Boston Bombing – Police Claim “Two Suspects”….. (and a picture(s) of unknown origin)

The media has been ping-ponging back and forth all day on the issue of whether or not a suspect has been arrested/detained.  Yes… No…. then yes again…. then NO.

BOSTON – Two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing have been singled out in surveillance videos of the scene, sources told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. U.S. counter-terrorism and law enforcement officials told The Times that the suspects in the Boston bombings were seen in a department store video that caught images of a man leaving a backpack near the finish line.

A second federal official said he has been briefed that authorities believe a second video or photo showed “two men with two backpacks.”

A counter-terrorism official said the suspects were picked out because they were carrying black backpacks, as well as because of their demeanor and how they reacted to the bomb blasts. That official said authorities do not yet know the identities of those in the videos.

Media personnel were gathering at the Boston federal courthouse Wednesday afternoon in anticipation of a possible arrest.  (link)

But here is an interesting picture I noted from a few days ago.   Looking for “two suspects”???

white hat boston


Could this be them?  All these “White Capped” fella’s appear to know eachother.  The suspect described by FBI is the one in the grey hoodie with backwards cap.

white hat backwards hoodie

Here is an extensive report from DAILY MAIL  – FBI reveals store footage shows man in ‘hooded sweatshirt and backwards hat’ planting second explosive moments before blasts tore through marathon crowds.

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84 Responses to Boston Bombing – Police Claim “Two Suspects”….. (and a picture(s) of unknown origin)

  1. debfrmhell says:

    Don’t know about the other guy but the one in the grey hoodie and backwards cap seem to fit the description. I thought he had on a black jacket though.

  2. sundance says:

    Ya know what my spidey senses are thinking/feeling? There are more than two.

    All of them wearing white ballcaps were working independently with instructions of a time and a place to show up. They didn’t know eachother and were told to identify by the cap.

    My hunch is there’s more than two. Guys don’t intentionally wear the same ballcap unless they are part of an organized group of some sort.

    Independent cells? Given instructions on what to put together and meet at a coordinated time and place?

    And call me Captain Obvious, but those ball capped guys are NOT of WHITE ethnicity. They appear middle eastern to me.

  3. White hats – Oh the murderous irony!

  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Juan Williams just said all indications are that it is not a foreign source of the terror. Bret Bart retorted we don’t know that. Pushing the homegrown story.

    • janc1955 says:

      “All indications” being what, I wonder? It’s so interesting to me that the left immediately assumes (hopes?) it’s a right wing operation, whereas the right immediately assumes it’s coming from outside the U.S., likely the middle east. I guess we know who each side sees as the enemy, eh?

  5. Posted in the comments at TGP:

     photo b3bdb6cc-533c-4133-ac1a-524b1b682a4a_zps69b152cc.jpg

    Oh my.

    • tara says:

      White cap dude and his pal blue jacket dude are also in that pic, to the right of backpack dude. And white cap dude no longer has the backpack shown in Sundance’s first pic near the top of the page. That’s why he’s my prime suspect. Where the h*ll is his backpack???

    • HughStone says:

      The green hoodie all the way to the right looks like they are putting a fake mustache on.

      • taqiyyologist says:

        Interesting observation. I see him. To the right of red-tee/blue zip hoodie, at the edge, about 10 people up.

    • tara says:

      Here’s a more expanded picture. See the street light just before the tented area at the finish line? After some careful research and diagramming I figured out that bomb #1 detonated just across the sidewalk from that streetlight, up against the building. There’s what appears to be a young man in a brown jacket next to a woman in a white jacket where the detonation occurred, not sure where brown jacket was at detonation but on 4chan he is, or was, one of the suspected people because he was photographed without his backpack.

      I can see a few of the same people in that shot as I can in the post-blast photo below, notably guy with bright yellow hat with gray-striped sleeves, and woman with blonde hair and pink vest.

      My #1 suspects, white cap dude and his pal blue jacket dude are a little farther downstream but still very close. My confidence is not high though.

  6. taqiyyologist says:


    I’ve come to appreciate the succinct, economic ability for Twitter to teach both us, and them.

    • taqiyyologist says:

      That is, it teaches us about them, and it allows us to quickly teach THEM about them.

      • taqiyyologist says:

        (which theory they prove by DELETING THEIR TWEETS.)

        • taqiyyologist says:

          Deleting the tweet is saying, “Yeah. We journalists are that freakin’ ignorant. That freakin’ dumb, and that freakin’ incurious (which itself is anathema to the supposed profession). Oh, and we’re also that freakin’ cowardly.”

          • taqiyyologist says:

            You know who the softest, kindest, most passive people in the world are?

            The ones the MSM goes after. The ones who won’t riot in the streets over a critical article or essay. The ones who won’t issue fatwas for the head-removal of the author. The ones who won’t take to the Soap Box and extort and defame when libeled and defamed. even though they maybe should.

            Christians and real Jews. Truth-seekers and -dwellers.

            These are strange, though understandable, thanks to God, times we live in.

  7. popeye's spinach brand says:

    The viciousness of the bomb attacks seeking to maim as many as possible smacks of Al Queda cell. They could hire anyone to drop off the bags including a homeless guy. A homegrown domestic nut case only wants attention and is too crazy to plan with such detail. There was a third or fourth bomb. The pressure cooker bomb technology is known to be used in the middle east and the inside mechanism was reported to be sophisticated. Sporting events being popular with them too. Color of the perp’s skin is irrelevant because they can hire homeless guys to drop the bag. Not so the cell phone operator.

    • tara says:

      IMO it’s not glitzy enough for Al Qaeda. But on the other hand, with their top leaders dead or imprisoned they might have lost their most creative masterminds.

  8. tara says:

    Does anyone know with 100% certainty if the backpack with the gray striped shoulder straps was from bomb #1 (near the flags close to the finish line) or was it from bomb #2 (next to the mailbox) ?

    I’m asking because the dude with the similar backpack (brown hair, blue jacket, red tee) was just downstream of bomb #1, but not at all near bomb #2.

  9. tara says:

    I wonder if there’s any significance to the time. 2:50pm EDT. I’m assuming they chose the time well in advance, they didn’t set the time when they planted the bombs. They chose a time when the best runners had already finished and, presumably, much of the crowd near the finish line was gone. Were there any government officials, judges, or attorneys running in the marathon who had typically run 4:08-4:09 marathons?

  10. tara says:

    Not for the faint of heart, bomb site #1 before the responders knocked the fencing down. (There’s cowboy hat guy making his way in!)

  11. ctdar says:

    Carlos Arredando, “cowboy hat” hero was questioned at his home and LE took his clothes & photos. :evil:

  12. Anyone Atall says:

    This entire event seems surreal and fake. I don’t believe it any more than I believe the 911 nonsense. It’s all another hoax to scare the public. Do your research people. Use google for starters.

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