiple robberies and broken gates, but goofball hoa president does not believe a nw program is not necessary?

  255. FedUp says:

    So the stucco guys should follow, but the people who lived there shouldn’t get an address for the police? LOL I can’t imagine the Persecution believes the jurors are going to believe that whopper.

  256. Were the stucco guys card-carrying members of the neighborhood watch? Had they been through the city’s training program?

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Are a hawk-and-trowel combination considered to be a deadly weapon? Were they licensed to carry these weapons, or just “grand-fathered” in under the general contractor’s license?

  257. dawndoe says:

    Why are they insisting that George was acting as NW? This is ridiculous. He was just going to Target and saw someone suspicious. He ACTUALLY took the TIME to DO something about it rather than going about his business on a Sunday night preparing for the week!

  258. Jim says:

    HOA probably thought the NW was not needed because the HOA insurance just went up big time due to the settlement with the family of Trayvon for estimated $1-2 Million.

  259. SheStone says:

    The last witness seemed more concerned about illegal parking in the community then about the crime occurring there.

  260. Ebidence says:

    I wonder how HOA dude would’ve answered “so, hypothetically, one of the stucco workers had been alone and following the robber at a safe distance while on the phone with police. The robber hides and then out of nowhere sucker punches the stucco worker and continues to beat his head into the concrete. The robber reaches for the stucco worker’s legally owned & carried firearm and the stucco worker grabs it first and shoots. Hypothetically, would you feel that is justified self defense?”

  261. LetJusticePrevail says:


    To: Owners and Residents of Retreat of Twin Lakes
    From: HOA Board of Directors
    Date: 6/25/13

    To all residents and property owners in the Retreat at Twin Lakes community:

    Effective IMMEDIATELY, all Neighborhood Watch activities will cease and desist. All meetings of the NW are cancelled, and the participants are hereby notified that any NW type of activities are hereby prohibited.

    For your safety, we will have a crew of stucco workers in performing perpetual construction/repairs at various locations throughout the neighborhood. Criminals beware!.

    That is all.

  262. I will wake up the moment the prosecution moves from giving evidence that getting out of the car and heading into the darkness was dumb to giving evidence that Zimmerman was unjustified in using deadly force. To me, they seem to be on a different planet at the current moment. Guy really wanted to keep us guessing yesterday on how in the 2 mystery minutes, GZ found and caught TM in the dark. Does anybody think he knows?

  263. dawndoe says:

    Ok, just out of curiosity, how did GZ become NW? I’ve heard differing accounts.

  264. Anybody catch how far from the concrete Trayvon’s body was originally?

  265. arkansasmimi says:

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