Part #3 – The Trayvon Martin Cover up : Sergeant William Tagle Discusses M-DSPD Manipulated Statistics, Baker Act, and Intentional Diversion of Black Male Offenders to Avoid Criminal Justice

How bad was the manipulated cover-up in Miami before Major Kitchell took over as Chief ?

Miami Dade Schools Police Department

Continuing with the sworn affidavit from Sergeant William Tagle Sworn on Thursday May 3rd, 2012:

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{Officer Dunn is the School Resource Officer at Krop Senior High – Trayvon Martin’s High School}

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Former Police Chief Charles J Hurley

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110 Responses to Part #3 – The Trayvon Martin Cover up : Sergeant William Tagle Discusses M-DSPD Manipulated Statistics, Baker Act, and Intentional Diversion of Black Male Offenders to Avoid Criminal Justice

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Wow, just wow.

    • John Galt says:

      The “Wow” just keeps on coming.

      • So was the Baker Act Hurley’s idea, or was it “suggested” to him by someone higher?

        • yankeeintx says:

          The answer to that probably depends on whether he wants to keep his pension or not.

        • jello333 says:

          I’m not certain if there are different “levels” of Baker-Acting someone. But if we’re talking about grabbing some kid who’s doing something wrong, declaring him/her “mentally disturbed” in some way, and then locking him/her up to undergo “treatment”… and if we’re talking about that kid not really NEEDING the treatment, then WOW! That makes me really angry. I know an arrest record, and some time in Juvie is no fun. But depending on the circumstances, being locked up in a mental facility can be far worse.

          • sundance says:

            jello, I dunno for sure, but it appears the “Baker Act” angle was not to lock them up, but to excuse them from the Criminal Justice System…..

            ….. they’re *cough* mentally disturbed (sensitive) therefore they should be excused from liability – – that kind of approach. That’s what it looks like… It deploys the protections of the HIPPA laws to hide them -no recordkeeping-, and simultaneously does not become a part of their juvenille record.

            See how it works.?

        • jadsavage says:

          ‘You want that to’….LMFAO

      • jello333 says:

        This is bad no matter how you look at it. But when you add the racial aspect — that apparently Hurley was mostly focused on artificially lowering the arrest rates of BLACK kids/teens — just, wow. It’s easy to see how that could have a negative impact on kids of all other races. But for other reasons, it could also hurt blacks. So I’d think that parents* of ALL races of kids are gonna be really, really angry at what this idiot did. (* Decent, non-racist parents, that is.) And since it’s linked with Trayvon, it’s gonna be very hard for these people to not admit how it indirectly led to what happened on Feb 26, 2012.

    • canadacan says:

      This is mind blowing this is awesome. What a dangerous situation you also put yourself in. Thank you thank you thank it makes me proud to be an American.
      What a evil man that chief was playing the race card all the way;no social conscience whatsoever.
      He fit perfectly into that system of politicizing race which comes from the White House on down. the fish is rotten at the head.
      The upside that there are people in America, even if they have to work as the new fifth columnists that fight this kind of corruption every single day. we are legion let the opposition be very afraid. obviously are because they are screaming like vampires when they are faced with a cross the stake and garlic.
      I’m rather partial to garlic myself it helps my sinuses and immune system.

    • 22tula says:

      Wow indeed, a supersized can of worms.
      As the worm turns – Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part III, 1592
      “The smallest worm will turn being trodden on.”

      • canadacan says:

        Perfect 22 ,it makes me think of poor old George. his gentle mother has chosen to stand up and speak. no doubt encouraged by his warrior brother Robert. the gentle previously happy Hobbits fight back.
        There are some Gandolfs today at the treehouse.

        • auscitizenmom says:

          I like that description. :)

        • 22tula says:

          Yes canadacan poor George and his Family have been put through the ringer.
          For what? Was it Power, Money or just the piling up of Lies which leads to Fear?

          Then you have the New Age Guru Oprah and the “Do the Right Thing” Spike Lee who hitch onto that band wagon too? What was their driving force? They have Money & Media Power. I don’t think they are fearful. So what was it?

          Who is cracking the whip?
          “Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.” – Winston Churchill

    • jadsavage says:

      What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive

  2. Chip Bennett says:

    Slowly, slowly, the tangle unravels…

  3. creepytwins says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Hurley still working for the police as the director of the Miami-Dade Schools Police Region 3? He was not demoted for his role in the increasing Baker Act cases or for falsifying police reports and failing to investigate crimes. He was demoted for showing two women his erection through his pants.

  4. doodahdaze says:

    Looks like well founded reasons to be suspicious of the chance the Tcon might be up to criminal mischief, prowling, casing the area. No wonder Crump wanted to hide this. I think this might be relevant and admissible. It undercuts the state in a lot of ways. They probly have it hidden under piles of irrelevant papers someplace where the defense can’t find it without going on a safari through the jungle looking for it. Maybe a demand for specific discovery would make em cough it up. But I doubt the defense has this FOIA stuff. If this is admissible the defense can use it.

    • canadacan says:

      And as for The safaris through deepest darkest Africa or the hidden files of Florida’s bureaucracy (civil and criminal).
      Let’s just call Sundance “Buwana”., Though Gandalf is probably better. I don’t want to do anything politically incorrect here.

  5. Lou says:

    can’t tell you how much I know, and how dead on you are SD about not Baker acting (I know of some cases in which kids tried to commit suicide and were turned away). I wonder what the background on Kit Darrant was. that should be quite revealing. also don’t forget the Board Member that attended the Justice for Trayvon rally in Made Ives (Ives Dairy).

    • doodahdaze says:

      Is it because of the Lean? Is it because of the bath salts and such? The Scoobies? They will take anything they can get their hands on. One of them tried to eat a guy’s face off down there. The cop’s had to shoot him. Outside the courthouse you should see all the stuff they dump on the sidewalk. Offerings, sacrifices, drugs, etc., when they figger out they will be checked on entry, they dump it.

    • John Galt says:

      FCAT scores suck, but they got awards for cooking the school crime statistics. How cool is that?

    • LOu says:

      there are fewer arrests, but I can tell you that Baker Acts are also being avoided. soon, children will be eternal victims and will commit violent crimes, and nobody will be able to say anything, especially if the perpertator is black. these aren’t 7 year old kids with a mom and a dad like the media wants you to believe.

  6. Flaladybug says:

    Did the defense get a copy of Trayvon’s COMPLETE medical history?? I am thinking he was probably one who received discipline using the Baker Act which would be in his MEDICAL records and not CRIMINAL records…..right??

    • John Galt says:

      I’m thinking that is a possibility. FERPA right of privacy terminates on death. HIPAA right of privacy does not terminate on death.

      There are HIPAA issues in connection with the Aurora theatre shooter case.

      • Flaladybug says:

        ARRGGHHH……this case is too TWISTED for colored TV!! With everything SD releases about the far reaching tentacles attached to this case, my head spins even more!! I now suffer from CHRONIC SPLODEY HEAD SYNDROME!!! LOL

      • As we were discussing in the other thread, FERPA doesn’t apply to the records of the law enforcement unit of the school. It wouldn’t matter if he was deceased or not. But, yes, HIPAA privacy continues long after death. 50 years, if I remember the recent changes correctly.

    • John Galt says:

      “A Baker Act isn’t technically an arrest, so the jail checks won’t show anything. If the BI goes to the PD’s in the area and requests information it could show up. At my last agency they were written up as reports and subject to disclosure, if the subject was an adult. A buddy of mine at a different agency didn’t write reports for Baker Acts. They did the form and wrote up an FI, so no releasable paperwork was completed at his agency.”

  7. El Gordo Loco says:

    On the point of criminal activity. I have a question about the dispatch from that call from George to NEN.

    I would argue that when dispatch said “we dont need you to do that” (following Trayvon) it was for the safety of George, so that he might not be assaulted by an unknown possible criminal element.

    It seems to me that NEN is consistently misquoted as stating the directive of “DO…NOT… follow him” as a warning and an official police order.

    I think the difference is misunderstood purposely to shift a suggestion of keeping the caller safe v.s. a command for the safety of the person the police are being called to check out.

    • doodahdaze says:

      When playing games with discovery. Sooner or later it bites you in the Butt. You don’t have to play games like the SA is if you have a good case.

    • cboldt says:

      There are multiple reasons the PD advises non-involvement, not the least of which is liability avoidance for the PD. They also disfavor self-help, and it is obvious that keeping distance between people eliminates the risk of close-quarters combat between them. The reason you give is also in that policy calculus, minimizing the risk to the caller.

      The consistent misrepresentation of the dispatcher remarks on the NEN is par for the media. The press is deliberately suggesting assignment of culpability to Zimmerman.

    • hooson1st says:


      You make a very salient point.

    • El Gordo Loco says:

      I guess I forgot to post the actual question…Is everyone aware that NEN comment was for the safety of George, or is it believed once a person may be told “not tuh git out uh da vehico” then its open season on their ass?

    • nameofthepen says:

      El Gordo Loco sez:

      I would argue that when dispatch said “we dont need you to do that” (following Trayvon) it was for the safety of George, so that he might not be assaulted by an unknown possible criminal element.

      Bingo!! Brilliant. As soon as I read that, I realized that was always so obvious to me that, like a fish asked what outstanding features he noticed about his home, would never think to point out, “It’s full of water”.

      • auscitizenmom says:

        I like your example. “like a fish asked what outstanding features he noticed about his home, would never think to point out, “It’s full of water”.

      • El Gordo Loco says:

        The disturbing part of the “George got out of the vehicle” accusation is that there is an enthymeme (unstated premise) hidden in that statement that is racist. Why wouldnt George get out of his vehicle? Perfectly safe to follow a young boy with nothing but candy and juice. Suggesting George should not have gotten out of the vehicle carries the enthymeme that young black men are dangerous and are expected to attack you if you do not remain inside the safety of your vehicle till the police arrive. THATS RACIST!

  8. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    “had taken pipe[s] from him several times”

  9. SD, could you clarify the opening sentence in this excerpt, please? The one that reads, “This internal investigation is based on an article in the Miami Herald that states that on March 26, 2012 (according to the Miami-Dade Schools Report obtained by the Miami Herald).” It’s an incomplete sentence as it stands b/c it doesn’t tell us WHAT the Miami Herald states.

    I assume it’s a reference to, but I’m a little wary about making assumptions in the TM case since so many things aren’t what they appear. Is there any more detail just above it, in the text that hasn’t been shown here?

    Incidentally, let’s add another one to the list of so-called journalists to be sued by Beasley, b/c looking up the Herald on that date led me to their columnist, Leonard Pitts, who appears to have been one of the first presstitutes to refer to GZ as “white”, because on March 24, 2012, he defends the usage in his column:

    I’m here to explain why George Zimmerman is white.

    This seems necessary given the confusion and anger with which some readers responded to my use of that word last week in this space to describe the man who shot an unarmed black teenager named Trayvon Martin to death last month in Sanford, Fla.
    White, then, is not simply color, but privilege — not necessarily in the sense of wealth, but rather in the sense of having one’s personhood and individuality respected, a privilege so basic I doubt it registers with many whites as privilege at all. We’re talking about the privilege of being seen, of having your worth presumed, of receiving the benefit of the doubt and some human compassion, of being treated as if you matter.

    Consider that, then consider the fair-skinned Hispanic man, George Zimmerman, who evidently stalked and killed an unarmed kid he wrongly thought was up to no good, yet was not arrested, nor even initially investigated. He said it was self-defense. Police took him at his word and sent him on his way.

    Folks, that’s not just white. It’s blinding.

    You can find the whole article at

    According to his potted bio on that page, Pitts won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2004. I guess it was awarded by the same committee who gave Obama his Nobel prize. It’s gettin’ so these “awards” mean nothing more than that you espouse the progressive outlook.

    Here’s another sample of the poison he was spreading, this one on posted on 3/27/12 (but just google “leonard pitts trayvon martin” and you can come up with many, many more):

    As to what it is about, consider a passage in Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow, in which she argues that “what it means to be a criminal in our collective consciousness has become conflated with what it means to be black, so the term white criminal is confounding, while the term black criminal is nearly redundant.”

    Nearly redundant.

    This, then, is what killed Trayvon Martin, the fact that we are so stubbornly convinced of that redundancy that a boy walking home carrying nothing more threatening than Skittles and iced tea can become a source of terror sufficient for a George Zimmerman to stalk him and to kill him.

    It doesn’t matter if he wore a hoodie.

    It doesn’t matter if he punched Zimmerman.

    It doesn’t matter why he was suspended from school.

    What matters is that he is unavailable for comment about those things, and always will be. What matters is that none of them changes the essential truth of what this is about.

    Though innocent of any crime, Trayvon Martin was gunned down by George Zimmerman. He was sacrificed for all our fears.

    Read more (if you’ve got the stomach for it) at


    • doodahdaze says:

      See Melissa Harris Perry and the rest of the Social Justice crowd. This is the Pap they spew every day. Recently Tingle’s went so far as to define the “new” meaning of a racist. It is “one who thinks white people should rule all others.”

    • auscitizenmom says:

      I almost wish I hadn’t read that. My blood pressure must have shot sky high. Grrrrrrr. Durn racists.

    • mcfyre2012 says:

      Leonard Pitts entire career is based upon black grievance, black angst, etc. Nothing blacks do is their own fault, whitey is evil, etc. He’s a tool.

    • brocahontas says:

      That “logic” is absurd. My reply would be to tell them that if they have self respect then other people will respect them. And if they think they have self respect but someone disrespects them then they don’t actually have real self respect but just imaginary self respect. And that is how magic works. It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not because this is how the rules of magic operate.

    • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

      Leonard Pitts, Jr., is a racist. He obviously yearns for the privilege of being ‘white’ that he feels he’s been denied. Black is the new White.

    • tara says:

      I love how the grievers start out with a false premise and then rattle on and on about how horrible things are for them.

      the term black criminal is nearly redundant

      Really? To whom? Not to me, and I’m quite unforgiving. I would say only to the grievers themselves. What’s unclear to me is whether they are intentionally misrepresenting themselves or they suffer from some race-based problem akin to body dysmorphic disorder. In any case, I refuse to play along.

    • stella says:

      The wording you copied from the report is all that there is. The incomplete sentence is theirs, but I think they refer to the report of criminal mischief (see the next page – 44 – lines 7-10).

    • jello333 says:

      What a scumbag racist. And who knows if he deserved a Pulitzer back in ’04, but he sure deserves to have it revoked after this garbage about GZ/TM. If not, the Pulitzer is gonna be just as much a joke as the Nobel Peace Prize… which you’re right, was permanently tarnished by giving it to a man who would very quickly prove himself a war criminal.

  10. eastern2western says:

    now guys, it is time to calm down because any one who dares to speak against the imaginary world of trey sawyer is a proven racist homophob.

    • canadacan says:

      I am NOT a big fan of Ann Coulter. But her new book Mugged covers
      this pretty well, I think

      • Rick Madigan says:

        Did you know she dated Dinesh D’Souza before he married? I think if the two of them could team up to do something together, it would be huge. Her beauty lets her get away with a lot. And he’s pure research and knowledge.

        If they could come together to tackle the race issue, and maybe rewrite his 1996 book, End of Racism, that would be a huge benefit to the US. He definitely could use spunk like hers in talks about the book. She’s shamelessly unapologetic. And he can back it up with facts and research. Tour the country doing talks and debates with the Sharptons and the Jacksons, that would be freakin’ awesome!

    • brocahontas says:

      You can hear the sloth gnawing on a snickers in between turrets like outbreaks.

      • Rick Madigan says:

        How is it that people don’t get the facts? Why is it so important to them to hold on to the myth that George has done something wrong?

        Rhetorical questions, really. Its simply that I see a need here to hold on to the MYTH?

        What is the need, and how can this need be done away with? And its many young white men who feel like this fellow yelling at the report.

        What is the indoctrination that has happened that has allowed them to be fixed on this erroneous view, and disregard all evidence to the contrary? I think we should employ cult deprogramming tactics, an antiJulison venture nationwide to rehabilitate people!

    • rooferx says:

      The comments are the best………

      “The truth will come out at trial. Some has alread come out thanks to floridas sunshine law the evidence shows him to the murdering liar he is. we know he followed Trayvon.We know he pursued Trayvon. We know he started an incident with trayvon. We know he killed Trayvom while he screamed for help. We know he killed trayvon while holding onto his shirts preventing him from escaping.We know he had to be careful not to shoot his hand. We know Trayvon never touched him.”

  11. HughStone says:

    So the 2011 -2012 school year had 724 possible criminal acts. No charges. No nothing.

  12. Ma Ssafas says:

    So do we think that this is the reason of the coverup?

  13. Bruce says:

    Just briefly, let me say that I’m a Californian, a lifelong liberal, an inveterate Democrat and a supporter of Pres. Obama’s re-election. I’m also a 60 year-old lawyer who, though not required to do so, retired from the active practice of law as the consequence of the cumulative effect of 4 traumatic brain injuries between 1986 and 2007.
    It is from my position as a TBI survivor and advocate that I first smelled a rat when George Zimmerman got arrested for the murder[sic] of Trayvon Martin. It’s amazing really just how trumped-up the charges are again Zimmerman, how sickening the liberal jabber has been, in particular about the so-called ‘order’ issued by the police dispatcher, as if these folks, who I don’t even think are sworn officers, haave any power to order anyone to do anything anywhere. If ever there was a reason to use the vernacular “phoning it in”, this surely describe what happened.
    Another thing – those original ‘photos’ taken from the secuirty camera at the Sanford Police Department which ABC showed as evidence that Zimmerman had NOT been injured. let me tell you, I’ve never used Photoshop or any other one of these types of programs to enhance photos. So I know nuthin’ about this stuff, but I took one of those pictures and all I did was use a free Google photo program called Picassa and I did only one thing with that photo – I enhanced the color saturation of that photo, and when I did – POOF! The photo ABC had broadcasted to show that Zimmerman had not received head injuries went from showing an intact head and scalp to a photo which showed red lines on his head, which if you compare my picture with the subsequent photos which DO show blood on Z’s scalp, are identical. Which leads me to wonder – did ABC – or was it it NBC- no matter – di this network take this video and do the reverse of what I did – lowering the saturation of red colors, to come up with a photo of George’s unbloodied head? More and more I believe that happened, and more and more this whole case has developed a stench which takes you far beyond the gag reflex.
    But I also want to say is that the folks here and on many other conservative websites are not doing any favors for George Zimmerman by themselves playing the reverse race card. George Zimmerman can walk away a free man, and should in my opinion, but the concerted effort to turn everything about this case into a race issue could end up taking his defense sieways. I cringed when Pres. Obama came up with hsi “If I had a son…..” comment about Martin, but if you think about it that was really about as non-commital a statement as he could make – plus it had the added bonus of being somewhat true – the kid, when he was young and not trashy, id look like he could be Obama’s son. But anyway, I’m far from the only non-conservative person who has huge reservations about Trayvon Martin’s death. In my view what it probably boiled down to was a black punk gonna teach a ‘white’ boy a lesson. But just as I don’t think Zimmerman wanted to kill Martin, I don’t think Martin had the intention of killing or even necessarily critically injuring him. The kid was 17 and too stupid to understand what a lot of much older people don’t understand – that shaking a person’s head back and for and banging it on the ground can very quickly inflict a permanently dsability and even kill them. I keep telling people – What intended killer calls the police to come meet him right where he intends to carry out the murder? What murderer who intends to kill a guy with his gun permits that guy to beat the crap out of him first before he uses that gun? What murderer seeking to murder someone fires but a single shot to start and finish the deed? Zimmerman got jumped but held back from pulling the gun because he saw that this punk was a young punk and specifically DIDN’T want to hurt him badly. I think he fired that single shot because, through the haze of having been coldcocked by the kid he suddenly realized that he was losing consciousness and that the kid could keep on banging his head on the ground once he lost the ability to resist and kill him. George might even have lost consciousness briefly once he fired that one shot. I know if it was me, I would abide by the rules which police do when it comes to firing their weapon at someone – you keep shooting until you know you have eliminated the threat. I myself would have emptied my gun into Martin once I decided to shoot at all. However, Zimmerman is a gentler man than I am. I don’t think he had the stomach even to fire that one shot until he realized that it really was a “One person dies, one person walks away” situation.
    I truly wish and had hoped that this could become a “teachable moment” for the country about damaging someone’s head during a fight – that it could become better known how fragile the brain is, not just in infants who are subject to shaken baby syndrome but to all humans. I survived 2 different high-speed head-on collisions 10 years apart, along with another less catastrophic accident, and with having passed out in the morning, striking my eye so hard on the corner of something that it cracked the orbital bone around one of my eyes. It’s both a miracle and definitely a missed blessing that I survived. To the extent that what I’ve written here sounds coherent, it’s not really an accurate representation of my mental function, which is quite poor and chaotic in the way I can no longer organize my life much less my thoughts. Luckily, writing on forums isn’t an activity that has to take place in real time. – Here’s to a not guilty verdict for George!

    • partyof0 says:

      You collect your thought quite well…and definitely write them better than I do…

    • myopiafree says:

      Bruce – Thanks for your “Liberal” thoughts – on the THUG Trayvon Martin and his “attempted murder” of George Zimmerman.

      I am your age, and have seen a lot of this, “Civil Rights” work. In the beginning, it was “understandable”.

      But now it is “BGI” an attempt to extort money from the innocent.

      I have been “Liberal” and “Conservative” at times – but I am FOR and HONEST, FAIR, and TRUTHFUL “Justice System”.

      In Florida – that concept DOES NOT EXIST. That is why I post here with my, “Liberal Thinking”.

      You contribution is of great value to us! Thanks!

    • dizzymissl says:

      Great post and insight.

    • tara says:

      but the concerted effort to turn everything about this case into a race issue

      Hello, we’re not the ones turning the case into a race issue. Team Skittles is at the helm in that respect. We’re simply responding and pointing out the hypocrisy.

      Have you been on CTH for a long time? If not, I suggest that you look at the Zimmerman-related threads starting back with the first one which I believe was in April 2012. I feel confident that if you read through the threads, it won’t be long before you understand what happened with this case.

      Btw, I thought I was an inveterate Dem too…

    • yadent says:

      I too am a Californian, a life-long libertarian who abhors most of the ‘progressive’ agenda and parts of the ‘conservative’ one also. You have organized your thoughts and presented well. I just have 2 of your points to discuss. Race was apparently why Mr Martin was able to avoid the Criminal Justice system as Sundance has been revealing and as such probably indirectly lead to his demise. Race was the card played by this Administration which encouraged the BGI crowd. Race has been the post-event underlying issue. As for Mr Martin not trying to ‘critically’ injure Mr Zimmerman, I would have to say from my experience that is not true. I worked as a dentist for the California Department of Corrections for nearly 25 years, 13 of those years with the old California Youth Authority. From the initial eyewitness reports and from photos of Mr Zimmerman, I KNEW exactly what occurred during the confrontation. I have seen such injuries before. I knew that outside of the fatal gunshot wound the only other injuries Mr Martin would probably have would be to his hands. For someone, especially a youth, to climb on another person and then begin to slam their head is an act that takes a special willingness to do. Those willing to do it know that such an act WILL cause severe injuries up to and including death. Even amongst the ‘hardened’ youth of the correctional system few had the internal fortitude to execute such an act. The fact Mr Martin was able to told me ALOT about Mr Martin. I do second your motion for a not guilty verdict for George.

      • jello333 says:

        And the fact that Trayvon did that even as George tried to get away, and cried for help (and yeah for “mercy” from his attacker), tells me Trayvon couldn’t have cared less if he killed him. I believe George when he says Trayvon told him, “You’re gonna die tonight…!”

        As for Trayvon’s hands, we have a Treeper here who has mentioned a few times that pictures of his hands DO exist (probably in possession of the Defense), and apparently show lots of damage from the “fight”.

      • janc1955 says:

        “For someone, especially a youth, to climb on another person and then begin to slam their head is an act that takes a special willingness to do. Those willing to do it know that such an act WILL cause severe injuries up to and including death. Even amongst the ‘hardened’ youth of the correctional system few had the internal fortitude to execute such an act.”

        Yadent: very eye-opening perspective I’ve not encountered or considered in a year of following this case. Thank you!

    • sundance says:

      Hello Bruce, nice to meet you.

      Might I just correct you on a common mistake. There is no such thing as “reverse racism”. Racism is Racism regardless who it is aimed toward.

      To advance a term like “reverse racism” automatically applies that only White Persons can be racist. While the agenda driven grievance industry might agree with that position, logical people would not.

      • jello333 says:

        It was only within the past few years that I stopped using that term. I never meant it to mean Blacks couldn’t be racist, but yeah… I DID mean it to refer to Blacks being racist, as opposed to Whites being racist. As if there was a difference. I no longer do that. You’re exactly right… racism is racism… period. And it’s important that we make a point of that every time the opportunity arises. Thanks.

    • Angel says:

      “I truly wish and had hoped that this could become a “teachable moment” for the country about damaging someone’s head during a fight – that it could become better known how fragile the brain is, not just in infants who are subject to shaken baby syndrome but to all humans. I survived 2 different high-speed head-on collisions 10 years apart, along with another less catastrophic accident, and with having passed out in the morning, striking my eye so hard on the corner of something that it cracked the orbital bone around one of my eyes. It’s both a miracle and definitely a missed blessing that I survived. To the extent that what I’ve written here sounds coherent, it’s not really an accurate representation of my mental function, which is quite poor and chaotic in the way I can no longer organize my life much less my thoughts. ”

      Hi Bruce,

      I have just completed a Rehabilitation Counseling program and learned all about TBI, among other disabling conditions, in my medical and psychological aspects of disabilities classes . TBI is devastating and it does not take much for injury to occur to the brain for that occur. The fact that GZ head was being banged against hard concrete was enough to convince me that this was self-defense because even if death did not occur, GZ was probably one hit away from severe damage to the brain and as you know, the effects are devastating. This was a teachable moment as many people do not seem to known how fragile it is and can be damaged even if skull is not fractured.

      My prayers to you.

    • jello333 says:

      If I was to go point by point, there are a few things I’d probably disagree with you on. But overall, you make a lot of sense. You’ve got the general gist of the whole event down pretty well, I think. (By the way, even though I’m also a liberal, I think this case, and the broader implications, IS very much about racism…. black racism aimed at non-blacks, that is. And as for Obama, even though I voted for him in ’08, I now think he’s scum.)

      And kudos on hanging in there, despite all life has thrown at you. Good job.

    • creepytwins says:

      I know where you’re coming from Bruce… All too well. Political ideology aside, facts are facts. I know that Trayvon was a victim. But he wasn’t a victim of George Zimmerman. GZ was a victim himself. TM’s parents and the system were responsible for his death. The kid needed help, but instead got indifference from the government and abandonment from his family. TM was from a broken home and needed help. But his school chose to look the other way and his parents chose to give him $100 and leave town.

      So sad…

  14. Pingback: Make No Mistake: This Is About Black People | DiwataMan

  15. Sentenza says:

    What if African Americans commit more than 50% of the actions that warrant suspension?

    Progressives never seem to be able to answer that.

    • tara says:

      They HATE stats. And they’ll claim that the stats are tweaked to make things look worse … but they have no problem tweaking the stats to make things look better.

    • yankeeintx says:

      Then they need to suspend kids of another race to make up the difference. Dropping a pencil in class could get you suspended if you’re white, asking a question – suspension, slamming your locker door too loudly, yep – suspended!

  16. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:
    crump argues that george says “it doesnt sound like me” proves anything, among other nonsense that comes from leatherman and dothprotest.

    • IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

      i also think this is the first time this name comes up

    • HughStone says:

      How would releasing information in the civil suit HELP GZ?

    • yankeeintx says:

      Wow, look at #13. Counsel for the other confidential parties? Who are the other parties listed in the settlement?

      Overall that is a really weak response. Their claim that George said “that doesn’t even sound like me” is the equivalent of Tracy saying the voice was not Trayvon’s is laughable. George claimed he was screaming before he even knew about the existence of the 911 calls with his recorded voice.
      Of course Tracy and Sybrina weren’t there and didn’t set up the event to profit, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t formulate a plan after to profit off their case. Maybe they thought it “was just a fight and then found out the tragic story”.

    • jello333 says:

      ANYONE who hears a recording of their voice in unusual circumstances is gonna say, “Wow, that doesn’t even sound like me.” God…. Crump and his minions are IDJITS!

  17. myopiafree says:

    Subject: Back to the major issue – was Trayvon a violent thug, and his “activities” hidden by a “false agenda” of the Miami Police?

    Regarding: Thanks to Sundance – that is the truth about Trayvon.

    How does that affect George and his statement that a violent thug attacked him for no reason, bashed his nose (proven) and beat his head into the concrete for 50 seconds (attempted ,murder), until finally the pistol became “exposed”, and George had no choice but to shoot to save his life.

    By ANY STANDARD – that is “fear for your life” – and “protecting your life by force – because YOU HAVE NO CHOICE”. At any point Trayvon could have STOPPED beating George’s head into the concrete – but he choose to not to STOP, despite George’s screaming for him to stop.

    Now we find that the presumed “witness” DeeDee is a total liar, and could not have been taking to Trayvon – because his phone was dead.

    This entire mess was created by extortionist Crump, to get $2,000,000 from the HOA, when no crime or “racial incident” ever happened.

    Our Judicial “System” has truly been demeaned, and “ripped off” by this “Racial Grievance Industry” and we all sufferance the consequence – in the destruction of our “presumed” fair judicial system. Just my opinion.

    • doodahdaze says:

      True that. Here I see a problem. The SA can not use any evidence that he knows is false nor can he question or call a witness he knows is going to lie. So, have they had him sequestered for a year?

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